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In fact, various things were made again

After the engagement party, Sicily and I returned to our individual rooms.

I’m telling the truth!

At her parent’s house, and with her parents currently living under the same roof… I don’t have the courage to do that kind of thing!

“Good morning, Shin-kun.”

The next day, on the way to the dining room, I met up with Sicily.

She greeted me with a somewhat different smile compared to yesterday.

“Good morning, Sicily. Also, today… You seem even more beautiful.”

“Fufu… Thank you very much.”

Oh, Sicily didn’t turn feverish.

“Sicily… You…”

Maria seemed to have sensed something.

“Haaa… I didn’t think that Sicily would the first one to climb the stairs of adulthood…”

“Wha! What are you saying, Maria!”

“It’s exactly what it seems, something probably happened between you and Shin, right?”

“So-something, you say…”

I thought that she wouldn’t suddenly become hurry-scurry, but as I expected, she did after all.

Gus, who just entered, looked at what was happening with a smile before retorting.

“Shin… You, I feel repulsed looking at you…”

“Those things aside, onii-sama! Sicily-san is acting strange!”

“Ah, about that… Shin, what did you do?”

“Wh-what, you ask…?”

“Even though you’re incompetent, your hands move quickly.”

“What are you saying…”

“Good grief…”

Gus let out a sigh, and he moved his mouth closer to my ear before muttering.

“Did you properly use contraception?”

“Idi—! You idiot! I didn’t go to that extent!!”

“I see, so you have indeed planned to go that far.”

“Pla—! Planning!”

This bastard… As expected of the black-hearted Prince… He had actually planned so far ahead to get a confession!

“No… It’s because Shin-dono is easy to understand…”

Eh? Is that so?

“Ugh… Really, Shin-kun!”

“Ah, I’m sorry Sicily.”

I wonder if she wanted to keep what happened last night a secret?

Although it was immediately found out!

“Hawawa, it’s a love affair between adults!”

That’s why I said, May-chan! For someone who’s just ten years old, you cannot speak of love affairs!

“You guys, why are you people making so much noise at this place?”

“If you don’t hurry up and eat breakfast, won’t it will turn cold?”

The group of adults appeared on the corridor while we were making noise.

That’s right, it would be bad if I don’t hurry up and send Uncle Dis and Cecil-san to the Royal Castle.

“Good morning, everyone, Your Majesty.”

Irene-san was already waiting inside the dining room.

The dining room which was arranged differently because of yesterday’s party was already returned to normal.

As I thought, the level servants of the Claude House is high!

“Oh, my? What happened, Sicily, for your face to turn so red?”

“N-no! Nothing happened!”

“Hmmm, is that so? Other than that, everyone please hurry and have your meal.”

And so, the usual members plus additional guardians started eating breakfast.

* * *

And while we were sitting down, Gus brought up a topic we once talked about.

“By the way, Shin, it’s about the ceremony of the official investiture to become the Crown Prince.”

“Ah, now that you said it, there was that.”

“The ceremony will take place in a week.”

“Heeeh, is that so.”

“Because of that, I’m sorry but I would like for you to hold your engagement party before then.”

“Eh? Why?”

“After the ceremony of the investiture of the Crown Prince is over, it will be a public holiday and the Royal Capital will be having a festival for a while. Since that’s the case, your engagement party will become really late.”

“Ah, so it’s like that.”

“Viscount and Viscountess Claude, since that’s the case, although there’s not much time, I ask of you to please make the preparations.”

“Certainly, Your Highness.”

“In that case, Claude, take some time off to make preparations. I will let the office know in your behalf.”

“Could I really do that!? Thank you very much!”

“Thank you for your consideration. Dear, I will take care of the preparations for the party, and I’ll leave it to you to make a list of the invited guests.”

“I-I understand, you can leave it to me.”

Cecil-san was pressured by Irene-san’s aura… So this person will end up becoming my mother-in-law…

“Shin-kun… You’re not thinking of something impolite, are you?”

“No! I am not thinking about anything like that!”

Scary! Irene-san is super scary!

“Sicily, after the training camp, there are a lot of things to be done for the engagement party, such as picking out a dress and choosing your accessories. So do your best.”

“Yes, mother.”

“In addition, because you’re getting engaged before Cecilia and Sylvia… Please be prepared.”

