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The Five-Colored Rooster Head’s Challenge

Location: Atlantis
Time: 7:10am

“So you’re living together with Senior!”

In the early Monday morning, before I’d had enough sleep, I was drowsily awakened by a phone call, and was invited to go for breakfast. Currently, I am sitting beside Miao Miao who suddenly issued an unbelievable remark.

“Spfft!” Ryan almost spat out his rice ball.

On the other side, although there was no sound coming from Chifuyu, from the way he was pounding his chest, it seemed like he choked on his food, too.

“We’re not living together, but due to the lack of dorms, I’m temporary living in the black robe’s Black Vine Dorm.” I refuted in less than a second.

Who wants to live in that haunted house?! I barely slept the whole of night, fearing the human model biting onto the shower head in the bathroom would rush out and bite my head, instead! The person who set up the model there was really ghoulish!

“I’m so jealous…” Miao Miao’s eyes were shining while staring at me.

“Then, let’s exchange our rooms.” I believe there was no other dorm scarier than the haunted house.

Miao Miao shook her head, “I would love to do that, too, but it’s impossible. Other than the black robes and exceptions, no one can enter.” Her small face was full of disappointment, and then she sighed.

“Black Dorm… short for Black Vine Dorm, the management there is a whole lot stricter than the other dorms, so even if we wanted to go, we won’t be able to.” Chifuyu said to me, and then picked up the last piece of jam bread from the plate, “Similar to Ryan’s White Tendril Dorm, basically as long as it’s a dorm for the robes, it’s very difficult to even pay him a visit, but it also depends on the manager’s temperament.

“White Tendril?”

“That’s the white robe’s dorm, the purple robe’s dorm is called Purple Bramble Dorm, and for ordinary students, it’s called as First Thorn Dorm, Second Dorm, and so on, using this method to name the dorm.” Miao Miao smiled, “Odd numbers are for the female students whereas even numbers are for the male students. Both me and Chifuyu are staying in the Thorn Dorm.”

The dormitory actually has this type of difference, I nodded and noted it down. The big plate on the table was already empty, it was time to conclude our breakfast.

“The first class is Basic Magic Arrays, Nn… Ryan is not taking this course with us, right?” Miao Miao glanced at her timetable and asked.

Ryan shook his head.

I think it was probably due to his level being different from us, so he didn’t need to choose the same elective as us.

“He chose another one, a special course for white robes.” Chifuyu finished the rest of his milk, and wiped his mouth, “Let’s attend this course, just the three of us.”

Special course? This reminded me of senior who didn’t seemed to attend many classes. Was he taking special courses, too?

“I’ll take my leave first, my class starts twenty minutes earlier.” Ryan stood up, grabbed his bag, and hurriedly left.

From behind, his back was still hunched. It was different compared to the person whom faced the spirit ghost the other day.

Not long after Ryan had left, it was also almost time for us to leave the restaurant. It was then when I remembered I had forgotten to take something from the dormitory, damn it. This morning I woke up in a daze, and I had totally forgotten about it, “You guys head to the classroom first, I want to go back and get something. I’ll catch up to you guys immediately.” I had forgotten my phone in the dorm.

“You need to hurry then.” Miao Miao said to me, “Magic Array class is held in the specialized classroom. I told you this before, you won’t get lost, right?”

Last week, although it was only half day class, the teachers took us around to have a look at each of the classrooms, so I remembered where it was.

“No problem.”

* * *

When I had rushed back to the dorm, it was already around half past seven. My first lesson was set to start at seven forty, so there was still ten minutes for me to rush there.

As soon as I stepped into the hall, my whole heart was beating quickly. “Namo Amitabha*, please all of you Madams, Sirs, Misses and Misters, please don’t make things difficult for me… I just came back to get something…”

[T/N: A phrase in Buddhist’s chants, praying homage towards Amitabha.]

I didn’t dare look around as I ran up the stairs. Until I had reached the fourth floor, nothing actually happened. Lucky, today was really a lucky day. But I’m very experienced in this; a period of time where I am lucky never lasts long.

Just as I reached the fourth floor and was planning to continue rushing into my room, in the middle of the corridor, a dark green door suddenly opened and someone dressed in black came out of the room. It was the same straight black coat senior always wore.

“Nn… you…” The person was stunned for a moment. For a moment, he was making an expression of someone who he looked like he was thinking of something, and suddenly remembered something. “You are the person he brought in, the first ordinary student to stay in Black Dorm.”

Alright, I’m very ordinary. But the ordinary me is rushing for class, “I’m sorry, I need to go back to my room for awhile.” I was anxious to get back the phone because senior said I need to take it with me no matter where I go.

