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Things that Shouldn’t have been Heard

Location: Alis
Time: 11:50 am

The starry pictures around the observation room seemed to be glowing. From the time I entered until now, I still had the same feeling.

However, it was definitely better than our school’s, because last time I heard Ryan and the others saying our school’s starry pictures would really have meteors falling down, last week there were three second year students who were hit and were sent to be resurrected. By comparison, the stars that only glows up above were so much better.

“You will be involved in an unavoidable conspiracy.” Yido sat beneath one of the meteor, and he told me about the problem regarding my personal matter in a heavy tone.

If Leido, who was beside him, didn’t keep smiling, I would be so scared and wouldn’t know what I should do.

The foolishly smiling crazy person sitting quietly on the side destroyed the whole atmosphere.

“Oh, what conspiracy?” I actually could ask him so calmly! This is bad, maybe the next time I return to the human world, I won’t be an earthling anymore! Was this supposed to be my natural reaction?! I wasn’t supposed to first scream and then ask him while being frightened!? There must really be a problem with my head.

Yido shook his head, “We noticed a shadow interfering with the Foretelling Mirror, so I couldn’t really tell you about the conspiracy. However, it’s going to happen very soon, in the near future.”

So you’re telling me to be prepared for the worse…

Why does all the manhua, light novel, movies, and animes all have this type of damn setting! Every time, we will be first given the ‘how’ but we won’t be given the ‘why’ — that kind of crow prophecy!

I know! The next thing that will happen is me becoming really unlucky, and at a certain day, a certain date, a certain second, after I encounter some unique misfortune, I would suddenly think: Ah, isn’t this Yido’s crow prophecy! And it actually came true!

It always played out that way on TV.

“Please don’t worry, we are already trying our best to disperse that shadow, and I will definitely notify you if there is any news.”

Yido’s rhetorical sentence caused me to think back to my previous part time job interview during summer break.

We will first go through your resume, if there is any news we will definitely notify you. It was probably an altered version of this.

Leido, who kept on smiling while listening to our conversation, suddenly froze for a moment, started looking around, turned around, and spoke to his older brother. Leido and Yido talked to each other for a short while, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

After Yido ended the dialog, he turned around, “I’m sorry, I have something to take care of and have leave for a while. You should also be hungry already, so please do allow Leido to entertain you at our Alis Academy’s restaurant and have a break, alright?”

After he said that, only then did I find out I was actually feeling hungry. Since I rushed out this morning, I didn’t get a chance to eat anything.


Leido walked right beside me with that same smiling expression. I suspected his other expressions were left with his brother, and his brother’s smile was left with him, cutting the two of them into halves and swapping the halves would balance them nicely.

“Let’s go, please come this way.”

* * *

I had no idea the five-colored rooster head had gone to. I felt like I was really just bringing an animal here to be set free. As soon as he saw the mountains, he ran until no traces of him could be seen.

“What do you like to eat?” Leido suddenly opened his mouth and explained, “Although the meals in our school is not as plentiful as your school’s, they are nutritious and natural food.”

The current popular environmentally friendly type of food?

“Is Yido the same age as you guys?” I don’t know why, but I felt Leido was actually the easiest to communicate with amongst the three brothers. It probably had something to do with him always smiling.

Yido gives people a sense of estrangement, and there’s no need to even mention Yado. Just going over to talk to him felt like I could get killed.

“Nope, Yido is one year older than us.” Leido responded very naturally.

“But I remember him mentioning he was a first year in university?” I remembered, during the first time he introduced himself that “all” three of them were first years in university.

Leido laughed, “Because Yido started studying one year later, to wait for us.”

Wait for them? Doesn’t this family of brothers have too good of a relationship!?

“Because the elders in our clan said that if Yado and I were to attend school, we definitely will cause trouble to go out of hand, so Yido started one year later, specifically just to suppress us.”

I was wrong, I take back my previous words.

But just looking at them asking senior for a battle, I know it was not a good thing to mess with this pair of twins.

Leido tilted his head and looked at me, “You are not someone from this world, so you don’t know about certain taboos and the like. Yado and I are the clan’s taboo; we were born inside a corpse. As soon as we were born, we were exposed to blood. Thus, the both of us are very good at fighting, making the people in the clan afraid of us.”

