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The Black Robe of the Second Team

Location: Atlantis
Time: 10:15 am

A few days had passed. Before I realized it, I have already spent one month in this school. This shock made me deeply aware of the idiom, “passing through a day felt like a year.” Every day felt like a year!

Senior’s period as a guide was also already over, and I haven’t seen him for a few days. According to Andy from the same dorm, lately, senior was either busy with work or he was busy with the Great Sports Competition.

“Yang~” As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I heard this voice, and without much consideration, I immediately turned back.

“Why is it that every time you see me, you run away?” The five-colored rooster head was one step faster as he grabbed onto my collar. I think this had already turned into a habit.

“Why is it that I would keep running into you recently?” This was my biggest question, because I’ve already been trying my best to avoid this malefic. Even when I go to the toilet, I would go to the furthest one. In the end, the chances of meeting him was still so damn high.

“Because we are friends, meh.” He laughed really evilly.

I found out that ever since I got acquainted with the five-colored rooster head, my fist had always been aching to visit his steel head, although it already did once.

“You don’t have class this period either?” Regardless of whether I’m willing or not, the five-colored rooster head had already dragged me to his table without my approval. The entire table was fully stacked with fine cakes and similar sweet food. It was very obvious he brought these here, “That’s great, I was just thinking of it being so boring, and wanted to find you to skip lessons.”

God bless me, fortunately I currently didn’t have classes. Otherwise, I don’t know how this damn five-colored rooster head in front of me would cause trouble in the class.

I noticed the strange sights surrounding us. After several people saw me sitting together with the five-colored rooster head, they started pointing at us.

… After a few days, I would probably be blacklisted, too, and would probably be called as the assassin’s accomplice and the like.

“Later, Ryan and the others would come. They asked me to wait here first, and I’ve already waited for a super long time.” The five-colored rooster head picked up a strange green cake and stuffed it in his mouth, “Go on and eat, no need to be polite.”

I wasn’t trying to be polite, but I just didn’t have the appetite to eat.

“Why is Ryan coming?” I thought Ryan was similar to Chifuyu in regards to the dislike towards the five-colored rooster head.

“Because he is one of the backups, and also, your senior is the Black Robe representative from the other team.” Biting onto the cake base, the five-colored rooster head counted with his finger, “I heard it was to arrange the whatchamacallit before the sports competition. When he sent me the paper note, I was feeding my pet, so I was only able to see the place and time of where to meet up. Then, the note was eaten by my pet, so I don’t know about the rest.”

“… You are rearing a goat?”

“Nope, I’m rearing a small black fur.” The five-colored rooster head gestured a size, about the size of a basketball, “Its body is completely covered with fur, and it eats everything.”

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine what kind of thing it was. A dog or a rabbit, I guess.

Then, I stood up.

“What are you doing?” The five-colored rooster head also lifted his head and looked at me, grabbing onto my clothes.

“Didn’t you say you were going to have a small meeting? I’m not a candidate of the sports competition, so it would be really weird if I’m listening over here.” Makes me feel like I’m a passerby who was in the way!

“No it wouldn’t, it’s not like this is such a big matter.” The five-colored rooster head said coolly.

This is fundamentally a big matter, alright!?

Just as I was being pulled and was planning to struggle to get away, an advanced magical array, so familiar, that I couldn’t possibly be more familiar with it, appeared beside my feet.

And then I saw the red eyes.

I suddenly felt there were times when senior’s eyes were like a rabbit’s eyes, the fierce and evil version of a killer rabbit.

“Chu, are you craving for a spanking as soon as we meet?” Senior started cracking his knuckles.

“Ahahaha, pretend you didn’t hear what I thought.” I brushed off the five-colored rooster head’s rooster claw.

Beside Senior were Ryan and someone whom I’ve never met before. It was a person wearing a black robe, and the last one was also someone whom I’ve never met before, but he was wearing a white robe.

Ryan was probably the most gregarious person in the group, because he wasn’t wearing his robe.

As soon as Senior and the others entered the restaurant, all the people in the restaurant turned to look at our table.

