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It’s cold…

It hurts…

It’s painful…

These were the first impressions I felt.

When I awoke, I tried to retrace my memories before I lost my consciousness, however, it wasn’t clear. After work, I went home…

Wait a minute, I don’t have any memories of arriving home.

I don’t remember getting drunk. Perhaps I should say I had no plans of dining out. Did I maybe encounter some kind of accident?

Although I started to think of various situations, it wasn’t viable because of my painful condition.

I tried to move my body, but it wasn’t responding well.

I tried opening my eyes, but that also didn’t go so well.

Finally, because of the unpleasant situation, I tried to speak.



I was surprised of my own voice.

It was a high-pitched cry that of an infant.

I tried to speak again.

“Au, au, a—”

Because my tongue wasn’t moving well, it wasn’t possible to talk.

Because of uncontrollable emotions, I suddenly burst into tears.

Although it was a shameful act as an adult, I couldn’t help it.

What is this?

While I was crying for a while, I heard approaching footsteps.

As I thought, it was cold and raining outside, and the footsteps I heard issued some squeaky noises.

‘I’m saved.’

I thought so for a brief moment, then, I heard a voice.


I couldn’t understand it at all.

Falling into even further confusion, I was enveloped in a warm light, wrapped with a warm cloth, eliminating the pain I felt.

I, who felt relieved, suddenly lost my consciousness.

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