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Night of Slaughter I

Even though he only knew Qin Yue and Little Fei for a few days, Rui had already started to treat them as special existences. They were not as close as family, yet they could not be said to be complete strangers. In any case, the feelings he felt were complicated.

However, in this world, there are many complicated things. There are also many things that could not be explained. Even if you try to think about them, you will still not be able to understand it. However, it’s not like these problems could not be solved. As long as you follow your heart, you will definitely find the right answer.

Rui was an Assassin.

What are Assassins?

They are emotionless, ruthless, cold-blooded, and view human lives as the same as that of an ant’s. They are the Gods of Death that lie in the darkness.

As long as the employers pay, they will kill.

They are people who are paid to kill.

It was just a simple trade.

It’s very straightforward.

However, Rui was different. He was not a cold-blooded Assassin. He did not sympathize with the weak, and did not pose as someone who’s strong. Rather, he believed he was a human, and not a killing machine. He still abided by the basic code of human ethics.

Kill 5 out of 9!

This was how his rules were created.

What’s the Assassin occupation like? The employer simply pays you to complete a task. Unlike mercenaries, Assassins only accept jobs related to killing people.

Qin Yue and her daughter neither had allies nor enemies, and did not have any bad blood. Since he was not paid to kill the three delinquents, he did not have to intervene.

However, in this world, things are usually very complicated. There was not a way to solve everything simply by thinking. Anyone can be confused, and many people do things without thinking it through.

Currently, Rui’s mind was extremely clear, since this was one of the basics of being an Assassin. However, he was also very confused, since he did not know how to do it.

In this world, the mind is not the only guide to solving problems!

Other than the mind, there is…

The heart!

Rui’s mind was in disarray, but his heart was moving his body, and it was even dominating the controller of the human body — the brain.

His heart was filled with anger and killing intent, and was causing his disarrayed mind to be even more confused.

He suddenly stood up.

One step at a time… He walked towards the three delinquents…

“Youngin, don’t do it!”

A good person’s advice did not stop him, and he kept his slow pace towards them.

“Oh? Kid, are you trying to be a hero?”

After feeling a weird change in the atmosphere, one of the delinquents raised his head and looked at the figure approaching them. He arrogantly laughed out loud.

“Kid, scram! Trying to be a hero? You’ll have to pay the price! Before our brother Kun flares up, you better scram!”

The green-haired youth ruthlessly kicked a stool at Rui.

“Tch, this kid!”

When he saw Rui dodging the stool and continued to walk towards them without faltering, the yellow-haired youth got angry, grabbed onto a bottle of beer, and smashed it on the table.


The bottle broke into pieces. He raised the shattered bottle and rushed forward to stab Rui on his chest.

“No!” Seeing the yellow-haired youth’s movement, the teary-eyed Qin Yue cried out.


A shrill voice stunned the people on-site.

Rui, who they thought would be stabbed, was alright. Rather, the shattered bottle was stabbed deeply into the shoulder of the yellow-haired youth. A stream of blood started to flow down his arm.

“Damn you!”

When he saw that his brother got attacked, the loyal green-haired youth did not think for a moment, and aggressively charged towards Rui with a chair he grabbed from beside him.


With a single leg, Rui ruthlessly kicked the chair and it scattered into pieces. Not only the chair, his heavy kick landed on the face of the green-haired youth.


The strong kick forced the green haired youth to fly, sliding across the ground while bumping into several tables, and causing several plates and beer bottles to shatter into the floor.

“You, you… Don’t come over!”

His subordinates were both defeated in a single exchange; one of them lost an arm and was bleeding profusely, and the other suffered a heavy blow and was instantly knocked out of commission. Seeing this sight, the bully brother Kun looked at the youth who was approaching him with a dark expression, and felt a cold shiver down his body. He took out a dagger and placed it on Qin Yue’s neck. His hand trembled slightly, and made a small cut. Blood began to trickle down her neck.

‘You still dare to pull out a stunt like this?’

He momentarily stopped his steps, and the expression in his eyes suddenly flared up. Qin Yue’s suffering and the blood flowing down her neck unleashed the killing intent Rui kept in his heart.

He was no longer an Assassin, so he should not be showing such a strong hostility.

At first, Rui was holding back. He wanted to let these three buffoons go by simply crippling them, so they would not commit any more crimes. However, he decided to give these bastards their death sentences.

They. Must. Die!

At that moment, Rui no longer bothered about the witnesses around him and displayed the speed he once had as the Crimson Shadow Ghost. With a flash, before Kun could even react, Rui got to his back and tightly gripped onto his dirty, trembling hands.


With an aggressive throw, the screeching and unbearable sound of a broken bone was heard.

He pressed onto Kun’s head hard, and forced down the scream he was about to let out. Looking at his face contorted in anguish, Rui wanted to give him another beating. However, with so many people around, it would be rather troublesome. Also, he did not want Qin Yue and Little Fei to see a scene like that.

“Bring those two trash and scram!”

He coldly whispered into Kun’s ear. Like throwing trash away, he then threw Kun out of the stall.

Kun, who was filled with fear, endured the pain. With the green-haired youth, they pulled the unconscious yellow-haired youth and dejectedly ran off.

“Haha, good going, youngin! That was really refreshing!”

A loud cheer came from the people who were watching. Although most of them hated the buffoons and their actions, since they also had mouths to feed, they could not just step out without thinking of the consequences. When they saw Rui teaching them a lesson, they obviously felt refreshed to the max.

“Such a handsome boy! With such capable skills, any girl should feel secure around him! If I was at least 20 years younger, I would have chased after him already!”

A woman of about 40 years of age laughed slightly. However, her words only made the man beside her jealous.

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