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School Starts!

Location: Taiwan
Time: 6:20am

I received the school uniform on the last day of the school holiday.

It was white in color, with a tie half white-half blue. It also had a few stripes as decoration, and a couple of things such as badges, to differentiate the grades.

I’ve seen the school badge on senior’s clothing before, but mine was a normal silvery blue school badge, whereas senior’s one was a gleaming pure gold badge, making it look really cool.

Both the long sleeved, and short sleeved clothes were of the same color. The pants were the typical dark blue student pants, as well as a dark colored jacket. The whole design looked really neat. Compared to the other high schools, this one looked much nicer. As what my sis had said, the school might have spent a lot of money on just the design costs.

However, there was something I’ve found to be rather strange. Although the whole uniform set had arrived, but why was the sportswear missing?

“That’s because sports clothing is an unnecessary item.” Senior, who had already arrived one step ahead of me, was leisurely holding on to his lunchbox while sitting on the train station’s waiting area. As soon as he saw my arrival, this was the first thing he said to me, “In the past it still existed, but it was abolished because the consumption rate was too high. For every class period, on average, a few pieces of clothing had to be replaced. As for the school uniform, it’s still being used, since it will affect the school’s reputation and integrity.”

So this means, if the school didn’t care about its reputation, the uniforms would have been abolished long ago too, correct?

“Morning, senior.” Already being used to senior tapping into my mind, I picked a place on the other side of the bench to sit down.

“I’ve already said I have no interest in listening to your nonsense.” Senior snorted and threw the lunchbox his was holding at me, “Take it.”

“This is?” Opening the lunchbox, the inside was stuffed with a few sushi rolls. Since directly rushed out of my house, without eating my breakfast and, my tummy immediately started growling. Due to my ma not being able to wake up to make breakfast today, she asked me to buy something nearby to eat, however, I was rushing to the train station and forgot about it.

“Can’t even discern if the thing is eatable, has your brain stopped functioning already?” Senior, whose mouth was still poisonous, said coldly.

Seemed like this was his treat for breakfast.

I automatically analysed his words. To be honest, I have not seen this food being sold anywhere nearby. The ingredients of the sushi rolls were nicely wrapped; there was shrimp and meat, and it looked really delicious.

“Senior…” Now, I was worried about one thing.


“The fillings won’t suddenly come back to life, will it?” I was very afraid that, while eating halfway, the shrimp will jump up, or the meat will combine together, turning back into a pig and rushing out. Towards a live zombie sushi, I can only say thanks, but no thanks.

“…Do you want me to kick you or beat you up?”

I felt that senior’s leg was currently feeling itchy and was looking for something to kick, and that something was me, “Uh… pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Sometimes, humans tend to look for their own deaths. I can definitely comprehend the meaning of those words.

* * *

I felt a little strange, since one just needs to get hit by the train, and they will immediately arrive at the school. So why was the shuttle time written on the manual so early? Half past six.

“It’s more likely to be vacant at this time.” Crossing his arms, senior explained, “Every time the school arranges the shuttle time, they will first detect the right timing. Otherwise, it’ll likely to cause a commotion if someone jumps down onto the train track everyday.”

‘So you guys realize this as well! And you guys would still go as far as to place the door anywhere you please!’ This was the first thing that came to my mind.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay in campus?” Looking at the filled-up student information, senior asked, “It’s almost filled up already, even if you regret it later, you won’t be able to rent a room anymore.”

I nodded, “The transportation is so convenient, even if I don’t stay there it shouldn’t matter, right?”

Senior revealed a sneer, “As you wish. Tong Lang.”

A line of smoke drifted past my side, and in a blink of an eye, I saw that a small ghost child had already appeared in front of senior, floating in midair, “Morning, Black Robe.” Then he saw me, “Morning, Chu Ming Yang.”

“Uh, morning.” Looking at the ghost child, I still felt rather nervous. In my head, there was always the scene where his mouth was large enough to able to swallow an elephant.

Apparently, the ghost child didn’t have much of an interest in me, so he promptly turned his head towards senior, “What can I do for you?” He held his hands out, and his long sleeves were slightly floating about.