I froze for a moment.

So it means, walking beside him would be like walking beside a killer devil, right?

“Yido said that there was a war with the Ghost tribe that year, and they wanted to grab the ten treasures of the Fairy clan. Many people had been killed, including our parents. Out mother had her belly sliced open by them, and then threw her body into the Abyss of Blackwater, but we survived.” Leido remembered the memories of his past, and his smile became rather stiff, “We were born inside a corpse, so everyone branded us ‘the blood taboo children’.”

“Uh… I don’t quite understand these stuff.”

Children born from a mother who was killed. In my world, the story would be nothing but a very beautiful and fortunate tale. In fact, they should actually be called ‘lucky children,’ right?

“Haha, just pretend you’re letting me complain for awhile. But normally, Yado and I won’t talk about these things.” He winked at me, looking like a kid younger than me.

I could see he had been holding it all back for a long time. Coincidentally, I was the don’t-know-anything person who could become his audience.

“In order not to waste the title of ‘blood taboo,’ Yado and I worked very hard to reach that image in their hearts. In the end, with a headache, Yido dragged the both of us to make a contract with Illusionary Weapons, and kept our weapons with him. Thus, the two of us can only use our Illusionary Weapons with him present.”

Leido only explained up to this part. I also didn’t any further questions, because I felt some things are better left unasked, and just listening to what was said would be enough.

Leido stopped walking right in front of an opened door, and an aroma drifted from inside, “This is our restaurant. Our dorm doesn’t serve food, so even during holidays we come here to eat.”

I took a look around; their dining room were rather big, too. It could probably fit about one or two hundred people. Inside, there was also a very forest-like atmosphere, with wooden tables, wooden chairs, green decorations and the like.

Probably because it was a holiday, there weren’t many people. Inside the restaurant, in groups of twos and threes, only a few tables had people sitting on them.

When Leido brought me to a table nearby a window, I suddenly thought of a question regarding Illusionary Weapons, “Normally one person can use more than one illusionary weapon, right?” So why did he say they would only be able to use Illusion Weapons when Yido is present? Could it be that the body possessing types were different?

Leido turned around, revealing an I don’t know if it’s considered as a strange smile, “We made a contract with royal weapons, and the blood contract is inside Yido, so if we were to use another weapon, Yido will die.”

Is it really that serious!? I remembered I also have a royal soybean weapon. Does that mean if I were to use another weapon, the soybean would murder me? Regarding this issue, I think I have the need to look for Ryan to have a chat with him.

* * *

Not long after, the table was filled with green vegetable-based meal. It was really very environmentally friendly. My face followed suit and turned green. Looking around, all the dishes consists of vegetables, and they felt very unappetizing. I’m a modernized kid! I’ve already been badly raised by unhealthy fast food!

“Yang Yang, do you like barbeque? I just ordered it, but they’ll only start cooking it after it’s been ordered, so it’ll take some time before it’s ready.” Unknown to where he learned this nickname, Leido said as he brought the last plate of salad.

“Yes.” I nodded firmly. Give me meat, give me meat, even if it’s minced meat fried with veggie. I found out that I was incapable of becoming a vegetarian.

In the blink of an eye, someone dressed like a waiter brought a big plate of barbeque, on top was covered with some golden sauce — should be honey sauce. As soon as it was served on top of the table, the fragrance overflowed, causing my saliva to almost flow out of my mouth.

I took a vegetable leaf and copied what the Koreans I’ve seen in the television; wrapping the meat inside the vegetable.

Leido kept staring at me, and then he laughed, “Interesting, I didn’t know Koo chicken’s meat could be eaten this way.”

Koo chicken? Was it some kind of Cuckoo chicken?

Leido, who was sitting opposite of me, copied my action. He wrapped the meat inside the vegetables, and swallowed it in one gulp, “It tastes nice eating this way. The eating method in your world is really interesting, I’ll tell Yado about it when I go back.” He seemed to be very satisfied with the Korean way of eating.

“Just now you said this is chicken meat?” I asked suspiciously, although I’m wasn’t good at distinguishing the different types of meat, but no matter how I looked at it, I had a feeling the plate of meat was actually… pork?

“This is Koo chicken’s meat, you’ve never seen it before?” Leido tilted his head and looked at me, but I could only honestly shake my head.

