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The new explosion magic was a success.

Did I maybe compress it a little too much?

It caused a greater explosion than I expected.

Un, it’s a good thing it’s just an experiment!

“Shin, what did you do earlier!”

“Certainly, they way it exploded was a little strange.”

“From the center of the explosion and the ground on the other side was flattened, nothing happened on this side. How did this happen?”

Everyone asked questions regarding the magic I was used earlier.

“Ah, the hint is the explosion magic I used during the first day of joint training to blow away a herd of demons.”

“Ahh, that magic, huh…”

“I was really worried that time. Because it was such a huge explosion, Magic Barrier had to be up at all times. However it was still inferior to this…”

“That’s right. Because I also had to use a barrier myself, I thought that it was still an unfinished magic. And so, I wondered if there was something I could do about it.”

I took the opportunity to explain more about this magic.

“The reason why I had to use Magic Barrier to protect myself was because the shockwave of the explosion expands in a circle, and it reaches me, right?”

“Well, it’s because the shockwaves of explosions are like that.”

“The shockwave earlier didn’t expand in a circle, it only went in one direction, thus a Magic Barrier isn’t needed.”

“…That concept doesn’t exist…”

“I had that kind of image.”

“But I cannot picture that kind of image at all…”

“Well, although I understand the purpose of the magic, but what’s with this kind of power!”

“No… How should I say this, the power of the spell was more than I expected or something like that…”

“…Well, I guess it’s a good thing you experimented with it first.”

“That’s right, I mean, I didn’t think that that kind of magic spell would have so much power!”

“This foolish idiot! Listen well, from now onwards, when you come up with a new magic, you are not allowed to immediately put it to use! You have to come here and experiment with it first!”

“I-I understand…”

Although grandma got angry, without experimenting, I won’t know how dangerous the new magic will be.

“Even so… You said that the amount of power it had was more than you expected, does that have something to do with the direction of the blast?”

“Ah, that might be so. Originally, the shockwave of the explosion should also come this way, but it just disappeared.”

Thor nodded unintentionally while thinking about it. Is that so? Such a thing did happen.

“Haaa~… As usual, whenever I see your magic, I feel my lifespan decreasing. Because I cannot comprehend what you’ll do.”

“Certainly, with that new magic, Magic Barrier will not be needed.”

“Ah, that’s right! You said it was probably safe, but with that new magic, there’s really no need to have Magic Barrier up!”

“Even though I said it will probably be safe, you still did put up a Magic Barrier in a hurry!”

“That’s because when I think about that kind of magic coming this way, I…”

“That does make one worry!”

Is that so, because the earlier experiment succeeded, they probably didn’t have to cast Magic Barrier.

“Now then, Shin’s magic experiment has ended, after this will be Melinda-dono’s Enchantment magic lesson… Shin.”

“What is it?”

“Sorry about this, but can you send me to the Royal Castle?”

“Ah, to get a periodic report.”

Because we left the Royal Capital and it’s hard for information to reach this place. And so, we decided that we will return to the Royal Castle once in a while to ascertain the situation.

“As for everyone else, please attend Melinda-dono’s lesson.”

“Yes.” [The other students.]

“Then, let’s go, Shin.”

And so, we left the place to receive a periodic report.

* * *

Some Soldiers were guarding the place where Gate was opened within the Royal Castle.

Because of the Gate’s sudden appearance, the Soldiers on guard were surprised and then rang the bell. It was a sign to tell everyone that someone was coming.

And after they rang the bell, when the Gate opened, the Soldiers on guard were waiting for us.

However, compared to when we came the day before yesterday, the expressions on the Soldiers were strange.

What to do? The current atmosphere is similar to back then.

Gus also felt that the atmosphere was strange and went to ask a guard.

“What is it? Did something happen?”

“Ah, no, I can or cannot say whether or not something did or did not happen…”

“You’re not being clear, what’s wrong? Did the devils make any movements?”

“No! It has nothing to do with that at all!”

“Then, what is wrong!?”

Gus seemed a little irritated with the current atmosphere.

“Nothing happened at all! Augusto-sama!”

A woman appeared from within the guardroom.

Who is it?



“Ah, I told you about her a while ago. She is my fiancee.”

“Ehh! So it’s her!”

The fiance that Gus mentioned a while back is currently standing in front of me.

“What are you guys whispering to each other?”

“No, nothing in particular, really.”

“Is that the truth?”

The girl who is called Elizabeth closely questioned Gus. This kind of scene is quite rare.

“…What is it? What are you grinning about?”

“Eh? I didn’t do such a thing?”

“You’re doing it now!”

“Eh~? Is that so?”

Because I’ve been teased by Gus all the time, it’s a waste to let this chance slip by. While I was thinking that, Elizabeth called out looking irritated.

“Wait a minute! What are you guys saying to each other while ignoring me!”

“Ah, sorry, Elly~.”

Hehh~ So he usually calls her Elly, huh.

“Gus, please make the introduction for her.”

“Ah, this girl is Elizabeth. Elizabeth von Coral. Duke Coral’s daughter.”

“Nice to meet you, the grandson of the heroes and a new hero, Shin Walford-san. I am the Duke of Coral’s second daughter, as well as Prince Augusto’s fiancee, Elizabeth von Coral. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.”

Elizabeth, who introduced herself to me, is a beautiful girl with blue eyes and long curled blonde hair extending all the way through her back.

I’ll keep it a secret that because she was a Duke’s daughter, I was expecting Elizabeth to have a drill hair.

