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Miao Miao

Atlantis — Estimated Time: ~3.20 PM (Provided by Senior)

After entering the classroom, I was prepared to accept my umpteenth shocking baptism. However, the surprise waiting for me inside the classroom was…

“Where are the people?” It was empty, except for two to three students.

Senior looked at the time displayed on his phone, and with a sigh, he said “It’s almost time to head back.” It was obvious we were extremely late, we couldn’t even meet the teacher.

A girl, sitting at the rearmost corner of the classroom, stared at us intently, the moment we entered the classroom. Uh, let me correct myself. It seems like she was staring at Senior. In less than a few seconds, the girl’s face exuded an expression of worship, with her face blushing bright red.

‘What kind of situation is this!?’

Due to the huge difference between the situation inside and outside of the classroom, I felt a little flattered. The inside of the classroom was actually very calm.

Speaking of calmness, it was only now that I realized the classroom, which was jumping up and down with such force that even the scenery outside the windows were also bouncing up and down. However, while inside the classroom, not a single vibration could be felt. It felt as if the classroom was totally isolated.

“Se-Senior.” The girl approached us, her hands were holding onto a folder where a few dozen sheets of paper were clipped inside, “You’re here to bring the new student to report?”

I carefully examined the girl. Very white and clean, slightly shorter than me by half a head, with a shoulder length, ironed hair like a cute dollish roll, slightly dyed golden. She was someone who would easily gain attention from others.

“Nn, Geng already told you about this right.” Completely ignoring the girl’s hopeful eyes, senior casually gave two perfunctory sentences, “Has roll call already ended?”

“Nn.” The girl was like a big toy puppy nodding her head with force, lacking only a wagging tail. It was very obvious she admires senior.

Just when I was thinking about it, I suddenly remembered that the inhuman senior knew how to peep into another person’s mind!

“I’ve already said I have no interest in peeping into your mind!” A dark a scary sentence was suddenly thrown at me.

‘Not interested, but you’re still eavesdropping!’

I immediately jumped three steps back, “The-then since reporting has already ended, can I go home now?” Mother, do you know how much your son misses you!?

This was the first time in my life that I’ve felt the world, where I thought I was really unlucky, was so amiable and lovely, and I’ve actually never realized her good sides. I was wrong. From now on, I’ll be a good boy and obediently become a very unlucky but ordinary person…

“The teacher said to have classmate Chu fill in these information.” The girl revealed a very sweet smile, and then she took out about four to five pieces of papers from the folder. On top were numerous messy black words, which looked like surveys to get the student’s basic information, “After you’re done, I will pass it to the teacher.”

There were three seconds where I was melted by her sweet smile. She was so cute when she smiled…

“Snap out of your trance.”

A punch landed on my head accompanying the cold words. I was immediately awoken due to coldness of those words, and came back to this cruel and otherworldly place, “I’ll fill it immediately, fill it immediately.” Under the glare of the bloody and ruthless eyes, I quickly dug out a pen and started filling in the student information.

“So classmate Chu’s guide was actually senior, I’m so jealous.” The girl began to chat with senior. It seemed like they’ve already met before this.

“Ahh, actually it’s an impromptu change by the school, else I would’ve declined being a guide.” Senior replied while glancing at me, who was still filling in the form.


“A guide is, a male or female senior, who helps a new student who has yet to understand the situation of the school. Either a high school students, or a college students are qualified to apply for this job.” Senior, who had been very generous in admitting he can peep into my mind, had once again peeped into my thoughts, against my wishes, and directly answered my question.

“So that’s how it is.” I filled in my basic information and turned to the third page, which contained some accommodation matters, “Umm, is it compulsory to stay in the hostel in this school?” Feeling doubtful because the place where I was hit by a train was actually pretty close to my house. Meaning every day, I just have to walk a small distance to the train station and get hit by a train to reach the school. So I don’t have to stay in the hostel, right?

“It’s not mandatory to stay in the hostel but I recommend you stay on campus…” Senior looked at the comments on the form and said to me, “Besides, the fees for staying in the school hostel isn’t expensive, that is, provided you have the ability to live here…”

The sentence he added at the end of his statement made me feel rather scared…

‘Have the ability to live here… it can’t be that if one wants to enter the room, one has to start wrestling with the room first?’ According to my experiences today, I think this has a two hundred percent chance to occur.