“Uhh… Yes…”

Cecilia? Sylvia?

“They’re my first and second daughter.”

I was probably making an inquisitive expression, so Cecil-san told me.

“Now that I think about it, except for Sicily, Shin-kun hasn’t met any of our children?”

“Yes, although I did hear about them… Do they not live in the house?”

“It’s because the three of them have already become independent, they are living in dormitories away from the house, or rent a house of their own.”

Three of them? …Ah! The older brother!

“What is the name of the older brother-in-law?”

“Hmm? Ah, it’s Royce. Royce von Claude, for now, we have planned for him to become the heir to the Claude House…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really… about our children, Sicily, and the other girls have entered the Advanced Magic Academy. Cecilia and Sylvia also joined the Magic Division… Only Royce, however, graduated from the Advanced Economic and Law Institute… Although he has a good head, he feels like he has lost to his sisters in physical strength… In any case, he lacks confidence.”

I-Is that how it is… The girls of the Claude House is scary!




“No, it’s nothing at all! Un!”

I feel like there’s a strange power coming out of Sicily!

* * *

“Eh, Your Majesty! It’s it about time we leave for the Royal Castle!?”

“Oh, that’s right. Since that’s the case, I’m counting on you, Shin-kun.”

“Y-yeah. I understand.”

“Ah, which reminds me.”

“What is it?”

“About that communication magic tool Shin-kun showed me, can you prepare two or three more of those?”

“It’s fine. Since I have some of them on me, do you want it now?”

“Oh, it will be a great help! Because of what’s happening in the Empire, it’s really hard to communicate with other bordering countries. It won’t be right for our Kingdom to monopolize the magic tool Shin-kun made.”

I took out three of the magic tools I made and handed them over to Uncle Dis.

“Wait just a second… What are those, Shin?”

“Huh? Nothing really, it’s because I heard that it’s difficult to gather intelligence of what’s happening in the Empire, I thought that it would be convenient if there was a long distance communication tool, so I…”

“TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE!?” [Said by everyone.]

Ah, did I not tell everyone about it?

To explain how it works, I showed the magic tool to everyone.

The form is a telephone made from two cans and a piece of string.

The cup part is the ‘Voice Transmission and Reception,’ and once magic is directed into it, communication is possible.

I thought that the magic tool was nice and easy to use, and the structure of the communication device itself was simple. This is more enough if it’s just talking and listening to other people’s voices.

“With this… Can someone go outside the dining room to test it out?”

“Yes! I want to go!”

May-chan raised her hand looking really cheerful.

“Ah! I was too late!”

Alice, you can’t be too childish, since you’re the older sister, please concede it to her.

“That’s right. Since this will also serve the purpose of training May-chan how to use magic tools, can I leave it to you?”

“I did it!”

“Grandma, can you go with May-chan?”

“Ah… I don’t really mind…”

With a complicated expression, grandma left the dining room with May-chan.

“Alice, can I count on you on this side?”

“I did it! Leave it to me!”

“Then, just like what you would do to use other magic tools, please direct your magic power to it.”



“Wa! I can hear a voice!”

“Eh? Princess May?”

“Eh? Are you Alice-oneechan?”

“That’s right? But Princess May, where are you right now?”

“I’m in my room.”

She sure went somewhere far!

“From that place!?”

“Then, May-chan, we will cut off the magic source from here, and switch with May-chan. Grandma, please teach her.”

“Y-yeah. I understand”

“Now then, cut off your magic power, Alice.”


And after a while.

“Umm, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, it’s alright, we can hear you loud and clear, May-chan.”

“I did it! I was able to use a magic tool for the first time.”

* * *

While May-chan sounded pleased with herself, a lot of questions were asked by the surrounding people.

“Wait a minute, Shin! What is this? Although Princess May was so far away, we could still talk to her!?”

“Shin-dono, you once again made something really unbelievable.”

“With this, it would be easier to gather intelligence. This is wonderful.”

“Ehh~? Walford-kun, I really don’t understand you anymore!”

I wonder if it was close to the end of the joint training sessions with the Knight Academy? that I heard from Gus that it was really problematic to gather intelligence about the activities of the Old Empire. So I thought maybe I could do something about it.

While I was explaining the process, grandma’s expression changed and jumped at me.

“Shin! You once again made something outrageous!”

