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Magic Tool Creation

I once again went to the forest today.

To look for something to hunt.

…Or rather, I’ve been living in the forest for a while now.

Hello again, it’s Shin, I have turned 8 years old, and I have grown a little more.

After Michel-san’s gruesome training… my overall skills has leveled up. It really did. In any case, it was because of it that I am now able to use physical enhancement magic.

Speaking of the things that have changed in the past three years, my martial arts isn’t the only thing that has improved.

I acquired an additional instructor.

In fact, magic did not only consist of controlling magic power and releasing it, but there’s also a type of magic called “Enchantment,” which is used to inscribe equipment with magic. Later, it was found out that this kind of magic was not grandpa’s forte.

The type of magic each individual is able to use depends on their aptitude… It was better to learn enchantment magic from someone who was good at it. Thus, I was taught enchantment magic by one of grandpa’s frequent visitors who was good at it.

This person was the old lady who wears a pair of glasses, a black robe and a pointed hat, and emits the aura of a “Witch.”

She has a tall stature, handsome appearance, and has incredibly good sense of style.

I suspect she was quite popular during her younger years.

Her name is “Melinda Bowen.”

I call her grandma Melinda. Whenever I call her Melinda-san, she won’t reply at all. But when I call her grandma Melinda, she has an ecstatic look on her face.

…Maybe she had something going on with grandpa in the past… I don’t want to know about something so scary…

Although Enchantment magic is essential, enchanting itself wasn’t so difficult to do.

First, one must imagine the kind of enchantment one wants to transfer to an item on the tip of their finger or wand. Then, use ‘a certain method’ to release the magic, and apply it on the item.

After the item has been enchanted, the mechanism to activate the enchantment is pretty simple.

It is said that these kinds of enchanted items are very useful to those who are unable to use magic, or even the general public.

However, enchanted items, or rather ‘Magic Tools,’ are not very common, and because they are scarce, they are very expensive. One can boost their status depending on the amount of magic tool one carries.

Although the creation of magic tools itself is inexpensive, the fee for the technology to create one is expensive.

Nevertheless, there’s also a method of transferring ‘phenomenal words written by one’s own understanding.’

However, when one is writing those characters, there’s a limit on the number of characters they can actually write.

A few characters for cheap materials, and a lot of characters for expensive ones.

It can be said that the more characters it has, the more expensive it is.

The characters of this world are alphabets, and multiple combined words have identical meanings.

Since there are multiple words with the same meaning as one word, it wasn’t unusual for the number for characters to not exceed more than a word.

At that time, a thought suddenly came to my mind; what would happen if I were to transcribe in kanji?

If it was possible to transcribe in kanji, then each character would be equivalent to one word, and I could have multiple words with very few characters.

Because of my curiosity, I decided to test it out, and I was able to succeed easily.

However, I was excessively pressed for answers by grandma Melinda…

Thanks to my passion for learning magic for the past few years, I also began to like enchantment magic.

…But I still find learning martial arts really tough…

Now, it was time to hunt, and in my hand, I gripped the weapon I made through enchanting.

For long-ranged attacks, I use a “Rifle.”

For close-combat, I use “Vibration Sword.”

For movement assistance, I use “Jet Boots.”

I also have defensive clothing called, “Protection Suit.”

So there you have it.

The so-called “Rifle” is different from the ones on Earth. It doesn’t use any gunpowder, but uses magic to compress air and then fires it. It is something similar to what one might call an air-gun, but the power of the airgun is no match for the Rifle.

“Vibration Sword” is an edged tool that oscillates ultrasonic waves.

Although the weapons are a little heavy for children… and I still grunt a little whenever I carry it, I had no problems wielding it thanks to body strengthening magic. Although, I was able to carry it, but as I thought, it was a weapon one with the power of a child could not carry. However, I was able to think of an idea; enchanting the weapon to make it lighter.

This idea became quite popular and received quite a reputation. To people who worked in jobs that weren’t magic oriented, and thus powerless against magic, when they found out I was able to make such enchantment, various people scrambled for materials or dismantled things to get me to make this valuable enchanted item for them.

As for “Jet Boots,” it shoots out a jet-like thing from a portion of its heel, and thus gave the ability to move quickly and jump higher. One could also change their directions while in mid-air.

Although the boots itself wasn’t too difficult to make… but controlling it was very, very hard…

Before I was able to master it, even I was blown away countless times…

Judging from their looks, there would be no request of having me make one for them. They were all donning all sorts of weird expression on their faces…

Lastly, the “Protective Suit” can be made with any ordinary clothing, and then enchanted with “Penetration Prevention,” “Anti-Shock,” and “Anti-Magic.”

This is because it is hard to move in any armor heavier than leather.

Although I thought this would be popular… it unexpectedly had many pros and cons.

All Magicians, such as grandma, who works at jobs that utilizes magic are all greatly admired. Soldiers such as Michel-san, who wears splendid armor, also has good status.

As usual, dressed in my equipment, which enabled me to conceal myself underneath a bush, I began to aim at my prey.

What I was currently aiming at was a huge Wild Boar.

It was hungrily eating the nuts I had scattered around the ground.

While my prey was distracted by the food, I aimed my rifle at the middle of its forehead and fired.

The bullet collided dead-center with its forehead, destroying its brain matter, exiting via the back of its head.

No matter how large an animal is, if one destroys the brain, it will not live. Not far away from me, its 300kg body fell to the ground. I nimbly tie the Wild Boar’s legs to a nearby tree with a rope, suspending it in the air, waiting for it to be drained of blood. Of course, I dug a hole for the blood to drip into so it wouldn’t splatter.

After it’s been drained out of blood, I started dismantling it.

When I first dismantled an animal I got really nauseous, but I got used to it. Now, all I see of my prey is meat.

After I finished hunting, I went home. Today, both grandma Melinda and Michel-san were there.

“Oh, welcome home. Did you go hunting?”

“Hello, grandma. Yeah, I’ve just returned today after hunting a boar.”

“Ho~, you’re even able to hunt wild boars now.”

This praise gives me a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

“No, I used my rifle, and it still seems impossible with a sword?”

“Haha, don’t be so modest. Even if you were using a firearm, to be able to kill such as large prey such as a Wild Boar; it’ll be fine if you were to train a little harder.”

Yes, the standard phrase has come.

I turned to look at grandpa for assistance.

“Hohho, please go easy on him.”

Tch, even he said the standard phrase! This—

I mean, grandpa, whenever you’re here, you only ever talk about this and nothing else!

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