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1 Deeply Touching Copper

While the expedition was dealing with the Matallost Church quest, Weed made sculptures. Because the basement of the Embinyu Fortress had turned into an enormous dungeon, it wasn’t something that could be resolved in a day.

“There’s no end to the world of Sculpting.”

Sculpting had developed and changed over thousands of years. Along with drawing, it could be called the foundation of art.

Weed casually created sculptures of animals such as deer, rabbits, sheep, wolves, and foxes.

“They’re guys I’ve made so much that I’m sick of ’em.”

He vividly remembered the times when he sold them for just a few Coppers as souvenirs in Rosenheim Kingdom. Those were his beginner days, when he dreamt of making a mountain of Coppers and having fun. Back then, he had just taken the main features and had sculpted them cutely with his basic level of Sculpting.

“The simpler and more adorable they were, the better the souvenirs sold.”

It was necessary for them to be light, so the weight wouldn’t be burdensome. However, the deer and wolf Weed was making now were different.

“Now I have to try making a real wolf and deer.”

Weed shaped the deer into a form three times its real-life size. What’s more, he used precious stone materials such as granite and peridot. He sculpted the deer’s simple, innocent bright eyes, round nose, slender body and legs realistically over two days.


You have completed the Spotted Deer Statue.

A work imbued with the passion of a Sculptor.

An ordinary animal was sculpted, but it was made with a Sculptor’s skilled techniques and sincerity.

It is somewhat regretful that it does not represent a creative idea or a new challenge. However, it is definitely worthy of being called the most outstanding deer among the countless number of deers in the continent. It is such a realistically portrayed work, that wolves will mistaken it for a real deer from far away and come running.

Artistic Value: A work by the Master Sculptor Weed. 72.

Special Options:
Those who see the Spotted Deer Statue will have Luck increased by 27% for a day. Increases the breeding rate of deer in the vicinity by 350%. Also increases the breeding rate of wolves by 230%. Improves the quality of leather and food ingredients from deer. The intelligence of deer has been improved and can not be easily hunted by monsters. Increases the likelihood of the appearance of large deer herds.


Sculpting skill proficiency has improved.

Fame has increased by 6.

Art stat has increased by 2.

The artistic value of the deer figurine wasn’t great because he had sculpted it many times before and it was common. Still, the options were what Weed had aimed for.

“There was nothing easier to hunt than deers during those beginner days.”

Deer would stay still even if you got close since they didn’t have a fear of people, and it was a beneficial animal that you could even get meat and leather from.

Weed paid a little more attention when he carved the fox and black bear. He portrayed the black bear extremely fiercely thrashing a tree with its front paws, and the fox was a 9-tailed fox.

The fertility of the black bears roaming around Morata has increased.

The foxes have become more clever and numerous.

The monsters for beginner hunting have abundantly increased.

“The leather and meat will come back to better Morata’s livelihood.”

With Morata possessing outstanding Tailoring skills, the leather of characteristic animals fetched a high price. That was a very positive development for tight-budgeted beginners!

“Shall I call it a happiness that grows the more it is shared?”

The wealthier the players in Morata became, the more there was to exploit. Weed set up the animal sculptures with that line of thinking. By making full use of the Sculptor profession, he was bringing about an immense change to the city.


The number of cows had increased, all thanks to Yellowy.

Back when Morata was occupied by the Vampires, there weren’t even any cows. Far from being able to raise cattle, the food situation was so poor that the Village Elder had to eat by digging up sweet potatoes. Later, the few cows brought by Merchants were raised by players who had chosen professions like Farmer, Shepherd, and Animal Handler. Barns were built, and there was a change in the cows who had grown up eating fresh grass. At night, the cows would mate in the barns. Moreover, if Yellowy went in and out of the barn, the heifers inside would get pregnant 100% of the time! Sturdy and excellent calves were born.

The cows that had roamed the North formed herds and even pressed into Morata. Yellowy was truly the Emperor of Bulls! The prey also increased because the bison and water buffalos multiplied.

However, the sculpture Weed was going to make with his true care and attention was not the animals.

“I have to make special sculptures.”

A gigantic sculpture made out of bronze, copper, or mixed metals!

With his Intermediate Blacksmithing skills, he could easily extract raw materials by putting japtem or dirt-cheap weapons into a furnace.

Weed sent a whisper.

  • Mapan.

