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Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies

Quest: Wolf Extermination

Difficulty : Normal

Description : Help the Village Chief kill 30 Gray Wolves

Rewards: 5000 EXP


Quest: Slimes Extermination

Difficulty : Normal

Description : Help the Village Chief kill 100 Slimes

Rewards: 3000 EXP

After looking at the quest descriptions, he found out that they were only normal quests. However, killing monsters helps him level up, so for him to be able to receive rewards by killing mobs is quite a steal. Rui was currently level 6, and the EXP he needed to level up to 7 is 12,000.

Killing one Gray Wolf would only give him 300 EXP, but by completing the quest, Rui would receive thousands upon thousands of EXP as a reward, which is pretty impressive. The EXP reward would help shorten the time he needed to get to level 10, and the earlier Rui reaches level 10, the earlier he can get out of the Novice Village and gain some advantage over the other players.

After closing the quest window, Rui opened up his stats window.


Sly Hand





Secondary Profession










Physical ATT

40-47 (32+(8-15))

Magic ATT


Physical DEF

29 (4+25)

Magic DEF



4 (3+1)

HP Recovery


MP Recovery















Nimble Wind:

Unique Skill, Level 1 0/10,000.

This skill is only available to players who have obtained full 20 points in Agility. Because it is a unique skill, no other player has it. This special skill can be upgraded!


MP Consumption: 20
Activate to increase Speed at the rate of (Level x Current Speed)
One minute Duration.
One hour cooldown.


Spirit Immunity:

Unique Skill, Level 1 0/10,000

This skill is only available to players who have obtained full 10 points in Toughness. Because it is a unique skill, no other player has it. This special skill can be upgraded!


MP Consumption: 50
On activation you will be immune to all Spirit Attacks (immune to all crowd control).
30 seconds Duration.
Five hour cooldown.


Wolf Fang Dagger

Green Equipment



Level Req




Passive Effect

Lacerate — Probability of inflicting a continuous bleeding status on your opponent.


Gray Wolf Boots

Normal Equipment





Level Req







Gray Wolf Leather Armor

Green Equipment



Level Req





Slime Gauntlet

Normal Equipment



Level Req





Crit rate increase by 1%

Pretty impressive!

His Attack, Defense, and Speed were all quite strong. Furthermore, he also had 2 unique skills, which didn’t make Rui seem like a level 6 newbie character.

Closing his status and equipment window, Rui stride his foot forward, and hastily dashed out of the Novice Village. Drenched in sweat, Rui managed to swiftly run away from overly zealous newbie players swarming towards him.

“Leader, there’s a prey running towards the direction of the Gray Wolf Zone… Don’t worry, if it’s him, you would definitely be interested.”

When Rui ran across him, a sinister looking guy confirmed the direction he was heading to, and spoke through the communicator.

* * *

Sprinting along the way, passing the Pheasants’ area, Rui quickly ran towards the Gray Wolves’ domain. When he arrived, he saw that there was a significant increase in the number of players. Players were now not only occupying the edges of the area, they have also began to infest the inner areas of the Gray Wolves’ domain.

“Hey friend, please wait a second.”

When Rui was about to speed up to go inside the domain, a soft nearby voice made him stop in his tracks.

Looking back, Rui saw a girly looking guy and five others slowly walking towards him. The player IDs on top of their heads were visible.

Greedy Wolves!

They should be a group of people with mutual interest; a studio, or members of the same family. They all had the same tag — Greedy Wolf, and their leader was the feminine looking young guy.

Greedy Wolf-Defeating Armies!

“Did you need something?” Rui slowly narrowed his eyes and asked cautiously.


Hearing Rui’s cold and yet indifferent tone of voice, a short Warrior beside Greedy Wolves-Defeating Armies got angry and was preparing to refute Rui.

“Friend, please don’t mind it. I am Greedy Wolf-Defeating Armies, and we are the members of the guild called ‘Greedy Wolves.’ You are clearly not a normal player, and we’d like you to join our guild… As for the Greedy Wolves’ guild, I don’t have to explain much, if you join us, you’ll soon understand the idea. Judging from how you are right now, I can easily give you a salary of 10,000 RMB (~$1,600 USD) a month. However, if you show good results, I am more than willing to increase your salary.

Raising a hand to stop the short Warrior’s refute, Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies smiled and offered Rui.

“Thank you for your well meant intentions, however, I am used to being a solo player. Sorry to disappoint the honourable Defeating Armies.”

Rui smiled faintly, and to everyone’s astonishment, he rejected Greedy Wolves-Defeating Armies’ offer. To the majority of the people here, a salary of 10,000 RMB a month, on top of increasing as he improves, were all good conditions.

More importantly, on top of joining a guild, it doesn’t matter if it was hunting monsters, doing quests, leveling, et cetera, the offer only had benefits with no demerits. However, Rui did not even take time to think about the offer before he rejected it. This rendered the number of people nearby speechless, who could not even get such offers in a million years, even if they were to grovel and beg.

“So friend, no matter what the offer is, you’ll still reject it?” The smile from Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies disappeared from his face. The other five party members began to slowly surround Rui.

They obviously harboured ill intentions!

Looking at the actions of the members of the Greedy Wolves guild, Rui revealed a cold chilly smile.

“I have been around for so long, and I have yet to taste rejections until now! My friend, are you sure you don’t want to rethink this?”

Greedy wolves-Defeating Armies raised his head, and looked into Rui’s cold, stern eyes.

At the threat of Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies, Rui shrugged nonchalantly, “Then, allow me to present that taste to you.”

“Bastard!…” Even after looking at the situation before him, he still remained seemingly arrogant. Like a pack of dogs, the group prepared their weapons for the upcoming fight.

“Hahaha…” Suddenly Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies laughed out loud, causing the remaining members to stop.

“Interesting, very interesting!” Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies said to Rui in amusement. After looking at what Rui was wearing, he revealed a greedy expression. “If you do not want this offer, I will not pursue it. Your equipment isn’t bad, are you willing… to sell it?”

The killing intent emitted from his voice caused a lot of the people around the area to take a few steps back. It was obvious what the Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies wanted from the beginning was to get Rui’s equipment, even if it was plain robbery in front of many people. However, was there any way out?

This world revolves around the strong. Their current location was the domain of the Gray Wolves, and not a safe area. Thus the system allowed PKing. Nevertheless, being killed even once was would drop you a level, and such loss would be intolerable.

Thus, all the players around believed the owner of the Green Equipment would obediently sell the item. After all, despite the grade of the equipment, it was not that hard to find, and losing it would not be such a tragedy. Moreover, even if he was killed, there was still a large chance of his equipment.

Seeing how Greedy Wolves – Defeating Armies was anything but a saint, players knew that if they wanted to survive in this Novice Village, they had to bear with him.

Play it safe; this was the right choice.

“Sorry, but the equipment I am wearing is important to me, so I can’t sell it. I have to disappoint the honourable Defeating Armies again.”

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