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Venting Pent-up Anger

“Still, Walford is really good at handling swords.”

“Yeah, I was also surprised. I thought it was nothing but a dull magic sword.”

“Was that also something Magi-sama had taught you?”

“No, even if it is grandpa, it’s impossible for him. The person who taught me how to use a sword was Michel-san.”

“No way! The Sword Saint-sama!?”

“What? Is that true, Walford!?”

“I-I’m so jealous…”

After saving Kreis and the others from the demon, their attitudes have softened considerably.

Just like this, we continued chatting while getting more friendly with each other. Although this is good…

“Ah, there’s a reaction of a demon straight ahead. Everyone, please prepare.”

“Alright, Sicily, please stay behind me.”

“What are you saying! I’ll be the one to protect Sicily!”

“I won’t let even a finger touch you, Sicily!”

“U-umm! I’ll be just fine!”

…Whenever a demon appears, they would protect Sicily, Sicily, Sicily… before I knew it, they’re calling her name all the time.

Cooperation is going well for the moment. While magic is used to stop its movements, the sword is used to deal damage and kill it.

When it comes to training co-operation, it was done splendidly. Although it’s splendid…

“Sicily, are you alright?”

“You didn’t get injured, did you, Sicily?”

“Because I am the one protecting you, there’s no way I’ll let you get hurt. Right, Sicily?”


For every single matter, they will be concerned about Sicily. Sicily was also feeling confounded and didn’t know what else to do.

This was not limited to during combat alone, but even when nothing is happening.

“Be careful, Sicily.”

It happens when there’s a fallen tree.

“Hey Sicily, your hand.”

When there’s slightly rough ground.

“You’re not tired are you, Sicily?”

“Umm, I’m really just fine.”

Sicily, Sicily; they’re getting way overly familiar!



“Really, you don’t have to get so irritated.”

“I’m not really irritated…”

“Sure you’re not. If you’re going to get so frustrated, why don’t you go ahead and say, ‘Sicily is my woman, don’t put your hands on her.'”

“Haa! What are you saying?!”

“If it has nothing to do with you, then don’t get so annoyed.”


“Well, Sicily is also trying to turn them down, so there’s shouldn’t be a problem. They’re acting like that because they are guys who aren’t accustomed to having a gentle woman around. You don’t have to mind it.”

“You guys, another demon has arrived, get ready.”

Because I was irritated, it seemed I was late in detecting the demon.

…No, I’m not really annoyed or anything… ah, dammit! As expected! I really am irritated!

I tried to regain my composure and concentrate in using Search Magic.

As I thought, there’s a reaction of a demon on the right side. Moreover, it’s a group this time. And it’s a quite a number of them.

“Sieg-niichan. Isn’t the number of demons a little big?”

“Yeah, isn’t this a little bad?”

“Is the number of demons really that big?”

“Sicily, make sure you stay behind us.”

“Umm, if I don’t take part in the fight, the training…”

“It’s okay, I say. I will make sure to protect the woman.”

“No, umm, about the training…”

Even at such a time, these guys… Are they still going to play the part of a Knight protecting the Princess?

…Oh, I mean Knight candidate… Ah, dammit, I should stop thinking about worthless things… Eh?

“Wait a minute, there’s another reaction of a demon straight ahead.”

“Eh? Ah, you’re right. Is this the demon who is perhaps chasing the other demons?”

It seemed like Gus also used Search Magic to confirm. And then, his suspicion was proven to be right.

After a moment, another group of demons jumped out from between the trees.

“Ah! Sieg-sempai! Chris-oneesama! Please run away!”

“Chris-sama, Sieg-san! It’s really bad! There’s a large number of demons heading in our direction!”

Two of the Instructors of another party came to our Instructors to report. Both Instructors from different academies were gasping for breath.

“What’s the scale of it?”

“At the very least, a hundred!”

“A hundred…!?”

“That many!?”

It seems like there’s a good herd of demons.


“Hmm? What is it, Shin?”

“Those demons, do you mind if I take care of them?”

“…That’s right, can I leave it to you?”

“T-that sort of thing, Siegfried-sama! For Shin-kun to take down all one hundred of them by himself!”

“It’ll be fine if we just leave it all to Shin, Sicily-chan.”

“To be honest, he’s stronger than all of us here… To begin with, was there really a point for him to take part in this training?”

“Hey, you guys! You people who are sitting down over there! Move behind and don’t get in Shin’s way!”

Sieg-niichan and Chris-neechan told everyone to move behind and take “refuge.”

And then, from the depths of the forest, the horde of demons finally appeared.

Since I’m feeling really frustrated, I’m going to be using you guys to release my pent-up anger!

As for what had appeared, there was a wild boar, a wolf, and a bear was there in the mix as well.

“T-this many demons… Shin-kun!”

Although the demons were fast approaching, I had already completed the preparation for my spell. I’m sorry about this, but all of you please get blown away!

Then, I unleashed the magic spell I had prepared and it caused an explosion.


…Ah, this is bad, I made a calculation mistake because I was too irritated.

I hastily cast a “Double Layer” Magic Barrier.


When the explosion magic spell detonated, it caused a large blaring sound.

When the dust from the explosion cleared up, I saw that all the demons in front had vanished.

…Ahh, the front had really opened up.