“I need your help to send this over.” Senior handed the student data to the ghost child.


Then, my nightmare came to life. The ghost child opened his mouth, and using less than 0.1 seconds he swallowed the student information. His stomach led to another dimensional space.

“It has safely arrived at its destination.” The ghost child answered after a few seconds.

“That will be all, thank you.”

I heard the rumbling sound of the train entering the station and also saw senior standing up, so I knew our train had arrived.

“You are welcome, I wish you two a good day.” Then the ghost child turned into smoke, floated past me, and disappeared.

Senior looked at me and smiled. “Let’s go.”

He said that, the moment the train was about to reach the place where the train stops.

It’s time to hit the train.

* * *

Seriously, even if one already knew they won’t die after getting hit by a train, the feeling was still very strange.

“Stop trembling, you better jump down right now!” Senior, who was standing behind me, saw me dilly-dallying, and finally gave me a kick from behind.

“Whoa!” I had yet to cover my eyes, when the train arrived in front of my eyes, and then it ran over me. It was a very intriguing feeling. Uh, it should be. I couldn’t feel anything at all.

“Stop day dreaming.” One punch on top of my head, and senior said, “We’ve arrived.”

In less than a few seconds, after I’d refocused my eyes to see clearly, the huge school gates appeared right in front of me.

A really spectacular sight, indeed. The entire school gate was made of engraved stones, which were actually slightly transparent white jades. Along the edge of the opened round gates, were some strange words I wasn’t able to read. And there were also the statues of white Elves.

Why was I was so sure that those were Elven statues? The reason was very simple, the statues have similar features to those snow-white Elves in the movies. There wasn’t anything special about them at all.

About a dozen huge Elven statues were arranged at the left and right of the door, each holding on to Western-styled weapons, looking rather murderous. But then again, they also gave off a rather dreamy and comfortable feeling.

This was the first time I saw the school gates, because I fainted the last time, I was carried in, and wasn’t able to see what they looked like.

“These are the gate guards.” Senior said as an introduction, “If any problem occurs outside the walls, they will take care of it.”

Staring at the Elf statues, I nodded.

Even if the statues really came to life, started chasing and murdering people, I think I definitely would not be surprised.

“Good morning, both of you.”

Just as I was going to follow senior into the school, one person… I think it’s a human, walked up to us.

So to say, the people here are all fluent in Mandarin? Each and every one of them spoke so fluently, without an accent.

The person had long and pale golden hair, slightly curled at the end, a foreigner’s facial features (I don’t know from which country), blue eyes and pale skin, looking kind of like some traditional type of Elf.

Incidentally, his ears were pointed, and he looked really good. Rather, very clean, making him seem quite like an Elf. Obviously, he was a male.

“Morning.” After he finished his greeting, senior then turned around and introduced us, “This is Zachary Dilio, and I’m sure you won’t be able to remember his full name, so if you are free you can go and ask him yourself.”

His full name must be a really long string of words.

“I know this person, heard of him a few days ago.” Just as senior wanted to introduced me, but the person, himself, spoke first, “You can just call me Zachary, nice to meet you, Yang Yang.”

For some reason, my nickname was unknowingly spreading around in the school.

“Zachary is the head of the accounting department of the school.”

I took one step back, eyes wide opened. ‘He was the one who sent me the bill!?’

“Next time, please do not simply blast things in the human world, because the effort used to take care of it is much higher.” Zachary patted my shoulder and said with a heavy tone, “Even before you’ve officially started attending school, you’ve already been sent a damages bill; you are the second one, right after him.” He glanced at senior, who snorted with disdain.

Senior also blasted a park before?

“I’m not as idiotic as you to blow up a park!” One punch behind my head, senior growled at me.

“Ah, ah, about two or three days before school started, he went and battled with a level three Demon Spirit King alone, in the end, with one hit, he smashed the Vampire clan’s important historical relic and base. He also had to alert the school’s director to come forward to solve this problem, before the other end was willing to let it go.” Smiling, Zachary crossed his arms, it seemed like he had a habit of prodding on another person’s flaw, “But that Demon Spirit King was something with a high bounty in our society, so after deducting the compensation, he was still able to earn some money from it.”

