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It unexpectedly became a big problem

“Alright, with this, today’s training has ended. Let’s go back to the Royal Capital. Good work, everyone.”

After witnessing the trio’s magic power, Sieg-niichan somehow managed to gather himself together and announced the end of today’s training.

Although I backed them up a little, everyone almost had enough strength to subjugate a large-sized demon on their own, however…

The male team of the Knight Academy students; Kreis and the others had gotten depressed while Miranda was shocked at what had been revealed. And because of this atmosphere, I think the Knight Academy students didn’t believe they would be able to take down a large-sized demon.

On the other hand, the three students from the Magic Academy were delighted that their magic power has increased more than they had expected. Nevertheless, because the students from the Knight Academy were disheartened, they kept their mouths shut.

As a result, a strange atmosphere filled the surroundings.

Chris-neechan, who could no longer withstand the tension, reprimanded Kreis and the others.

“You people need to put a sock into it already. Even though you’re just students, you have already taken down a large-sized demon. So instead of being dispirited, you should reflect on the previous battle and correct what you think you should have done better. Aren’t there a lot of things you still need to improve on? Or rather, if you do not reflect on those things, there’s no meaning to this training.”

Maybe because of the fact that Kreis and the others are considered Chris-neechan’s underclassmen, she spoke to them harshly. Maybe there’s no need to be partial to one’s alma mater. Or rather, she can understand how Kreis and the others are feeling.

…I wonder if this also has something to do with the darkness of her past?

“…It is as you say. There’s a lot of things we need to reflect upon and improve.”

Oh, as expected of the top students from the Knight Academy, did they switch gears?

“During the previous battle, the preemptive magic attack was very effective.”

“That’s right. And the demonized bear received considerable damage from it.”

“I’ve heard that demons can use Body Strengthening Magic, but because of the magic attack, I didn’t see any signs of it.”

“Or rather, the problems lie… with us…”

As expected of the top students from the Knight Military Training Academy. They immediately began reflecting on the previous battle.

“As I thought, we shouldn’t have rushed towards victory.”

“You’re right. Since you guys are the top students from the Knight Academy, there’s no problem when it comes to battle. However, no matter who it may be, the battle is not decided until the very last moment.”

“Understood. I have definitely realized it. I nearly lost my life…”

In this late hour, Kreis looked like he recalled what almost happened and shivered.

“As for me, I thought Kreis would definitely be killed.”

“Me, too.”

“That’s what I thought, too.”

“And then you guys probably diverted your eyes, right? Although I understand how you feel, but no matter the situation, you must never take your eyes off demons.”

” ” ” “…Yes.” ” ” ”

“Nevertheless, the magic Walford-kun used to save Kreis was awesome.”

“Ahh, can magic spells really be shot with such precision?”

“No, I don’t know a single person who is capable of pinpoint magic accuracy. The majority of the Magicians aim at larger targets. I didn’t think it was possible for a guy who’s right next to me to be able to do so, but to be able to manage it that well…”

“You’re right, I have never seen it done before either.”

“Shin. You, how wide of a distance can you shoot magic with such pinpoint accuracy?”

Sieg-niichan turned to me and asked a question.

“Since you asked… didn’t you once visit the vast plain where I practiced magic?”

“Yeah… That place with the strange topography…”

“Yeah, that place… That’s right, when I was practicing there, I could pinpoint magic from about 500 meters away?”

“500 meters!?”

“Yeah, while using visual strengthening magic. Any further than that, it’s impossible for me to pinpoint.”

I didn’t think it was that much of a big deal because in the other world, people are able to shoot with precision at a greater distance… But they’re making a ‘you’re impossible’ face again.

“What you’re trying to say is that that distance is a no-brainer…”

“Yeah, because I was seeing it as though it was right in front of my eyes. And then I placed my ‘hand’ on where I want the shot to be fired…”

“Hand, you say… You were really able to pinpoint your shot…”

“The left arm as well, I aimed at the spot where its power was at its weakest…”

“…Alright! We shall continue to regard Shin as someone abnormal!”

Sieg-niichan summarized everything with a brief sentence.

What the hell is that!?

While I was about to voice my complaints to Sieg-niichan, I heard voices coming from the Magic Academy students, Gus and the rest.

“So you mean there wasn’t any problem with us?”

“The spells Your Highness and the others pulled out were wonderful. To be honest, because the power of the spell was so great, it stopped moving.”

“It is as you say, the power was so great… I wonder if this can still be considered training…”

“Even I was momentarily late in following instructions. But then again, what in the world is that? Is the current standard of the students in the Magic Academy that high?”

“…To be honest, they are about equal to the members of the Magic Division… Or rather, they give an impression that they have already surpassed them. Shin, you, what did you do?”

Eh? It was concluded that it was my doing? But it was indeed my doing!

“What, you say… It’s because I belong to the same Research Society with these three people. I only taught them the same method grandpa taught me to practice magic?”

Nn. I didn’t lie about it. I only taught them how to imagine magic spells differently.

“Exactly how many people are part of that same Research Society?”

“Everyone from the freshmen S Class and two people from A Class, so twelve people.”

“So what you’re saying is, in three groups… the students from the Knight Academy will become very depressed…”

“Yeah… we’ll probably have to check up on them later.”

“Hmm, what’s this? We have been grouped together with Shin?”

