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Identifying Weapons

Location: The plane to Finsect (My speculation)
Time: 1:05pm

“Chu, I already… don’t want to say anything.” Senior said as he rubbed his forehead. He had totally given up hope on the insecticide.

“I understand.” But then again, it was lucky that the thing that appeared wasn’t a slipper. I should be more willing to hold onto a can of insecticide rather than holding onto a black slipper. This was probably the only lucky thing that happened in all of my unluckiness.

I was wondering; if on my hand, wasn’t an insecticide but a big slipper, maybe Senior would use the slipper and directly whack me to death right here, right now.

“I would, I would most definitely use the slipper to whack you to death, and then bury you here.” Senior absolutely affirmed my thoughts, and also helped me to do the after-the-event clean up, “That is, if you turned the explosive charm into a slipper.”

I understand now! So slippers and bombs are actually Senior’s taboo! The current situation was, two thirds of the cockroaches were already dealt with and there were still a few running about around us, seeming cautious of senior. Their movements were constantly emitting rustling sounds, causing me to feel rather annoyed.

A silver light flashed in front of my eyes and senior was already standing in front of me. He stepped on the green puddle, but seemed like there wasn’t any problem.

“You ought to go to the library to read up more often.” He took out a whole stack of nicely folded explosive charms from his pocket and gave them to me, “And then practice.” The last few words were said through gritted teeth. I guess the two consecutive “explosive charm accidents” had almost caused senior to go mad.

“Okay…” What else can I say? I look at the stack of explosive charms on my hand; there were about a dozen sheets.

Around us, there were still a few huge cockroaches that didn’t want to give up and started approaching us. After senior finished giving his advice, he opened his palm. I noticed the illusionary weapon had already vanished from his hand. He then took out another small silver box, “Let’s continue the topic from a few days ago.”

I had yet to understand what he meant.

Senior opened the small box, inside was a very very small tetrahedron crystal stone; glowing faintly, looking extremely beautiful, and it reminded me Restua, the Elf, in the crystal tower.

“How many rock eating worms left?” Senior looked at me and asked. I wonder if it was an illusion, but the stone looked like it became brighter when he asked the question.

“Uhh…” How many? I lifted my head and looked around for a bit, “Eleven of them.” I think it’s not an illusion because as soon as I spoke, the crystal brightened up even more.

“How many of the remaining cockroaches do you think I can deal with?”

“All of them.” This was an affirmation, I felt that the rest were not a problem for Senior.

“If it was you, how many can you deal with?”

Uhh… if it was me… “Not even one of them.” I saw senior furrowing his brows, very unsatisfied with my answer.

“Spiritual Language is a Cigam that dominates over the thoughts of living creatures. It also contains the soul of a type of secret language. What do you wish to happen to the rock worms after three seconds?”[T/N: Cigam is Magic spelt backwards.]

Wish to happen? I seriously thought about this for a moment. “It would be best if they all just disappear.”

Senior smiled, I couldn’t tell what kind of smile it was; it was a little different from his usual smile. He was smiling, but his expression didn’t look like he was smiling.

I saw a cockroach had unknowingly appeared behind senior; holding up its leg, it was planning to take a stab at us, “Ah…!” I wanted to let senior know.

But it all ended there.

“Three, two, one.” Senior closed his eyes as he chanted, and I saw the crystal stone in his hand exploded. The tiny shiny fragments of the crystal turned into powder and fell all to the bottom of the box.

All the huge cockroaches started wailing. And suddenly disappeared right in front of my eyes.

Senior opened his eyes and flipped the box upside down, the sparkling powder flowed with the wind, falling on the ground and disappeared.

“This is basic spiritual language.” He said.

* * *

I didn’t quite understand what just happened, or what senior had said. All around, was silence; there was nothing there.

Senior simply threw the box on the ground, patted the dust off his hand, “This is your wish from the bottom of your heart, and through a sacrificial item and a medium, it turned into a type of incantation.”

“Incantation?” The one that caused it to completely disappear?

“That’s right, it’s an incantation for spiritual language.” Senior stretched out his hand, took out a notebook from my bag, and started writing a few things on it without my consent, “Nn… You’ll only be able to learn some of these things in second grade… Forget it.”