Later, Miao Miao and the others told me that seeing two Black Robes and two White Robes appearing at the same time was a very rare occurrence, because it was usually very difficult to even see a Black Robe in the school.

“Uh, you guys slowly have a talk.” I’ll quickly escape! The table was for important people, it’d be better if I escape quickly.

“Ah~~~” The five-colored rooster head issued an unknown sound.

The unknown Black Robe opened his mouth and said, “It’s fine even if you don’t leave, since it’s not something that can’t be heard.”

To be honest, the feeling he gave off was cold, extremely cold, and his face seemed to have been set by glue. He also had a foreigner’s facial features, but his skin was very white, so white that it could be compared with senior. However, his face was the face of a guy, the type many girls will like, the cool type. He looked like he was a few years older than us, short blonde hair with a pair of blue-violet slender eyes.

Why do I feel like this person is rather familiar?

“Count Misias D. Randall.” Senior introduced the Black Robe I wasn’t acquainted with, “The team leader of the other group in the sports competition. He is currently a first year of Class A in the university department.”

“On the other hand, this is Ziray, you already know him. And this, is Chu Ming Yang, currently a first year student in Class C, the human I brought into the dorm.” senior gave Randall an introduction.

Randall stared at me for a long time. Honestly, when he was staring at me, I felt my scalp tingling, because the color of his eyes was rather weird.

The gold hair’s eyes was also rather weird, it was golden in color, but it’s not as strange as Randall’s.

“Hello.” Unexpectedly, Randall actually extended his hand showing good intentions towards me.

I felt a little flattered.

“Uh… hello Count.” I also extended a hand to him. Holy crap, why was his hand as cold as a corpse?

And what was with his fingernails!? It was three times longer than mine, and it was black!

“Randall is an aristocrat of the Night Traveler clan. There aren’t many Night Travelers in our school, they’re extremely rare.” Senior said to me.

Why do I feel like the term Night Traveler seems so familiar?

“Which has the same meaning as a Vampire.” He noted.

In that second, I saw Randall smiling. Two fangs appeared from inside his mouth, sparkling, and were well maintained.

…Now I really want to escape.

* * *

I don’t know why, but our table turned from a conspicuous table into an extremely conspicuous table.

After getting permission from the two seniors, I was then forced back into my seat by the five-colored rooster head.

Randall, whom I’ve heard was a Vampire, was sitting right in front of me, smiling like a pervert. I suddenly felt that earlier, when he wasn’t smiling, he was much cooler.

Our table was a combination of two tables, turning into a super large table.

In fact, one table was enough to fit all six of us, but because of all the food which the rice ball obsessed maniac and the five-colored rooster head had brought, there was not enough space to fit it in one table. Thus, the white robe whom I still don’t know, moved another table and placed the drinks there.

“This is Lin, second year high school student from Class A.” Senior finally introduced the White Robe whom I didn’t know to everyone present.

I saw that the five-colored rooster head did not seemed to know him either, since he stared at him for a moment.

The White Robe, Lin, was similar to me. Eastern facial features, black hair and black eyes. He has a baby face, and I felt he looks much younger than he actually is. Looking at his appearance, I think he might even be from the same world as me, and a human.

Oh yeah~ my same kind!

“Lin is in charge of the preliminaries of the sports competition. He is our school’s contact person for the other rival school.” Tilting his head to think for awhile, senior looked at me, “He should be from the same place as you. He is a student who comes from China, both of you should be able to mix together.

Uh… basically, that’s one sea away.

However, I have always felt the landscape in China is very beautiful. I’ve seen many times in the travel magazine and television. When I’m free, I must find Lin to bring me there for a vacation.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Lin was very polite, and nodded at me.

“Hello, nice to meet you, too.”

Randall was still staring at me. I had the same feeling of a frog being stared at by a snake, making my scalp tingle.

“So much nonsense. Why did you call me for?” The five-colored rooster head rudely interrupted us, I saw that on his table, only the cake bases were left.

Ghost! He is a ghost!

The food that filled the table just moments ago had already been eaten by him!

“You’re right. Then, let us get to the main point.” Finally recovering his line of sight, Randall elegantly picked up the coffee cup from the time, and his ghastly smile vanished, returning to the super-glued fixed icy face.

Ryan covered up his rice ball box, and sat upright.

“Although you are the backup members, today, the main reason why I asked of you to come here is to understand the weapons both of you usually use.” Blue-violet eyes were looking at Ryan and the five-colored rooster head, “Ryan, the illusionary weapon expert, and Ziray of the Rogeria clan. Both are famous in our high school department. Basically, I wanted to see your weapons and fighting style, to plan our strategies.”

The things he said were very profound, and it was none of my business.

In fact, I wanted to sneak away. However, in this type of scene, I couldn’t leave no matter what, since it’ll be very awkward.

“Sure.” First, Ryan stood up, and took out a black rubber band-like item from his pocket and tied up his hair. The originally lazy looking tramp instantly tuned murderous, “Creature who formed a contract with me, please allow the apprehender to witness your form.”

With a clang and a bang, a pair of black knives was directly lodged in the table.

So to say, was it alright for you guys keep vandalizing the public property…?

From the day I entered the school, this group of people has been destroying public buildings at every turn. A normal school would have collapsed long ago.

“Otherworldly Knives, not bad.” Randall nodded, “Your choice of weapon is very unique.”

“If I have the chance to go on the stage, you won’t only be seeing Otherworldly Knives.” Ryan curved up the corner of his lips with a slight provocation.

I suddenly remembered Ryan still had a whole bunch of illusionary soybeans.

“Alright, I’ll note it down.” The Vampire took a sip of coffee. Looks like he wasn’t mad by the offensive sentence, “What about you?” He put down the cup, and looked at the five-colored rooster head who looked completely frivolous.

“I don’t have any illusionary weapons.” The five-colored rooster head said quickly. He then stood up, “Rogeria clan members don’t use illusionary weapons.” He held out his hand, the muscles in his right hand twisting and swelling, suddenly turning into the huge beast claw I had witnessed a few times.

“Nn, I understand.”

Looking at the dual knives and the beast claw, Randall propped up his chin and thought for a while, “Then in order to test your strength, I would like to trouble the both of you to use your own weapons to fight for one round.”

I was stunned for a moment.

“Fight here?” Completely opposite from me, the five-colored rooster head looked very, very excited. This made me think of the fact that he had always wanted to fight with Ryan since a very long time ago.

“Of course not.” The Vampire shook his head.

“I’ve already booked the seventh Martial Art stage, fight over there.” Senior stood up first, then Lin, who was beside him, followed suit, “Let’s go.” Suddenly, in front of his feet, a huge teleportation array appeared.

Uh… I also need tag along?

Although watching Ryan and the five-colored rooster head fight should be very interesting, Randall’s gaze caused me to feel rather reluctant to go.

“Yang Yang, help me to take care of this and don’t let anyone steal them.” Ryan placed the whole box of rice balls in my hands, “This is a limited edition product.”

Nevertheless, I don’t think there will be anyone who would be so bored to want to steal your rice balls.

Wait a moment! This means I have to tag along?

“Are you guys coming or not? What nonsense are you babbling about over there!” Senior, who was already standing in the teleportation array, waiting for us, said with an extremely impatient voice.

Ryan and I quickly ran over.

* * *

The place we were teleported to was different arena used the last time.

When I watched Leido and the others fighting, the perimeter of the arena was filled with water. This time, it was not an arena, it was like… uh, stakes. Many vertical platforms each with various heights, just like the things prepared during a film take of a Shaolin Temple in the television. And under those stakes was an abyss.


“Falling down leads straight to hell.” Senior said as he stood beside me.

From the audience seats, I lowered my head and looked down. From inside the black abyss that looked like a bottomless pit, an unknown wail could be heard.

What was that, what was that, what was that! What was that dark silhouette of someone writhing!? I saw a human model in squirming in the darkness!

“Falling down there would be really painful.” Senior said while revealing an evil smile, causing me to retreat away from the railing.

Are you sleep deprived again today?!