“Gra-grandma… I can’t breathe…”

“Grandmother! Please calm down!”

“Huff~! Puff~! Shin! What exactly is this!”

“It is as you see… A magic tool you can use to talk to other people even at a long distance.”

“Something like this… The dream of Enchantment magic was this easily…”

Ah, that’s right, that’s how it is…

“This, with this transceiver, when I used enchantment on this connecting thread… I managed to succeed creating the “Voice Transmission and Reception”…”

“This is… a large spider silk you got from a demon?”

“Ah, as expected of grandma, you are absolutely right.”

That’s right, the string that I used as a transmission line was a silk thread I got from a spider that turned into a demon.

I expected it when I was looking at the uniforms enchanted with magic, and when I tried using the demonic spider’s thread as a magic tool, it was a success.

Although I say that it’s a demonic spider, it’s not a two meters or three meters demon. At most, its size is twenty centimeters, and when you capture it alive, it will continue to spit yarn with magic power.

And if you use those thread full of magic power to make clothes, the clothes will be of high quality…

“No way, to use a magic thread this way… So it was the stereotypical concept that magic threads should be used to make clothes prevented us from making this…”

That’s right, everyone thinks that magic threads are strictly used to make clothes.

I knew that everyone was looking at me dubiously when I went inside a clothing store and asked for a magic thread.

“However, with this thing, Shin-kun and His Highness doesn’t have to go to the Royal Castle every day…”

Although Sicily’s question is reasonable, there’s still a big problem with this.

“This thing, if it doesn’t connect, there’s no meaning to it. That’s why even with the Intel Unit, we still need people to stand-by on the other side of the line in order for this to work properly.”

“I guess that’s only natural, but if we were to do that…”

“That’s right, it will take some time. It is dangerous work to gather information about the Old Empire, and in addition, it takes a long time to communicate with the other neighboring countries.”

In order to use this for long distance communication, a large-scale infrastructure is needed to bury the line underground and maintain it.

Although it will eventually be convenient to use the magic tool to contact the towns from the Royal City and vice-versa, but right now, it can only be used for emergency communication purposes.

“This is amazing… I’m sure that this would make a lot of profit.”

“It cannot be sold just like that… It wouldn’t be strange if a fight for the rights over this breaks out.”

“There’s no need to worry about that, Melinda-shi, this magic tool has already been registered under Shin-kun’s name. And since it has received the recognition of the royal family, a fight won’t break out.”

“Diseum! What are you trying to do promoting Shin’s reckless behavior!”

“Eh? Ah, I’m very sorry!”

Grandma is amazing, she even scolded the King.

“Uncle Dis, why are you so weak against grandpa and grandma? Even though you’re the King.”

“What is this, Shin, you didn’t know about it?”

“About what?”

“I am father’s first child, but don’t you think that father doesn’t look all that old?”

“Now that you mention it, you’re right.”

I did hear that the royal family and other aristocrats marry really early, and even though Uncle Dis is Gus’ father, he’s still relatively young. And I didn’t quite believe that he already had a child at that age…

“About Diseum… when he graduated from the Advanced Magic Academy, he accompanied us to live a vagabond life.”

“Back then, he was treated as an apprentice or rather, a maid… so I think it’s a little too late to treat him with respect.”

“Hahaha… I was overworked severely…”

Uncle Dis has a far away look in his eyes… He probably was severely overworked.

Or rather, weren’t you the Crown Prince back then? What were you doing Uncle Dis!

“Apparently, at that time, because he left his position as the Crown Prince behind, Mother, who was his fiancee at that time, still can’t get over that fact.”

“Un, you reap what you sow.”

“Haha… my ear hurts. That matter aside, Melinda-shi, I do believe that this magic tool is necessary for this world. It is not necessary for just our country but other countries as well, and I plan to popularize it. I’m am very sorry about this, but please give your approval.”

Although grandma was looking bitter when she heard those words, she approved of it before long.

“A communication device for the Kingdom’s military… I don’t think it’s a good idea to give such a young person so much money.”

“I think it’s probably fine since Shin is already an adult, let’s just consider this an excellent way for him to earn an income.”

Nice follow, grandpa! Besides, I’m already engaged to Sicily, so I need to make some income, un!

