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Getting new companions

The day after the Research Society Information Session, the Research Society has officially started. Starting today, the activities for the Research Society resumes. However, because ours is a newly made group, today is its launch. Because…

“Although it’s such a late hour to ask this, what do we do in a research group?”

“You really asked it at such a late hour… Well, nothing is particularly set in stone. Basically things that aren’t covered in class, something you want to learn more details about, or people with the same interest doing research… these are the common ones.”

“I see. If that’s the case, then what will our ‘Ultimate Magic Research Society’ research?”

“Who knows? At that time, I just went with the flow of things. So I don’t have any clue what we should do.”

“Going with the flow, you say…”

Are you really okay with that reason? And so, I looked at the person who proposed the name…

“I was also just going with the flow. But I don’t regret it.”

“In other words, nothing has been decided…”

“Walford-kun seems to know a lot of different kinds of powerful magic. So no matter what, I want to cooperate with you to study it, definitely.”

“…Then, is everyone fine with researching powerful magic?”

“That’s fine.”

It seems like we’ve casually decided on something, well, it’s all good. Everything is all good as long as everyone has fun after school.

When we arrived at the laboratory, the two people who had joined yesterday were already there.

“Ah! Sir, cheers for your hard work!”

“T-thank you very much for your hard work.”

“Thanks for your hard work, you guys got here quickly, did you?”

“Oh, yes, Sir! Because we cannot keep His Highness and the grandson of the Magi waiting, we ran all the way here, Sir!”

“U-umm… Are we causing you any inconveniences?”

“What do you mean by inconveniences?”

“No, umm, that is…”

We’ve only met face to face yesterday, so we probably have to get to know each other first?

“First things first, let’s go inside the laboratory.”

After saying that, I entered the laboratory. Although the structure of the room looked no more than a normal classroom with desks, it was good enough.

“Then, Shin, as the representative of the research society, why don’t you give a speech.”

“Another speech, huh…”

I murmured and then stepped forward.

“Umm, this time, I, Shin Walford, will be the representative of the ‘Ultimate Magic Research Society.’ Because the research society was established on a whim, and I suddenly became the representative, we still have yet to completely decide on what we want to do. Well, don’t worry about it, and let’s do it one step at a time.”

When I finished speaking, Mark and Olivia was it? They looked dumbfounded.

“‘Ultimate Magic Research Society,’ you say…”

“So it was actually named as that?”

It’s like that! You actually joined without knowing!

“Umm… It’s because we heard Walford-kun started his own research society…”

“And so we joined without knowing anything, Sir!”

“…It’s all good. And so, Mark and Olivia, could you two please introduce yourselves?”

“Ye-ye-yes, Sir! Let’s see, my name is Mark Bean, Sir! I’m a freshman in class A! My house is a blacksmith shop, and we make weapons, armor. We also make household accessories! If you, Sir, need anything made, please use ‘Bean’s Workshop!’ Because I often help at the blacksmith shop, I’m good with fire magic, Sir! Please take care of me!”

“Oh, speaking of ‘Bean’s Workshop’ it’s that the famous shop with many expert blacksmiths who produce quality products.”

“Is that so? Or rather, you seem quite familiar with it, Tony.”

“Well, yeah… Didn’t I say it before, that my family is filled with Knights? So in the old days, I also wielded a sword. The swords from ‘Bean’s Workshop’ are sharper than those of other workshops; even their knives are small and easy to use.”

How surprising. Tony was talking about weapons! Although it shouldn’t be so strange since his family is a family of Knights, it doesn’t quite match the atmosphere around him. Mark also had a surprised expression.

“Th-thank you very much, Sir… for knowing our shop.”

“Ah, at that time, using items produced by the ‘Bean’s Workshop’ was my goal.”

“It makes me happy when you say that, Sir! If you need something made, please let me know! I’ll provide you with some service!”

“Is that true? That makes me really happy.”

I saw a surprising side of Tony. And next was Olivia.

“Umm… My name is Olivia Stone. I’m also a freshman from A Class. My house runs a restaurant, and the name of the shop is ‘Stone Kiln Pavilion.’ Mark is my childhood friend, and we’ve known each other for a long time. Because I often use water to help around the shop, I’m good with water magic. Please take care of me.”

“‘Stone Kiln Pavilion!?’ That’s a very famous store!! The gratin that Stone Kiln makes is unrivaled…”

Alice said while remembering something. Drool, drool is coming out of her mouth.

“When I passed the entrance examination, I went to Stone Kiln Pavilion to celebrate. It really was suuuupppperrrrr~ delicious!”

“I’m so jealous, my house wasn’t able to get a reservation.”

“U-umm, everyone, if you’d like, please do come when you’re free. I will provide hospitality.”

“Really! You did it, Shin-kun! What a great find of human resource!”

“Don’t make such a rude compliment!”

However, both of them turned out to be children of famous shops. I knew nothing of any of the shops.

Mark has brown hair, black eyes, and some freckles. Probably because he’s been trained to become a blacksmith, he has a muscular body physique. He also has an atmosphere of an athlete.

Olivia is a beautiful girl with medium black hair and blue eyes. She’s cute and has a lovely atmosphere. She’s probably the poster girl for the restaurant.

“Since Mark is a blacksmith’s son and also helps out at the shop, does that mean you’ve already made something?”

“Ye-ye-yes, Sir! Bu-but, you see! It’s not that much of a big deal, Sir!”

“Hey, Mark. This research society only consist of freshmen, so you don’t have to speak so formally.”

“That’s right, Olivia as well!”

