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Giving the Speech

Gus came to the house, together with Uncle Dis.

Gus, who met grandpa for the first time, was deeply moved, and his eyes turned watery. Even though it didn’t feel real to me, as I thought, it seems grandpa is really amazing.

It seems Gus’ little sister made a fuss about wanting to come to the house, but since they didn’t come here to play, she was left behind at the royal castle. Gus said the despair on her face was amusing. Surprisingly, he has a bad personality, huh.

By the way, she was ten years old and seems to look up to grandma Melinda.

Speaking of not coming here to play, that being the case, the reason they came here was…

“It’s time for us to go.”

It has been a few days since the entrance exam, and today was the announcement for the examination results. I was invited by Gus to go together with him. Because of that, they came to the house today. The messenger was Uncle Dis. The King…

However, only the two of us were going. There would be a panic if grandpa were to go together, and with the King, it would be another matter altogether. So, grandpa and Uncle Dis became the house sitters.

What did you come here for, Uncle Dis?

There was also the request from Gus, who said he wanted to walk around town, so we’re walking to the academy. It was close anyway.

Today, Gus didn’t have an escort. He said if I was with him, he wouldn’t need an escort. Although I’m glad to be trusted, was this really fine, Royal Family?

For Gus, who was walking freely in town without any escorts for the first time, maybe due to the feeling of being free, had walked while dilly-dallying here and there. Because of that, what should have been a 15-minute walk took us 30 minutes to arrive at the academy.

When we arrived at the academy, both of our hands were holding grilled skewers.

“Oh, it looks like everyone has gathered.” The Prince murmured while having his mouth full of meat from the skewers.

“It seems so, huh~” Said the hero’s grandson who was licking sauce off his finger.

Un, I’m going to get scolded. Certainly.

I put the finished skewers inside the extradimensional space, and we went to the notice board where the successful candidates’ results had been posted. We pushed through the crowd jam-packed with people and reached the front of the notice board. Let’s see, my number is…

“Ah, it’s there.”

“Mine is there as well.”

It seems like both of us have successfully passed. After giving Gus a high-five, we joined the line in front of the reception desk for successful examinees. Here was where we would receive our textbooks and uniforms. Classes would also be announced here.

The line proceeded smoothly, and before long it was my turn. Gus lined up on the next line.

“Yes, next person.”

I gave the receptionist onee-san my admission ticket and my citizenship card.

“Yes, I have confirmed… Hmm? You… So you’re Shin Walford-kun.”


“Hmm, so you’re the rumored ‘Magi’s Grandson.’ Well then, these are your textbooks. This is the list, please confirm it, and please let me know immediately if there’s anything missing. Also, this set of uniform is yours. Because we referred to your physical data recorded in your citizenship card, the size should be perfect. However, if the size doesn’t match for even the just the slightest, please let me know immediately. In addition, this uniform has various defense magic applied on it. Please don’t even think to try and repair it by yourself.”

After listening to the onee-san’s explanation, I received my textbooks and uniform.

“Is it also no good if my grandma repairs my uniform?”

“Your grandmother is… Ah~ You meant Melinda-sama. If it’s Melinda-sama, there should be no problem.”

Then, I wonder if it’s okay for me, too? Let’s magically remodel it, then.

By the way, it seems like I was assigned to ‘S-Class.’

I received a printout listing the appointed date and time for the entrance ceremony, and things to bring to the entrance ceremony. Just when I thought of going back home, the onee-san called out to stop me.

“Ah, and also, since Walford-kun is the top student for the entrance exam, you have been chosen to give a speech during the entrance ceremony as the Freshman Representative. So please think about the speech and prepare for it, okay?”

I heard a phrase that made me doubt my ears.

“Freshman Representative… speech!?”

“Yes,” She affirmed it with a dazzling smile.

No, no, wait a minute.

“Umm, in this year’s freshman batch, you have Gus… His Highness, Prince Augusto, right? This time, no matter how you look at it, the speech should be given by His Highness.”

Even in my previous life, I didn’t have any experience giving representative speeches. Let alone in this world. I feel bad for Gus, but I’ll have you take my place as the sacrifice here.

“Hey, hey, what are you talking about, ‘Entrance Exam Top Student’-kun. It has been the tradition for the entrance exam’s top scorer to give the representative speech in Earlshide Advanced Magic Academy, which is full of traditions, ever since the founding of this academy. If I were to take away the representative speech with my selfishness, it will bring shame to me, no, to the Royal Family that cannot be erased until the end of time.”

Gus, who was standing in the next line, said with somewhat of a sound-ish argument.

While smirking.

Hey! He’s absolutely finding this amusing! This guy definitely has a bad personality!


“It is as His Highness, Prince Augusto had said. In this academy, there is no such thing as ranks; it’s a complete meritocracy. There is no exception even for the Royal Family. Even the time when His Majesty, the King, enrolled here, I heard the Representative Speech was not given by His Majesty.”

The escape route has been completely cut off.

“Well, since that’s how it is, good luck and please think about the speech.”

He said that with the best smile he had showed me so far.

Seriously… I was stricken with grief over the shocking truth of having to give the Representative Speech at the entrance ceremony, and so, I once again forgot to search for Maria and Sicily. I only noticed it after I came back home.

… I’m too forgetful, me…

* * *

Shin became depressed about having to give the Freshman Representative speech and passed through wearily along the side of the line where people were still lining up.

Both Maria and Sicily were also in that line.