  • Yes.

  • There is something I want you to procure for me.

  • What is it, please speak.

  • Please purchase an unlimited number of weapons, armor, and metal japtem, worth less than 1 Gold each.

  • That’s not difficult at all. But is it really okay for me to get as much as possible?

  • Yes.

  • And ah, what about the commission fee?

Mapan brought up the sensitive issue. Though they were on close relations, he couldn’t do business for free! However, Mapan was well aware it was not easy to extort money from Weed.

  • For the fee, I will give you information you can earn money from.

Good information was sometimes more valuable than gold for a Merchant. There was no doubt about it if it was information given by Weed, who even scammed little kids to extract money.

  • Okay. You can count on me.

Mapan used the stores in his possession to purchase metal japtem. Since japtem could be sold comfortably at a decent price, the beginners welcomed it.

“But why is that Merchant buying this many cheap weapons and armor?”

“Apparently it’s a request from the Lord of Morata. The Lord of Morata is doing it for the sake of the beginners.”

“As expected. Morata’s got low taxes and no territoriality about the hunting grounds. It’s really worth calling it heaven, compared to the Central Continent.”

Favorable responses towards to the Lord continued to increase.

Mapan piled up the japtem he gathered like that near the Goddess Freya statue at the artificial lake. The japtem was piled up like a mountain, on such an impressive scale that it was enough to remind one of a junkyard or scrapyard from reality.

Weed mobilized Morata’s blacksmiths to produce a huge furnace.

Abusing his power as a Lord!

Although there were bound to be quite a lot of production requests for weapons and armor by players, there were no complaints at the rumour that it was for the construction of a sculpture. It was because they knew how helpful a sculpture was once it was finished. There were even a considerable number of people who made requests to make a sculpture relating to their profession.

However, Weed had already decided what kind of sculpture to create.

“I’m going to need a ton of molten metal.”

He employed the Blacksmiths to extract the raw materials of the various minerals. Among the raw materials Weed pulled out, he decided to use the brass.

With its low price and nice color, it was a widely favored material for beginner weapons! Actually, it was normal to sell brass weapons at a general store or throw them away when you got to level 20. That was because they had poor durability and damage, so they would often break in the middle of a fight.

“But as far as sculpting materials go, it’s a blessing.”

Durability wasn’t particularly important for a sculpture. A huge sculpture was extremely thick, so there was almost no worry about durability or damage. It was actually better if the color was more beautiful, like brass.


“Hail Weed, the man of absolute charisma! I have come at thy call, Master.”

As its creator, the earth spirit followed Weed with extreme faith!

“There’s something I need your help for.”

“Simply command it, anything. Even if this body of mine is broken, I shall follow thee.”

The Dirtman had received thorough mental training.

Weed ordered the Dirtman. “Collect mud.”


“You have to get a lot.”

The task he summoned the earth spirit for was just to gather mud.

“Yes, Master.”

Dirtman acquired an enormous amount of dirt instantaneously. It was mud that was mixed from finely grained dirt and the lake’s clear water. The mud it gathered could even be called a swamp.

Weed went forth with rolled up sleeves.

“Then let’s make it.”

“How would you like me to make it?”

“We should build up from the bottom. We must properly lay a foundation.”

Mud was the material he was most confident about. As a child, he would use dirt to make a house or a dam and play whenever it rained. Playing with dirt could be called child’s play for him!

‘It doesn’t even take any money, I could play with it as much as I wanted as long as it rained.’

The boy who silently played in the mud while getting hit by rain in the rainy season grew up and became Weed.

That work experience also proved its worth in the construction site. He had excellent ratio control when mixing cement, sand, and water! He was able to smoothly apply silicone into the bathroom cracks. They were experiences he had earned through playing in the mud.

“Humans develop all their potential when they’re young after all.”

Weed revived his experience to create an enormous mold with the mud. Its height was at the level of a 12 story apartment! It was a form that was made by building up the dirt through Dirtman, packing it in with a trowel, and smoothing it out with the sculpting knife.

The problem was that no matter how cheap the brass was, it would take an enormous amount of money to fill up the entire thing.


“Yes, Master!”

“Do you like saunas?”

“What is a sauna?”

“There’s something called a clay sauna. And since you’re an earth spirit, you won’t die from the heat anyway… There’s a first for everything, experience is important. Take your friends in there.”

