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Hidden Quest: Lost Mine


After looking through the skill description, Rui was at loss for words. The skill was too overpowered. With Rui’s stats, if he threw the Wolf Fang Dagger, he could definitely kill anything he wanted to kill. There’s nothing that could block or withstand it. With his knowledge, with Dexterity and Luck, that fixed value of 50% critical rate could actually turn into 80%, 90% or even 100%. When a critical hit lands, it would have about 400% damage plus twice the dagger’s attack damage. How the hell could anyone or anything survive it?

‘Woah! As expected a gold-ranked skill book! It’s effects are absolutely overpowered!’

“Hero Sly Hand, seeing that you can deal with a Wolf King, your strength and potential are definite. I have a problem and I wonder, could help our village solve it?”

Rui, who was immersed with his newly acquired overpowered Dimly Blue Dagger and skill ‘Last Stand,’ snapped back to his senses when the elder called out to him.

“Village Elder, if you have any problems, just say it. I will definitely help you solve it.”

After reaping benefits, he knew the old man was actually a gold mine, so Rui did not hesitate and bumped his fists to his chest.

“Our village was not this poor and torn-down. In the early days, we found some ore veins in the mountains. After the development, the place turned into a mine. We were able to obtain iron, copper, and black iron ores from that mine. Relying on these ores, even though we were not very rich, we were wealthy enough.

A few years back, some demons appeared there. Not only could we not dig for ores anymore, some of our workers lost their lives there. A wandering Priest came to our village, and told us the reason why demons haunted that area. However, because his skills were insufficient, he could not exterminate them.

Nevertheless, he helped us seal the mine, and the seal prevented the demons from coming out. After so long, the seal had begun to weaken. The seal will definitely break very soon, and the demons would probably be released and they would attempt to harm our village.

Since you were able to kill the Wolf King, I believe you have the capability to help us solve this problem. However, I must warn you. The demons inside are extremely strong. You better think it through before accepting my request!”


Congratulations on triggering the Novice Village’s Hidden Quest – Lost Mine!

Would you like to accept the quest?”

‘A hidden quest?’

Rui was already grinning from ear to ear! There’s hardly a chance of him not accepting a hidden quest!

“Don’t worry, Village Elder. I will definitely exterminate all the demons inside.” Rui sincerely vowed.

“Then, I will depend on you… Right, before you go, you should visit Old Man Zhang’s pharmacy and obtain some potions. He will definitely make sure you’re well prepared for this.”

The Village Elder’s words almost made Rui cry. This old man is a good man, a very good man!

“Do you have 50 Slime Coating on you?” When Rui was about to head for the pharmacy, the Village Elder suddenly asked.

When he opened his inventory, there were 57 Slime Coatings. Rui nodded.

“Great! Those pesky slimes ate all of our crops. I will use their coatings to make some medicine. I have with me a gauntlet made with their coatings, and I will trade it for 50 Slime Coatings, how about it?”

How about it?

Obviously, it was a yes! There was barely a use for Slime Coatings. He could not earn much from selling them either.


You completed a triggered quest!

Received: Slime Gauntlet.
Lost: 50 Slime Coating.

A system voice rang out, and Rui’s 50 Slime Coatings were replaced by a Slime Gauntlet.

Looking at the stats, Rui could only roll his eyes. The Slime Gauntlet he got was exactly the same as the one he traded with Sasha for!

“Oh, right, Village Elder. Where is the village’s appraiser? I have a few equipment that require appraisals.”

With a sigh of disappointment, Rui was about to turn and leave. However, he remembered his inventory had the Wolf Fang Necklace and the Ring of Corrosion.

“Oh, you found some equipment that requires appraisal?” The Village Elder looked at Rui in shock, and then he suddenly said, “Right! You killed the Wolf King, how could you not have some! … Hoho, I am the Village Elder, and also this village’s Appraiser!”

“So you were actually an Appraiser?” Rui looked at the elder in the eye. He did not think this old man had such capability.

“Hoho, a part-timer, I’m a part-timer only!” The Village Elder stroked his beard and laughed.


Ignoring the Village Elder’s words, he took out his Wolf Fang Necklace and Ring of Corrosion and passed them to him.

“I really underestimated you. Not only did you get rid of the Wolf King, but you also killed a Giant Slime!”

Looking at the 2 items on his hand, the Village Elder was surprised.

“Right. Looking at the contributions you made for the village, I will give you a discount; 30 silver!”

Rui’s mouth was wide open in shock by the Village Elder’s words. ‘What the hell? An appraisal requires 30 silver? What the hell, do you think my money is free to give away?’

“That… Village Elder. Look at me, I barely have any money on me. Can you please make it a little cheaper?” Rui started to bargain.

“Oh please, lad. You killed the Wolf King and a Giant Slime. I don’t believe you don’t even have 30 Silvers on you! … Eh, I already gave you a discount. You can help an old man make a living for himself, can’t you?” The Village Elder glanced at Rui. His price was already set in stone, and there were no room for bargain.

Rui could only smile bitterly. He did make more than 1 gold off the Wolf King, but he did not take any money from the Slime. However, the village elder had already seen through him, and Rui could not embarrass himself any further with his bargaining.

With a happy glint in the elder’s eyes, Rui readily paid the fee. The elder, whose hands were covered in white light, lightly tapped the 2 equipment. And immediately after… the white light disappeared.

Rui was in shock!

The appraisal was done just like that? With a single tap?

‘Tch! This was dark, too dark! This was more shameless than capitalism! I have never seen people who could make money like this! There was no such market!’

Rui gritted his teeth and took the appraised equipment off the smiling Village Elder. He forced himself to forget about the 30 Silver and inspected the statuses of the equipment.

Wolf Fang Necklace

Silver Equipment



Level Req




Additional Effects

+10 STR, +5 VIT, +5 DEX, +5 INT

Passive Effect

Bloodlust: 1% of your damage dealt will be converted to HP.


Ring of Corrosion

Silver Equipment

Levle Req




Additional Effects

+5 STR, +5 VIT, +5 DEX, +5 INT

Passive Effect

Corrosion: Each of your attacks have a certain chance of inflicting a corrosion effect on your target.

As expected of accessories, they immediately increases one’s basic attribute points! With the 2 accessories, they gave additional 45 attribute points, which was comparable to 9 levels worth of attribute points! Not only that, they provide 2 passive effects. One of them absorbs HP, and the other deals damage over time (DoT).

They were both extremely good. With these 2 items, his attributes had improved greatly, and his endurance and MP consumption rate in battles were lengthened. His success rate of completing the Lost Mine Hidden Quest had also increased.

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