“Ah~ah, I guess I wasn’t able to become the Entrance Exam Top Student, huh.”

“He’s amazing. Even though he’s good at martial arts, to think he’s also good with magic as well.”


Sicily was smiling while chasing Shin’s figure with her eyes.

“Sicily, is it fine not to call out to Shin?”

“Ah, nn… It’s fine. Even if I call out to him, I wouldn’t know what to say…”

“What are you saying? Even though you finally have a common topic of passing the exam together.”

After hearing Maria’s words, Sicily opened her eyes wide in realization.

“I just realized it now…”

So she said.

“Ah! Wasn’t it such a good chance just now!?”

“It was a good chance.”

“Such a thing… what the heck are you doing…”

“Indeed, what was I doing…”

In contrast to the surroundings who were smiling with joy for passing the Kingdom’s leading prestigious school, only Sicily’s surroundings had a heavy air engulfing them.

“Really, what were you doing…”

* * *

When I reached home while looking depressed because of various things, I was asked with words of concern ‘did you failed!?’, but I told them I had to give the Freshman Representative speech since I had become the top student. After I said it was depressing for me, this time they gave me blessing and said it was amazing to be the top student.

“Hoho, Freshmen Representative, you say. You have worked hard, Shin.”

“Since I taught you various things, this much is only natural. But, you did well.”

Both of them praised me while smiling.

“It is as expected of Shin-sama.”

“It is only natural if it’s Shin-sama.”

“For me, I thought he could even become the top student at the Knight Military Training Academy.”

Marika-san, Steve-san, even Alex-san praised me. Although what Alex-san said was a bit different.

“Father, I am sorry for not becoming the top student.”

“Ah, nn. Since you had Shin as your opponent, it cannot be helped. Because he’s really outside the standard. That aside, you did well in having passed the exam. Furthermore, it seems you’re in S-Class. I can also hold my head up high.”

Somehow, it felt like I was being talked about in an outrageous manner.

“That aside, Shin-kun, you don’t need to be that depressed over the representative speech.”

“About that Father, it looks like he’s depressed not only because he has to give a speech as the representative, but also because of a whole different matter.”

“A different matter?”

“It seems like he had forgotten to search for his acquaintances.”

“Acquaintance… Ho~… A girl, huh.”

“I believe it is.”

Smirk x 2

This father and son are annoying!

What is he saying on his own?! No, what he said was true, though!

“And then? What kind of girl is she?”

“Ah~ah. She has long beautiful navy blue hair, a small face, and big black slightly drooping eyes, around 155 centimeters in height, has excellent style; a truly super beautiful girl.”

“No… I didn’t ask for that much detail…”

“Tch, he replied normally. How boring.”

Oi! Damn you Gus! Your personality is really bad!

“Hohho. We just arrived at the royal capital, and you’ve already experienced a lot of things. Very good, very good.”

“Shin, you better bring that little girl to the house. I’ll make sure to take a good look at her.”

Since I came to the royal capital to learn how to socialize with society, of course, grandpa would be happy when I experienced a lot of things here.

However, grandma, on the other hand, was scary.

And from the next day onwards, the days where I would think about the representative speech had begun. I didn’t even have any free time at all!

* * *

In a certain Noble’s Mansion.

In one of the mansion’s room, there was a young boy who had returned some time ago after the Magic Academy’s exam results announcement.

“I am in A Class…? Not S-Class, but A-Class…? That’s impossible… Moreover, the guy who humiliated me became the freshman representative…? Stop joking around… Stop joking around… I’m sure he must have cheated or something… The academy’s Instructors must also be his accomplices… If not, then how can I… How can I… Unforgivable… Unforgivable… UNFORGIVABLE…”

The murmur filled with grudge and anger echoed throughout the dark room.

* * *

Now, it has finally arrived. It has arrived already. The entrance ceremony.

Although I was nervous yesterday… but I was still able to sleep well. Since it can’t be helped even if I struggle, I accepted my fate and thought of a speech. Well, I don’t care what happens afterward, though.

Today, we will be going to the academy riding the horse-drawn carriage. The reason being, grandpa, and grandma will come today as my guardians. If we walked, a commotion would be inevitable. Because of that, the horse-drawn carriage arrived from the royal palace. It was a luxurious carriage similar to what I’ve seen in a museum in my previous life. It was a really comfortable ride, but I felt uncomfortable.

Today, even though it’s obvious, I am wearing the uniform. It has a blue blazer with black slacks, and for freshmen, the color of their neckties’ was red. Juniors have blue necktie, and for seniors, green necktie. The freshmen next year will wear a green necktie. Girls wore black pleated skirts and a ribbon instead of a necktie.

Actually, there are also other Advanced Academy in the royal capital. Such as the ‘Knight Military Training Academy,’ and ‘Advanced Economics and Law Institute.’

The Knights Military Training Academy is pretty much self-explanatory. It is an academy that trains Knights to command Soldiers to defend the Kingdom. It is a place where men and women with excellent physical strength gather. The male and female ratio seems to be nine to one. It is also the alma mater of Michel-san and Chris-neechan. The design of the uniform is the same, but with various colors of red.

As for the Advanced Economic and Law Institute, it is a place to learn economics and law. It is a place which fosters Merchants and Civil Servants. It is also known as the brainpower of the Kingdom. Even though they don’t have any combat capability, it seems the country cannot function if they weren’t around. The male to female ratio is about fifty-fifty. Uncle Tom, the Merchant, graduated from there. The design of the uniform