Senior smiled coldly, and I knew that he had already understood what I was thinking.

“Should senior, who is already at a high rank, should be able to stay in a hostel for free?” The girl, who was still smiling sweetly, continued look at senior with worshipping eyes, “Senior Geng said that students staying in the Black Robe residence are provided by the school for free.”

‘Black Robe?’

This time, senior did not answer my question nor was he offended by the girl’s words.

Was it a topic he didn’t want to answer?

“One day, you guys will also achieve the rank.” After a long while, Senior suddenly spoke with traces of a faint smile on his face. Completely different compared to the vicious person he was before.

I did not understand. Or rather, I didn’t understand why I’m standing here.

* * *

“Oh right, I’ve yet to introduce myself to classmate Chu.”

The girl turned towards me and smiled sweetly, “My name is Mikayla, family and close friends calls me Miao Miao.” She held up her palm and cutely clawed the air twice, “Because I always bringing my cat out with me, so everyone calls me Miao Miao.”

‘So she’s Cat woman?'</em This was the doubt that appeared in my mind at that very moment.

In the sidelines, senior, who had the ability to peep into my thoughts, snickered. It felt like he was mocking me.

“My name is Chu Ming Yang. Uh, I think you already knew it.” I paused and began to try and recall if there was any beautiful nickname given to me, so I could ask the girl to use it to call me.

In the end I found I didn’t have one. Ever since childhood, my nicknames consist of nothing more than ‘Unlucky Ghost’, ‘Unlucky Star’, ‘Unlucky Guy’, No Star, etcetera. There were also some different editions of Unlucky Ghost, or even the final evolution of such nonsense, after filtering those names… I suddenly found out I have no better nicknames I can provide for Miao Miao.

A dozen black lines suddenly fell down from my head.

Unsure of whether I was a failure as a human or the failure was due to my fortune, but at that moment, I was very miserable.

“Then is it alright to call you Yang Yang?” Unsure of whether she’d found out my dilemma, the girl was still very generous with her sweet smile, while stating the nickname only used by my family.

“Yes, yes.” For some reason, I felt a little warmth in my chest.

At the same time I discovered that although Miao Miao looked like a Westerner, she actually spoke fluent Mandarin.

‘Does this mean this school is a school for highly gifted students? So everyone needs to know how to speak in many different languages?’

I suddenly felt the my future “Educational ladder” was going to be filled with darkness.

“Let’s leave those discussions for a later time.” Senior took the information I had just finished filling in and quickly flipped through it before passing it to Miao Miao, “Then this is the end of reporting for today. Next would be the commencement of the students’ actual classes, which will be a week from now…”

“Huh?” I froze for a moment, issuing a puzzled tone.
“What’s wrong?” Miao Miao looked at me with concern.

Just then, I discovered that Miao Miao’s eyes were actually dark green in colour, just like beautiful jades.

“Generally, isn’t it supposed to be about three days to one week of orientation for new students?” At least I’ve heard from my classmate that his was three days. Why is it only one day here? I don’t understand.

The two of them stood at my left and right, then looked at me.

After a long while, Miao Miao finally broke the silence by opening her mouth, “That’s, Yang Yang, if the school really wanted to conduct an orientation for new students, then three days won’t be enough.” Her shoulders shook as she said with a heavy expression, as if there was some classified intel.

I began to regret asking the question.

“Originally the school orientation was actually three days, but every time, on the first day, half of the students died. On the second day another half of what’s remaining died and there were also those who had minor and major injuries. On the third day there were barely any students who survived to come to class. Because of this, the school’s orientation was shortened to one day while the rest of the precautions were written on the booklet that came with the school admission notice.” Miao Miao gave me a very detailed explanation while disregarding my face, which had tragically turned white and then blue as if I had just met a ghost.

That is to say, if I had not fainted and was not sleeping in the Health Care Center for the most part of the day, the huge list of death would most definitely had my name written on it.

As my thoughts reached this conclusion, I felt my scalp tingling.

