Mountains of Loot

After he finished hunting in Barecan’s Crypt, Weed returned to Seagull with Helain’s Grail in hand. Seagull had recovered and was digging out herbs.

“Ah, you finally came. What of my quest? Were you able retrieved the Lost Treasure of Freya?”

Seagull bombarded Weed with questions one after another.

“Yes, here it is.”

Weed took out Helain’s Grail and showed it to Seagull.

“Ohhh! Finally, this holy artifact can be returned to the Order of Freya. Thank you. To be honest, I didn’t really expect much when I first saw you because of your low level ability, but you’ve truly done a great deed.”

Stolen Treasure of Freya completed

The Order of Freya received a prophecy foretelling the coming of an age where Chaos would reign once more.

Hoping to alter destiny, the Order raised gifted disciples and nurtured their talents. These holy knights and priests were tasked to retrieve the stolen holy treasures.
Seagull was ordered to retrieve Helain’s Grail, but he failed where you succeeded.

You have gained 200 Fame (+200 Fame)

You’ve Leveled Up!
You’ve Leveled Up!

As expected, the rewards were on different scale from other quests, since it was related to a temple.

200 Fame and a level gain of 2!

Yet, Seagull did not take Helain’s Grail.

“I’m sorry to trouble you further, but could you take Helain’s Grail to the Order of Freya?”

“Yes. I could take it there, but the darkness is trying to rise once more. There have been signs of its attempts.”
“Signs… you mean…”

“This is only an unreliable rumor, but it seems Barecan was attempting to unravel the secrets of immortality during the Last Battle. There is word that he’s trying to come back to life and form his army once more. Still, no one knows the location or size of his forces. I beg you; please take Helain’s Grail to the Order of Freya! I must prepare my fellow Avians for a possible attack and have no time to spare.”


Quest: Deliver Helain’s Grail

Seagull is in a situation where he cannot travel to the City-State of Somre where the Order of Freya is based.
He has to prepare for Immortal Barecan’s return.
You are the one whom Seagull trusts the most.

Rank: C

Reward: Unknown

Quest limit:
You need to finish mission within three months.

‘It was a chain quest!’
“This task seems critical for the peace of the continent. I cannot find it in my heart to turn down this important request. I will return the treasure to the temple as soon as possible.”

You have accepted the quest.

“Thank you!”

Seagull flapped his wings happily.

No matter how much Seagull tried to move with dignity, he could not change the fact that he was a cute Avian with a cuddly appearance. In truth, Weed had to avert his eyes to avoid laughing at Seagull’s bright face and glistening eyes.

Still, he kept focused, planning on taking advantage of Seagull’s good mood. It was a chance for his specialty: flattering people to extract as much information as he possibly could. Weed’s instincts would not let him miss a single opportunity and here was a golden one.

“Seagull-nim, I have heard that you are the most renowned herbalist in Lavias.”

“Huh? Ah, I’m somewhat good at it, although you would not find a better looking, or cooler herbalist among the Avians.”

Praise delights any man, and it works especially well on the birdbrained Avians.

“So how do you tell the difference between herbs?”
“Ah? Do you wish to learn medical botany?”

“Yes. I want to learn everything Seagull-nim can teach me. After all, isn’t there meaning in everything a great person such as you do? The truth is, I want to follow in your footsteps and become a great sage like you.”

“I love the way you think. Of course it is important to be able to differentiate between the herbs, but the crucial factor is the way you dig them out from the ground.

You must not let the roots get damaged. Start by scooping out the surrounding dirt slowly and carefully…”

Skill: You learned Medical Botany.


Weed hunted in Barecan’s Crypt a little longer before setting out to return the grail to the Order of Freya. Regrettably, he did not finish hunting in Balog’s Ruin, Gahet’s Holy Place or Secmail’s Relics. But it was impossible to finish those all places by himself anyway. The weakest monsters in those hunting grounds were Death Knights. The other monsters: Balogs, Succubi, Blood Ladies, and Blood Lords, were all monsters over level 400. They were too strong even for Weed.

Those monsters noticed players instinctively, so he could not move around hiding like he had been doing earlier to avoid Death Knights. But he was thinking of leaving Lavias anyway, so he did not mind too much.

“Welcome, human!”

The grocery store owner was an Avian Weed knew well, but Weed was still treated like a stranger due to the Avian’s exceptionally short memory.

“I want to buy two hundred Feathers of Lightness and one thousand Fruits of Heaven.”

The market owner was surprised.

“Ohh, it’ll be pretty expensive if you’re buying that much, is that alright?”

Because Lavias did not have many visitors, items were always overpriced. Simple items sold in grocery stores were at least four times as expensive those sold in the Citadel of Serabourg. Neither did they have any weapons with good abilities for the price that was paid. Weed could not make use of most of the equipment, considering it was meant for the Avians.

Still, there were some items that were exclusive to Lavias. The Feather of Lightness and Fruit of Heaven belonged to that category.

Feather of Lightness:
Durability: 1
Number of Uses: 1

Makes the body as light as a feather, so damage can be avoided when falling to the ground.

Price: 50 silver


Fruit of Heaven:
Price: 15 silver

A sweet fruit only grown in Lavias.
It is edible for 6 months after its harvest.
It will greatly increase Intelligence and Luck Stat if used in cooking.

“Hmm… that would cost 250 gold, but I’ll charge 235 gold, just for you. Thank you for your patronage!”

The power of fame!

Weed had attained a fame level of over 1,200 by finding new dungeons and finishing maps. With that, even the shopkeeper’s attitude toward him had changed.

“Is there anything else you need?”
“Could I get some Avian eggs?”
“Our eggs? Why would you need those?”

