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Confrontation with the Real Culprit

After the Research Society’s first meeting ended, everyone returned to their respective houses. Some returned by walking, some rode carriages, and some, due to the Royal Capital’s vastness, returned to the dormitory prepared by the academy.

Since none of the students from S Class resided in a dormitory, we all left together.

“Speaking of which, Mark, is it okay to go to your house now?”

“Eh? My house, Sir?”

“Nn. It’s regarding the new weapon I was talking about earlier. I want to determine what can and can’t be made.”

“Ah, sure. Are we heading there straight away, Sir?”

“Oh right, Sicily, Maria, is it alright if we stop by Mark’s house?”

“It’s alright.”

“I’m also fine with it. I also want to look at Mark’s store.”

“Could I also tag along?”

Strangely enough, Tony requested to come with us.

“As I suspected, even now, you’re still interested in Bean’s Workshop?”

“That’s right. Although I don’t wield a sword, I still find it exciting to look at them.”

“I thought you didn’t want to become a Knight?”

“Although I find attending the Knight Military Training Academy unpleasant, it doesn’t mean I think being a Knight or a Swordsman unpleasant.”

“That is… Ah, it’s because of the ratio of men and women…”

“Because to me, that place is hell.”

Since he was admitted to the academy, Tony has been constantly seen together with girls, so I guess an environment with less girls is torture for him. I thought it was unusual for him not to go home together with girls, so I guess it was because he’s interested in Bean’s Workshop.

“Then I shall go as well.”

“Your Highness!”

“Since I have two reliable escorts and Shin together with me, there’ll be no danger.”

“That’s not the problem…”

“Also, Father goes to Shin’s house quite often.”

“His Majesty…”

Gus decided to come along with us while raising some stinking flags.

“It suddenly became quite a number of people.”

“Isn’t it fine. It’s more fun when everyone wanders around the city together.”

“It is as you say, it’s fun.”

Mark, Olivia, Sicily, Maria, Tony, Gus, Thor, Julius, and I, a total of nine people headed towards Mark’s house.

The group was divided into male team, female team, and Gus’ team. The female team started walking while chatting happily. It looks like they’re having fun.

“And so, Walford-kun, what kind of sword are you thinking of getting?”

“Oh right, it’s important that the blade is thin but doesn’t break easily. Although I want to get it made immediately, I still have to prepare the money for it…”

“As the Magi’s grandson, there no need for you to worry about money, is there?”

“I do receive pocket money. However, since I don’t earn it by myself, I can’t spend too much.”

“Heeeh, you’re surprisingly sensible.”

“Surprisingly, you say…”

I wonder how everyone sees me.

“But since Shin is very strong, he could hunt demons as a part-time job.”

“Hunting demons part-time?”

“Eh, did you not know about it? The Demon Hunter Association does not employ people permanently. As long as they have records of subduing demons, anyone can get remuneration.”

“Is that how it is…”

“It just shows how ignorant you are of the world. Everyone knows of it, as it’s only natural.”

Although I’ve heard people can receive money for subjugating demons, I thought it wasn’t possible if one is not properly registered. So it was just as simple as that.

Mark, who was thinking this whole time, proposed something.

“Walford-kun, if that’s the case, how about designing an all-in-one thin blade mold, so that large quantities can be reproduced? Since the hilt does need to be processed separately, the cost will also be reduced thanks to the mold.”

“Ah, I was also thinking about that, however, the vibration feature will be integrated on the hilt…”

“Ah, I see. We also need to think about the sword being able to handle the vibration.”

“Yeah, we haven’t considered that.”

What should I do? While I was consulting with Mark, Tony suddenly made a suggestion.

“Then, wouldn’t it be better if you are able to easily replace the blade?”

” “That’s it!!” ”

Because we said it in such a loud voice, everyone looked towards us.

“What happened?”

“Ah, while we were coming up with an idea for the new weapon, Tony suddenly came up with an idea.”

“A new weapon…”

“Right, a thin blade that doesn’t break easily. In short, if the blade can be replaced easily, we can cut down on the overall cost.”

“Now, the only thing that’s left is how to replace it.”

“If possible, I’d like it so that with just one-touch, the blade can be changed…”

“However, if we do something like that, the cost will increase in order to develop it.”

“Normally, when the blade is connected to the hilt, it’s affixed in a way so that it doesn’t come off easily. In addition, weapons are usually made with the assumption that it will shake to begin with, so isn’t it fine if it’s made it a little looser so it comes off easily?”

” “That’s it!!” ”

Oh man, Tony decided to come with us today really helped me out. With this, the prospect of a new Vibration Sword has been realized. I’m looking forward to the development.

“…Well, with this, there’s no particular problem.”

Gus said so. Before I was aware of it, Gus had become someone like my watchdog.

“Let’s hurry to the workshop! I can’t stop myself from wanting to try out this new idea!”

“Yeah, I agree.”

“Hey, Shin. While you and the others are in the workshop, is it okay if we go to Olivia’s place?”

“We want to talk to Olivia-san more.”

“Ugh… Please be gentle with me…”

Sicily and Maria probably asked her various questions, Olivia looked exhausted.

“It’s fine. I was thinking it’d probably a bad idea for you guys to come to the workshop with us because you’d likely find it boring.”

