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Alis Academy’s Opening Match

Location: Atlantis
Time: 7:50 AM

I had an-utter-disaster-is-approaching kind of feeling.

The thing that happened the day before, and if you’re reading a story then you can just flip to the previous page and you’ll know about it.

Boss Gasai’s words gave me a feeling like I was entering a kind of mysterious hell.

At around seven or so in the morning, I blinked my extremely sour eyes that didn’t had a good sleep the whole night. Hugging onto my toiletries (sorry I still don’t dare to use the toilet in my room), I knocked on senior’s room door.

“The door’s not locked.”

The usual response, and then I just pushed the door and went in by myself.

As soon as I opened the door, the incoming scent of a very thick milk fragrance could be detected, “Morning, just now the kitchen sent some breakfast. After you’ve finished tidying yourself, you can come and have some.” The television was turned on, and senior was focused on it, and didn’t turn around to look at me. He then picked up a cup on the table and took a sip.

I secretly glanced at the television. It seems like it was displaying some kind of news or the like, which I don’t understand.

… That’s not right, when did senior’s room have a television? I clearly remembered senior’s room didn’t even have an electrical plug.

“It’s Tyre who brought the television here. Recently there seems to be some problems occurring in the original world, so I have to take more notice about this.” Continuing to stare at the television, senior said to me, “Watching television is the fastest way of getting information, but of course it can’t be compared to the intelligence gathering team. But to continuously get information from intelligence gathering team, one needs to pay a price, so just watching television is more than enough.”

There’re problems occurring in my world? It can’t be that dinosaurs or aliens wanted to invade earth again?

Even if there are dinosaurs or aliens invading earth, there will definitely be a savior appearing on earth. Otherwise, the world’s defense system would suddenly becoming stronger, so it’s not up to us ordinary civilians to worry about it.

“I don’t want to beat someone up so early in the morning.” Red eyes glared at me, causing me to hurriedly rush into the toilet in a split second.

I spent ten minutes to finish washing up and changed my clothes. After I came out, senior was still sitting at the same place, but seems like the news has already ended because the television has already been turned off, and the entire screen was black.

“The team badge that we helped you to apply for yesterday has arrived.”

The second I picked up the cup of milk, senior issued the hellish declaration I was most afraid of.

I stiffly turned my head around and saw that he had lifted his head to look at me. He then raised his right hand, and on top of it was a badge, a silver octagonal badge. There was a similar totem with our school’s badge on it, but with an additional small pattern. It was the mark of the competition’s General Assembly.

That’s right, this happened yesterday.

My stiff brain once again remembered what senior Gasai had said…

* * *

“If you want to make sure that Chu is always nearby, I do have an excellent idea.”

“Just make him register as a member of the second team.”

* * *

End of my recollection.

“Your recollection is too short.” Senior threw the representative badge at me and snorted coldly.

“If my recollection is too long, you’ll smack me.” I’m already very experienced in this.

“You also know that your brain is filled with nonsense?”

I’ve already said that no one asked you to listen!

“Oh right. Since we’ve already helped you to apply for it, from today onwards when our team is having any operations, you must attend it, too. Other than that, there’re some related matters, but Gasai will pass a manual to you later.” Disregarding my thoughts, senior, who always does things his own way, continued drinking his milk.

Hell! This is hell!

Asking me, who is even more of a newbie than the normal newbie, to join the second team? This is intentionally wanting me to die and go to hell thousands of times!

“Don’t worry, we are still not that bold to use you, who is even more of a newbie than the normal newbie, to become a backup player.” Senior snorted coldly and laughed.

“Ah? You’re not?”

And here I’ve always thought that the main character’s paths in the manhuas and light novels, there’s a ninety percent chance of me becoming a backup player, and then get to enter as a backup player out of the blue. Then, there will be a scene where I would try and defeat the final Boss, but instead would be K.O-ed in the first match. Finally, the story would just END this way.

“It’s not like our brains are not functioning.” Senior gave me a very poisonous fact, “We only helped you to apply as a related personnel.” He passed me a piece of paper, which has the application’s preparation table written on it.

I glanced at it and was dumbfounded.

The whole paper was filled with my personal information, and then at the bottom was a column where the applicant’s position was written…

* * *

“Odd-job man?”

* * *

What kind of position is this?

Odd-job man can also be applied this way!?