“They’re up.” Randall was like a big master as he comfortably sat on the audience seat with his legs crossed.

Is this what an aristocratic Vampire is supposed to do!?

Lin was on the high platform on the other side. I think that place was the referee’s or announcer’s seat. He was holding onto a book of something and was writing on it.

On top of the stakes connected directly to hell, the five-colored rooster head and Ryan was standing on each side.

This was a showdown of a fierce eyed tramp against a juvenile delinquent!

The five-colored rooster head stretched out his other hand, twisted it, and turned into another similar beast claw.

This was the first time I discovered his other hand can transform, too, because since I’ve known him, he only used one hand!

“Come on!” He smiled, and looked at Ryan who was across from him.

Not planning to attack first, Ryan stabbed his two knives into the stakes and stood on the knives’ handle. He looked like a special effect with a dangerous feel.

The first to take action was the five-colored rooster head. He kicked the stake on his original spot, and his entire body bounced forward. The strength of his legs was enormous; the entire stake issued a sound, and it started shaking and vibrating.

This time, I could barely see their movements. The last time when I was watching senior, I couldn’t see anything at all. It was just like watching some kind of supernatural chasing, chasing, and more chasing type of program. Only a few ghost-like shadows could be seen.

Just as the beast claw was about to crash down on top of Ryan’s head, I saw the two black knives flying both left and right like a UFO. Almost being sliced open, the five-colored rooster head abruptly twisted and did a backflip in his position. Before he could firmly stand on another stake, Ryan had already appeared in front of him.

The same time the knife sliced down, the five-colored rooster head held up one of his beast claw. I saw the knife directly hacking on top of the beast claw, but the beast claw wasn’t damaged at all, and in between the two of them, sparks could be seen.

What the hell was with the theory of his beast claw being tougher than a knife!?

Ryan’s other knife was tilted towards the five-colored rooster head’s neck in a horizontal slash, but the knife was only halfway there. Suddenly, Ryan retrieved his knife and jumped back.

The second he left the stake, the whole stake crumbled into dust. The culprit was the five-colored rooster head’s other claw.

“Looking at them as a White Robe and a no-robe, but with their strength, they can already be promoted to a higher level.” Randall said after observing the battle. I didn’t know when a goblet had appeared in his hand, but he looked extremely comfortable and was actually enjoying wine! A person had appeared beside him, dressed as a butler, holding onto a top quality grape wine of an unknown age.

Dude! Do you think you are currently watching a big screen theater at home!?

“Unfortunately, Ryan doesn’t dabble much in Magic, so he has yet to be promoted.” Senior seemed to be used to this already, for turned a blind eye towards the butler.

There was no need to mention the five-colored rooster head. The last time, he actually could have gotten an exception and got promoted, but everyone already knew what the problem was.

“Ah, being young is good.” The Vampire slightly lifted his empty glass, and the butler beside him elegantly poured liquid that looked like blood from the bottle into the glass.

I’d rather believe the liquid was grape wine!

I secretly peeked at the butler. He was very good looking; long golden hair and blue eyes, wearing white formal wear. However, his face was very white, too.

It can’t be that the butler is also a vampire, right?

“Nile is not a vampire.” Senior whispered to me, “He’s a werewolf.”

…Was there a difference!?

A loud sound interrupted our conversation and distracted us. I immediately turned back to look at the arena—

Ryan was standing on a stake, and the five-colored rooster head was also standing on a stake.

The difference from before now was, the stakes in between the two of them had already been completely destroyed. I wasn’t sure who it was who broke them since I was talking to senior, so I didn’t get to see it.

In short, in the entire arena, there probably was only two to three stakes left where one could stand on.

However, what caught my attention was not the fact that the stakes were broken, but the things under the stage. The large open area where the many stakes had been smashed, echoed a strange moaning sound. Suddenly, a bunch of black humanoids creature started overlapping one another and climbed up.

What the hell are those!

Without warning, the black humanoid creatures increased in numbers like a flooding river.

Even the bottom of Ryan’s and the five-colored rooster head’s stakes had already been covered with those things, and they were also shaking. The two stakes had been shaken until they started swaying.

