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Terror of Exploding Magic Spiders I

Oblivious to the thoughts of the four stunned party members behind him, Rui was fully immersed in the joy of combat. After having upgraded his gear and stats, these slow moving monsters he was facing were merely cannon fodder to him. It could even be said that he was literally their natural predator, one who was enjoying himself abusing them.

1 blow, 2 blow, 3 blows…

With merely 3 swipes of his dagger, a Ghost Miner with 800HP died at his hands!


Congratulations on killing a Ghost Miner!

You have received 800 exp!

‘Ha, the EXP is so high’

Upon hearing the system notification, Rui was almost brought to tears of joy. ‘Holy crap, killing a Gray Wolf gave a mere 300 EXP, and this Ghost that died so easily gave almost triple amount of EXP — and it was after sharing it with the other party members! Hmmm, a conservative estimate would be nearly a thousand exp per monster if I was farming alone!’

“How… How amazing!”

Staring blankly at the sight of Rui massacring a monster with merely 3 blows, the already stunned party couldn’t help but cry out again in shock.

“600 EXP? That’s so high! Damned, the few of us have been farming those bloody crocodiles, and although we took ages to kill one, it only gave us 300 EXP! These ghosts which took him only 3 seconds to kill, gave twice as much EXP as those level 9 crocodiles! Ah, what insane efficiency is this!?”

The system notification gave Yezekael an overwhelming burst of joy; he was so happy that he couldn’t resist cursing out loud.

“These things only have high attack and a little more HP than others; they are not that hard to deal with. You guys should be able to defeat them.”

Rui raised his eyebrows, and he speedily dodged the attack of an Evil Ghost Miner that was lured in by Sweet Little Girl’s earlier scream. He quickly countered with a stab, and turned to shout to Yezekael and the rest.

They have already benefited from the fact Rui allowed them to accompany him, along with the EXP gained from the dungeon. However, Yezekael was not that thick-skinned to stay still and leech EXP off another player.

He was a Warrior, Sasha was also a Warrior, Sweet Little Girl was an Archer, and Everflame was a Magician. Out of the 4 of them, only Yezekael and Sasha were able act as tanks. But as a man, he could not let a girl stand in front of him, right?

Yezekael could only laugh bitterly, and after hearing the instructions, they moved into a simple formation, and he went forward to lure a Ghost Miner. He was only luring it, and nothing more. He could not bear to take even a single hit from the Evil Ghost Miner.

Sasha’s role was to keep aggro, and prevent it from targeting Sweet Little Girl, who was initiating sneak attacks, while Everflame also attacked from range. As for Rui, they did not even need to think about him. As if a beast like him needed any help. It was possible for him to take down three of them with the same time it took for the rest of them to kill a single one!

After eliminating three Evil Ghost Miners, Rui glanced over the entire place, and he realized the rest of the Ghost Miners were roaming far away, and had no intentions of taking the initiative to attack. Then, he looked over at Yezekael and the rest.

Because of Sweet Little Girl’s scream, right after they killed their first Evil Ghost Miner, the next one had already reached them. They did not even had the time to catch their breath. