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Encounter with Da’in

Pavo had great ambitions as an Architect. He was now skillful at constructing houses and buildings for business.

There was quite the variety of preferences for houses in Morata. In other affluent kingdoms, you had to be a high leveled player or have a lot of money in order to own your own house. That’s because they had to build a villa or some luxury residence in order to not be inferior to others. But in Morata, there was a representative style of house.

The shack!

It could be built easily, and it cost almost no construction and maintenance fees. The shoddy shack could only block the rain and wind, but there were so many of them that there was no reason to feel ashamed all alone.

Since even beginners could build one if they acquired lumber, they would prepare a house at just level 20 or 30. They could easily realize the precious dream of having their own house. After preparing a house, the beginners would leave equipment or goods they weren’t using inside their houses and even call their friends to throw parties. Morata was their hometown and they even had a house; that was the main reason why beginners couldn’t leave Morata even after growing.

Normally, permission to construct shacks wasn’t often given because public safety and health would drop severely if many of them were built. The price of land was also high in other cities, so building a house took tons of money. But Morata’s land was on the cheap side, and public safety and health were quite good as well. The Lord had made an expensive waterway and established a vigilance corps, and relief for the poor went on smoothly due to the Freya Church’s influence, so there were hardly any thieves.

“No village idealizes the shack more than this one does.”

Pavo had built a considerable number of shacks. The shacks he built were popular because they were sturdy and the inside space was also well designed. A shack that had just been built had a charm of its own. It would deteriorate after a long time, rotting or breaking and leaking, but it was more or less worth living in a shack that was like new.

Adventurers, Merchants, and wealthy players who crossed over from the Central Continent wanted high-class residences.

“Please build me a house on a place that looks down on Morata. You have to make the warehouse big, and please use expensive materials, too.”

There was also a lot of demand for high-class houses or business buildings, so Pavo worked hard. The thousands of shacks, hundreds of luxury villas, Morata’s bridge, and business buildings that he had personally built became landmarks.

“The Designing and Construction skill haven’t been growing well these days.”

The proficiency from shacks was paltry. The Fame he acquired and his proficiency growth from completing a business building or villa were also decreasing.

“I’ll have to make a really awesome work.”

Pavo’s affection towards Morata was extremely high. Since he had built many buildings that were being used by Merchants and residents, as an Architect, he was as fond of it as if it were his own city.

“Let’s try making a proper building.”

With perfect timing, Weed’s request set the fire of challenge blazing in him, as an Architect. He needed to make a work of construction for the sculpture about birth and death, as well as the countless dolls.

“Intermediate Designing!”


– Designing is underway.

The blueprint popped up as a translucent 3D image in front of Pavo.

By using Mana, he could try setting up walls, columns, and even decorate the interior, as if he were actually making a house. The beginner Designing skill had a limit to the overall size, and you couldn’t use diverse materials either.

The Construction and Designing skill were inseparable. The materials and new styles that were applied in Construction were able to instantly influence the Designing skill and develop it. Things like the arrangement of furniture and the structure of the house were completed through Designing. After making a blueprint, you could even give instructions to laborers.

Pavo’s Designing skill was Intermediate level 3. It wasn’t at the level of being able to construct a castle, but he could certainly make a fairly large building and garden.

“They’re the skills that made 3 deluxe villas at once.”

Pavo made the blueprint with an enormous structure.

Weed said he had made the dolls for some child.

“That noble aim… I can’t disappoint it.”

Weed had permitted a budget of 1,980 Gold! It was just enough money to barely make one house. However, Pavo planned to invest in materials unsparingly for the construction.

“Let’s bring in good trees and flowers from the continent to decorate the garden. We’ll make the garden about one and a half acres, and the area of the building has to be at least 8 acres.”

Envisioning the ultimate landmark building, it had a size and design that he had never made before. He intended to make use of his fortune as an Architect, the profession that was said to have the most money after a Merchant, to try making a building that was worthy of emblemizing Morata.

“As an artist, it’s ridiculous that Weed didn’t have a single space worthy enough to display his sculptures.”

He would make it so that Weed’s sculptures could be put on display, allowing the residents and adventurers to see them.

Pavo began construction. He dove right into production because the work was so tremendous.

* * *

Pale was in the middle of hunting with his party in a dungeon when a whisper came from Weed.

– I have to hunt in an underground prison. It might be a little dangerous, but please send me one person or so.

The Embinyu Fortress underground prison was very complex. There were parties hunting and countless monsters everywhere. Since there was apparently a monster that used poison as well, it was tough to fight recklessly.

– I understand.

After ending the whisper, Pale spoke to his party. “Weed asked that we send one person.”

“Shall I go?” Hwaryeong stepped forward at once, as if she’d been waiting for it. There was no way she would miss an opportunity to be with Weed for the first time in a while.

“Of course Weed would welcome you, Hwaryeong, but he says he needs someone who can cure poison. Irene, do you want to go too?”

“What’ll you do here if I go?”

“We’ll figure it out somehow. It’s fine since we have Da’in, too.”

Pale’s party fulfilled very many requests from Morata. They were hunting and doing quests side-by-side while getting the book possessing the ‘Secret of Manufacturing Ancient Breastplate.’ Even though the quest they were currently doing had a difficulty of C, it was dangerous dungeon hunting where they were attacked by monsters with very high damage.

“Won’t it be dangerous for the people left behind if both Hwaryeong and I go?”

“Maybe. It depends on how long Zephyr can hold on, but it’ll definitely be a bit dangerous, huh?”

