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Fighting against a Devil

In the past, there had been no cases of a human changing into a devil.

Demonization had only occurred to animals in the wild. The ones who couldn’t control their magic power turned into demons, and everyone had thought that we humans were a special existence.

That’s why when a human turned into a devil several decades ago, people were shocked.

Humans were of no exception.

Everyone received an incredible shock that humans could also become devils. And because of the threat that they themselves could turn into devils, they became tremendously desperate.

That ominous magical power, to say nothing of an excellent Magician who perceived the magical power, planted fear into the ordinary people.

It had overflowing magic power, uses no chants, had no restrictions, and wildly rampaged about.

Although Earlshide Kingdom’s Army had used all of its military strength to subjugate the devil, the only result was an increased amount of victims.

In the end, the ones that were able to subjugate him were Magi Merlin and his partner, Melinda, who then became known as Heroes.

Because of that event, these two people were respected as Heroes even until now.

* * *

In front of my eyes was Cart, who had turned into a devil.

He was clad in an ominous magical power, a peculiar characteristic of demons. What had been the white portion of his eyes had turned deep red, and he stood still in place while gazing at empty space.

This scene was viewed by everyone who was in close proximity, and those who had never seen a devil before were completely flabbergasted. Well, of course it’s the first time they’d sighted a devil, since it was an extremely rare case.

Er, this is not the time to leisurely think about such things!

“Run away everyone!! That guy turned into a goddamn devil! You’ll only become collateral damage if you continue to stay here!!”

Those words were able to return the students to their senses.

“U-uwwwaaaaahhh!! Devil! Did he just say a Devil!?”

“We have to run away ! We have to run away ! We have to run away ! We have to run away!”

“He-he, someone please help meeee!!”


While trying to escape, everyone was screaming in confusion.

That will be fine. If everyone who escapes starts to spread the word, the information will be transmitted.

The problem is what to do with that guy…

“Gus, you should escape as well.”

“Shin, you… No way!?”

“Aah, I’ll somehow try to stop him.”

“Don’t be stupid! You should escape too!!”

Although Gus yelled at me, I didn’t hear it.

“That guy will probably not stop here, and as a devil, he might attack the Royal Capital. And thus, I cannot leave him alone.”

“Then we will stay as well!!”

“As people who have never hunted a single demon before, what kind of idiotic things are you saying!!”

Although I feel regretful towards Gus, I need him to evacuate.

“Shin… are we… a hindrance?”

“… Yeah, you guys are a hindrance.”

“…Is that so…”

Gus bit his tightened lips, and turned around.

“Everyone, let’s escape from here!”

“No way! How can we leave Shin-kun alone in this place!!”

“It’ll be fine, just focus on escaping! Even if we stay here, we’ll only be a burden!”


“Meshina! Don’t let go of Claude even if you have to drag her along with you!!”


“Nooo! Shin-kun! Shin-kun!!”

Gus and the others have finally evacuated. With this, at last…

“It’s about time I take action. Cart.”

After turning into devil, Cart, who had been standing still and staring at empty space, finally looked my way…

“GOWAAAaaaaah !!!!!”

Once he discharged his magic, he headed towards me.

While Cart was on his way to where I was, I bombarded him with Fire Bullets.

When the Fire Bullets hit Cart, without confirming the outcome I circled around Cart’s back, drew the Vibration Sword, and slashed horizontally. I was so glad I was wearing my Jet Boots.


There was some resistance! Where was it? Where did I cut him?

When I moved away slightly, I saw that Cart had taken damage from the Fire Bullets all over his body, and his left arm appeared to have been severed from above his elbow.


At this time, I felt a sense of discomfort.

Walford? He called out my name? Is there a part of his consciousness left in him?


At the same time he was yelling, he produced a cluster of Fireballs.


In order to obstruct the Fireballs, I created a magic barrier.

“UWaaahh, HOT!”

Dammit! Even if the barrier can protect against magic, it doesn’t prevent the heat. My face is burning!


Because it was excessively hot, I created a blade made out of water.


The water blade started slashing towards Cart.


I rushed towards Cart with both the Vibration Sword and the Water Blade at hand. Then, I sliced at Cart’s remaining right arm.

“This is…”

Is this the end of it?

That’s what I thought after looking at Cart’s bloody appearance.

Certainly, compared to the demonized animals I’ve slayed before, rather than a wolf or a bear, he is formidable and can be compared to either a lion or a tiger. However…


Cart used explosion magic on himself. His wounded right arm was suddenly torn off, and exploded into a thousand pieces.

“As I thought… this guy, he isn’t that much of a big deal, is he?”

While fighting Cart who had turned into a devil, I felt uneasy.

He’s way too weak.

I had heard that when the human turned into a devil in the past, he had ruined a country. However, this guy, although he’s strong, doesn’t give the feeling of despair.

In the first place, was it really that easy for a human to turn into a devil?

It gives an uncomfortable feeling.

There are so many things that feel too out of place in this incident. What the hell is going on?


Tsk! This is bad! His magic power increased even further!!

Magic power began to swirl around Cart. This is… is he going to self- destruct!?

If he accidentally discharges such great magic power, this whole area will be blown away!!

If I don’t stop him now… it’ll be bad!