“Nn… the wronged souls below have been attracted by both their powers?” Senior looked at the small hill made by the overlapping black humanoid creatures, and concluded.

What wronged souls!?

Something fell with a popping sound beside my feet, and I held onto the railing and looked down, “Whoa!” I immediately jumped back about a dozen steps.

At the edge of the audience seat, there was a black humanoid creature climbing up. It’s hand holding onto the railing, revealing a face.

In fact, it was actually not a face. It looked like mud put together, and also it felt like it kept on dripping. The eyes and the nose were nothing but two holes. When it opened its mouth wide, there was no tongue or teeth inside. I could only see the mud and some exposed bones.

What kind of soul is this! Why is it so different from the ones I’ve seen before!?

I suddenly felt the ferocious ghost I’ve encountered during my travels in the past was a hundredfold cuter compared to this.

“Get lost!” Randall, who was on his seat, issued a disgusted and heavy roar. The black humanoid creature was stunned, opened its mouth, wailed, and slowly retracted.

I quickly looked back at the arena.

“Ah, let’s settle this first before we continue our fight, alright?” The five-colored rooster head squatted on top of the stake, and slapped the a black mud person who was climbing upwards, and it fell back into the underground abyss.

Ryan nodded.

At the same time he nodded, the five-colored rooster head suddenly kicked the stake. I originally thought he would directly fall down, but he was actually floating in midair, and his legs no longer looked like human legs. I don’t know when, but his legs transformed into something like a huge bird claw of a raptor’s. His claws was grabbing onto a mud person’s head, and he threw it back.

I saw a pair of huge wings appearing behind the five-colored rooster head’s back

He’s a rooster! He really turned into a rooster!! He grew rooster’s claws and rooster’s wings!

I was expecting him to grow a rooster’s beak on his face, but after a period of time, it still didn’t change.

Ryan also jumped up from his original spot, one hand grabbing onto the five-colored rooster head’s rooster feet, hanging in midair.

At that moment, both the top of the stakes had been completely covered by the mud people.

The five-colored rooster head suddenly turned around and looked at me, “Yang~ Look at our combined special attack.”

Combined, as if!

Ryan obviously had the same thoughts as me, because I saw black lines and veins appearing on his face.

Then, Ryan put his two black knives together, and the black knives suddenly turned into a huge knife twice as large. Ryan held the knife with its tip pointing down. He then bit his finger and wrote an incantation I couldn’t read on the flat side of the knife with blood. The five-colored rooster head also followed suit and wrote an incantation on the other side of the knife, and pressed his hand at the end of the knife’s handle.

“Knife of the Otherworldly, pierce through space, and return those beings that shouldn’t exist back into the ground.” Ryan said softly, and both sides of the knife started emitting a cold light.

Again, the situation was rather difficult to describe. I suggest one to find an old movie called ID4 and watch it, especially the part when the aliens used a UFO to blast several buildings on Earth.

The cold light started to slowly move down, gathering at the tip of the knife.

A line of black light suddenly shot straight through the underground abyss, then I saw a ghostly claw slowly pulling the black light open. The light seemed to have a space inside and was pulled open, and an eye could be seen inside.

The eye looked below, then it closed, and the black lights disappeared just like that.

The moaning sounds suddenly stopped; all the mud people disappeared at the same moment, and only the bottomless huge hole was left.

Where did those mud people disappeared to? I suddenly felt my scalp tingling.

“So this is the unique power of the Otherworldly knife.” A voice drifted over from my side. I lifted my head and took a look, and senior’s red eyes were shining bright as though he saw some interesting toy.

Ryan let go of the rooster’s claw and jumped back onto his previous stake. The five-colored rooster head also followed suit. His rooster claws and rooster wings disappeared, leaving only one pair of beast claws.

“That’s enough.”

Randall suddenly clapped his hand, and the two people in the arena turned their head to look at him, “Looking at both your presence, strength, mobility, and impromptu cooperation, they are all above my expected level.” He said revealed a strange smile, similar to the one he had earlier.

“You are both fully qualified.”

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