“It’s the amount that’s the problem, the amount…”

Certainly, the account balance of the Royal Bank is scary recently…

“Your Majesty, ummm… the time…”

“Hmm? Ah! This is bad! Shin-kun, I’m counting on you!”

“Ah, un. I understand.”

While we were having a long conversation, time flew by quickly, so in a panic, I quickly opened Gate and connected it to the Royal Castle.

* * *

After sending Uncle Dis and Cecil-san off anxiously, I joined today’s training.

To be honest, instead of practice today, we were going to do actual field combat training.

When I conveyed it to everyone, because they already have some experience from the joint training with the Knight Academy students, they readily agreed.

Before we started the training, I have to pass something to everyone.

That is, battle uniforms enhanced with defensive magic. We can’t wear our uniforms all the time.

Men and women’s clothing, mantle, and shoes were made by an uncle from Bean’s Workshop, and although I just passed him the design not too long ago, he had already completed it when I went to go buy a ring yesterday, so I brought it back as well.

After the engagement party, I went back to my room and I enhanced it with defensive magic.

Since the new battle uniform is already made, I thought we should use it today for combat training with actual monsters as opponents.

The enhancement magic I enhanced it with were the same as the ones I gave to the uniform before.

I enhanced the matles with optical camouflage and air conditioner.

When I enhanced it with ‘Thermal Comfort,’ one could adjust the temperature in their immediate surrounding with the mantle — I call it air-con for short.

As for Optical Camouflage, it actives when the entire body is covered by the mantle.

Because if it wasn’t like that, there might be a horrific image of a floating head…

As to what other effects it has, it is currently a secret.

By the way, because the total amount was scary, I took it out from my account.

Besides, it’s not good to keep asking the Kingdom for funds, since things sometimes turn tricky when it comes to money.

By the way, as for our boots… although I will be using my Jet Boots, the others will be wearing common boots.

Since they still need considerable practice to use that, I’ll listen to everyone’s opinions later.

When I was teaching everyone how to use the enchanted magic, everyone was giving me astonished expression again.

Un… Although I understand why they were making that kind of expression…

“With this combat uniform, together with the accessories, it is unrivaled when it comes to defense.”

“Haaa… We will finally be wearing national-treasure class clothes…”

“Please give it up, Maria-dono, it’ll be a wonderful item when you get used to it.”

“Even though our uniform has increased in level, it doesn’t mean that our magic did!”

“…Let’s just give up.”

“Ah, I didn’t do anything to the boots. However, I can make it so that it’ll be identical to my Jet Boots.”

“I do want that enhancement, it’s the same one you used against your fight with Schtrom, right? It makes one be able to jump higher easily.”

“Huh, Tony? You want to do close combat?”

“I’ve been aching for it since we started the joint training with the Knight Academy. Although I wasn’t thinking of going the same extent as Shin, I would still like to try fighting with magic in close combat.”

“Isn’t that fine? But I’ll have to do the enhancing it after today’s training. Because practice is necessary.”

“I understand, I’m looking forward to it.”

There wasn’t anyone else who wanted to have the Jet Boots enhancement.

While the others said it’s because they didn’t know the details, but those who saw the event were too scared to use it.

After I finished explaining how to use the combat uniform, I handed it over to them and they went to change.

* * *

After everyone finished changing, when they came out, for some reason, their tension increased just by wearing the new uniform.

The boys were wearing long jackets and trousers, with a pair of boots.

It was black in color.

As for the girls, they were wearing identically designed jackets with short culottes under it and knee-length boots.

Because if they were wearing skirts, they might feel uneasy and it will be bad if their movements become dull.

It was dark blue in color.

I thought to have it in red, but the uncle rejected the idea because they might stand out in the battlefield.

The design seemed quite popular, and the girls were praising each other’s appearance.

When May-chan saw them, she said in a seemingly envious voice.

“Everyone looks really cool! I also want one…”

When I placed the order for these, I still haven’t met May-chan yet…

“Is that so, then should I also make one for May-chan?”

“Are you telling the truth, Shin-oniichan!?”

“Yeah, what would you like? Would it be fine if it was the same as everyone?”

“Although everyone looks really cool… I want something more cute!”

Is that so, she wants cute magic clothes. Then, since I’m in high spirits, should I design one now?

“Shin, don’t spoil her too much.”

“It’s fine if it’s just this much.”