As a party that lacked a Warrior or Knight, it was true that they were uneasy whenever they did a dungeon exploration. Even though Zephyr took charge of defense, it was tough when there were a lot of monsters rushing in. Hwaryeong harassed the monsters with her Confusion Dance or Seduction Dance, so if both she and Irene were gone at the same time, it would greatly impede the exploration.

“I will go.” Holding a cudgel, Da’in stepped forward.

Shaman was the profession that could be called the jack of all trades! She had striking power, but it was also her specialty to soundly beat up the monsters when they went crazy.

As she swung her cudgel, Da’in occasionally murmured to herself. “Flogging has to be done by hand after all. There’s no fun in hunting without the taste of giving a beating.”

The most popular Shaman in Morata, she had been helping out in Pale’s party.

Zephyr nodded. “Miss Da’in can be relied on since she can detoxify and even cure. Looks like Hwaryeong and Da’in can go together and help him.”

After they decided on the people who would go to the underground prison, Yurin drew a picture based on Weed’s explanation. In the picture, Yurin, Da’in, and Hwaryeong were standing next to Weed at the entrance of a dark prison. The advantage of Picture Teleportation was that multiple people could be moved at once. Granted, the teleportation of an absurd number of people was impossible since everyone had to be drawn on one sheet. They also couldn’t teleport too deep underground due to the Mana limitation.

“Picture Teleportation!”

Yurin, Hwaryeong, and Da’in disappeared, as if they were sucked into the drawing. Then, as if swaying into being, they suddenly appeared in the place where Weed was waiting, the entrance to the underground prison.


Yellowy greeted them with a gentle face, as if glad to see them. He was a male, and as the special characteristic of an art creature, he liked beautiful people.

“Ohh, what a handsome and dashing bull.”

Hwaryeong gently stroked Yellow’s neck. It was a happy moment for Yellowy, who went slack-jawed with a naive expression.

“Oppa, how much does this fella weigh?”

“He’s a top of the line Korean cow. I added a little more to the special parts, like ribeye.”

“He looks tasty. Oughta be pretty good if you slow-cooked him and ate the bone broth mixed with rice.”

Yurin, who was joking because she was in front of Weed! Yellowy’s complexion lost all color.

In the meantime, Weed and Da’in saw each other.

Da’in’s face had become hard to recognize due to the aftermath of the curse she had received in Morata. She could get rid of the curse, but she had left it in order to see how Weed was getting along.

Da’in bowed lightly at the waist first as she greeted him. “Hello. I heard much about you.”

She greeted him while hiding her complex feelings from meeting him after a long time.

Weed introduced himself briefly. “I’m Sculptor Weed. So you’re the Shaman introduced by Pale.”

“I’m Da’in.”

A spark flashed through Weed’s eyes. Ever since he heard that there was a Shaman named Da’in in Pale’s party, he’d thought it was a strange coincidence.

“Da’in… and you say you’re a Shaman.”


Weed shook his head as if to clear something from his mind. “It’s nothing. It’s just that I recalled an old memory for a bit.”

“What kind of memory was it?”

“It’s just… a memory I keep to myself. Now is not the time to share a long story.” Weed spoke coldly because he had remembered the bittersweet memory from Lavias.

Lots of people were gathering in order to sightsee after hearing the news that he had arrived at the entrance to the underground prison. There were also people who had followed him from the Matallost Church’s temple. It would be better to take the mercenary Smith and get to the objective quickly.

“Let’s go into the underground prison first and chat later.”

Weed pulled out his sword and advanced. He had used Sword Grind and Armor Polish in advance, so there was nothing holding him back.

Da’in swung her cudgel as she chanted a spell. Weed was encased in the effects of a spell that amplified Strength, increased Agility, movement speed, and attack speed, and even hardened his skin. The effect was to the extent that it was unbelievable that she was a normal Shaman. Weed’s Strength increased by over 230, and his movement speed also became very fast. His whole body overflowed with strength, like he had dropped off heavy luggage. With his Stamina and Agility increased, he felt like he could run like the wind and leap from cliff to cliff. He felt as if he could run like a cheetah!

‘She’s an incredible Shaman,’ Weed thought to himself.

One of the finest Shamans in Morata, the proficiency of her skills was far from average.

* * *

“What a tremendous underground dungeon. I didn’t think it’d be this deep.”

The Warrior Hon looked around himself. The Embinyu’s underground prison boasted a massive size, as well as a complex labyrinth and various test subjects. The level of the monsters was also on the high side, and the traps were numerous too. The Thief players in the party tried to disable all the traps, but it still took them over twenty-five days of struggling on the path to the place where the priests of the Matallost Church were tied up.

There were over 40 players who had received the ‘Rescue the Prisoners of the Matallost Church’ quest together, and their levels were fairly high as well. They were only able to comb this vast dungeon all the way to this point because they had the help of players like the Explorer and Elementalist.

The Paladin Billeo said, “Because it’s an underground prison underneath the Embinyu Fortress… it truly wasn’t a normal dungeon. About when do you think Weed will come?”

The Magician Easton lit a bonfire idly as he replied. “We heard he left Morata, so won’t it take him about five days or so?”

Gallic looked unconvinced. “That fast?” He meant that was too quick compared to how much they themselves had suffered.

“We told him the path. Since we also got rid of all the traps, he should easily be able to get here in four or five days. Though it might take longer, y’know.”

Hon made a decision as the party’s leader. “Then since we can’t waste our time either, let’s hunt in the area while we wait.”

“Shall we?”

“Look around you. The others are all hunting too.”

There was a considerable number of monsters in the underground prison. Because it was a place where light didn’t shine in, it was inha