Great Merciful Buddha, thank you for your blessing. And thank you my Lord, thank you for your protection. To the sky full of Gods and Deities, thank you for only giving me bad luck but still gave me a rather immortal physique.

Senior looked at me again, red eyes flashing with a sneer.

“YangYang when you get home, you must read the booklet a few times, since new students are easily susceptible to accidents.” Miao Miao warned me.

In fact, without even being told by her, I regretted not reading the damn safety manual. For some reason, I intuitively knew the booklet would contain information about these supernatural phenomena. Not reading the booklet was my fault, I know…

“What else did his homeroom teacher say?” After the topic came to an end, senior asked Miao Miao.

“Ah, there is still Yang Yang’s form for elective courses.” Miao Miao hurriedly took out a small clipboard from her folder and stuffed it into my hands, “Yang Yang, our school is different compared to your previous school. The method to go to classes and choosing classes are completely different. After you’ve finished with the form for elective courses, just pass it to senior and ask him to send it back.”

I took a look at the pieces of papers inside the small clipboard, my eyes were almost blinded.

“There are thirty classroom-based courses, you are allowed to choose your courses within the given timeframe.” Standing at one side, senior explained, “In addition, there are 108 Advance and Special Courses, some are dependent on your experience and ability before you are allowed to apply for those classes. So it’s enough if you just take a look at the basic courses.

Definitely only basic courses.

I actually saw a course called “Anatomy for Demons” in the list of basic courses! What the hell was that?!

“That’s, are there any… more normal…” I swallowed my saliva and asked. The familiar language and math classes were nowhere to be seen?

On the top was a course with something to do about Dialogue with Corpses, Wandering Soul, How to Eavesdrop.

What kind of courses are these!? These should be courses for high school students, right?!

“Miao Miao chose some elective courses, which is Classical Mandarin Class.” Miao Miao happily came over and said to me and then I saw the course called Mandarin Language in the dense elective courses form, “As well as Foreign Language Class and Art Class. Yang Yang, do you want to go to the same classes together?”

Indeed, I saw some more normal classes in the elective courses form.

Miao Miao leaned next to me, causing my heart to beat a little faster. You should know that for unlucky guys, it’s very rare for girls to take the initiative to get closer.

“For basic courses, Miao Miao remembered senior seemed to have chosen the Eight Major Languages last time. Does YangYang want to try choosing it too?” Miao Miao looked at Senior very respectfully for a few moments as she asked me the question.

“Ugh, there’s no need.” I don’t want to be compared to a Ghost.

With a “pop” sound, senior smacked me directly behind my head.

He’s eavesdropping again!

“Senior did you choose any basic courses today?” Miao Miao asked while looking at senior who suddenly made an action without saying anything.

Tilting his head to one side to think, Senior nodded, “Mausoleum.”

I looked at the form for elective courses, there was one practical course with the name Mausoleum. The name sounds like really bad news.

But there was something else I wanted to confirm, “Huh? Students from different grades are allowed to choose the same elective courses?” Shouldn’t senior be a year higher than me? Because he’s one year older than me, shouldn’t second year students have their own courses?

“Nn, we all have the same curriculum.” Miao Miao nodded firmly, “Only classroom-based courses are different for each grade, but elective courses are mixed together.”

I guess that explains it.

Holding onto the elective form in my hands, these courses definitely didn’t need to separate the students from different grades, because these courses were definitely not something that humans can cope with.

“Every Wednesday, we need to go back to our own classrooms for a meeting, and then there’s clubs and societies. So there are no classes on Wednesdays. Only in the morning, we have to make sure to be in the classroom, and in the afternoon we are free to participate in our own community activities.” Miao Miao conscientiously explained to me.

I flipped to the club activities on the third page.

After I saw the name of the club being “Capturing Evil Spirits Club”, I used less than half a second to slam the book shut. I think I wouldn’t be joining any communities. Really!

* * *

“That… can I choose the same basic course as senior?” I sheepishly asked senior, who was next to me. His eyelids were half closed as if he was going to fall asleep.

