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The Secret to the Five-Colored Rooster Hairstyle

Location: Atlantis
Time: 10:25 am

Our school’s students are really weird, and this was something everyone already knew.

Since I have gotten in contact with Alis Academy recently, it was only then I realized, the weird ones… weren’t only in our school.

“Yang~~” During an off day on Saturday, just as I stepped out of the dorm and was heading towards the restaurant, a ghostly whisper immediately came from one side.

Come on, you’ve been calling me from Monday to Friday, can’t you find a day to not come and trouble me, boss…

“Let’s go! Let’s leave for the left shopping street.” Not even asking for my opinion, the five-colored rooster head casually pulled my collar, dragging me away and left.

You think you’re dragging some kind of rubbish?

“Why do you want to go to the shopping street?” Almost suffocating to death, I was finally able to revolt. I smacked off the five-colored rooster head’s killer hand, and coughed twice to get my breath back. You need to know that the five-colored rooster head’s hand was pretty strong; actually, it was extremely strong. Every time he pulled my collar, I had a free simulated experience of hanging myself.

The five-colored rooster head coolly made a 1950s unforgettable person’s pose of taking a standard picture… one foot on the garden’s low wall at one side, and one hand supporting his chin. But to me, it looked like a Taiwan visitor wearing Hawaiian beach clothing trying to look cool. Sure enough, clothing will affect a person’s temperament; right in front of me was a live bloody example.

Why do you have to dress like this!

“My hair gel and conditioner ran out, so I want to buy two bottles.”

After he said that, it was only then that I realized that the five-colored rooster head’s colorful steel brush hair was hanging down a little. So it was actually because his hair gel had run out.

… Then why don’t you just leave it down!

Talking about it, I seemed to have not yet asked if the five-colored rooster head was staying in the dorms or at home, since the chances of him appearing in school was too high. However, I didn’t think he was staying in the dorms, because he was a runaway wild chicken, and I don’t think the dorm would be able to control him.

“Let’s go, let’s go! After I buy my stuff, I’ll treat you to lunch.” The five-colored rooster head grabbed my shoulder and continued walking.

“Don’t you need to go back home on Saturdays?” I’m embarrassed to ask upfront, so I tentatively asked. I was just feeling curious.

The five-colored rooster head glanced at me, “I live at my clan’s house, why do I need to go home?”

It turns out he actually lived in his house! And I thought he probably found a hill or rock, dug a hole, and lived inside.

“Today’s an off day, so why are you at school!?” You’re too bored!?

“Because if I’m stay home, I would be forced to go out and work, but I’m feeling very lazy, and also my hair gel ran out. I don’t want to go out with a hanging down seaweed hair.” The five-colored rooster head said very boldly.

Very good, you also know it’s a seaweed hair, and it’s even a colorful one at that!

“Since it’s so troublesome, why did you dye it this way? Wouldn’t leaving it at its original color would be better?” Dying your hair, needing to maintain a certain look for it to look nice, and hair care. But the main point was all this would damage his hair, so I really didn’t know why the five-colored rooster head was so persistent towards the colorful steel brush hair.

“Because I like it.”

“…” It was really a very good reason, “Why do you need to make a special trip to the left shopping mall to buy it?” A normal hair gel and conditioner should be available in any store, right? It can’t be that a colorful steel brush is more difficult to set and needs some kind of special hair conditioner?

“The person who helped me dye my hair said that the specific brand is only available at the left and right shopping street. When I went to the right shopping street earlier, someone set the shop on fire yesterday and burnt it down, and it’s currently being rebuilt, so I could only go to the left shopping street.” The five-colored rooster head shrugged and said in a rather helpless tone.

“Someone set it on fire and burnt the shop down?” My attention was on this sentence.

“Nn? That’s right, is there any problem?”

“Nope…” The right shopping mall was really a place I shouldn’t enter.

“Are you interested in dying your hair, too?” The five-colored rooster head’s eyes suddenly brightened up and started looking at my hair, “Nn, nn, the length is just nice. After adding a few colors, it’ll be perfect.”