Avian eggs were kept and incubated in a separate area, since the Avians laid an enormous number of eggs. In fact, there were Avians who laid an egg every day, so the quantity was unimaginable. Newly hatched Avians were no different from normal birds, but once they turned 10, they began to slowly gain the unique shape of an Avian. When they turned 30, they could speak, gain a higher level of intelligence, and begin to live in cities.

“I love nature as much as the Avians do, and I haven’t met a nobler race. If I had the chance, I would humbly accept to become their father.”

With that, Weed procured 300 Avian eggs.

He could feel his stomach rumble by simply looking at them. Needless to say, Weed had no intention of raising them.

Would I get a reward if I brought these back to their parents?

Unfortunately, Avians did not have a close relationship with their offspring. No matter who he brought them to, no one would give him a reward. Weed decided to cook the eggs and eat them. Each egg was not only delicious, but also conferred an increase in health and mana by 500, and a 2% improvement in Cooking skill.

There was one more place that Weed needed to visit: The Beginner Training Hall. There was unfinished business, and it seemed impossible to ignore.

I will succeed this time.

Weed threw open the doors and proceeded inside the training center.


The rooster-like Avian greeted Weed cheerfully. With his thick torso and powerful legs, the instructor looked quite peculiar for an Avian. The smile abated and was replaced with a solemn expression when the man recognized Weed.

“I see in your eyes show that you have gotten stronger. Still, I’ll warn you again: if you fail, you could die. Will you still take the challenge?”


Unable to resist the benefits of completing the task, Weed chose to take on the challenge despite the danger. The instructor took him to the dark entrance that led only to a pitch black corridor where one could not even see one’s own hands and feet. Here, one could only survive by utilizing their other sense; smell, hearing and their sense of touch.

“If you fail, I won’t come to save you. In that case, you’ll probably die. If you want to leave a will, I’ll be happy to keep it for you.”

“If you want one, I’ll give it to you on my return.”
“Ambitious, I see. You may go inside.”

Weed entered the dark tunnel, his sword ready in hand. He had not walked far when…


At the distinct sound of a flying weapon, Weed dodged instinctively at the sound and counterattacked.


The sounds of metal clashing. The brisk reaction of the wrist. The flow of the air currents.

Sparks flew with every strike of the sword, briefly illuminating the pitch black corridor. Weed struggled to see the vague silhouettes of his attackers, the engulfing darkness drowning him in fear as the howling wind tore at him. Weed’s level may have risen, but the Steel Barbarians’ capability had also risen to match his. Their coordinated attacks hid their weaknesses and maximized their strengths. The relentless attacks gave him no room for thought and forced him to be on the defensive.

Dodge. Can’t dodge. Hit. Miss.

As soon as he chose which move to make, he was forced had to make another. The enemy attacked ceaselessly, limbs striking like lightning. As he overcame his fear of the enemy, his training kicked in and his body began to move on its own. He parried, dodged and countered the attacks with greater ferocity. In fact, he improved to the stage where he occasionally had a free hand as he dealt with the ongoing blows.

Weed came to remember the feeling of popping balloons. Definitively, the danger was greater this time around, and the Steel Barbarians’ speed was truly astonishing, but once he was accustomed to the initial shock, the rest came easily…

A pattern. There is a pattern in their movements. I must find the precise sequence.

Weed began to match his movements with the Steel Barbarians’ attacks, perfecting his own sequence of movements.

Water, I have to become fluid like water.

Synchronized to the Barbarians’ movements, Weed evolved from an impregnable wall to a maelstrom. As they fought, it felt like his heart was about to explode. As his blood surged, his destructive strength began to break them one by one.

Crack! Pop!

He was no longer afraid of the Steel Barbarians. They were no longer a threat.

Within a span of 30 minutes, Weed managed to destroy all hundred Steel Barbarians. He collapsed onto the floor as he finished his deed, his chest heaving from exhaustion.

“… Huff” He gasped for breath and tried to move but his aching muscles prevented him from doing so. His heart pounded wildly and his stamina had dropped dangerously low. He felt the biting pangs of hunger in his stomach.

The dark hallway lit up and the rooster-like instructor appeared.

The Avian’s face flickered with surprise as his gaze fell upon the remains of the Steel Barbarians.

“Amazing. You are the first one to succeed in the second attempt here.”

Weed shakily stood up, needing to be supported by the instructor’s wings.

“Did I pass the Beginner Training Hall?”
“Of course!”

“If it’s not too much trouble, could you tell me how many people have passed this before me?”

“Here, you are the first. If you’re talking about the whole continent, you’re about the 400th.”

There were about 3,800 people who had passed the Basic Training Hall. They were the ones who had raised their stats by constantly hitting scarecrows for a month.

It was an impressive number, considering the sheer determination and willpower one required to accomplish such a task. Yet, the number who had passed the Beginner Training Hall was significantly less. This was possibly because there were many who couldn’t find a Beginner Training Hall, but the more likely reason was the difficulty of the test.

Instead of the mindless task of hitting a scarecrow for a month, to pass the Beginner Training Hall, one was required to understand the essence of fighting against groups.

This could not be done by just anyone.

Even after repeated failures, few have the will to continue trying after dying dozens of times. That was the amount of perseverance it takes to pass the Basic Training Hall.

Of course, the reward was well suited to its level of difficulty and incredible risk.

“You have the potential to be a true fighter. Do you have any intention of quitting your useless class and becoming a Master Fighter? You will be able to equip any weapons. Your punches and kicks will become stronger too. It is the secret class of a Martial Arts Practitioner.”


You can change your class to secret class ‘Master Fighter’

You will be able to use special skills related to this class.

You could raise Weapon Mastery further.Attack and Vitality increases. Do you wish to change your class?If you change your class, secret class ‘Legendary Moonlight Sculptor’ will automatically disappear.