I’ve seen cuckoo chicken’s meat before, but if you remove the cuc from koo, I don’t know what it was anymore.

“I’ll show you.” He stood up and dragged me towards the kitchen.

This type of action felt very similar to someone!

He didn’t go into the kitchen, but went out through the side door, “Koo chickens are mostly reared in a courtyard beside the kitchen. Because they’re normally very small, and very convenient to raise, your school should have them, too.”

Our school has them, too?

A small distance away from the small gate, I saw a little building that looked like a chicken coop, but it was a little larger than the normal chicken coop, and there were also no smell of feces normal chicken coop has.

“This is the place where we raise the koo chickens.” Leido opened the tiny door of the chicken coop.

Although there was no lighting, the inside was bright thanks to the low ceiling being transparent. I had no idea if it was made of glass or whatnot, but the whole thing allowed light to shine through.

I looked carefully: inside were small fences, probably about two to three of them, it was rather spacious. Then inside… Oh, my, God!

I saw something that looked like mountain rats scurrying around.

Leido bent his body and picked up one of them to let me have a better look.

The animal had the same body structure as a mountain rat; about the size of two opened palms, a rabbit’s face, with a rat’s body and tail.

“It’s so small!” How many of them were killed for that plate of barbeque!?

I suddenly lost my appetite for the barbeque.

“It can enlarge, look.” Leido picked up the rabbit-like ears, and shouted at that ear, “Whoa—!”

Then, I saw a very supernatural scene.

The bunny-rat’s eyes became very big and round, and it revealed a very frightened expression, as though it just met a ghost. Then, the fur on its body, including its ears, tail, and whatnot were standing on its ends. Finally, it… enlarged.

The animal Leido was holding transformed into something three times its original size.

Leido threw the rabbit rat back inside the enclosure of the fence. The big fat shocked rabbit-rat, bolted, rammed into the wall, and died.

“If you left it for five minutes, it’ll probably grow ten times its original size, and when its meat is fully enlarged, it’ll be very sweet. The amount is also very adequate.” Leido stared at the rabbit-rat and started drooling.

I looked at the chubby koo chicken speechlessly.

Was it specially born just to be treated as food and eaten? It was even convenient to be carried around. Specially designed for restaurant use, right?

Within the fences were straws, and inside the straws, there were lots of rabbit rats scurrying around. I saw that their food was just a clump of vegetable, making them extremely easy to raise.

“Since we’ve finished looking at the koo chickens, let us go back and eat.” Leido and as he pulled me.

“Alright.” But I probably won’t have the appetite to eat. After I saw the inflatable koo chicken, my desire for meat had plummeted.

In this world, it was sometimes better not to look at the food ingredients.

Just as I was about to start moving, Leido suddenly stopped.


“Hush, someone’s coming.”

He immediately pushed me inside the chicken coop, stepped across the fence, and pulled me to hide inside the tall straw.

“Who’s coming?” Why do we need to hide? At most, we can go out and walk pass the person, right?

“I don’t know, but there is a hateful smell coming from that person.” Leido forced me into the haystack, suddenly stopped his action, and frowned, “That’s weird, why is Yado freaking out… forget it, we’ll discuss this later.” Then, he also squeezed into the straw.

A flock of koo chickens surrounded us, and copied our movements; they also squeezed in, chaotically nudging at us.

I also sensed there were two people closing in. Weird, why was I so sure there were two people?

“We’re not here, air and water, turn into reflection.” Leido recited something and his fingers drew across the air. I saw a rather whitish transparent fog covering the both of us.

The koo chickens suddenly dispersed. I saw Leido placing a finger on his lips.


* * *

There was a smell.

It was very hard to describe it, but just as what Leido said, I smelt a bad odor.

Footsteps were gradually approached us, someone entered the chicken coop, and it really was two people.

“How could the Alis Academy’s representatives be substituted!”

A very low deep voice, sounding extremely angry. As he became more agitated, the smell became stronger.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but this wasn’t something we could have expected. Because some problems had occurred with the people you’ve arranged, even his robe level had been stripped off. Now the representative are the aristocrats of the Water Fairy clan; it might become troublesome.” The other person spoke timidly, as though he was very afraid of the other person.