I saw him writing, a whole page full of words.

“I used to read manhuas and light novels, and most spiritual language user should be… They need to have a fair heart, correct?” To say this in a better way, I read a certain book before, where the spiritual language user was a doll, and was almost unable to think by itself.

Senior looked at me, “How could it be completely fair without mixing feelings in?” He smiled, totally disagreeing with me, “The interesting thing in spiritual language, is that you need to find the suitable timing in a period of time. Then, and only then, will it happen.”

Finding a time in a period of time? I felt dizzy. Completely couldn’t understand.

“For example, there are two cups, one is empty, whereas the other one is filled with water. If you wanted to poison one of the cups, you’ll naturally pour it into the cup filled with water. And if you wanted to use spiritual language on a certain object, the object would naturally be something that exists.” Senior threw the notebook back to me, “If your spiritual language says to curse a certain someone, but you can’t curse someone who doesn’t exist, in that period of time, the suitable person, thing and matter, thus the forming of the foundation is completed.”

I scratched my head, not really understanding but seemed to understand it a little.

“Inside the time period, we have yet to know what will happen. Just like the rock insect from just now; you know they will be killed by me and won’t exist in this world, but it’s also possible that they will continue living. After choosing one from the two possibilities, your spiritual language said they will disappear, so they disappeared. This is a foreseeable future spiritual language.” He lifted his hand, pointed at the remaining green liquid on the floor and said, “Within the period of time, this is reasonable, so the spiritual language propelled that time to happen, causing all the insects to be eliminated, thus the spiritual language is completed.”

“I… don’t really understand.” Basically, I totally don’t understand, and listening to the explanation caused me to feel completely dizzy as though I was floating. Their levels are too high.

“Never mind, the firmer the thought of the spiritual language user, the easier it is to exert its function. While the wavering and easily affected user would cause it to be ineffective. You just have to remember this first for now.” Senior then ended the topic.

Fortunately he ended this topic first, otherwise if he continued talking about this, I think I’ll most definitely fall asleep.

I nodded, I finally understood his last words.

Just when I thought senior wanted to head back, his cell phone rang and mine followed suit. It’s not a phone call, but a message.

Pressing the buttons twice, I opened the message to take a look. On top, was an enigmatic message:

“Eradicated eleven rock insects, below is…” I opened my eyes wide, and saw an astronomical number.

“Sent by the accounting department, it’s the reward for this job.” Senior, who was already used to it, put his phone away and, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something, “I’ve forgotten about it, I still haven’t brought you to apply for a universal account. Let’s do it this way, the earliest you would be able to move into the dorm would be Sunday. After you’ve moved in, I’ll help you to apply for these things.”

Universal account? “Will a post office account do?”


“I’m sorry, just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

It was obvious senior was planning to pretend I didn’t say anything, too, “On the last mission, because you didn’t have a universal account, the money ghost had to send a check to you. The universal accounts here are basically usable everywhere throughout the whole world, compared to the… post office account, it’s a little better.”

I remembered that check, in the end, I took it to the bank to cash out and it really worked. It’s just that I’ve never seen a similar kind of banknote before. So I guess, the whatchamacallit account senior mentioned should be something similar to this.

“I’ll ask the money ghost to pass a check to you this time. In a few days, after your account is opened, you can slowly put your money in the bank.”

Suddenly, I was very curious about the amount of money senior has in his account. It should be astronomical, I guess?

“It’s a number you can never reach at the moment.” Senior added.

Nn… how do I put this. I know senior has always been able to listen to my thoughts. To put this in a simpler term, it’s just like the principle of an antenna and a radio, but this matter is only known to the two of us.

Did senior never think that… while I was thinking and he was talking, it’ll look like he was talking to himself…?

And then I was murderously glared at by a pair of red eyes.

“Ah, damn!” In less than a second, the familiar shoe sole appeared right in front of me again.

* * *

And so, it was Friday.

“Spiritual language?” I asked. Just as the morning classes ended, Miao Miao, Ryan, and Chifuyu dragged me to the restaurant.

“This one, you’ll need to ask Chifuyu.” Miao Miao was the first one to push the question onto someone else.