The male team and Gus team headed for the workshop, the female team headed for Olivia’s store. While we were rushing to our destinations. On the way there, we passed by a huge premises.

“What’s in that building?”

“Ah, that’s the Security Office station over there. And behind that building is their practice ground.”

“Heeeh, is that so…”


The wall of the practice ground suddenly exploded.


Followed by the sound of women screaming.

“Wh-what is it!!?”

” “Your Highness!” ”

The two escorts stepped in front of Gus to protect him.

“What happened? Was there an accident in the practice ground?”

“No, the walls of the practice ground should have a Magic Barrier, just like the academy…”

“However, for it to break because of a magic attack means…”

I got a feeling that it might be dangerous. And suddenly, a huge amount of magic power drifted out of the practice ground.

“This is bad! Everyone, get away from this building!!”

After I warned everyone to move away, the wall behind me exploded.

“UWAAA! What the hell! Is this!”

Because the magic power coming from inside seemed really dangerous, I was a good thing I cast a magic barrier. Although I cried out involuntarily, there was no damage.

As for what had happened, when I looked inside the middle of the broken wall, there was a Knight, a Soldier, and a Magician, and many archers surrounding them.

“Ohh!? What the hell is with all this commotion!?”

There was an indescribably heavy atmosphere. There was too much excessive force, to surround just one person. So, who was the person who has such huge magic power? While I was thinking to myself, I looked at the guy who was surrounded.

“Eye-patch covering both eyes…”

If I’m not mistaken, that guy has the same features as teacher Gus and the others had described.

“Gus, that person is…”

“Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. He’s the suspicious teacher from middle school I was telling you about, Oliver Schtrom.”

“Oh? Well, well, if it isn’t Prince Augusto and Shin Walford-kun.”

He knows of me? My name aside, there’s shouldn’t be a lot of people who knows how I look like. In the first place, shouldn’t he be unable to see with those eyes?

“Please run away, Prince Augusto! That guy is the real culprit of the devil disturbance!!”

The real culprit of the devil disturbance? Then that means…

“You’re the one who manipulated Cart?”

“That’s right. Well you see, it was interesting to watch him perform for me.”

“Is that so…”

He has a disgusting habit, this guy.

“Ohya~ You also cannot forgive me?”

“Yeah, I can’t forgive you. How many people do you think have suffered at your hands.”

While I said so, I increased my magic power.

“Because I’ve already finished my experiment here, I would like to be excused and leave this place.”

“But if I let you leave, it looks like you’ll be more of an annoyance. That’s why just surrender quietly!”

Then, I took out the Vibration Sword, and shot Flame Arrows.

“Whoopsie, this looks like it’s going to get ugly.”

And so, he constructed a magic barrier.


The Flame Arrow hit the magic barrier. However, the barrier didn’t look like it was destroyed.

“That was dangerous… If the barrier was just even a little thinner, it would been destroyed.”

As he said so, he looked towards me.


There’s no way he could have stayed in the same spot!

With the amount of magic power he has, I expected Schtrom to prevent the attack, and I circled around his back and launched an attack.

I swung the Vibration Sword.


Whether he was aware of the magic power, or if it was just his intuition, he escaped from the Vibration Sword’s path.


“That was dangerous. That sword, is a magic tool, right?”

“Who knows.”

I decided not to answer Schtrom’s question, and continued to charge at him.

“As I thought, you’re very dangerous.”

And so, he cast magic without any chant. I jumped to the side and avoided his attack, and even though it caused an explosion behind me, I ignore it and attacked with Vibration Sword again.

“Whoops! As I thought, that sword is troublesome.”

This time, he avoided the Vibration Sword by jumping backwards.

“You’re a Magician, right? You should have more trouble defending against physical attacks!”

With that, I kicked the ground and charged. At the same time, an Earth Lance flew out from the ground, thrusting towards Schtrom.

“Whoopsie, this is really amazing.”

He said so while soaring high into the sky.

“You’re defenseless if you’re up there!”

While Schtrom was still in the air, I shot a wide flame at him. With this, even if he were to twist his body, he shouldn’t be able to avoid it.


Sure enough, Schtrom was surprised. He panicked and constructed a magic barrier in a hurry. With this, he should take some damage.

Flames then surrounded Schtrom. Although I expected him to fall, that it didn’t happen.

“However, I think it’s foul play to be floating in the sky.”

Schtrom has been floating in the air. Floating magic? Such a thing shouldn’t have worked. However, Schtrom was actually floating in mid-air. This is outrageous.

“Fuu, I really was being impatient just now. My robe has been scorched.”

“But there’s no damage to your body.”

“No, no, if you look closely, have received some damage? As expected of the grandson of the Hero, you are indeed the person who subdued the devil.”

“Why… thank you very much!”

I activated the Jet Boots I remodeled after reflecting on the past battle, and jumped towards Schtrom.

“What in the world!?”


Once again, I swung the Vibration Sword. This time, the tip of the sword grazed Schtrom’s face. Dammit, it just grazed him!


Although I thought his injury was small, he reacted exaggeratedly.

“ORAaaa! One more time!”

With the opportunity, this time, I created a Wind Blade.

The attack from the Wind Blade hit Schtrom. The attacks from the Wind Blade made cuts in Schtrom’s body one after another, and it also damag