“No thanks.” I think when the hair designer helped the five-colored rooster head to design his hairstyle, he most definitely felt like weeping but no tears flowed, because this steel brush was actually created by his hands! Next time, customers would probably feel very frightened when they go there to dye their hair.


Do you have any complaint?

The left shopping street was always very busy. No matter what the time was, it was still the same.

This gave me a sense of doubt, because the number of students weren’t that much and some of the passer-by looked… rather weird. Other than the students of the school and the staff, where on earth did these things come from?

The place the five-colored rooster head brought me to was the “Hundred Year Old Store”.

Didn’t you suffer a loss here the last time? And in the end you still came back.

The five-colored rooster head pushed the door open, and a familiar sweet smell drifted over.

“Welcome to…”

The leisurely old man’s voice, which was like a sound that was issued by a ghost behind the door, drifted over, together with a sinister wind. Now, I was starting to have goose bumps.

“Hello, Old Man Zhang!” The five-colored rooster head repeated the sentence from the last time.

“It’s you again!” In the dark yellowish room, a small kid appeared from behind a marble table beside the wall, and a hoarse elderly voice was issued from his mouth, “Ah, ah, and also the cute new student.”

To be honest, if I hadn’t already come here once, I would have felt his sentence was like an I-would-be-eaten-by-some-carnivorous-animal-in-the-very-next-second.

“What’s with the sudden change in your tone?” The five-colored rooster head put his foot on the marble table. Without knowing what being polite meant, “I want to buy hair gel and conditioner, the ones I’ve bought in the past.”

“My small shop only welcomes cute and pretty students, the rest aren’t within this jurisdiction.” Narrowing his eyes, the small kid slightly bent his body, picked up a wooden box almost bigger than him, and placed it on the table, “One set is half a Karl dollar.”

The five-colored rooster head threw a credit card towards the small kid, “I’ll take two sets.”

The small kid packed a bag of heavy objects, passed it to the five-colored rooster head, and then swiped the card before giving it back, “Cute child, what do you want to buy today? My small shop can give you a good discount.”

“I don’t have anything I want to buy.” The paper charm I bought last time still have not been used up yet, so I didn’t plan on buying more at the moment.

“Then my small shop will treat you to some candy. Next time, please do come and visit my small shop more often.” The small kid took out a small bag of round candy from his pocket and put it in my hand.

“Old man, why is did you give him some but not me!?” Because of two sweets, the five-colored rooster head started arguing with the turtle spirit.

“You think that you’re a small kid who needs sweet?

Witnessing them arguing for the first time was very dumbfounding, but the second time around, I felt this might actually be their way of communication.

So, I decided to use senior Geng’s method of allowing them to continue arguing until they were satisfied. I’ll go out and wait outside the shop…

I kept the round candy away, opened the door, and a very extremely familiar person immediately jumped back a step. He probably didn’t think I would suddenly come out.


“Hush!” A certain someone who was caught red handed suddenly covered my mouth and dragged me out.

“Mm, mm,mm! ” Don’t cover my nose, too!

He directly dragged me into the small alley before he let go.

I guess I would most probably get murdered by two different people within one day.

“What are you doing here!?” I was surprised and shocked, seeing a certain representative from another school appearing in the shopping street. Also, according to his action of jumping back from beside the door, I had a 100% reason to suspect he was leaning on the door, eavesdropping.

As for what he was trying to eavesdrop, I really didn’t know.

“That’s, I’m passing by. Hehe, haha.” A certain someone smiled and said.

“… It’s a little too far to be passing by?” Passing by our school from Alis Academy?

“You can just pretend I accidentally passed through here.”

What’s the difference?

“You’re looking for Ziray?” I guess he shouldn’t be looking for me, because his goal was very obvious since the day we met till now, “He’s still inside and should be coming out pretty soon.” After he finished with his argument.

“No, no.” A certain someone quickly shook his head, and suddenly felt as though something was wrong, then he nodded, “That’s, there’s something I need to talk to him about.”

There were actually very few people who would take the initiative to look for the five-colored rooster head, other than looking for a fight.

Wait a minute; I probably had a slip of tongue.

This guy didn’t come to look for the five-colored rooster head; I remember the thing he was interested in was the five-colored rooster head’s… colorful steel brush feather.

