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Truth about my origin

The day after I subjugated the demon, Michel-san’s training was upgraded yet again.


In addition, grandpa and grandma’s appearance also looked a bit strange. There was some kind of a subtle mood drifting between them.


After spending a day with that kind of unknown situation, grandpa called me over to talk when I got out from the bathtub I created soon after I learned enchanting magic.

“Shin, do you have a moment, please.”

“Hmm? Grandpa?”

“There is a little story I have to tell you.”


By the way, grandma and Michel-san had already gone home. Somehow, they were always around, but just like the other day, they almost never stay over, and it wasn’t like they came every day as well.

And in such a situation where there’s only two of us left, grandpa started his talk.

“Actually, Shin, I would like to talk about your origin.”

“My origin?”

So it was about that, huh, does he want to talk about the time when he found me?

“Actually, umm, Shin, you’re not my real grandson.”


…Sorry, I already knew about that…

“I’m sorry… for having kept quiet about this until now.”

“No… I don’t mind something like that…”

For now, let’s straighten out the story here.

“And so… if I’m not your real grandson, why am I living with you, grandpa?”

“It’s something that had happened about 9 years ago. By chance, I was walking down the road to go shopping in a nearby town. Then, while I was walking, the rain started to fall, and I strayed from the road a little to seek shelter from the rain in the nearby forest.”


Come to think of it, it was also raining at that time.

“Back then… there seemed to have been a carriage that had passed by earlier… but it looked like it had been attacked by demons… and it was in a terrible condition.”

A demon… a carriage that was attacked… I can somehow imagine it.

“All around laid the wreckage of the destroyed carriage and… the… mangled human remains… I came near the scene because I thought there might be some survivors, or at very least, I can mourn for the victims. After I did that… I heard a baby’s crying voice from the surrounding of the carriage’s wreckage.”

Grandpa firmly fixed his gaze on me as he was told the story up to that point.

“I panicked and searched for the owner of that voice. It was then… when I found the baby.”

“And that was me…”

“That’s right. Probably when the carriage was attacked, you lost consciousness due to shock. And when it started to rain, it lowered your body temperature, and you were almost at a state of suspended animation. It was probably because of your state that you weren’t noticed by the demon, and was left alive.”

So that’s what happened, I started to think it was strange to be left alive even though a demon had attacked, but I had fallen into a state of suspended animation, huh. Maybe it was because of the overwhelming stress that the memories of my previous world had returned. And maybe it was also because of it, that I was able to recover from my state of suspended animation?

“I’m not certain how you recovered from your state of suspended animation. But you recovered your breathing just as I came close to you. I thought it was fate, and after I mourned for the victims, I carried you back home with me.”

“So… who are my parents and where are they from?”

“I’m sorry, but because they were mercilessly murdered… I couldn’t find a single thing that could identify them.”

“Hmm, is that so.”

“…You’re considerably calm about this…”

Hmm yea, after all…

“Even after being told about my parents, it’s probably because I don’t remember them at all.”

“There is also that fact, huh.”

In addition…

“And besides, I have you, grandpa”


That’s right, there was still grandpa who really dotes on me and raised me even though I wasn’t his real grandson.

“And there’s also Grandma Melinda, Uncle Michel. In addition, there’s also Uncle Dis, Chris-neechan, and even though he’s a frivolous person, there’s also Sieg-niisan.”

There are names of people who have yet to make an appearance, so please forgive me.

“Look, that’s why I have never once thought I was lonely because I don’t have parents. Rather, it’s already too noisy that it’s troublesome.”


And so…

“That’s why, grandpa.”


“Thank you for finding me.”

He saved my life.

“Thank you for helping me.”

And always letting me eat delicious meals.

“Thank you for doting on me”

And for teaching me all sorts of magic.

“I am very happy to be taken in by grandpa.”

Even though I immediately met with such misfortune soon after I was born, right now I am so blessed. I haven’t had this much happiness before.

“Shin… u, urgh… u, u, U ou uu!”

Not good, grandpa really cried. However, it was my true feelings, so it was good that I was able to say it.

Grandpa, thank you.

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