“Other than odd-job man, I really don’t know what other position I could write down.” Senior shrugged, very honestly told me, “Otherwise, do you think errand boy would sound better?”

I suddenly felt that becoming a backup player and heading straight to my death is better. At least it’s more honorable. You need to think about this, a backup player being killed and an odd-job man being killed while passing-by, which one sounds better! Being a backup player definitely sounded better. At least there’s the feeling of dying while in the line of duty. As for odd-job man being killed, it would be like accidentally slipping and falling into a ditch, and he would be ridiculed. It was that kind of feeling!

But the main point is, the general assembly actually allowed this to pass. Is the applications for related personnel is really so lenient?

“For the general teams, applying for assisting personnel is permitted, such as Randall who also applied for his butler, but assisting personnel aren’t qualified to go on stage, so you don’t need to worry about dying out there.”

I looked at that piece of paper, and only had one question, “Randall didn’t help Nile to apply as an odd-job man, right?”

“Of course not. Nile used his identity as a butler to enter, but are you eve capable of being a butler?” Senior used a if-u-can-be-a-butler-then-I’ll-help-you-apply-for-it kind of tone and said.

“I understand.” Looks like odd-job man is the most suitable position for me.

This is so sad.

* * *

On the second day of the competition, there’s only one match that held my attention.

Alis Academy versus Evil Spirit Academy, staring at nine in the morning.

In the last match they also went against Evil Spirit Academy, however, since they also made it to the final, they are going against them once again. Although it’s not the same team as the previous one, but it would still make one feel concerned.

“We’re also very concerned about watching Evil Spirit Academy’s match.” Senior stood up, and then while he was talking, he went back to his room to take the representative’s Black Robe and wore it,

“I’d heard that in the competition four years ago, both their teams entered the finals, but due to one of the teams secretly attacking the other participants, the team had been disqualified. And the other team launched a huge spell during the match causing the audiences to be involved, creating a major disaster. That team was then also punished by being disqualified. So, I’m rather concerned about what kind of tricks are they planning this year.”

In fact, I wanted to go and see Yido and the others… but after senior said that, I was suddenly rather reluctant to go and watch it.

What’s with involving the audiences!?

But this also cleared up something, Evil Spirit Academy is probably very strong.

Senior suddenly turned around, red eyes staring at me, “That’s right, Evil Spirit Academy’s overall ability has always been very strong. If their school didn’t always produce certain groups of third-grade people, they probably wouldn’t be below our school’s level. But they are always involved in some not-so-good activities, so they had always been excluded from the school’s alliances, where not many schools were willing to have any friendly relationship with them.

That sounds rather miserable.

I tried hard to remember this. I must remember to not have even have the slightest connection with Evil Spirit Academy.

“That’s right, your clothes would be arriving tomorrow.” Senior suddenly threw this baffling sentence over.


“The team’s representative’s clothes. Related personnel also have their own uniforms.”

Is that true!? Such generosity!

Wait a minute! The team’s representatives have their own clothes?

That’s right, just like Barbulis and Seven Hill were wearing the same clothes, it should also be the same for our school.

But I have a question… Senior and Gasai have Robe level so I won’t mention them, but why is it that I’ve never seen the five-colored rooster head wearing it?

“Ziray said that just wearing ordinary clothes makes him want to die, so yesterday during the opening ceremony, the clothes he wore was already at his limit, and he wouldn’t wear the team’s representative clothes even if he was to be beaten to death.”

It was words he would most probably say.

I deeply felt that the five-colored rooster head was rather similar to an unsociable mouse dropping inside a pot of porridge.

“Anyway the school never made any special stipulation regarding the players wearing the representative’s clothes. It just depends on the player’s personal preference. Also, it doesn’t have to be returned after the competition, so you can keep it as a memento or just casually wear it.” Tidying up some items and putting them in his pocket, senior put the plates and cups we used for breakfast into the kitchenette sink, “Let’s go, it’s almost time for the match to start.”


The next second after I had agreed to go, a huge teleportation array immediately appeared on the floor, and in a split second, we were already inside yesterday’s player resting room.

Gasai was earlier than us, already sitting down on the sofa reading a thick book I didn’t know how to read.

Today he was dressed relatively simpler. Probably because they didn’t have a match today, he was wearing clothes I’ve never seen before. White base with blue edges, rather like our school’s uniform, and at one side was a similar kind of coat.