“Pleased to meet your acquaintance, I am Shin Walford. Likewise, please treat me well.”

I also returned her greetings. All things considered, why is a daughter of a Duke in this place?

“That aside Elly, what are you doing in this place?”

Gus also seem to have the same question and asked Elizabeth.

“The reason I’m here is neither here nor there! We haven’t seen each other since the enrollment to the academy, and when the long vacation came around, May said you immediately left for the training camp!”


“My younger sister.”

Ahh! So she’s the little sister who was denied to be taken along to my house!

…Now that I think about it, she wanted to visit my house with Gus the day the results were being posted, but after that, other than Gus continuing to come to my house normally, nothing unusual happened…

“Hey, Gus.”

“What is it?”

“If I’m not mistaken, you said you didn’t bring your sister along when you came to my house because was the day the results were being posted?”

“That’s right.”

“However, didn’t you still usually come to my house to visit afterward?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, why didn’t you bring her along with you once? If I’m not mistaken, she really admires grandma?”

“What, it’s because May’s face full of despair is really interesting.”


What a pitiable younger sister!

“How cruel! Onii-sama!”

While I was sympathizing with the pitiable younger sister, another girl came out from the guardroom.

About ten years of age? The person who appeared had an almost transparent white skin, crystal clear blue eyes, and straight blonde yellow ocher hair; a promising beautiful girl in the future.

Because she said ‘onii-sama’ earlier, could she be…

“What, so you were there, May?”

“‘So you were there?’ That’s not the problem here! I heard what you were talking about earlier. What did you mean by you had something important to talk about! Didn’t you just go there to play!”

“Oh, I’ve been found out, huh.”

“Ugh! How cruel! How mean! I also wanted to meet Melinda-sama!”

While she was complaining to Gus, she finally remember my presence, and hurriedly gave her greetings.

“Um, um, um! I sincerely apologize! I am called May von Earlshide! Augusto onii-sama’s younger sister! Uh, um, I’m a big fan of Melinda-sama!”

“Um, please calm down?”

“Ugh, I’m so sorry!”

“I’m Shin, Shin Walford. Merlin and Melinda’s grandchild. Best regards, May-chan.”

“Uwa, yes!”

“Speaking of Gus, he considers me as his cousin? or something like that, so I’d be really glad if May also starts treating me the same way.”

“T-then… would it be alright if I called you Shin onii-sama?”

“Calling me onii-chan is fine. Unlike Gus, I’m not part of the royal family.”

“…Shin onii-chan.”


“Hehehe, I finally got an onii-chan who’s not mean!”

“Is that so… You have suffered a lot… Gus’ little sister.”

“That’s how it is! Do you understand how I feel? Shin onii-chan!”

“Ah, it’s because Gus tries to make fun of me whenever he has the opportunity…”

“It happens to me as well! I’m always getting deceived by Onii-sama…”

And then, we looked at each other’s eyes for a while, we clasp our hands together with a mutual understanding of each other’s troubles.

“You guys… what in the world are you doing…”

I heard Gus’ voice saying those words filled with anger.

“Eh? Uwa wa wa wa!”

“What, you ask… it’s a bonding moment of two people who were troubled by being unkindly treated by you?”

“Is that so? You were treated unkindly?”

“That is a matter of course! You take every opportunity to make fun of me each and every time! Even I want to retaliate a little!”

“Shin onii-chan is amazing!”

“Is that so… So I have been giving you a hard time all this while…”

“Uh… A-about that, I think it is really inexcusable…”

“So I’ve been doing something inexcusable like that?”

“N-no, I was thinking that I also want to counterattack sometimes…”

“Ah, even though you’ve been having such a hard time.”


“Ah! Shin onii-chan please do your best!”

After receiving some assistance from May-chan, I looked towards Gus… and he’s grinning again.

“Gus! You’re making fun of me again, aren’t you!?”

“Fuhahaha! I’m really happy that you gave the reaction I was expecting, Shin.”

“You bastard…”

“Like I said earlier! Stop talking amongst yourselves and ignoring me!!”

Elizabeth inserted herself into the conversation and said angrily.

“Elly ane-sama, your face is looking distorted.”

“Waa! Me, of all people.”

“That aside, Elly, May, what are you guys doing in this place?”

“Ah! That’s right! A while ago, I wanted to say that you should stop neglecting May and me!”

“We also want to go to the training camp!”

“This training camp… is for the students who are attending the ‘Advanced Magic Academy’ and members of the ‘Research Society,’ you know? So why should we take outsiders with us?”

“A-about that…”

“It’s not fair! Even though you said it’s a training camp, it’s in Claude Town, a hot spring resort! There’s no way you guys are practicing magic!”

“We are practicing, you know?”

“Eh? Is that the truth?”

“In another place, that is.”

“As I thought, you are going to the hot springs! I also want to go!”

“That’s right! We want to go!”

When I looked at them closely, they already have their travel bags prepared. Because they knew that Gus will be coming to receive the periodic report, they chose to act at this time.

“Haaa… It really is the truth when I said we didn’t go there to play around…”

“We will not be a bother during practice! I thought that I would finally have a chance to send some time with Augusto-sama! But you’ve been spending all your time with the research society…”

That’s right, Gus is often busy with the research society… and he is always coming to my house to visit, so it might not give her a good image.

“In addition… I have to keep Augusto-sama company and prevent bad insects from coming near you…”

Elizabeth suddenly said something like that