Weed threatened Dirtman, and instructed it to fill up the inside of the enormous mold. Then he poured in the brass material.

Pang, pang, pang!

The enormous brass sculpture that emerged once the mud was broken off! It was a sculpture made through the sacrifice of Dirtman.

It was in the shape of a gigantic and nimble lizard. A Black Imoogi with small, atrophied feet!

Since it wasn’t complete yet, he had to make the form more detailed.

“It’ll be a breeze to sculpt the head.”

He sculpted the head delicately while looking at the Imoogi head that he had looted.


Head of the Black Imoogi, Freykis
Durability 1,671/3,200.

The head of an Imoogi. Retains an unknown power.

It seems difficult to handle carelessly.

Options: Can respond to a special production.

In truth, he didn’t know what the Imoogi’s head was for yet.

“Because a high level monster like this has almost never been caught before.”

It was hard to guarantee victory even when an entire guild went after a level 400 boss class monster. Even if they won, they would incur an enormous loss!

Even the likes of the King Hydra had never been hunted down before, so Weed was the first to have killed a Black Imoogi.

Weed finished sculpting the Imoogi’s head, wings, torso, and even the toes with great detail.

An opponent that Weed had personally fought before, he even gave it a vicious and mean appearance. With its wings spread wide open, the Imoogi was twisting up its long neck.

A sculpture that looked down on those below it with its realistic eyes and snout!


– Please set the name of the sculpture you’ve made.


Weed looked at the sculpture for a moment.

The sculpture felt so alive that it made him perfectly recall the fight with the Black Imoogi.

“Very Strong Imoogi.”

– Is ‘Very Strong Imoogi’ correct?



A sublime monster sculpture, the Magnum Opus ‘Very Strong Imoogi’ has been completed!

A Magnum Opus made by an Eternal Sculptor!

A sculpture created using metal. This is a work that will be an excellent example for Sculptors who learn the Blacksmithing skill in order to make sculptures with broader approaches.

The Black Imoogi, Freykis, that was hunted in the River of Lamentation, was sculpted. A work that perfectly restores the appearance of Freykis in life, the Imoogi that exerted its great wickedness on the Versailles Continent is now left as a sculpture. The sculpture will be a reminder of the Black Imoogi Freykis’s might.

Artistic Value:
The work of one who is walking the path of genuine works. 10,921.

Special Options:
Those who have seen the Very Strong Imoogi statue will have their Health and Mana regeneration increased by 31% for a day.

All Stats increased by 15.

Wisdom and Intelligence stats rise by 54.

Spiked increase in the emergence of snake type monsters.

Reduces monster aggression by half.

Reduces the footstep sound of Thieves and Assassins in dungeons by 37% and heightens the effect of the Stealth skill.

Effects do not stack with other sculptures.

Number of Magnum Opuses completed until now: 6


Sculpting skill proficiency has been improved.

Handicraft skill proficiency has been improved.

Sculptural Understanding skill level has risen by 1.

Fame has increased by 912.

Art stat has increased by 17.

Endurance has increased by 3.

Perseverance has increased by 19.

Wisdom has increased by 7.

For creating a Magnum Opus sculpture, All Stats have increased by an additional 3.

“Check Sculpting skill!”

Advanced Sculpting 6 (99%): Can sculpt. A beautiful sculpture will also sell for a high price.

You can spread your name on the Continent by making glorious sculptures.

Good for buying a woman’s affection.

There was only 1% proficiency left until the Sculpting skill went up a level.

“A Fine or a Masterpiece sculpture will be enough to raise it.”

Even though the Sculpting skill didn’t rise quickly, he calculated that one more would be plenty. When his Sculpting skill, which was very difficult to raise, reached level 7, he would only have 3 more to go until he reached Master.

Weed made a sculpture of the King Hydra using cheap, common copper. A magnificently sized Fine King Hydra was made. Made next to the Goddess Freya statue, it felt distinctive.

A pet of the charming Goddess, it was a guardian creature that looked like it would save her from danger. Or it was a vile King Hydra that was threatening the life of the Goddess! The Black Imoogi sculpture was made on her left, and on her right was the 9-headed King Hydra.

Morata’s specialties were further increasing as Weed’s Sculpting skill level went up.

Advanced Sculpting skill has risen to level 7. Your sculpting will become surprisingly detailed and delicate.