“Haaa, it seems like when you have children, you’ll spoil them too much…”

“Ahh… you might be right…”

I cannot refute Gus’ accusation. It seems like I will really spoil them.

“A doting Shin-kun…”

Sicily seems to be having some kind of delusion, and started twisting and turning.

“Well, I’ll do that when we return. Well then, I’ll open the gate to the usual place, but Elly and May-chan will be house-sitting.”

“I understand, since we’ll be interfering with the subjugation.”

“Please take care and come back soon!”

And so, leaving those two behind, I opened Gate. But instead of connecting it to the wilderness as usual, I opened it near the house I use to lived in with grandpa.

* * *

A lot of the demons from the Old Empire have wandered here. There are more demons than before.

“Well then, since you are now more than capable of subduing large-scale demons, this time, let’s aim for disaster class demons.”

“…You, don’t suddenly say something so outrageous…”

“So that so? I thought that if it’s demons such as a large bear, we are likely able to defeat it with magic.”

“I was able to defeat those with just magic!”

“Ah, the you’re talking about the ‘Alice reckless event.'”


“Wait a minute! Please don’t say it in a similar way when you’re talking about Rin!”

“That’s impolite, Alice.”

“Because, when you talk about being ‘reckless’ the image of Rin appears…”

“Well, she is, after all, the Reckless Magic Girl.”

“That’s right, I am the Reckless Magic Girl.”

“No… I wasn’t praising you or anything…”

“Is that so?”

Whenever I talk to Rin about this subject, it always seems to go the opposite way I intended…

“The small-sized and medium-sized demons… let’s subjugate those for now. The materials for the demons we subjugate can be sold for money.”

Everyone started using Search Magic and looked for demons.

And after a while…

“Ah… This is…”

Sicily was first to notice something.

Although she said that she was good at support magic such as recovery magic and defense magic, she is also the best at using Search Magic out of all the members of the research society.

After Sicily noticed it, the rest of the members increased their concentration and noticed it one after another.

“This is really… the amount of magic power it has is complete different from all the demons we’ve encountered. Sicily-san, although it’s still quite far away, you did well noticing it.”

Olivia said in admiration.

“It’s because I encountered something like it during the joint training. Although at that time, Shin-kun was immediately able to subjugate it…”

“It will be all right, since everyone’s power has increased, you will be able to take care of it as well.”

Because everyone was feeling somewhat anxious, I said words to encourage them.

“In addition, because you are all wearing new combat uniforms with strong defensive ability, you won’t get injured.”

Even so, they still seem insecure. I guess it’s only natural since this will be their first time to subjugate a disaster class demon.

While we slowly approached the demon to subjugate it, we exchanged some words.

“About the lion… Sicily, do you remember what I said before?”

“Yes, tigers are quick but their power is weak while lions have strong power but their movements are slow.

“Good job in remembering.”


Ah, I was patting her head before I knew it. Everyone’s glances are painful!

“Ahem! Umm~ that’s how it is, because its power is strong, it’s not recommended to do near it. So what do you think you should do?”

“We use magic to attack it from far away?”


Since that’s how it is, I let everyone subjugate it.

Although grandpa, grandma, and I will not be participating, it will still be an overkill to have eleven people attack it, thus, I asked only half of them to go.

First up was Julius who wasn’t good with attack magic, Sicily who was good at support magic, Yuri who was good at enhancement magic, Mark from the blacksmith and Olivia from the restaurant.

“This group… consist of people who are good with support magic. Will this be all right?”

“This is still probably… considered as an overkill.”

Although they were still only half-convinced, I wanted to test it out first.

“Then, the five will shoot magic all together.”

Without giving them much time, I asked to shoot it.

“Are you all ready? In that case… Shoot it!”

With my cue, Julius shot a Flame Arrow, Sicily shot a Water Spear, Yuri shot a Wind Blade, Mark shot a Flame Spear, and Olivia shot a Water Arrow all together.


When all the spells landed on one concentrated area, it exploded with a loud sound.

And then… What remained of that explosion was…

“Ahh~ …As I thought, it was an overkill…”

The demonized lion which was classified as a disaster class demon, only remnants of it remained.

As for the people who shot those spells, they were surprised at their own strength.

When one practices magic in a place such as the wilderness, it’s hard to measure one’s own strength. Because all we did was fire magic in the wasteland.