“Long winded.” Senior impatiently glared at the head accountant, “Go back and count your money.”

I looked at senior and then at Zachary, I kept feeling that these two people were quite familiar with each other.

“Ah, ah, youngsters should not have so much anger.” Zachary smiled elegantly, “Well then, I still have things to do. Yang Yang, if there’s anything you need, you can just come to the Accounting Department and find me.”

“Okay, thank you.” I immediately bent my head, as thanks.

When I looked up the second time, Zachary had already disappeared without a trace.

“You’d better off having fewer dealings with that guy.” Senior, who was obviously in a bad mood due to having his exploit exposed, said with a lousy tone, “If there’s no problem, don’t go to the Accounting Department.”

I guess I won’t have any reason to go there?

* * *

Half past six.

I habitually looked at my watch, and then looked up. From the school gates, one would usually be able to see a big clock hanging at the top of the school hall. I wanted to compare the timing of the human world and this world.

“Don’t look up!”

However, senior’s warning was a little too late. The moment I looked up, I saw a big clock. That’s right, it was a clock that sudden grew really big.


The clock fell down, the clock fell down!!

The whole clock fell off from its frame, and I even saw its abnormally sharp edge. ‘That’s not right! When did I start looking at its edge, and for what reason!?’ I felt my legs becoming weak, couldn’t get away.

At that moment, I suddenly thought of one manhua where someone used the falling of a big clock to commit a murder, splitting the person in half. And now, it seemed like it was my turn to experience how it feels…

As I prepared to greet my grandma (who was always waving from the clouds), there was a force that suddenly pulled me backwards. The force was so great that I thought the person wanted to rip off my collar from behind.

Then, the big clock landed right in front of me, issued a loud noise, and it dented the ground, before getting stuck.

It was really huge, it was even taller than me.

“Are you an idiot!” Senior, who was the one who pulled me by my collar, withdrew his hands. Using his red eyes to glare at me as though he was looking at a retard, “Wasn’t it written on the first page of the school manual that you’re not supposed to lift your head to look at the clock?!”

Uh, I remember now, seems like there really was such a thing written there. Because the school’s clock loved being admired, it wanted you to have an even better look…

I stared at the killer clock, half-inserted into the ground, right in front of my eyes. Damn it, this is really too clear!

Wait a moment. I… seemed to have seen the black numbers on top starting to wriggle around.

The black numbers with its white base, and at the top, the numbers were wriggling around like worms. Suddenly, the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand were chaotically flinging around, all tied into a bow at the middle.

‘What kind of rotten clock is this?!’

“Stop day dreaming, you’re still looking and not running away.” Senior smacked me behind my head, issuing a warning.


Wasn’t the clock already stuck in the ground…

I take back my words.

The narcissist clock, with its chaotically twisting numbers, was wriggling. Slowly, I saw it climbing upwards little by little from being stuck in the pit on the ground. Then, my hair followed suit and stood upright.

According to experience, when the clock finally climbs out…

“Hurry and run!”

Just as senior roared, that clock used less than half a second to suddenly bounce up from the pit and then it aimed its sharp edge at me.

“Whoa—!” A bright shiny object started chasing me.

Try imagining being chased by a big kitchen knife, probably it’s that kind of feeling. I can feel the chill from the sharp edge of the killer clock, and also the terrible sound of its rapid rolling.

“Don’t chase me, don’t chase me!” Running in a hundred meter race early in the morning, my heart can’t take this! But it’s weird, why didn’t it chase senior?

“Chu, come back here!” Senior who was still standing at his original spot yelled at me.

‘Come back?’ Not understanding why senior would ask that of me, I turned around and immediately rushed back towards the same spot.

The killer clock braked, turned around, and continued rolling behind me, chasing crazily.

I saw senior taking out a small little object, it looks like a little gem, probably about the size of a soybean. He then placed it on his palm, “Creature who formed a contract with me, allow the destroyer to witness your form.”