“Yang~~ Let us go for lunch… why is it you again!?” Holding onto a big bag of things, the five-colored rooster head came over. While he was talking halfway, as soon as he saw the person beside me, he completely cut off his sentence, and his expression immediately turned into a disgusted one.

“Because I miss Yang Yang, I came to look for him.”

In one second, I was treated as a shield.

F— you, Leido, aren’t you saying this too fluently!?

* * *

The atmosphere was very tense.

This shop, which was considered to be a cute and clean beverage shop, was currently filled with a strange atmosphere.

As I drank an unknown beverage in my hands, there was a kind of feeling I was being attacked from the left and right side of me until I die. Can you imagine: one side, a cold killer wave was leaked out, and the other side had a kind of persistent loving wave leaking out? It was that kind of enigmatic feeling.

“I’m warning you, stop staring at my head!” Probably after a few minutes, feeling suspicious of his own head being visually raped, with a bam, the five-colored rooster head smashed a hole on the table, and stood up. The people in the beverage shop turned around and looked, “What are you guys looking at! I’ll slaughter all your family members!”

All of them immediately turned their heads back.

Intimidating others in public would cause you to be jailed… definitely!

Leido still had that delirious smile on his face, “Your hair really is an art, can you tell me how it came about?” Completely disregarding the five-colored rooster head’s murderous look, he was immersed in his fantasy world while staring at the steel brush head in front of him, “I tried making something similar, but it all ended in failure.”

You’re crazy! You really are crazy! You actually wanted to make something similar! Your older brother would cry, Boss Leido!

The five-colored rooster head used a looking-at-his-enemy-who-slaughtered-his-whole-family kind of expression to look at Leido.

This is bad. If the fighting starts, where should I run? I must determine a complete escape route, otherwise in this small shop, if I’m tripped by tables, chairs, or people who fell down, then I wouldn’t be able to escape.

Just as the atmosphere reached a highest point of tension, the five-colored rooster head, who was standing, suddenly revealed a weird smile.

That’s right, he really was smiling! It was the type of smile that gives ones goose bumps from the bottom of his heart. The second I saw that smile, I thought this time, brother Leido wouldn’t be able to leave with his life.

“You really want to know how this came about?” The five-colored rooster head played with his fingernails, and just like the unscrupulous businessman or bad guys on TV, he sighed, “Little child, you know that if you want to know something, you’ll need to pay the price.”

Where did your line come from? And also, Leido is actually older than you, have you forgotten that, classmate!?

“What is the price?” The stupid lamb-like Leido blinked his idiotically smiling convulsed eyes, looking at the evil unscrupulous businessman on the other side.

With a bang, the table was smashed, and a beast claw appeared in front of me, “Get up, let’s fight!”

I picked up the only drink that wasn’t sent flying, while looking at the exaggerated performance similar to the manhuas in front of me. The surrounding people, due to being threatened to have all their family members murdered, didn’t even dare to look over our side again.

“Ah, ah, that’s not possible. Yado and Yido would scold me, especially Yado, he would most definitely freak out.” Disregarding the smashed table, Leido fanned his hand, “This is the only thing that I can’t agree with.”

“Then forget it. Yang~~ Let’s go.” The five-colored rooster head immediately turned his head.

I have not finished my drink, and also, you smashed someone else’s table, so you should pay for it.

“Alright! I’ll do it.”

You’re too easily threatened!

“But I really can’t fight.” Leido very seriously said, “Can you compromise by using some other way? For example, something gentler…”

Rather than asking the five-colored rooster head to find a gentler way as a price, I personally think asking a buffalo to fly up to the moon would happen sooner.

“For example, arm wrestling?” Unconsciously, I blurted this out. I wanted to take back my words but it was already too late. The two people in front turned around, gloomily staring at me, “Uh… you guys can pretend you’re hearing things, and just ignore me. Please continue.”

“Let’s just use that.” Leido immediately rushed over, very touched, he grabbed onto my hand, “Thanks for providing your advice.”

I can feel the five-colored rooster head’s chilly murderous aura drifting past from beside me.