As your eye for art develops, Wisdom and Intelligence stats increase by 52. Charm has increased by 39.

Sculpting was a skill that had never betrayed him. As he approached Master level, he gained considerable increases every time his skill went up a level. Besides the obvious changes, there were various effects in every field, like his color palette growing more diverse when using Moonlight Sculpting.

“Well, I guess I should just use the remaining metals.”

Since they were already melted materials, Weed decided to make huge armors while he was at it. They were armors that could go over the King Hydra and Black Imoogi’s torsos.

“I’ve got to make new attempts for the Blacksmithing skill.”

His proficiency wouldn’t rise much at all even if he made a simple longsword from the raw materials he’d made from melting the mixed metals. Rather than that, he made armors that huge monsters could use.

“If I need money later, it’s convenient to melt it again and sell it.”

This was actually a method frequently used by those among the Blacksmiths who were short on cash. They would make a sword or armor and melt it again. Though it seems like a waste of their effort and hard work, it was a way to get rid of something when they couldn’t find a buyer or had made a disappointing product with precious materials.

Enormously Sized Armor

Durability 2,060/2,060.
Defense 269.

A work created by a Blacksmith of outstanding talent.

A product made by one with artistic sense. Though it possesses tremendous defense, it’s too big and heavy so it doesn’t seem like it’ll be very useful.

With Silver and Mithril mixed in, it has slight magic resistance.

1,980 Strength. Large monsters only. Torso circumference of at least 170 meters.

-210 Agility. Almost indestructible. Absolute defense against small weapons. +3% Magic Resistance.


– Blacksmithing skill has increased to Intermediate level 4. The attack and defense of created items will be increased by a set value. Siege weapons will have improved accuracy and range.

– While hammering, Strength has risen by 2.

– For making special armor, Fame has risen by 13.

The Blacksmithing skill had finally become Intermediate level 4.

After the King Hydra’s armor, Weed made the Imoogi’s armor thin.

“The thickness can’t exceed 1 centimeter.”

It was still thick and heavy even then, but it was for conserving the raw materials.

The mountainous pile of materials that Mapan had purchased was almost completely exhausted. The decreasing pile of japtem was enough to make the beginners, Clerics, and Paladins who came every day to watch him make the sculptures in front of the Goddess statue lose their nerve.

“He used all that japtem.”

“A monster, he’s really a monster. They say Morata’s Lord is the embodiment of hard work; it really is true.”

Beginners starting in Morata became determined as they looked at the Goddess statue and the two giant monster statues overlooking the castle walls. The sculptures that had been made using japtem were becoming examples of hard work for the beginners.

Now Weed had finished all the sculptures he’d planned on making in Morata. It was a refreshing feeling, as if he’d done away with the laundry that was piling up. However, he still hadn’t gotten a task completion report from the expedition that had gone into the Embinyu Fortress’ underground prison. It was a very complex labyrinth and there were many traps, so there were many casualties.

“Then, I guess I’ll resolve the request I put off.”

The request to make sculpture of a daughter for 1 Copper.

He had paid a whopping 4,000 Gold to the Dark Gamer Union to complete an investigation on the Ritten Kingdom’s Mandol and his wife for this request.

“Even if the request fee is 1 Copper, I can’t cut corners for this.”

Weed planned to sculpt their child with the best materials. The material was the Imoogi and Hydra’s leather!

“I won’t be able to make armor or a robes with them because of the blemishes anyways.”

He used an intact part of the leather to make an adorable girl’s doll.

Blacksmithing skills weren’t the only ones he used in Sculpting. He made life-like dolls using Tailoring.

There is no limit to sculpting. The source of sculpting was endless imagination.

“I’ll put my pride as a Sculptor on the line and make a Magnum Opus sculpture at the very least.”

Honestly, there was something else he was expecting.

“The 1 Copper request fee. Huehuehuehue!”

Mandol was a bourgeois player who had even been wearing Mithril boots. That meant he was originally from a wealthy family or had an enormously high level.

“It could even be both. Even if you have the money to buy Mithril boots, it’s an item that can’t be equipped unless your level is sufficient.”

He was also a family guy who loved his wife and family dearly. Although he had only asked for 1 Copper, there was no way that was all he was going to receive!

If you do good deeds and humble actions, good fortune will come.

Weed was greedy for Mandol’s Mithril boots.

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