Although the incantation senior chanted was not in Mandarin, but for some unknown reason, when I heard those words, and it entered my brain, I was able to understand the meaning of those words.

Just as I was using the fastest running speed I could muster in my life, the exact moment I ran past senior, I heard the sound of the killer clock suddenly stopping, with a very sharp “ga” sound.

When I turned my head, I saw senior holding onto an ancient Chinese spear.

There was some difference in comparison to the one made from explosive charm the other day, but generally, the style and shape was similar. However, this one was silver with many blood red totems and incantations printed on top; the whole thing looked extremely treacherous.

“This is an Illusionary Weapon, it is the most important thing we use during work.” Holding on to the spear with one hand, senior threw a blue soybean… Uh, I mean a little blue gem to me.

I looked at the tiny object; it was as blue as the sea. In the middle, was a crystal, and there was an unreadable word written on top.

“Still not going back to your spot!” Using his spear to block the clock, senior growled. I obviously saw the killer clock shivered twice, then it swayed twice, very reluctant to go back, “I’ll cleave you into two!” Last warning.

It turns out that clock also knows how to act accordingly depending on its opponent. The clock used less than one second to roll up, loosen itself, and then it bounced upwards. Very well behaved, hanging inside its own frame. I felt like I saw black lines covering the clock’s face.

There was a black object that fell on the floor. I bent down and picked it up; it was a number “6”, which seemed to have fallen off from the clock. It was constantly wiggling, which feels like I was holding onto a worm.

“That clock seemed to have a good impression on you.” Senior said, after putting away his spear, “You can keep that object, it might come in handy in the future.”

“Come in handy?” I looked suspiciously at the constantly wiggling number, with the sudden urge to break it into two.

“That clock is called Time Reversal. It was collected back from somewhere by the school directors, a rare, live clock.”

I’d already paid a visit to the live clock, but I still followed senior’s instruction. Taking out a pencil case from my backpack, I threw the number inside, “That’s, if I was chopped by that clock… I most probably would have kicked the bucket, am I right?” I looked at the huge hacked out pit, very afraid that one day I would forget about this and lift my itchy head to look at the big clock again.

“Of course you would’ve kicked the bucket.” Senior gave me an affirmation, “But don’t worry, Tyre will greet you nicely.”

I finally remembered why the name, during that phone call, was so familiar. It was actually the assistant’s name, “No way!” Once the assistant was mentioned, I would recall long line of corpses. I definitely do not want to become one of them.

“Then you’d better learn what you ought to learn and well, or else you’ll check in to meet Tyre very soon.” Senior exuded an expression of someone waiting to watch a good show, and then he raised his leg and started heading towards the school building, “Hurry and keep up, I’ll bring you to your classroom first.”

I remembered the classrooms that were running around, so I resigned to my fate and followed to keep up. Just as I started to move away, I heard a strange sound. Turning around, I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.

A part of the ground, with the big hacked out pit, suddenly started moving, as though there was an invisible hand pulling the skin of the ground. And then in less than a few seconds, the ground had unexpectedly healed itself.

Looks like, next time, I not only have to be careful of the live clock falling down from above and chopping people up, I also have to be careful of the ground below me, which might one day be in a bad mood and starts eating people…

* * *

“Basically, the classrooms will be in their usual spot in the morning, before the classes start.”

Senior took me into a huge and broad campus, and went through several levels. We then arrived at a white building, words that I couldn’t read were written on top of it. All around the buildings were similar huge Elven statues standing guard, as though they were protecting the school grounds.

He led me to the fourth floor, and since it was still early, the corridors were very quiet without a single trace sound, “When the students have all entered the classroom, only then will the school gates close and these classrooms will start to go for walks; depending on their mood.” Senior walked for quite some distance before he stopped in front of a door.

If the classroom we chased the other day had to be described as going for a walk, I’ll have no choice but to agree to the opinion…

“This is your main classroom.”

The moment the door was opened, I seemed to have heard a very subtle and strange sound. I guess I was thinking too much, and immediately threw it at the back of my mind.