“This is the representative team’s uniform.” After senior said those words to me, he went over to greet Gasai.

To be honest, the representative team’s uniform looks pretty good.

I felt like joining the competition, and I even earning new clothes for myself, this isn’t too bad, although I’m just a lowly odd-job man.

“Ziray said that he wanted to watch the competition at the audience seat because it’s nearer to the sales department.” Gasai, while still reading his book, reported where the other member was and explained why he was there.

You really are a good five-colored rooster head, you played out a “unsociable mouse dropping” to its greatest extent.

I casually found a place and sat down.

Saying that my identity is an odd-job man, but looking at the interior of the room, it’s very clean and tidy. I also heard that every once in a while, there will be some general assembly’s staff who would come to keep things in order and to provide services. Senior, don’t you feel guilty applying for this kind of position?

This felt like in some large company where there was a super sinecure whose job was to check whether the trash bin was being emptied and cleaned by the old lady daily. It’s also a suspicious behaviour of cheating the company’s salary.

Probably because he was discussing something important with Gasai or the like, he actually didn’t rush over here to smack my head.

Just as we were each doing our own stuff, sounds could be heard outside the resting room’s door.

“Odd-job man! Go and open the door!”

I’ve had it!

As soon as I opened the door, someone immediately rushed over.

“Yang Yang!”

“Leido?” I was surprised. Why did this person, who was supposed to be preparing for the match, wasn’t preparing but came here to knock on our door.

“Yado?” Standing behind the deliriously smiling face was someone who has a paralyzed face.

Yado nodded at me.

“We’ll be preparing for the match soon, but we wanted to come over here to greet you guys first.” Leido folded his arms, and laughed, “You guys would be coming over to take a look, right?”

I looked at senior and Gasai who was behind. They returned the greeting and then they nodded.

“This year, did Evil Spirit Academy played some tricks again before the finals?” Gasai came over, seeming to be exchanging pleasantries as he asked.

Yado shook his head, “Nope, that’s why we felt that it was weird. Yido wants us to all pay more attention during the match.”

Exchanging glances with Leido, he continued, “Yesterday during your match, we went to take a look at Clear Wind and Giya’s match. This year, Clear Wind’s first representative team players are very weird, so strong that it’s extremely weird.”

“What do you mean?” Gasai narrowed his eyes, and asked, “Yesterday when we went back, we didn’t have the time to take a look at the playback video of the competition.”

“Clear Wind has always considered themselves to be a fighting-based school, and in the previous years during the competitions, most of them kept to a limit. But this year during their match with Giya, they actually went overboard. If it wasn’t for the referee ordering them to stop in time and announcing their advancement to the next round, Giya’s players probably would be so seriously injured that they wouldn’t be able to leave their bed for the whole month.”

When Yado mentioned this, he had taken our school’s protection into consideration where one would definitely not die in this school, which represents that if it was in a normal condition, Giya’s players should have already died thousands of times.

“In the whole process, it was very obvious that Giya players had wanted to called for a halt and throw in the towel, but Clear Wind Academy didn’t even give them the chance to do so. According to their matches in the previous years, this year it was especially out of everyone’s expectation.”

I looked at both my seniors, who were frowning.

Wait a minute, I suddenly thought that, what if Clear Wind’s abnormality had something to do with them being attacked when they were on the way here?

I don’t know why, but I just associated it with that.

“It should have nothing to do with being attacked.” It seems like he knew what I was thinking, Leido very quickly continued, “After that day, we went there to investigate, and also after Clear Wind arrived, all of them had their identity verified. It had been determined to be their original selves with no errors, and they also didn’t receive any huge spell attacks. So it was speculated that it’s probably some small tricks that was done by certain people.”

“Oh…” I’m not too familiar with these stuff, but since Leido already said so, it’s probably me thinking too much?

But I kept feeling that something was rather strange, I’m probably overthinking this.

“It’s almost time for us to go, we’ll take our leave first.” Noticing that it’s almost time, Yado hurriedly finished his greeting and then dragged Leido. They quickly activated the teleportation charm and left.

Looking at them disappearing in front of me, I suddenly had a question… we can actually come and go using teleportation charms, then yesterday why did I so obediently walk in here using the main door?

Such bad planning, as long as someone knows how to use it then they could come and go as they like.

