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Kill 5 out of 9

“Brother Kun… What… What are you doing?”

Qin Yue looked at the disgusting man with a shocked expression, and lightly resisted while she implored.

“Big sis Qin, ever since I first met you, I haven’t been at ease. I have been thinking, and I realized I fell in love with you. Go out with me!”

The guy named brother Kun looked at Qin Yue as he confessed with his heartfelt feelings. Even though his confession was beyond disgusting, the two other delinquents cheered.

“Brother Kun, you’re flattering me. I’m already quite old, how can I catch your eye? Look, there are still many customers waiting, so please let me go.”

Looking at the man in front of her and hearing his disgusting words, Qin Yue almost wanted to vomit. However, she knew of the guy’s evil and violent tendencies, and thus could only try to appease him.

As a woman, she was supposed to be at home taking care of her family, however, she had no choice but to work outside. Not only was it busy and tiring, she had to often deal with these disgusting men, and those related to the triads. Sometimes she wondered if there were anyone that’s experiencing the same thing as her.

Even though she managed to dodge various attempts before, however, this was the first time brother Kun did it in front of everyone in the stall. However, her worst fear came to life, and Qin Yue felt she could no longer escape.

She had only two choices left. The first was to obey him, and lose her precious purity. And the second was to make a run for it, and stop opening the stall. However, she could not leave with her daughter like this, especially when she was just about to enter university. Thinking of this, the pitiable Qin Yue almost wanted to cry.

“Let you go? Big sis Qin, you must be kidding me. My feelings for you are sincere! Even though you said you’re growing old, no matter how I see it, you’re like a blooming flower. Your loveliness has enamored my soul.”

Brother Kun laughed loudly, and the two lackeys beside him also joined in his laughter.

“Brother Kun, please, I beg you! Leave a widow and her daughter alone!”

Looking at the man in front of her, Qin Yue finally cried out, and almost went on her knees.

“Woah, woah, how could I forget about Little Fei? Such a cute girl is almost impossible to find!”

He was unmoved by Qin Yue’s cry. Suddenly, he slapped his forehead and look at the frightened Little Fei standing in the corner.

“Come here, Little Fei, over to my side. Long time no see! Let brother Kun see if you have ripened. Kids are kids, puberty is a critical period. After all, your appearance can change in a very short time!”

“Brother Kun, Little Fei is still young, I beg you, please let her go!” Seeing brother Kun’s attention had changed to Fei, Qin Yue’s face immediately changed, and went down on her knees.

“Let her go? Qin Yue, let me tell you something honestly. Since I dare to do this, it means I will definitely have you today. If you listen to me, I will let Little Fei go. If not…” The smile on Kun’s face disappeared, and reverted to his fierce expression as he stared at Qin Yue.

“Hey, brother Kun, isn’t it interesting if you get both the mother and daughter? That girl is so innocent and beautiful; if you don’t want her, your younger brother does!” The youth with green hair laughed incessantly while his evil eyes looked back and forth at Fei’s frightened and trembling body.

“That’s right, brother Kun. If you’re eating the main course, at least let us have the side dish! When you’re done playing, let your younger brothers have a go! I have never played with such a beautiful woman before.” The other golden hair youth also began to laugh loudly. Both mother and daughter were in despair when they heard their words.

“These garbage! Not only do they take protection fees, they also do such perverted things. They are worse than beasts! I pity Boss Qin and her daughter. They’re going to get ruined.”

“Why is there no one making a police report? If these garbage are caught for their crimes, they would be getting at least 10 years of jail time!”

“Police report? Do you know their boss have connections not just in the police, but also with the court officials? In this day and age, there’s no one to trust. Even if we managed to throw them into the jail, they will be bailed out before long. Then, you should know what will happen to those who reported them, right?”

“This is seriously outrageous! Where’s the justice? This is a lawful society!”

“Justice? Law? Wake up already. This world, ever since ancient times, have never changed. The strong will always prey on the weak. Even if these three bastards are thrown into the jail, the people backing them will not forgive the person who gave the police the tip-off. Also, even if brother Kun leave, there will always be others to replace him. How many do you think you can get rid off? In the end, these two mother and daughter will end up in the same situation.”


Qin Yue’s teary face, the trembling Fei, the laughing delinquent trio, and the conversation by two men at the table beside him… As he gulped down his beer, Rui’s eyes gradually became fiercer.

He was an Assassin! The Crimson Shadow Ghost, the King of Assassins!

Regarding the nature of the world, he was more aware than anyone. The law of the jungle has never changed, even more so in advanced countries such as China. He was among the top of the jungle. He knew of this law, and understood he could not break it, rather, it was impossible to break.

When there’s benefits, there will be conflict, and this will never change. If Qin Yue wanted to open a store, she had to pay a price. Triads collecting protection fees are inevitable. If it was only that, Rui would not bother, as this would allow Qin Yue and Fei to clearly see the world. Only by clearly seeing the world can one then understand. Only by understanding can can accept it. Once they accept the world as it is, they can find how to live in it.

However, this bastard brother Kun, was worse than a beast! This raised the murderous intent in Rui’s heart.

He became an Assassin because of a promise.

However, even as an Assassin, he had his own rules.

He won’t kill any elderly!

He won’t kill any mother or child!

He won’t kill any good people!

Even with a knife threatening his heart, he will not kill.

As long as it is a good person, he will definitely not kill the above three types of people. Regardless of their appetite or their temperament, he will not kill them.

However, on the other hand.

He will kill those who are disloyal!

He will kill those who are heartless and unfilial!

He will kill corrupted officials!

He will kill frauds!

He will kill b*tches!

Kill 5 out of 9!

Those were Crimson Shadow Ghost’s rules!

He was not acting mighty, nor was he a good person. However, at the very least, he was human. He tightly held onto the code of ethics that made him human. Those who are worse than beasts could not even be compared to him – an Assassin whose hands were stained with blood. He was unsure whether he would go to hell when he dies. However, he was certain these people will definitely go to hell.

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