“That kind of reaction is a little…”

“It is quite the unexpected…”

What do you mean ‘grouped with me!’ And why are you guys puzzled over this? Sicily as well!

“Anyway, let us hurry towards the gate of the Royal Capital. Since our group went deeper into the forest than any other group, we’ll probably be the last to return.”

Sieg-niichan let the comment about being grouped together with me through and conveyed that we need to hurry up and return.

…Has being grouped together with me become a derogatory term?

While I was walking depressedly and stricken with shock, Sieg-niichan asked me a question.

“Hey, Shin.”

“What is it, Sieg-niichan?”

“What kind of Research Society did you guys join? Research on attack spells?”

“No, because of what Gus and Sensei recommended, and what my classmates concurred with, I started my own Research Society.”

“You made you own… Then? What kind of Research Society is it?”

“Even if you ask me what it is… It’s a group where everyone will master magic together… That kind of Research Society.”

“It really has no distinction whatsoever!”

I think so as well.

“So as of now, they are using the practice method taught to us by grandpa, and I am teaching them the way I imagine magic spells.”

“The way Shin imagines magic spells! That’s it!”

“What is?”

“Nothing really. Even if they use the practice method taught by Merlin-sama… the capabilities they displayed is nothing a first year can accomplish. Since Shin is teaching them the way you imagine magic spells, doesn’t that mean you’re teaching them your magic spells as well?”

“Nn~? I wonder if it is like that? I mean, a person’s imagination differs from one person to another. However, when they cast the spell, it would closely resemble my own…”

“That might be how it is. Nevertheless, it is also a fact that the abilities of the Prince and the others have improved.”

“Well, I don’t know the abilities of any other Magicians…”

“…Well, in the first place, even before you were admitted to the Academy, you were already taught how to use magic by both Merlin-sama and Melinda-sama… In addition, the reason you enrolled was to make friends and learn common sense, so it’s natural for you not to know the abilities of any other Magicians.”

“Ah, I know the abilities of the students in the academy. That’s why, even if it’s just the people part of the Research Society, I want their abilities to increase. It’s this kind of situation.”

If Schtrom did not appear, it would have been satisfactory for everyone to increase their abilities at their own pace, and they would not have reached this level.

“Hey… I want to ask something of you…”

“What is it?”

“That… The practice method the Research Society is doing… Is it okay if you teach me as well?”

“Nn, it’s fi—…”

“Hold up a bit before you answer, Shin.”

When I was about to answer that it was all right, Gus cut me off and asked me to wait.


“Siegfried, I’m guessing that you are part of the military forces.”

“Yeah, well.”

“About Merlin-dono’s practice method, it’s fine if you learn it since it seemed to be have been the mainstream in the past. As for the part about learning what Shin teaches students as part of the Research Society; his way of imagining magic spells… the worst case scenario would come about if it were taken for military usage.”

“Th-that is…”

“Merlin-dono lamented the decrease in magic power of current Magicians compared to the past. And as Melinda-dono had said, not everyone should be capable of using the same magic as Shin… With that said, there’s a high possibility that the neighboring countries might remark upon it.”

“Yo-you’re saying it might become a diplomatic dispute?”

Diplomatic dispute!? The magic spells that I’m teaching?

“Even right now, it’s considered as borderline because Shin ‘voluntarily’ taught ‘the friends he made in the academy for their own safety,’ in which Merlin-dono and Melinda-dono has accepted Shin’s intention.”


“If a person from the military forces learns it, there will be other people from our country who would want to learn it as well.”


“Because of the current circumstances, it might also be good to learn it…”

I held my breath while Sieg-niichan gasped.

“Do you think Merlin-dono and Melinda-dono will agree to something like that? To use their grandson for military purposes?”

“That is…”

“To be honest, Shin’s magic is dangerous. I had no intention of letting his magic be known to the public, nor am I going to teach anyone about it. This is something that should not be spread about. Because if it becomes known…”

“If it becomes known?”

“Not just devils, there’s a possibility that human beings will also face extinction.”

“That sort of a massive problem!?”

“Haaa… As I thought, you didn’t notice it at all…”

Eh? Eh? Then you mean what I’m doing now is…

“…So you mean what I’m doing right now will cause a big problem…?”

“Nn… But I cannot guarantee that that is exactly what’s going to happen…”

“What do you mean?”

“To be honest, we are currently facing an unprecedented emergency. A mass appearance of devils.”

“Well, yeah.”

“We have no knowledge on what Schtrom is planning, but if they decide to go on the offensive, Shin’s magic will be effective. As for the problem… It will come afterwards.”

“When the other countries tries to obtain that power… for their own…”

“That’s why I said that it shouldn’t be widely known. Fortunately, it has been limited to the people part of the Research Society, so it can still be somewhat contained. I also warned Bean and Stone. Do not teach any of your classmates of what you learn during the Research Society meeting.”

For you to actually give that kind of warning…

“I don’t really care about concealing the information or monopolizing it. As for me, I don’t have any intention of spreading or abusing Shin’s magic. Shin, you’ve said it before, right? The way humans use magic depends on their morals.”

“Ye-yeah, I did say that.”

“This amount of people is enough. Any more than this, unexpected situations might happen. I’ll bet my body and soul and show you that I’ll be able to control the situation. Therefore Shin, you should prevent your magic from becoming well-k