Senior glanced at me, “Only players can come and go using this method. Those who aren’t players that trespassed would fail or get stuck in the wall waiting to be discovered. Every year, there’s an especially large amount of people being discovered in the walls. So if you’re not afraid of death, you can go and try it out the next time.”

“There’s no need, thank you.”

* * *

It was only now that I realized this, but the player’s viewing area was different from the audience seat. No wonder during yesterday’s match, I didn’t see the other school’s players, and only saw the normal students.

The player’s viewing area was at yesterday’s resting area. Because the resting area had already been separated, specially for each of the ten teams during the opening ceremony, so this was the actual purpose of doing that. But I’d heard that the General Assembly never did force the players to watch the match in the resting area, so a majority of the spaces are still empty.

“Other than during the match, the general resting area that players use to watch the match would be protected by barriers. People, who are outside, wouldn’t be able to see what’s inside, but people, who are inside, are able to see what’s happening outside. This is to protect the privacy of the players who are resting inside. But if there’s any major trouble, they would remove the barrier to allow the viewing of the people outside, just like what happened the other day.” Gasai looked at the huge crowd outside, and said to me, “But the Medical Team and the Assisting Team are an exception, in their barrier, they would be able to look at what’s happening inside here, so that they can be ready for anything.”

I understand this principle, it should be similar to bullet proof glass. This is rather miraculous.

“Ladies and gentlemen, a very good morning to all of you, and welcome all of you to today’s first arena. I’ll be your live announcer, Lucia, and will be broadcasting this morning’s match between Alis Academy versus Evil Spirit Academy, and also this afternoon’s match between Atlantis Academy first representative team versus Clear Wind Academy second representative.”

A different female announcer from yesterday flew out from the other side of the judges seat. It’s a very sunny-type of girl, with short brown hair and blue eyes, and other than a pair of long ears, she had a pair of very huge transparent wings, unlike the steel wings from yesterday, it’s like some kind of insect’s transparent wings.

“It’s well known that Alis Academy’s representatives, Yido and his two brothers are rather famous experts within the white robes. In these recent years the astronomy-based school, Alis Academy, was gradually starting to shake off their status of declination due to the three of them doing their best to fight for partnership with other schools. And Evil Spirit Academy’s Jia Qiao, Ellya and Raidel, one Black Robe and Two Purple robe partners, has a rather large gap in strength compared to Alis Academy. Since we don’t know who will come out as the winner today, dear audiences please look forward to today’s showdown.”

Suddenly, thunderous sounds echoed in the small arena on the field.

Similar to what happened yesterday, floating in mid-air, a small arena rose above the ground, and it slowly opened up above the huge field. It was different from the flame stage during senior’s match. This time after it opened up, it was actually filled with lots of rocky hills. The stage was very had lots of rocks and hills, in addition to small gravels and fine sand. For the players, their sight would be obstructed.

“The randomly selected arena is the rocky dunes, players from both teams, please enter the stage.” Lucia’s voice resounded in the whole field.

Wind filled with sand blew past, and then players from both teams simultaneously appeared at either side.

Yido and the others’ White Robes were especially conspicuous amidst the rock and sand, because it’s white, so white that it could reflect the light.

I don’t know what kind of detergent would be so effective, even after they went through so many battles, their clothes were still so white, it’s too miraculous!

“This venue is very unfavourable for Alis Academy.” Gasai and senior started putting their heads together and discussed, “Yido and his brothers are of the Water Fairy clan, so a stage of sand and rocks would be their biggest obstruction.”

“Nn.” Senior nodded, “Jia Qiao is well-known for his black incantations, and he would most probably drag out the match.”

After the two of them said that, I started feeling worried about Leido and the others.

I know that in the end we would compete against them, but because I am acquainted with them, I still hope they would be the one to win this match.

Evil Spirit Academy’s leader, Jia Qiao is a short boy, wearing a Black Robe that made him look like he was wearing some kind of clothing for evil cursed sorcerer. This caused me to once again accept the fact that the same clothing being worn by different people wouldn’t give the same effect.

The other two people, one was a guy and the other was a girl, were both wearing Purple Robes, and from their looks, they don’t seemed to be kind-hearted kind of people.

“The one who signed a contract with me, allow the contestants to witness your valor.”

Before the match started, Yido held out both his hands and materialized the illusionary weapons, one on the left and the other on the right, allowing his twin brothers to take them.