“CAAAaaaRRRRrrrrTTT !!”


I rushed towards Cart while brandishing the Vibration Sword, aiming towards the nape of his neck.


After I swung the Vibration Sword, I put some distance between us in preparation for any accidental discharge.

I looked at Cart who appeared to have stopped moving, and…


Cart’s head fell… and his body also fell soon after.


I confirmed that the swelling magic power had dispersed, and Cart’s body had stopped moving…


I let out a big sigh. Then I examined Cart, who had become a corpse.

Now that I thought about it, this was the first time I had killed a person… Even though he was a person that had turned into a devil… there was no feeling of guilt…

I wonder if it was because of that? Because I’ve regularly hunted animals throughout the forest? I wonder if I have become accustomed to taking lives?

Because of that thought, I looked at Cart’s corpse with complicated feelings…


Sicily came jumping towards me.

“Hey! Sicily! Did you not evacuate with everyone!?”

“Shin-kun! Are you alright!? Are you injured anymore!?”

Sicily came and asked me while touching my body here and there.

Gus and the others also showed up, and so I asked Gus.

“You guys… did you guys not evacuate?”

“Ye-yeah… But just as we were about to exit the ground, we suddenly heard this amazing sound… so we turned around…”

Then, he cut off his words and looked at Cart.

“…It was our first time seeing a devil… and we watched in astonishment as you overwhelmed him… and then he was taken down just like that…”

When I looked around, I saw that everyone had a complicated expression.

“Nevertheless… I still find it unbelievable, even until now. Since Cart had turned into a devil, I thought it was already hopeless…”

“Even I, myself, had already prepared for my death.”

“Walford-kun was really amazing.”

“That’s right! What was that? Even though your magic talent is tremendous, you were also able to cut the devil’s arm with a sword!”

“It was a spectacular display of swordsmanship degozaru. In this case, wouldn’t he also qualify in the Knight Military Training Academy as their top student dezogaru?”

“That’s right! Even I have never seen my Father nor my older brother display such beautiful swordsmanship.”

“Walford-kun, as expected, is an amazing person?”

It looked like the tension had evaporated. Everyone started speaking unanimously. Meanwhile, only Gus remained silent.

“Gus, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm? No, nothing. I was just thinking that it’ll be problematic from now on.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not self-conscious, are you? A devil has appeared, you know?”

“Ah… That’s right.”

“This is the second time in history a devil has appeared. This catastrophe alone will shake the entire country. Moreover… this easily…”

While Gus was in the middle of his explanation, Knights, Soldiers, and Magicians all gathered, and summoned the students.

“Prince Augusto!! Are you injured in any way!?”

“We have received reports that a devil has appeared! Where is the devil!?”

“We will fight against the devil even if it costs us our lives! Where has the devil gone to!?”

“Ah, he’s lying defeated over there.”

“He’s been defeated?”

And then, they looked at the place where Gus was pointing at.

There lay Cart’s body, whose head had been decapitated.

“You don’t mean… You don’t mean to say that you’ve already subjugated the devil!?”

“Ah, it wasn’t me who subjugated it.”

He said that and turned to look at me.

“It was subjugated by a student of this Magic Academy!?”

“How should I explain this; his name is Shin Walford. The grandson of the Hero, Merlin Walford, who subjugated the devil back then?”

“Ma-Magi Merlin-sama’s honorable grandson!?”

Honorable grandson, you say. While they were having this sort of conversation, students had come and gathered to see the state of affairs.

You guys, don’t gather in such a dangerous place! Just because the Military Personnels have arrived, don’t be so lax, unconscious of passing crisis, and come see the situation!

“He-hey! That thing that’s lying over there, isn’t it a devil?”

“Eh? There’s no way!?”

“That devil has already been subjugated!!”

“What? What has happened?”

Everyone started to talk unanimously without any indignation. And then, they looked at the Military Personnels, Gus, and the other students.

“Everyone, there’s no need to worry!! The grandson of Magi Merlin, Shin Walford, has subjugated the devil!!”

A person conveyed to everyone with a loud voice. The vicinity fell silent momentarily. And then…

“UWOOOOOOOOOOH !!!!” [Said by everyone in the area.]

Cheers suddenly exploded.

“Seriously!? Are you really serious!!”

“Amazing! As expected of Magi-sama’s grandson!!”

“Hero!! It’s the appearance of a new hero!!”

“Magi-sama’s grandson! Shin Walford!!!”

“Shin!” “Shin!” “Shin!” [Everyone chanting.]

A “Shin” call occurred.

Uwaaa! Please stop it! It’s embarrassing to have my name chanted out so loudly!!

I want to run away, but since there are Knights and Magicians all around, I would have to bypass them, so even if I want to run away, I can’t.

“Well done! You did very well!!”

“Really, the grandson of the Hero, also turned out to be a Hero!”

“Magnificent! You are really magnificent, Shin-kun !!”

Really, everyone, please stop it! Although a commotion will inevitably happen, this kind of fuss is too much considering the level of the subjugated devil!

“As expected, this kind of thing would happen.”

So this was what Gus was trying to explain earlier! However, I didn’t imagine that it would cause this extensive of a commotion.

I felt a sense of discomfort during this sudden uproar. However, because of the excitement