“Wha— To think that people who are not good with attack magic were able to produce such result. The other six people are good with attack magic, right? Wouldn’t they be able to subdue one alone?”

To those words, everyone wouldn’t conceal their complicated feelings.

“No matter how much stronger we have become, it’s impossible.”

“No… I feel like it won’t be that difficult when we actually try it.”

“We probably can.”

“I feel like I can do it as well.”

“For some reason, I feel like we have become someone inhuman.”

“I also feel like we have indeed become like that…”

“Huh? When did I suddenly grade up to someone inhuman?”

“From the very start!”

“How cruel!”

With Alice’s cruel impression, Sicily comforted me, and we continued to look for the next disaster class demon.

“Even though you guys are going out, it doesn’t mean you should flirt all the time!”

Although Maria got angry, we continued our search operation.

To be honest, disaster class demons are rarely seen, but with my Search Magic, I could sense a lot of lions or tigers, and even super large bears.

That bastard really did something troublesome.

And because of that, we immediately found the next demon.

“Now then, with this kind of reaction, it’s a tiger. Which means?”

“Restrain our magic, and deal with it using physical attacks.”

“Right. Then, who should go?”

“Then, I guess I will go.”

When he said that, Tony took out his Vibration Sword from his Extra-Dimensional Storage Space and stepped forward.

Because Tony was originally skillful at handling swords, so I gave him a Vibration Sword.

“Then, I’ll be going now. If it gets dangerous, please back me up.”

“Okay~ please do your best.”

“Alright… Here I go!”

Clad with Wind attributed magic, Tony rushed at the demonize tiger at a high speed.

Although the tiger noticed Tony and tried to evade, Tony was faster.

The demonized tiger which failed to run away in time got one of its leg chopped off.

With its balance disrupted, the demonized tiger wasn’t able to land well, and at that moment, Tony shot a fire attributed attack magic at it.

Having fallen to the ground and shot by a fire magic, the demonized tiger completely stopped moving.

After the fire attack destroyed its other leg, without missing the chance, he swung the Vibration Sword at its neck.


“Ah, really, to perfectly subjugate a disaster class demon in such a dangerous way… just like Shin.”

“But if it’s just at that scale, I think I can manage it as well.”

“Because you’re saying something like that that you have become abnormal… Although I think I can do it as well.”

“It’s a mystery that I find that common!”

Everyone else seems to finally feel their improvements.

Well, I already knew that they would improve during the training in the wilderness.

That is the reason why I brought them there.

“Really, you people… You guys have become an outrageous group of people…”

“Hohho, this is a good thing.”

Grandma who looks to be at wits’ end, and grandpa who looks really happy at everyone’s improvements.

Although I feel sorry for grandma, I still plan on having them improve more.

And then, everyone else took turn to subjugate a disaster class demon on their own, and the morning training ended.

By the way, when we redeemed our spoils in the Demon Hunter Association, other than Tony, because of his share from the design fee of the Exchange Sword, all the commoners started rejoicing and dancing when they received a large amount of money.

* * *

“Onii-sama, what was the result of the subjugation?”

“As for me, I defeated two tigers and one bear.”

“Tiger!? Bear!?”

Elly cried out in surprise and attracted all the servants.

“Augusto-sama! Are you alright!?”

“Hmm? Ahh… That’s right, this would be a normal reaction…”

“What do you mean by that?”

“No… At first I was perplexed, but then I was able to subjugate it myself. In the end, it became a competition on who could subjugate the most demons…”

“Eventually, I ended up coming first.”

“Tony-kun is unfair! Because you can also use a sword!”

“Umm… What are you guys talking about? They’re disaster class demons, so we need to mobilized the army.”

“That’s right! Even I know all about it! The people from the military suffered trauma because of them!”

“And to actually hold a competition and subjugate it alone…”

“It can’t be helped since that’s the truth. We have all been poisoned by Shin.”

“Augusto-sama, before I knew it, you became inhuman…”

“Please stop giving me the same treatment as Shin!”

“Aren’t you being too cruel!?”

Everyone felt pleasant and started to accept the strength they have. At this rate, it won’t be long until they will be able to defeat a devil.

I had that kind of feeling after overseeing the accomplishments of today’s training.

By the way, today’s experiment was the sequel of Floating Magic.

I used Floating Magic to let everyone fly in the sky.

* * *

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