“He’s the only one who can explain this.” It’s said that Ryan, who was only good at using illusionary weapons and bad at everything else, carried four cups of drinks. I secretly glanced at the tray for a while, and fortunately there was no carbonated drink.

Then, everyone turned their attention towards Chifuyu, who was sitting upright. His sitting posture had always been really strange, very straight and upright just like a soldier. Miao Miao said it was due to occupational hazard, something he trained while he was at home. Could it be the what, what oracle extremely trains one to sit upright?

I saw him pushing back his black rimmed glasses, issuing a glaring reflection with a “glint” sound.

“The so-called spiritual language, which is in the time we can perceive…”

“Stop!” I raised my hand to stop him from continuing, “Pretend I didn’t ask any question.” As soon as I heard the beginning of his explanation, I already knew what he was going to say.

If it’s too long, I’ll fall asleep. If it’s too deep, I won’t understand. So it’s still better to wait until the day when I’ll naturally understand this.

Chifuyu clicked his tongue.

I suspected maybe no one had ever asked him that question before, and while he was just about to start his big speech, he got interrupted by me.

“Yang Yang, if you wanted to find out about these kinds of things, you can go and have a look at the library.” Miao Miao suggested and she pushed a drink in front of me, it was a silverish-white drink that looked similar to milk, “In the student’s library, there are books from all around the world, and there are also some which were found from another world. I guess it’s possible for you to find your answer there.”

“Where is the student library?” Senior seemed to have said something similar, but due to the school being so huge, I simply couldn’t find the where the so-called library was.

“Inside the crystal tower… Uhh, actually the crystal tower is very conspicuous, you should be able to find it easily. There is a glass maze building nearby the crystal tower, and that would be the one.”

I have yet to tell Miao Miao that I’d already been to the crystal tower, and also encountered the Elf.

“Glass maze building?” It was the building that caught my attention when I was in the crystal tower.

“It’s a maze, so when you enter it, you’ll need to be careful because there are strange things being reared inside.” Chifuyu told me, “You must bring the talisman I gave you, this way, there won’t be any problems.”

Your talisman had already turned into a bloody enhanced version. However, I didn’t have the guts to tell Chifuyu that.

“Furthermore, beside the glass maze building, there are another three libraries, where only white robes, purple robes, and black robes can enter. Yang Yang you need to pay a little more attention and not go into the wrong one.” Miao Miao was drinking her beverage as she told me, “Only people qualified for robe level are allowed to enter the other three buildings.”

“What will happen if I accidentally entered?” I was more curious about this matter.

“Directly killed, regardless of the reason.” Ryan’s sentence caused me to turn into a statue.

“That’s a joke.” He used such a non-joking and serious expression to joke with me. I so wanted to beat him up right now.

“If you stray into the white robe’s library, you will be chased by rocks. If you stray into the purple robe’s library, you will be chased by turtles. And if you stray into the black robe’s library, it will set dogs and cattle after you.” Chifuyu said while shifting the position of his glasses.

What, what, and what!? That didn’t sound too terrible, but I still wrote these down on my notebook.

“There is a librarian in the glass maze, if you wanted to look for any book, you can directly ask him. He is a really nice person.” Smiling slightly, MiaoMiao gave me a lifeline, the librarian has all the knowledge of the books in his palm, he can certainly help you out.”

I nodded firmly, “Thank you.”

After moving into the dorms, I’ll have lots of time to go to the library, and then I’ll take my time to have a look at some stuff. Wait a moment. At the mention of the library, I thought of something else, “Ryan, can you do me a favor?”

Ryan, who was eating his desert, gave me a puzzled look, “Say it.” But his reply was very straightforward.

So I took out the blue illusionary weapon gem senior had given to me. It was still the same as it was the other day; very blue and absolutely beautiful, just like the color of seawater.

When Ryan saw the stone, he was completely stunned.

“Yang Yang wanted to know things related to this illusionary weapon, so he can successfully activate it.” Miao Miao, who was sitting on side side, said to him.

“Ryan?” Chifuyu called out, and then we all noticed that Ryan had an extremely dumbfounded expression, we asked, “Is there a problem with this weapon?”