That person stood at the same spot, looking at me rushing away. When I got the phone from my room and went out to the corridor, he was already gone. A very mysterious person.

I gave it my all to rush out of the dorm and the second I stepped out of the building, the black glass door automatically slammed shut with a bang. I felt that one day I’ll be crushed by that freaking door.

Then I braked. Someone was blocking the path exiting the dorm.

It was the five-colored rooster head whom I’ve not met since the first day of school. And the strange thing was, his chaotic five-colored hair was actually different; it had turned into another five different colors, and it gave an even more vivid feel to it.

I didn’t do anything that will cause him to block my way, right? I think he might be here to block someone else.

“Hey, stop right there!” The voice of the five-colored rooster head was like a roar from hell. And I, started to run for my life.

Who would stop?!

I was only lucky for two seconds, the colorful rooster head suddenly appeared in front of me. It was thanks to my sudden deceleration that I didn’t immediately crashed into his head. Only God knows what would happen if I had crashed into a head that looked like a five-colored steel brush.

“Why did you run?” He uttered the sentence all delinquents would say when they are blocking someone.

I gulped, “No, I’m late for class.” I do not want to stay here and spend time with you. The five-colored rooster head obviously didn’t plan to let me go, he was blocking the path right in front of me.

“These are the only possessions I have with me, please let me go.” I cowardly fished out my bag and offered it to him. You need to know that in manhuas, light novels, TV shows, and movies, the main characters, who was not afraid of the power of the evil doers, came forward to resist them. These are all lies. When a professional Assassin blocks the path in front of them, I’d like to see which main character would dare to give him even a punch and starts yelling about “justice always prevailing over the forces of evil”.

He glanced at me, and snorted disdainfully, “That’s not even enough to fill the spaces between my teeth.”

…I’m sorry, I’m poor. Are you satisfied now?!

“Come with me.”

He uttered the number two standard sentence delinquents always use. The next thing that’s probably going to happen can easily be imagined; to be dragged to a place where nobody is around, get beaten to death, abandon the corpse, and the like.

I dragged my steps, extremely unwilling to follow him. After walking two steps, the five-colored rooster head suddenly turned around, and noticed I was still at the same spot, “Don’t worry, I’ll only kill people if there’s money involved, and the money you have is not even enough to buy your own life.”

…I’m actually not considered as cheap? I took a deep breath, but could only bite the bullet and follow him.

Circling past the Black Dorm’s area, he kept walking straight without stopping towards the other side of the campus.

To tell the truth, I have yet to finish exploring the school grounds. I’ve never been to the place he brought me to, but it should be some sort of a flower garden. All around, there were tiny yellow flowers I have never seen before. I even heard the sound of a fountain somewhere nearby, and from here, I could also see the traces of other buildings where classes were being held.

The five-colored rooster head finally stopped in front of a pavilion; the landscape behind the pavilion was a fountain and a small bridge. It’s only then when I realized we had reached the edge of the garden. Inside the fountain was a mermaid sculpture.

“What is your relationship with the four-eyed nerd.” The five-colored rooster head suddenly asked.

“Uhh… just normal friends.” I guess that’s probably it, but truthfully, from the start of school until now, we haven’t been acquainted for that long of a time. Even if I wanted to say we were super close friends, I couldn’t make myself say it out loud.

“Which kind of normal?”
“The ordinary kind of normal.”

After three seconds, the five-colored rooster head appeared to have given up on getting the answer.

“That’s right, may I ask for your name…?” I can’t really just call him as the five-colored rooster head, right? Although I really wanted to, I know the moment I say out loud, I would be murdered.

He looked at me, “Ziray… Ziray Rogeria.”

His name didn’t really match with his looks. I still feel that “five-colored rooster head” would be easier to say. At least one would know who it was referring to as soon as it was said.

“Well then, classmate Ziray, do you still have any more questions?”

The moment I asked this, from a distance… an unknown beast howl could be heard. I knew it was. The school bell had rang, because on the first day, I was really frightened by it.

Then, there was several sounds of clashing heavy objects hitting the ground, causing the ground to shake.

Well, looks like I’ll have to go and chase down the classroom…

“You know, our clan has a bad relationship with the Yukino Clan, right?!” The five-colored rooster head directly went to the main point.

“I know.” I resigned myself to my fate and nodded. I knew since the first day of school.

“If the four eyed nerd continue to take on the position of the Yukino Clan, there will be a day when someone from my generation will have to kill him.” The five-colored rooster head did a throat slitting action.