I-if I plan to study here, I only said if! If my brain was busted and needed to continued to study in this freaking school, as much as possible, I hope I can be in the same class as senior, because he looked really strong. I did not want to become one of those people who were “queuing” outside the health care center.

Senior looked at me and he should have already known what I was thinking about, “Up to you.”

I didn’t hear any teeth gritting in in his words, so it should really be up to me then.

“Then Miao Miao wants to be in the same class as senior too.” Miao Miao quickly jumped back onto her seat where there was a cute white rabbit bag on one side. She took out a similar clipboard and flipped it open, and started writing, “And I also wants to be in the same class as Yang Yang.”

Wuu! Such a cute girl. The girls in my previous school were all identical tigresses, either that or they will start shouting and booing at every turn about a boy liking a girl. And then a chalked line will be drawn after, thinking they were the type of girls who were extremely pretty. There wasn’t any girl like Miao Miao who gives of a such a fresh and cute feeling.

If I were to ask my mother to help me drop out of school, I’ll really miss Miao Miao.

An icy hand suddenly rested on my shoulder. Then it was an icy cold breath.

It really felt similar to the time when our class was staying outdoors during our class tour, where I was being pressured and harassed by a ghost — that type of coldness.

“… After entering this school, before you finished schooling, you are not allowed to take a long leave of absence or drop out…”

“Whoa!” Covering my ear, I ran forward a few steps and then turned my head to see senior standing at his original position while crossing his arms and looking at me with a smile, but his eyes weren’t smiling at all. Miao Miao was also staring at me with big eyes in an odd manner, as I suddenly started screaming and running around.

“Otherwise you’ll be cursed by the school.” Just now senior, who was the ghost whispering into my ears, snorted twice and used a gloating tone to answer.

“Wh-what curse?” I gathered my courage and asked loudly.

“You’ll know that after you are cursed.” A very clear and simple answer.

“…” This really is nonsense.

From one side, Miao Miao, who had finished changing her electives, took out a small silver pocket watch, “Yeah, it’s already so late, senior still needs to send Yang Yang back right? Because the school shuttle transport had already left a long time ago. Miao Miao has to go out to work already.” She hurriedly tidied up her things and promptly revealed an apologetic smile, “So that’s it, Yang Yang let’s meet up again after the classes start.”

Before I could return the courtesy, she had already taken her bag and rushed out. Just as Miao Miao opened the door, I suddenly remembered, “It’s dangerous!”

I remembered that the classroom was jumping around on top of the shark’s mouth. Miao Miao waved at both of us and in the next second she jumped out of the classroom’s door. I wanted to run over to stop her, or she’ll be crushed into mud by the classroom.

“Stop running around.” Senior frowned and grabbed my rear collar with a strangely large force. I couldn’t even take one step forward. I was only able to see the scene where Miao Miao was jumping and directly falling downwards.

“Ah…” My eyes opened wide. Just as I thought that Miao Miao would become a mashed cat, I saw something that could cause my eyes to roll out.

A huge white cat, which was as big as single story building, came rushing past from outside the classroom and then it emitted a loud meowing sound “Meow~~”.

Hanging on the top of the cat’s neck was something that looked like a leather seat. Miao Miao was sitting on top of it while waving goodbye.

In just half a second, the cat had flown past. I saw nine bushy tails swishing past the classroom’s door and windows, then following the thunderous sound of its footsteps, it disappeared.

“Hahaha…” Miao Miao was probably not a human either, I think.

‘What the hell was that huge cat!? A demon cat?’

I immediately thought of the monsters that often appear in Japanese manga.

“That is White Cat King, Suya, Mikayla’s family mount.” Senior loosened his grip and snapped his fingers; the classroom’s door automatically slammed shut with a bang. The inside of the classroom immediately quietened down.

I looked at the scenery outside which was still madly jumping around, and then I looked at Senior.

I wasn’t sure what I should say.

‘White Cat King… Cat King*…’

[T/N: Cat King is the same as Elvis Presley’s name in Mandarin.]

“Isn’t Cat King the guy who’s really good at singing?” I laughed as I spat out this sentence.

“…” Senior looked at me with a very complex expression. I knew what he wanted to do.

“F***!” This time, he kicked my ass.

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