“Since Yang Yang has given a suggestion, let’s use arm wrestling as the price; arm wrestling can also be considered as a fight, so it’s in accordance with Ziray’s price. Ziray, you wouldn’t go back on your words, right?” Leido quickly moved a new table over, and said heartily.

A certain rooster turned his head around, using a very strange expression to look at me.

Mom… I probably won’t be able to live through the night.

And so after what was said, both of them really started an arm wrestling contest on the new table.

“Let’s get this straight, how many rounds and how many wins?” Rolling up his sleeves, Leido, who wasn’t too stupid, started asking about the rules about the contest. I bet if he didn’t ask this first, later the five-colored rooster head would continue the contest until both of their arms break before he would be satisfied.

“… Five rounds, three wins.” The five-colored rooster head glared at me, and began to roll up his sleeves.

I started looking for an escape route.

Later, when their contest ends, the five-colored rooster head would most definitely find me for an after-contest as revenge. I have to find an escape route immediately.

The two people put their elbow on the table, “Then, let the game begin.”

Just as I heard “three, two” and was about to look back, I heard a bam, and a certain someone’s laugh, “First round, it’s my win.”

In less than five seconds, Leido pinned down the five-colored rooster head’s arm.

I rubbed and rubbed my eyes. If I wasn’t seeing things, the current situation in front of me was the five-colored rooster head being dumbfounded.

“One win, one win. Two more wins and I would win overall, right?” Leido happily retracted his hand, and all around flowers of love were blooming towards the steel brush head.

So the original legendary paranoia was referring to this?

From being dumbfounded, the five-colored rooster head became covered with dark clouds, and then he stretched out a finger pointing at the person in front, “You! Why did you deceive me for such a long time! You caused me to live under a completely uncertain shadow!” Very similar to the lines of a mistress after an affair was found out, the mistress knew she was being lied to, only to find out he already had a lawful wife.

“I, I didn’t?” With a look of dismay, Leido looked at the person on the other side of the table, completely not understanding what had happened.

“Forget it, you don’t have to say anything anymore! If today’s not your death, then it’s mine! If you dare, then let me see your skill” With a sinister and ruthless expression, the five-colored rooster head placed his arm on the table, “This time I won’t show you any mercy!”

Has it already changed from a drama to a martial arts movie?

Leido whose face was filled with question marks placed his arm on the table, “Then, second round start, three, two, one.”

This time, the five-colored rooster head didn’t lose immediately, his arm muscles immediately surfaced. One could clearly see he was using a great deal of strength, and Leido on the other side wasn’t relaxed either, focusing on his strength on winning the match.

I continued drinking my beverage. I noticed that all around, people had started to form a crowd, but they didn’t have the courage to shout or cheer.

According to the pointer of my watch, after thirty seconds had passed the five-colored rooster head’s arm was in a state of gradually being pressed down. Unable to hold for one minute, another bam sound of the impact landed on the table, “Second round is also my win.”

Leido smiled in a very delirious way.

Looking at his hand for a long time, the five-colored rooster head lifted his head, “How do you usually train your arm’s strength?”

“Train?” Leido blinked bewilderedly, “I don’t. Normally, I would be doing crafts, going on missions, travelling and fighting with Yado, and mostly helping Yido carry sacred rocks to reconstruct the temple?”

Your usual pastime is carrying rocks?

I suddenly understood why Leido was so strong.

“Alright, the third round.” The five-colored rooster head put his arm on the table; I clearly saw that he was smiling rather strangely.

On the third round after two seconds, I completely understood his strange smile.

With a crash, the table was completely destroyed, and the sudden appearance of the beast claw was the culprit, “The third round is my win.” The five-colored rooster head had a very looking-for-a-beating smile.

Dear classmate, this is a foul!

“It’s alright, I was just surprised.” Leido pulled at his right arm, I heard an abnormal sound, and then his left hand pulling his right arm did a twist. He then tried moving his right arm about, “Let’s continue.” He once again moved another table.

I suddenly felt Yado was pretty pitiful, doing his own stuff and suddenly had his arm dislocated. It looks like he should be rushing over here pretty soon.

“The fourth round, start. Three, two, one.”