Just in case, I used Search Magic in order to confirm that there weren’t any more demons.

…Yup, they were all exterminated.


As always, Sicily ran up to me and patted my body here and there to check for any injuries.

“Did you see? I didn’t get injured or anything at all.”

“Is that true? You used such an amazing magic spell, are you sure you were able to properly prevent the blast from reaching you!?”

“Didn’t the blast not reach this place?”

“All of us were standing quite a distance away! We’re not like Shin-kun who was standing at the front, such a thing… such a thing…”

Sicily looked at the scenery beyond me.

“A large-scale magic spell… was used to blow away the other side!!”

…As I thought, I overdid a little… As far as the eye can reach, the trees on the other side had been mowed down, and only the trees that were covered by the barrier remained. I had done such terrible deforestation.

Everyone taking “refuge,” were all stunned, their mouths wide open.

“Are you really not hurt anywhere?”

“Ah, yeah, I’m really alright. Sorry for worrying you.”

“Really! It’s because Shin-kun always acts recklessly! Please put yourself in the shoes of those who worries about you…”

“…I’m really very sorry.”

While Sicily was still angry, everyone who had been struck dumb headed towards us, and finally opened their mouths to speak.

“Wha… Whaaaaattt ttthhhheeeee hellll!!? Iiissss thissss!?”

Sieg-niichan’s underclassman from the Magic Division cried out.

“This is… the power of the hero of the present age…”

“Eh? What is this? The landscape looks different compared to earlier?”

“…Why is this kind of fellow participating in the training?”

Other than Gus, Maria, Sieg-niichan, and Chris-neechan who has seen my magic before, everyone else was murmuring.

“That spell… Isn’t it more powerful than the one I saw before?”

“At that time, it was probably considerably suppressed. ”

“You’re as reckless as always that I don’t know what else to say…”

“Well, it is Shin after all.”

The opinions of the people who knew about my magic are heartless.

“T-that aside, why did such a thing happen?”

“Ah, that’s right. Emily, how did this happen?”

Sieg-niichan asked Emily, who seemed to be supervising another group.

“Eh? Ahh! We were originally training at a place not too deep in the forest. And then, because we felt we can handle a little bit more, we moved deeper. After which… when we used Search Magic to look for a demon, we detected a large number of them…”

“When we first detected them, they were still quite a distance away, but they were approaching with surprising speed.”

They were still far when they were detected… and they suddenly appeared…

“Sieg-niichan. It looks like there’s something deep inside the forest.”

“Yeah, there’s not doubt about it. Moreover, a large-sized bear was also part of the horde. This is, I have a really bad feeling about this…!!”

Sieg-niichan suddenly cut off his what he was going to say. I detected something using my Search Magic.

“Ar… Are… Are you kidding me!?”

“What is this!”

A student from the Magic Academy in a different group suddenly screamed.

The students from the Knight Academy who weren’t capable of using Search Magic remained puzzled.

“What is it? What has happened?”

“You guys! Don’t just converse amongst yourselves, and tell us about it, too!”

“Sieg, could it possibly be…”

“Yeah, it’s the worst situation.”

“Tsk! In that case, we need to retreat as soon as possible!”

“It’s already too late!!”

It appeared at the same time Sieg-niichan yelled.

What appeared over there was…

It was an approximately five meters tall demonized tiger.

“A demonized… Tiger…”

“Ahh, ahhh, ahhh, Is this for real…”

“N-nooo! I don’t want to die!”

Everyone sported expressions of despair.

“Sicily! Come over here!”

Kreis took Sicily’s arm and tried to her away.

“Please let me go!”

“Sicily! What are you saying!? Hurry up and escape!!”

“If you want to run away, please run away by yourself. As for me… I will remain here.”

“Wha! What are you saying!!”

“I will remain here for the sake of Shin-kun just in case he gets injured.”

“How foolish! The opponent is a disaster class demon, you know!? Even if it’s Walford, he cannot win against it!!”

“Those people who know nothing about Shin-kun, please shut up!”

Sicily said in an unusually loud voice.

“Ha, that’s right. This is probably not an opponent Shin can’t handle.”

“If remembered correctly, when he subdued the devil before, he once said that ‘Although it’s a little stronger than a demonized tiger, it’s still too weak, that’s why it’s strange,’ or something like that…”

“Now that you mentioned it, I also received a report regarding that comment.”

“…Compared to when you subjugated a demonized tiger back then, you seem calmer now…”

Chris-neechan also experienced trauma from a demonized tiger. Or rather, I’d like for you guys to back up soon?

“That’s how it is. So one more time, you guys better take ‘refuge!'”

“Hey, you guys, hurry up and go. Even if Shin is restraining the demonized tiger right now, there’s a high chance that you might get bewitched by its magic.”

Christina-sama! If Walford is going to fight against it, I will fight as well!”

“You can’t. Even Sieg and I will be nothing more than a hindrance. Are you guys stronger than me? And I mean overwhelmingly more powerful.”

“N-no… About that…”

“Well then, you should go.”

Although Kreis was eager to stay and take part with the subjugating, he was finally persuaded by Chris-neechan.



“Please don’t act too recklessly.”

“Yeah. I’ll subdue it immediately, so wait for me.”

“Yes, I’ll be waiting.”

After saying that, Sic