Ryan finally snapped out of his trance, and noticed that all of us were looking at him, “No, it’s nothing. Yang Yang, this is… something senior gave you?” His tone was full of doubt.

“Nn, Senior gave this to me on the first day of school.” I didn’t understand why Ryan looked so shocked.

He picked up the gem, repeatedly looked at it a few times. He then took out a leather roll from his waist and opened it. Inside, were many small tools I’ve never seen before. Ryan used these small tools and examined the gem. He really looked like an expert appraiser.

Only after a long period of time, did Ryan put his tools down, I thought he had already came to a conclusion.

“Yang Yang, I think even I can hardly teach you how to use this illusionary weapon.” Ryan looked at me; his blue green eyes had an indescribable treachery in them, “It’s very rare to even see a pure type weapon, especially this type… a royal weapon.”

“A royal weapon?”

“How can that be?”

“Is that true?”

Three of our voices overlapped with each other.

“Could it be just a typical pure type weapon?” Chifuyu grabbed the gem from his friend’s hand and inspected it, “Many pure type weapons look almost like this, royal weapon… That’s impossible.”

I can’t understand the so-called pure types and royal weapons, but looking at their shocked expressions, this gem must be really important.

“A typical pure type weapon should be smooth and clear, but Yang Yang’s has a royal marking inside.” Ryan pointed at the ice crystal marking inside the gem, “This is the marking of a royal weapon. Even I have not used this before.” He took out his necklace, and sure enough both inside and outside, the pure colored gems were clean and smooth, with not even a tiny bit of marking.

So, senior gave me a royal weapon?

“Last time I saw another royal weapon, it was senior’s. But I never thought he would give Yang Yang the same thing.” Miao Miao looked at the gem and as though she was full of admiration, she said faintly, “Yang Yang you should have seen it before, too, because senior only has one illusionary weapon.”

I remember now, that silver spear.

“Senior’s weapon is an extremely high level weapon, but for a black robe to have that type of weapon is something taken for granted.” Ryan coolly said, “His illusionary weapon is a fire and ice royal weapon, it’s a weapon with opposing elements.”

Fire and ice? A combination of naturally opposing elements? But it really is something senior will use. It seemed like a very fine, and somewhat crazy type of mystifying weapon.

“It’s probably the one and only opposing elemental weapon in our school.” Chifuyu responded, “The appearance of an opposing elemental weapon is not documented in any books, and senior never told anyone about the origin of the weapon. So we thought it should be something related to his background. However, no one knows where senior came from either.”

I think, he should be from another planet.

“Back to the topic.” Ryan coughed twice to cleared his throat, “I think Yang Yang’s illusionary weapon should be a Neptune Royal Weapon, a weapon with water attribute.”

Water attribute? I looked at the gem lying on the table as I kept repeating this in my mind.

“Royal weapons are a little bit more difficult to activate. Yang Yang, you must definitely properly consider the type of weapon you want before you try to sign a contract with the Elf, especially since the Elves of royal weapons usually have bad tempers. You need to take note of these problems.” Ryan picked up the gem and placed it on my hand, “If you don’t dare to use it, I can give you a substitute first.” While saying that, he took out a similar blue gem from his necklace, but there were some white pattern mix on top.

I pondered over senior’s intention of giving this to me. Since he will give this to me, this meant I should be using this gem, so I turned down Ryan’s offer, “It’s alright, I’ll first give this a go.” I was thinking that maybe senior was hoping I can make a breakthrough, right?

Ryan smiled and stored gem on his hand, “Alright, then that should be all.”

“Yang Yang, do your best!” Miao Miao clapped her hands and said. She looked really happy, “We will definitely help you.” She then held out her hand.

“Looking forward to the shaping of your weapon.” Ryan put his palm on top of Miao Miao’s palm.

“Anything you don’t know, we’ll teach you.” Chifuyu also stacked his palm on top, and then all of them looked at me.

I laughed and followed suit, stacking my palm on top of theirs. “I will work hard.”

Thus, all of us laughed as one.

“”””Do our best, do our best, let’s all do our best together!”””” We shouted really loudly, the people nearby all turned around and looked at us.

That right, I will work hard, until I can become someone who qualifies to belong here.

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