Don’t know if it was due to the arena, even at where I was, I could vaguely feel the unique heat coming from the sandy and rocky place, not to mention on the stage. Having moisture absorbed in addition to that dry stage, I don’t know how much it would affect the match.

“Thinking of winning against us with only three White Robes? Alis Academy is indeed a rotten school, even their thinking are so idiotic!” Issuing a frog-like voice that makes one feel very uncomfortable, Jia Qiao slowly lifted his hand, and then he drew a circle in front, “I’ll let you frogs, who live at the bottom of the well, to witness a big scene.”

The two Purple Robes at the side moved back, with a looking-for-a-good-show kind of expression.

“Darkness, whirlpool, death’s blood, cursed ghost hidden behind the time and space, remove the obstacles in front of me.” A huge black magical array appeared directly above the huge stage, and it seems to rotate at a strange slow speed.

Lucia flew higher up to avoid being hit, “Everyone, please take a look, at the start of the match, Evil Spirit Academy’s Black Robe representative, Jia Qiao used a black array curse. Black array curse originated from Spirit Land eight hundred years ago, it’s a razor-sharp weapon created by the spirit tribe to kill their enemies. Legends says that in the past, this huge array has always been successful, and almost every time it was used the prey, the prey would certainly be killed. In the past it was listed as an array where its usage must be put under surveillance. Never thought that we could actually see this rare curse murderous black array in today’s general assembly, this really is an eye-opener for us all.”

The sky darkened.

I noticed that the brightness in the field was gradually decreasing, the sand and rocks on the ground wasn’t flying around like earlier. It was seemingly being held down by something heavy, and even the fine sands couldn’t fly up.

There’s a very disgusting feeling, a very heavy pressure making one feel that even his internal organs were about to be squeezed out.

One by one, a bright cover appeared on each of the General Assembly’s audience seat.

“That is an incantation to protect the audience from being hit by the attacks.” Senior was standing beside me, and he continued, “Don’t worry, there’s a huge barrier covering the stage, so it wouldn’t reach us over here.”

In fact, I’m more worried about the people on the stage.

* * *

“You want to settle three White Robes with only one Black Robe, you really are very naive.”

Within the sand and rocks, Leido and Yado simultaneously stabbed their swords forcefully on the ground. Suddenly a loud thunderous sound could be heard from the dark sky, and the surrounding vibrated until it started buzzing incessantly.

“So their weapons are actually of water and lightning attributes.” Staring at the stage, Gasai seemed to have found out something interesting.

After he said that, it was only then that I remembered the recording of the match that senior showed me. Indeed, Yado and Leido’s weapons are of water and lightning attributes.

In that case, this means senior Gasai still hasn’t seen that match yet?

And I thought that senior Gasai would have watched it a long time ago. It was probably because he’s been busy with work and the match.

“Everyone knows that within Alis Academy, out of the three brothers, only the two of you can fight. Let’s see how good you are at fighting.” Disregarding the shocking thunder, Jia Qiao lifted his hand up high, “Listen to my orders, hunt down Yido, drag his soul into the abyss of darkness!”

Sure enough, he immediately attacked Yido, who has a relatively weaker combat ability!

Unexpectedly, Leido and Yado actually weren’t anxious about saving him. Both of them placed their hand on their swords, and didn’t move a single step.

The sky was so dark that it was similar to black ink, and the whole ground started rumbling.

At the same second, in the middle of the darkness, something pierced downwards, very similar to a needle’s tip losing its center of gravity as it headed down. It headed towards the place where Alis Academy was at, and it powerfully piercing through that place.

With a rumbling sound, the gravity of the ground full of sand and rocks was split into two, a stunning sand storm appeared at the general assembly. Our sights were being covered by the gray stone powder, and we weren’t able to see anything at all.

After the black spell hit its target, it exploded upwards, it looked like a black rain as it started to fall down drop by drop.

The time suddenly seemed to be moving very slowly.

Looking at this scene, I suddenly remembered watching an advertisement on TV, a beverage advertisement.

Black liquor, with black bubbles.

It was so heavy that it made one feel like suffocating.

And then, after the darkness, a ray of light dispersed the black rain that was falling, bit by bit, tearing the darkness and returning it back to the earth.

The sand and dust clouds dispersed.

“We’ve said this just now, wanting to settle three White Robes with only one Black Robe, you really are too naive.”

A sudden burst of thunderous applause came from the audience seat.

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