“Eh, but…”

“But the Prince and the grandson of the Hero are here, right?”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about that. Even Shin talks to me without reservation from time to time.”

“Umm, Your Highness… It’s because it’s Shin…”

Because it’s Gus.

“Well, it’s probably impossible for Gus. However, even though my grandpa and grandma are famous, I’m just part of the general public. I’m the same as the rest of you guys.”

“…General public?”

“I wonder if my ears are hearing things?”

“However, Shin will become a celebrity starting next week.”

Hey! Everyone is so cruel! I’m part of the general public, not a noble, alright? And then Gus suddenly said something.

“Gus, what do you mean by next week?”

“Hmm? Ah, well, you’ll probably receive the notification once you get home. It has been determined that the ceremony will take part next week. With this, Shin will become a celebrity.”

“Is that so… It has already been decided…”

“But be at ease. As promised yesterday, you will not be used for any political means. Father has decided to officially declare it during the ceremony. However, it’s impossible for your name not to be well-known. Even now, your name is already being spread.”

“Is that so…”

Because of this, it’ll probably be impossible to walk around outside normally… Ah, that’s right!

“I could just disguise myself or make myself invisible!”

Ah, crap. I said it out loud. Huh? The gazes of the people around me hurts…

“Aside from disguising yourself, what does make yourself invisible mean?”

“Eh? It means exactly as it sounds. Like this, if I make myself invisible, nobody will recognize me or feel my presence!”

After I finished speaking, I used optical camouflage magic, and everyone was dumbfounded. This kind of reaction again.

“Eh? Shin-kun? Where did you go?”

“No way… He suddenly disappeared…”

“Wh-wh-what the hell? Is this!?”

“No, you guys don’t have to be that surprised…”

After that, I released the optical camouflage magic, and everyone started to ask questions.

“Shin! What was that earlier? I completely lost sight of you!”

“It’s certainly strange. Even though you didn’t leave this place, we couldn’t see where you were at all.”

“The fact that you reappeared at the same place means you didn’t move at all? Then, how did you do it?”

“Wait a minute! We’ve completely neglected Mark and Olivia!”

And so I said, but when everyone turned to look at them, both of them looked astonished.

“Your Highness, sir, you said…”

“Walford-kun is being decorated?”

The topic of the conversation has changed!

“Let’s divert back to the original topic, or else it’ll become a mess.”

“It’s because of you.”

“Shut up! Wait a minute, Umm, Mark, I heard you are able to create something? And also, didn’t we say to please stop with the honorifics?”

“It is as you have said, Sir.”

“Well, first things first, please stop with the honorifics. There’s no need for honorifics when we’re all the same age.”

“It’s impossible to do so when addressing His Highness and Walford-kun! And also, when I’m helping in the workshop, my position is the lowest, so this is the way I usually talk, Sir!”

“It’s the same for me as well, since it’s necessary when I’m helping with the shop… Although I feel like I can drop the honorifics when I talk to His Highness and Walford-kun, it’s not possible to do so immediately.”

I’m being labelled at the same class as Gus…

“It looks like you want to say something?”

“I don’t really have anything to say… Haa~ Then let’s just end it with that. It’s not good to force them to do it.”

“I’m really very sorry.”

“I’m very sorry.”

“You guys don’t have to apologize every single time. And so? What did you make, Mark?”

“Well, Sir, as I’ve said earlier, I’m still an apprentice. However, just recently, I was finally able to make a knife… Nevertheless, because I cannot disregard magic practice, I haven’t improved much, I’m still far from it. It can’t be helped.”

“I see. If you can make a weapon, I thought that you could maybe make a weapon for me.”

“No, no! Walford-kun’s sword was able to slay a devil, right? There’s no way anything I make can be equal to it, sir!”

Hmm? I see, I didn’t explain it earlier.

“No, that sword is just a normal iron sword enchanted with magic, you know? Because it’s made to be thin and light, it doesn’t have much durability.”

“Eh? An ordinary sword?”

“That’s right.”

After I said that, I took out the Vibration Sword from the extra-dimensional space. And then I showed it to Mark.

“So that is the sword that subdued the devil…”

“Would you like to look at it?”

Mark then began to appraise the Vibration Sword from all sorts of angles.

“…I cannot believe it… Is this really the sword that exterminated the devil, Sir?”

“That’s right.”

“Certainly this sword, Sir… is thin and light, and it’s also easy to wield. But that’s all there is to it. If it is used to cut something slightly hard, it would break easily, Sir.”

“What? Is that how it is?”

“Yes, Your Highness. Would you like to see it as well?”

And so, he handed it over to Gus.

…He used such normal honorifics to address Gus…

“This is really… It certainly looks like it’ll break easily…”

“Didn’t I say it’s enhanced by enchantment magic? Try applying your magic to activate it.”

“Eh! This is? The blade seems to be vibrating?”

“Now then, why don’t you try and cut something? It’s okay if you don’t use much power.”

And so, I retrieved some wooden logs from the extra-dimensional space. These are, why did I have them in the first place? Was I going to use them for something?

I don’t remember why I have a log. While I was thinking why I had it, I heard Gus letting out a surprised voice.

“What the! What in the world is this!?”

The Vibration Sword cut the log in half as if it were butter. Everyone had their eyes wide open at the sight. And then he swung the sword at the log once more.

“What the world is this…”

“Vibration Sword. Thanks to the super high-speed vibrations that it creates, it can make such clean cuts.”

I explained the details about the Vibration Sword as it was being returned to me.

“Like I said, the sword isn’t all that great.