“What’s so troublesome about it!? Since it’s not one of our pawns, just follow according to the other schools. One by one, set up some plans, and dispose of them!”

Leido almost rushed out to start a fight, but I immediately grabbed at him.

We didn’t even know who the people outside were. If we rushed out now and there wasn’t a chance for us to win, what will we do?

“This year’s three treasures must come into our grasp. This is for our master.”

“I understand, I’ll immediately go and take care of it.”

The person took two steps, which was just outside the fence we were hiding behind in.

I carefully shifted the straw a little to peek, but I couldn’t see anything. However, through the gaps between the fence, I saw the clothing of the chefs in the kitchen we passed by earlier.

Leido also copied my action, and saw the same clothing.

“Please rest assure, Sir. In these past few years, Alis Academy had never entered the finals. We can easily drag them down during the preliminaries. The substitutes are only three White Robe Fairies, they’re no big deal.” The person wearing the chef clothing continued, “Compared to the team we’ve selected, they are much more inferior.”

I noticed that even though Leido was still smiling, but his smile was extremely frightening, just like a killer devil. I was afraid he would rush out at any moment and kill the two people who were talking.

Their conversation vaguely made people feel something was not right, as though they were doing something in the dark. In addition, I instinctively knew they were talking about the sports competition. I’ve heard that for every sport competition, there will be three treasures each prepared by the previous three winning schools as a reward for the top three schools of the upcoming year. The three treasures they mentioned must be referring to those.

Then, a horrifying thing happened; the other person suddenly crouched down.

I saw a ghost mask, revealing two turbid yellow eyes. There was a second when our eyesight seemed to have crossed, but he immediately shifted his sight.

“Sir, is there any problem?” The chef clothing asked.

“Nothing, I just felt like there was someone here just now.”

As soon as the person said that, Leido immediately pressed the back of his hand onto my mouth.

In fact, from up until earlier, the one who was being impulsive was him, so it was pointless for him to cover my mouth.

“This is a place to rear the koo chickens, it’s not possible for the students to even come in.” The person in chef clothing panicked, and turned his body around a few times. I guess he was looking around.

I suddenly realised Leido must have used some kind of spell or the like to allow us to hide ourselves. Otherwise, why would they not be able to detect us?

“Hmph… whether they’re here or not, we’ll just have to search and find out.” As though he didn’t believe him, the ghost mask stepped over the fence, and the surrounding koo chickens turned frightened until they started scurrying around. A few of them were progressively turning into large round bodies, and rammed into us a few times.

Drops of cold sweat started dripping from my head.

The closer the person was, the more I could smell the suffocating odor. It was similar to the odor I smelt when I was at the Ghost King tomb the other day. It made me want to vomit.

Leido was restraining me, and both of us didn’t dare to move even an inch.

“Strange, there is a human’s scent.” He said, and my heart almost skipped a beat.

Just when I thought Leido was about to rush out and fight with them, a huge sound came from afar. It was the sound of an explosion, and sounded like a explosive charm.

“Someone’s coming, I’ll leave first. You’d better not forget the job given to you.” The ghost mask immediately stepped out of the fence, and disappeared in just moments.

Then, the chef also headed out. But before he left the chicken coop, another sound of explosion could be heard, and all the straw in the chicken coop was blown, chaotically flying around in the chicken coop. The koo chickens became frightened, and all of them started enlarging.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Leido dragged me, ran out from the back door of the chicken coop, and we ran around to the front door. He wanted to pretend we just arrived to the scene.

When we were at the front door, I saw the origin of the explosion, and I was dumbfounded.

Holding onto a black sword explosive charm was none other than Leido’s twin brother, Yado, and some distance in front of him was the five-colored rooster head with one of his beast claw, standing right in front of the chicken coop.

In the middle of the two of them, was someone so frightened that he was sitting down on the ground — the chef.

Yado glared at the five-colored rooster head with his hazel eyes full of murderous intent. Using the black sword, he pointed at the five-colored rooster head, “If today is not the day of your death, then it’s mine.”

The five-colored rooster head snorted twice, completely unafraid of him, “Come on. Let’s see, when you finally lose, you would be the one to commit suicide.”

I’m speechless, extremely speechless. Oh God! Why was it that no matter where we go, you can casually cause someone to freak out?

I regretted allowing the five-colored rooster head to come here with me.

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