I took one step back. He came to find me to listen to his lecture about his declaration to kill someone!?

“But of course it will be on the condition where someone would pay us to kill them.” The five-colored rooster head was very satisfied with my shocked expression, “You know what his family does for a living? If they don’t want to continue being killed by us, ask them to use their whatchamacallit prided prediction to see into the future.” He said as he patted my shoulder.

Wait… Wait, wait… He looked for me to tell me all this…? For what reasons?

“You really are not someone from this world; for you to not feel anything towards both our clans.” He snorted twice with an expression rather hard to describe. Smiling while not smiling, he looked rather evil.

Now, I don’t know what I was supposed to say, and I didn’t have the chance to continue talking.

“Then Mr. Rogeria from this world, why do you have to make things difficult for a student who is in a hurry?”

Thanks to someone else’s voice, the five-colored rooster head’s expression changed. We didn’t discover that there was someone so close to us, and had even listened to our conversation for quite some time.

There was a person standing on the surface of the water, just in front of the mermaid sculpture. He wore a straight black coat. Not too long ago, I just saw him coming out from the dark green door. He was a black robe.

* * *

“Classes had already started, and the two of you are still here.”

I noticed that this black robe seemed non-human, too. He had blond hair, vaguely similar to Restua because his hair seemed to be glowing, too. His blue eyes stared straight at us, which was rather sharp.

“Hmph… Mind your own business.” The five-colored rooster head expressed obvious dislike towards him.

Then the black robe slowly walked on water towards us, dexterously jumped, and landed beside us, “Of course it’s my business, this some morning. Before this student’s guide went out to work, he had already entrusted me to pay attention to this person.” His face was perfect, but it didn’t have the dreamy look Restua had.

Senior asked him to help look after me? I suddenly remembered I have not seen senior today. I thought he had overslept again.

“Andy from the Wood Angel Clan, you had better not barge into our business, since it has nothing to do with you.” The five-colored rooster head’s tone was very rushed.

Wait a moment, an Angel? Wood Angel!? After an Elf it’s an Angel? And the Angel is living in the black haunted house? Could there be any mistake!?

I was feeling rather faint. This school was really not lacking in wonders.

“I’ve already accepted this request, so this matter is not something that has nothing to do with me.” Andy was still smiling, and then I realized the difference between him and Restua. Restua’s smile would at least make anyone nearby feel very comfortable. However, for some reason, when the Angel smiled… there was no feeling behind it. It was as though he was wearing some kind of mask.

He also hated the five-colored rooster head very much. That, I was very certain of.

“You want to have a go at it?” The five-colored rooster head’s tone worsened.

“Why not?” Andy seemed like he would gladly accept, “I’ll let you understand your stupidity for challenging a black robe.”

‘Who was it that said Angels were peace-loving creatures? Who was it!? Who was that ended up saying it!?’ I held onto my head while screaming in my mind.

There was not even a slighter of kindness in this Angel, nor was he peaceful! I also realized he was intentionally being provocative, intentionally wanting to start a fight!

“What’s so great about being a black robe?” The five-colored rooster head seemed to be the type of person who loves fighting. He made a gesture by pointed his little pinky downwards, “Everyone knows that you took about a hundred years before you got your black robe. With that amount of time, who wouldn’t be able to do it? More than half the people in your dorm are much stronger than you!”

Can you just shut up!?

I noticed that Andy’s smile had vanished from his face. The faint glow from earlier had already faded away. He looked like the calm before the storm.

But I certainly didn’t miss what was just said a moment ago.

A hundred years? This angel took a hundred years to pass as a black robe? Then how long did senior take? Wasn’t he only older than me by one year!?

This Angel studied in this school for a hundred years? Then how long do I need to study here before I can graduate?

I suddenly felt that my future was filled with darkness. If an angel studied here for a hundred years, then I would probably study until only my bones and ashes were left, and still wouldn’t be able to graduate, probably. Don’t tell me I need to study in this freaking school for the rest of my life? This can’t be happening!?

“Rogeria Clan’s reputation had always been really poor, even if I teach you a lesson right here, I believe everyone would be really happy.” He took out a long knife. Andy had already stopped smiling; looking really serious, so serious that it was absolutely frightening.

He glanced at me, and I shivered. If you guys want to fight, then please go ahead. Don’t drag others to die with you, alright?!

“Very good, I’ve longed to beat up an Angel.” The five-colored rooster head’s hand suddenly contracted, muscles stretching, just like the first day that I saw him. Distorting in less than a second, his right hand had already turned into a huge beast palm with claws, black fur covering his entire arm. It looked horrifying.