This round, this two people were mustering their strength trying to pin the other person’s arm down. Veins appeared on Leido’s forehead, and the five-colored rooster head who was using his beast claw also had his head filled with veins. Both of them didn’t allow the other to gain even a little.

The time slowly passed by.

My beverage was just emptied and I yawned, both of them were still in a deadlock. Three minutes had probably passed.

Just as the pointer was about to reach five minutes, I saw both Leido and the five-colored rooster head’s arm turning red, with cold sweat appearing on their faces but their arms didn’t even budge a little.

Just for a steel brush, was it really necessary to compete up to this point!?

On the side, the surrounding onlookers looked on with bated breath.

Just as the time was about to reach eight minutes, the match had some changes: the five-colored rooster head, who was using his beast claw, was actually caught in a situation where he was starting to lose. Little by little, his arm was being pinned towards the table.

I saw Leido’s eyes turning completely red.

What’s with this situation? Arm wrestling until your murderous aura started flowing out?

Just as the time reached eight minutes and a half, with a loud crashing sound, the whole table was completely crushed. Similar to a heavy rain, huge amounts of debris fell on the ground.

Leido stood up, “I, I won, three wins.” His right hand was trembling, probably due to using excessive force, looking like it would collapse at any moment.

“Tsk!” The five-colored rooster head’s hand that had turned back to normal and was also fiercely trembling, “Fine, I’ll tell you!”

Just for a steel brush, do you really have to go so far?

Sitting on the side, after looking at this scene, other than being speechless, I was still speechless.

This two people’s head are already not normal.

Another table was moved over once again.

Both Leido and the five-colored rooster head’s right hand were hanging vertically, as they didn’t have the strength to lift them onto the table, and both of them were using their left hands to hold onto their drinks.

Did the both of you really need to go so far…

“Alright, according to the agreement, I’ll tell you the secret.” The five-colored rooster head slammed his cup down with a thud sound, and said sullenly.

“Nn, nn.” Leido enthusiastically nodded, and even took out a notebook.

“You have to find a really good hair stylist to help you style your hair, and then dye it. Also, use a strong hair gel and conditioner to maintain your hair every day.

“…” I’m speechless.

“…” Leido was dumbfounded.

The surrounding quieted down.

“Just, just like that?” The pen fell from his hand, Leido was completely stunned.

“What else did you think it was!?” From across the table, the five-colored rooster head gave him a punch on the head.

I think Leido was most definitely at a loss about being cheated.

This was an obvious fact alright!? Otherwise you think it was a natural fated-to-grow-in-that-kind-of-freaking-color steel brush!?

Leido was completely stunned. He then stood up, looking like his soul had left his body, and using a being-dismissed-by-his-boss-and-immediately-losing-his-job kind of listless footsteps, he walked towards the exit, not even remembering to bid us goodbye.

Hey, hey, was it really necessary to have such a huge shock?

After paying the bill, the five-colored rooster head stood up and stretched his body, “Good, finally got rid of that annoying person. Let us continue our shopping journey!” He once again dragged me by my collar, pulling me off my chair.

“Wait, wait a minute! Haven’t you finished buying your stuff!?” I was shocked, almost being suffocated.

The five-colored rooster head’s face directly appeared in front of me, “Just now, I wonder who was the one who suggested, ARM W.R.E.S.T.L.I.N.G.”

It’s here! The after-contest revenge is here!

My scalp started tingling. I knew he was definitely not some merciful person. As soon as he turned his head around, he wanted his revenge.

“So, for all of today, your time is mine.”

… My life is so bitter.

“That’s right, who’s the hair stylist you mentioned just now?” After being dragged out of the shop, I only had this question.

“What?” The five-colored rooster head glanced at me.

“The one that you told Leido about.”

He suddenly revealed a strange smile, “You think, I would tell him the truth?”

“Ah? You didn’t?”

The five-colored rooster head laughed very treacherously, only the words “too prideful” could be used to describe him, “That is your uncle’s ultimate secret, how could I so casually tell someone else.”

Then, how on earth did your head become like that!?

A huge mystery hit me on my head.

The five-colored rooster head in front was still smiling so arrogantly.

I guess when Leido finds out he had been cheated again, he probably would be vomiting blood.

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