The inside of the classroom was very normal, exactly as I saw a few days ago, which was a typical classroom with tables and chairs, and there wasn’t any extra strange decorations either.

I secretly sighed a breath of relief in my mind.

In fact, I was rather afraid that as soon as I opened the door, a Jurassic Park would be there waiting for me.

“For special classes, there will be a teacher to bring you guys over there in the beginning, so you don’t need to worry. Also, after I’ve finished my classes, I’ll come by to see if there’re any problems. If there is anything you need, you can contact me with your cell phone.” Entering the classroom, senior skillfully turned on the air conditioning.

After one second had passed, the entire classroom instantly cooled down.

Isn’t this is too Godly?

This school’s air-conditioning function is really good, such an energy saving and time saving component, I wonder if the students can request to order it?

On top of the desks, were our name tags. I immediately found the desk with my name written on it and then put my bag on the chair, “Senior won’t be having classes here?” As soon as I asked the question, I felt I was asking nonsense.

Sure enough, I was given a cold glare, “I’ve to go to my own classes. It’s impossible for me to be by your side 24/7.” He crossed his arms and said, “A guide only lasts for a month from the start of the school, next month onwards, you’ll have to get used to going to school by yourself.”

I was speechless.

So this means that from the beginning of next month, I’ll have to always be mentally prepared to enter the afterlife…

“If you are free, you should find Mikayla more often in order to practice using an Illusionary Weapon.” Senior, who was totally aware of my thoughts, took out a piece of folded paper from his pocket and threw it to me, “Mikayla is an old student, who came from our school’s lower grade, so she is fully aware of all the situations in this school. There are also quite a number old students who came from lower grade in your class, if you have time, ask your classmates for advice.”

‘Old students from lower grades? No wonder Miao Miao seemed so strong, completely different compared to me, who was an amateur.’

“Oh right senior, where is your classroom?” As soon as I discovered that senior will not continue to guide me after one month, I had a sense of panic.

Senior straighten his finger pointing above at the ceiling, “On top, second grade’s division, it’s very easy for you to find me.” He smiled, but it was an unusual kind of smile, “Because in the whole second grade, I’m the only black robed one.”

So to say, in the second grade’s division I can simply grab anyone to ask where is the senior in black robe and I’ll definitely be able to find him? It felt awfully amazing.

“You still remember how to use the explosive charm, right.” Taking out two explosive charms, which I had previously turned it into a bomb, from his pocket. Senior gave me a warning look, “Stop thinking nonsense. You can hold on to these two first, so if you chance upon something again, you can use them to block for a while.”

I took the explosive charms, feeling a little nervous. After all, I’d seen the enormous power of the bomb, so now it was equal to carrying two bombs with me, making me feel rather creeped out.

“Good morning!”

A vibrant voice was heard with the sound of the door opening, I saw Miao Miao standing outside the door, “Senior, Yang Yang, good morning.” As usual, she was still smiling sweetly and cutely. She was wearing a girl’s uniform which had a white base with red tie, matched with a kilt, looking very lively.

Senior nodded at her, “It’s almost time for me to report back to my classroom. Have to trouble you to help take care of Chu.”

“Of course.” Miao Miao nodded firmly, and then bounced over to my side, “Miao Miao will get along well with Yang Yang, right.”

“Nn.” I nodded as well.

“Well, I’ll see you later.” Senior walked out of the classroom.

The classroom door closed.

“Yang Yang, what’s that on your hand?” Attracted to the piece of paper I was holding, Miao Miao asked curiously.

It’s only then that I remembered I have not read the paper senior had given to me. I quickly unfolded the piece of paper, and looked at what was written inside.

It was a piece of paper where a table with few rows of were drawn on it.

A piece of paper with the school’s curriculum arranged nicely; even the days and the sessions have been well organized. On top, were also some notes which showed the courses that could be selected by grade one students.

The regular Mandarin words were written especially just for me to read.

“This is senior’s timetable.” Miao Miao looked at the neat rows of words, her eyes started shining brightly.

Looking at this detailed curriculum information; to be honest my eyes became a little blurry.

Does senior actually hate me? Or…?

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