I took two steps back, and another two steps back, and continued to take another two steps back.

Do your best, almost out of the pavilion already! But then everything just had to happen so unexpectedly!

I don’t know who started it first, in short, with some banging sounds, the five-colored rooster head and Andy had started to fight.

I can’t describe what had happened because the most important thing I needed to do right now, was to hold on to my head and escape! You have to know that when two non-humans start fighting, the people on the sides are the ones who will get killed. In less than five seconds after I ran out of the pavilion, I heard a loud explosion. The pavilion that originally looked really solid, had collapsed.

My whole body started to exude cold sweat as I sneak a backward glance. Oh God, oh God! The whole pavilion had been smashed into bits and pieces! I don’t want to play anymore!

If you guys wanted to fight, why does it have anything to do with me. Why was it that I have to mysteriously get involved with two bulkheads, who turned violent and started fighting?!

Just as I continued to escape from the place, a cold wind rolled over, and then I heard a “ping” sound. Less than one centimeter in front of me, a deep and long knife mark had appeared. The flowers in the garden were cleaved, and then the pieces of flowers started falling on behalf of my tears.

Senior… next time, even if you wanted to find a replacement fighter,… you really shouldn’t find this type, alright…?

Now I can’t leave, nor can I stay. Behind me, the two people, who had mysteriously started fighting, were still very heated up. Normally in manhuas, the protagonist would now rush in there to stop them, and use righteousness to influence them. In the end, two companions will be added to the list. But in reality, it wasn’t as perfect. I believe if I were to rush in there to stop them, there will only be horrible screams, screams issued by me, and then I’ll be chopped into pieces of meat. In the end, this movie will have a premature END.

Just as I was shivering and was planning to continue with my escape, there was a force grabbing onto my collar, and started running.

“Whoa!” I saw a beast arm grabbing onto my collar.

The five-colored rooster head gave me a weird close-up smile, “Can’t win, escape quickly.” Then he dragged me while running away.

If you know you wouldn’t win, so why did you go and provoke him?!

“Stop right there!” Andy was murderously chasing us.

“Who would listen to you?!” The five-colored rooster head turned around, showed him his middle finger, dragged me, and ran even faster.

Then I saw it, he was laughing! He was actually running away while laughing!

“It’s very interesting right!” He said some baffling word, “What is?” I think I was not running anymore. I was being dragged while flying behind him.

“Did you see the Angel just now? He was full of elegance and nobility. Now, he became so demonic. It’s hilarious.”

You got him pissed off and now he’s murderously chasing after us just because you wanted to see his facial expression of having cramps and becoming twisted?

I had a feeling there were a dozen black lines falling down from the top of my head. I wasn’t sure whether the five-colored rooster head is a good or bad person, but I can confirm he was someone whose head had a defect.

Andy was still behind us in hot pursuit.

Having been dragged off while on a run, I was so confused that I didn’t even know what my current location was.

“Sheesh, it’s so difficult to lose him.” The five-colored rooster head was cursing as he continued running.

Wait a moment, lose him? I remember senior gave me something, that whatchamacallit basic teleportation incantation. If I wanted to lose Andy now, and the place I wanted to go the most was the Magic Array classroom, because we were already half an hour late for class.

Just as Andy almost caught up to us, I threw the white charm on the floor and saw a huge glowing array. Andy, who seemed to be startled, stopped on his tracks.

I saw his face started turning into a blur.

* * *

With a thud, I fell on the ground. Falling down together with the five-colored rooster head.

“It hurts…” While I was still feeling dizzy, I held on to my head that hit the floor, sat up, and was stunned.

Everyone in the classroom was also stunned. The teacher for the Magic Array class, who was flipping open a textbook on the stage, was also stunned. In just a moment, not a single sound could be heard in the classroom.

“Damn you, what the hell was that thing earlier?!” The five-colored rooster head, who has yet to understand our situation, was roaring while trying to get up. I so wanted to immediately cover his mouth. Then, he also realised this strange situation.

The teacher was the fastest to react, he lowered his head to look at the magical array that was still shining brightly, and coughed twice, “Seems like today, we have two late comers who brought such a beautiful teleportation array.” I saw his white goatee twitched, and continued, “Then, would the two of you please draw thirty of the same magical array before you go back home and hand it to me.”

The whole class started laughing. I currently wanted to dig a hole and hide. This was not the worst.

In the whole class of laughing students, there were two people who didn’t laugh, one was a dumbfounded Miao Miao, and the other one was Chifuyu.

At that moment, I saw it, when I fell together with the five-colored rooster head, his whole face blackened.

Maybe, today was actually a terrible day.

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