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Gold Grade Dagger, Skill Book

“Novice Village?”

Yezekael was not dumb. He thought for a moment and understood Sasha’s words. Hence, he was shocked.

“Impossible. When did you and Sweet Little Girl become so strong to the point of sending the entire gang of Greedy Wolves back to the village?”

Yezekael’s mouth was wide open, and he was looking at the smiling Sasha and Sweet Little Girl with a face of disbelief.

“Of course, it’s impossible for us!” Sasha said as she casually shrugged.

“Aiya, brother Crazy*, I’ll tell you the truth, it was that Sly Hand who helped us destroy the Greedy Wolves!”

[T/N: The last 2 characters in his name literally means ‘crazy,’ which is what Sweet Little Girl calls him.]

Looking at the confused Yezekael, Sweet Little Girl jumped out and happily said, as if it was her who dealt with the Greedy Wolves.

“Sly Hand? That… Sly Hand?” Yezekael was once again in shock. Were the Greedy Wolves destined to be killed whenever he’s around? Sly Hand was like the bane of their existence. The game had only been out for 2 days, and they had already killed twice at his hands. Not only did they lose their levels and equipment, they were also falling behind the rest. They could try to rise up again, but they would lose a lot of the advantages of being in the lead.

“Hmph! Thinking of that bastard really makes me angry. His cold demeanor and aloofness, it’s as if we owe him money.” Sweet Little Girl unhappily said, and she resented Rui.

“It’s fine. No matter the case, he was the one who saved us. If not for him, we wouldn’t be able to get any loot, and we would have lost a level.” Sasha patted the girl who was puffing her cheeks, and consoled her.

“What? You’re saying you were the one who fought the boss?” Hearing to Sasha’s words, Yezekael, again, was stunned.

“It was that iceberg who fought it! Tch! He stole our boss!” Sweet Little Girl pouted, her face was showing a very unhappy expression.

“The Greedy Wolves managed to shave off the Boss’s HP down to red. Sly Hand killed them, and finished the Boss off. However, he only took 1 piece of equipment, and left the rest to us. In conclusion, it was not a bad outcome. We received 1 gold and 3 pieces of equipment, and 1 Complete Slime Coating.”

Sasha explained happily, and the Sweet Little Girl beside her took out the loot.

“1 Green Equipment and 2 Blue Equipment. To think they were all coloured equipments. As expected of a boss, to drop some useful loot.”

After looking at their stats, Yezekael chuckled.

“Let’s go! I already have enough Slime Coating. There’s no point in staying here anymore. Let’s go somewhere else to grind! I must definitely reach level 8 today!”

After squeezing Sweet Little Girl’s cheeks, Sasha rushed to Yezekael to bid farewell, and was about to leave.

“Little Sasha, come along with us, we’re going to kill crocodiles. With so many of us here, even if it’s a level 8 monster, there should be no problems. There’s almost no one in that area, and the EXP is quite high.”

Sasha, after hearing Yezekael’s words, thought for a moment before agreeing to his proposal. Since forming a party would increase their efficiency, she could quickly leveled up to 8, and leave the Novice Village grandly.

* * *


Player Autumn Maple Leaf requests to add you as a friend.

Would you accept the request?”

While Rui was rushing towards the Village, he received a system message.

‘Autumn Maple Leaf?’

He was slightly stunned, since Rui could not remember knowing a person with such name.

After thinking for a while, he accepted the friend request.

Autumn Maple Leaf: Bro Sly Hand, thank you for saving my little sisters!”

Rui: “You are?”

Autumn Maple Leaf: “I’m Yezekael, we met once yesterday! Oh, right, Sasha and Sweet Little Girl are my sisters.”

Rui: “It wasn’t anything much.”

Autumn Maple Leaf: Haha, then I won’t talk much about it. I hope we’ll get a chance to work together with you, bro Sly Hand. Then, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Closing the message window, although Rui was shocked to find that Sasha was actually Yezekael’s sister, he didn’t mind it. He quickened his pace, and returned to the village.”

“Hero Sly Hand! Thank you so much! Not only did you exterminate so many Grey Wolves, you actually killed both the Elite Grey Wolves and the Wolf King! Our village would no longer have to worry about attacks from the wolves anymore.” When he approached in front of the village elder, before Rui could say anything, the teary-eyed village elder already started talking.

“Village elder, it wasn’t much. It was something I had to do Rui embarrassingly waved his hands, and then shamefully asked, “Then, elder, my reward….””

“Oh, right, look at how old and forgetful I am!” The village elder painfully slapped his forehead, and continued while looking at Rui seriously. “To thank Hero Sly Hand for your contributions to the village, all the villagers agreed to give this to you!”


Congratulations on completing the quest – Wolf Extermination.

Received Quest Completion Reward: Mysterious Wooden Box.

By completing the quest, he received 30,000 EXP, 100 Contribution points to the Novice Village, and the Village Elder’s mysterious reward! He already received the former 2 when he killed the Gray Wolf King, and this wooden box had to be the elder’s mysterious reward.

Opening the wooden box, 2 items came into Rui’s vision.

A glowing dagger, and an old tattered book!

Dimmed Blue Dagger

Gold Equipment



Lvl Req




Additional Effects

+10 STR

Passive Effect

Poison: There’s a certain probability of poisoning your target with each attack, reducing your opponent’s poison resistance and HP.

Active Skill

Dim Glowing Stab: 30MP per use. By brandishing your dagger across the opponent’s body, it causes 150% damage, and also inflicts a Poison hex. The strength of the Poison hex depends on the position of the inflicted area.

‘A gold equipment? …Oh my god, it’s actually a gold grade equipment!’

Looking at the dagger in his hand glowing in a dim blue light, Rui almost fainted blissfully. He didn’t think the village elder’s mysterious reward would actually be so good. The reward was actually a freaking strong dagger!

It’s attack was high, and there were additional critical rate and 10 STR; in other words, an extra 10 attack. Not only that, there was also a passive poison hex, and an strong offensive active skill. This freaking dagger was basically a godly piece of equipment among the players who were currently only around level 5.

He was already incredibly happy when he received the 3 pieces of equipment from the Wolf King. He didn’t expect the quest reward would be a super strong dagger. Not only that, there was also the tattered skill book. If it was given together with the gold dagger, it would definitely not be a trashy skill.

Last Stand: Throws the dagger in your hand, and deals extraordinary damage to your target.

Requirement: Rogue Class

A simple introduction, and nothing out of sort. However, it was actually a skill limited to Rogues.

Without hesitation, the skill book transformed into a golden light and entered Rui’s body.


Rui’s lips turned into a grin.

Not only were there different grades of equipment, there were also different grades of skills. Since the skill book emitted a golden light, it was comparable to that of gold grade equipment.

He impatiently opened the skill window.

Last Stand: Active Skill

30MP per use.

Throws the dagger in your hand, and deal 200% damage, including the damage from the base attack of the thrown dagger.

Critical Rate: 50% (Fixed rate, not affected by effects of other equipment.)
Note of Caution: Thrown dagger is unretrievable.

Cooldown: 30 Minutes

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