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Snatching a Boss II

“Proud Wolf, what the hell are you doing?”

As he kited the Armored Slime, Fierce Wolf was being chased like a dog. He could not see the Elemental Orb of Light that was supposed to draw its attention away. His HP dropped to red, and he roared furiously.


What answered him was not the Elemental Orb of Light, nor was it an apology, but complete silence.

“Damn it!”

He rolled over and dodged the Armored Slime’s poisonous spit. Looking back, he suddenly saw his comrade transforming into a white light. The person who was standing in front of him made him tremble in fear.

Looking over, Rui glanced at the stunned Fierce Wolf, but he had no intention of attacking him.

‘Kill him? There’s no point! I already looted his equipment a while ago. Even if I do kill him, he probably won’t drop anything good, and I would just gain another Crime point. Plus, this poor guy is already being chased around by the Armored Slime. I don’t even need to step in. I just have to watch a good show. To have someone or something else kill him for me, isn’t a bad feeling!’

“Sly Hand, you bastard!”

Looking at the party system message that showed the death of his comrade, Destroying Armies looked over and saw the figure he hated. He hated him so much that wanted to tear his flesh and drink his blood. His eyes became bloodshot.


With a scream, the tragic Fierce Wolf, in a situation where he had no aid, was killed by the Armored Slime.

“Bastard, I’m going to kill you!”

His own decision to snatch the boss caused all his subordinates to die, resulting in a huge loss. When Destroying Armies thought of this, along with how he instantly died in front of everyone the day before, he was furious beyond control. Disregarding Sasha who he had already managed to suppress, he fiercely rushed towards Rui with his greatsword.

“Boss, don’t!”

While he was struggling against Sweet Little Girl, Wolf Jie saw Destroying Armies’ action and shouted at him. Since Destroying Armies was the first to die yesterday, he did not know of the man’s horrifying actions after his death.

They could never forget his two sly hands, and his sly figure. When they clearly saw his figure or even when they couldn’t see his figure clearly, they had already felt the slit on their throats. That feeling of dying without even seeing his ghostly figure was too scary to describe.

His two eyes were especially scary, which caused them to fear him from the bottom of their hearts. After all of them died and tried explaining to Destroying Armies, he was too furious to listen. If a group of six people couldn’t even be considered as his opponent, if a single person were to rush in alone, he would definitely die.


You received an attack from Destroying Armies.

You can now act on self-defense.

Slightly dodging his attack, Rui let Destroying Armies’ greatsword scratch his left arm, and received 20 damage.

After receiving the system message, Rui’s lips revealed a fierce smile.

With the effect of Nimble Wind, in a flash, he instantly closed in the distance between him and Destroying Armies. As he passed by his body, he whispered the word to his ear.



A white light appeared. Destroying Armies was once again unsurprisingly killed with a single hit, and his greatsword was dropped as loot.

When the rest of the Greedy Wolves party members all died, the Armored Slime shifted its target to the final Greedy Wolf – Wolf Jie.

Its giant body rolled over to his side, and it spitted out poison. Wolf Jie was instantly eliminated. Sweet Little Girl, who was delaying Wolf Jie, managed to dodge, and only a little poison splattered on her. Although the damage from the poison was not large, she still kept screaming loudly. The green mucus which was stuck on her body was so disgusting that she cried. The over-exaggerated behaviour caused Rui’s and Sasha’s faces to darken momentarily.

‘You’re mine, boss!’

With all the Greedy Wolves dead, the first hit which aggroed the boss had disappeared. Rui unhesitantly pushed his body forward, and he ferociously slashed at the Armored Slime’s body with his Wolf Fang Dagger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!




3 continuous slashes and 3 continuous critical hits. The remaining HP of the Armored Slime immediately disappeared. With a sorrowful howl, the giant body plopped onto the ground.

Ignoring the system message regarding his EXP gain, the keen-eyed Rui saw a green ring dropped beside the Armored Slime.

He rushed forward, and swiped the ring up.

Ring of Corrosion: Silver Equipment

Stats Unknown. Appraisal Required.

A ring, and a silver ring no less!

Rui was exhilarated, since he did not expect the Armored Slime would drop such a good accessory. It was worth the effort of eliminating the Greedy Wolves.

“Hey, how could you do this, you bastard?! This was our boss!”

His smile didn’t even last 2 seconds when an unhappy voice came from behind, and Rui was momentarily stumped for words.

“Sweet Little Girl!” Sasha pulled the angry Sweet Little Girl who had her hands on her hips, and said, “This boss was killed with his own abilities. Don’t cause trouble!”

“You guys found this boss first?” After snatching their boss, Rui was a little embarrassed. He pointed at the Armored Slime that was lying on the ground, and asked.

“Yeah!” Sasha nodded her head and said, “However, if you didn’t arrive, it would have been snatched by the Greedy Wolves. Compared to that, I am more satisfied with this conclusion.”

“Haha!” ‘What a straightforward girl.’ Seeing Sasha’s free and easy look, Rui could not help but praise her in her mind.

“Then according to you, it could imply that I snatched the boss away from Greedy Wolves.” He raised his eyebrows, and said, “However, since this thing was first discovered by you girls, then I won’t be unreasonable. I took its EXP and one of the equipment. I will leave the rest of the money, equipment, and materials to you.”

Shrugging, without looking at the items on the ground, he turned and left.

* * *

“What an interesting man!”

Looking at Rui’s handsome back, Sasha was momentarily in a trance. She obviously knew this man was the man she had traded her equipment with, just the day before.

Sly Hand!

Her own brother was flaunting details about him in front of her, regarding how strong a certain person was, and it was actually him!

“Wah, big sis Sasha, look! There’s actually 1 gold and 3 pieces of equipment!”

When Sasha was still out of sorts, Sweet Little Girl had already swept the entire battlefield. She picked up the rewards and an expression filled with ecstasy.

“Little Sasha, are you okay?”

An anxious male voice came from afar. Sasha turned and saw a handsome youth and a group of people rushing over.

“Bro Yeze, I’m fine!”

Sasha faintly smiled, and made a hand sign that implied she was okay.

“Where are the Greedy Wolves?”

Looking at the two girls who were safe and sound, Yezekael let out a sigh of relief. He swept his gaze at the surroundings, and suddenly asked.

“Greedy Wolves? I guess they’re probably at the Novice Village now!” Sasha slightly raised her the corner of her lips, and smiled.

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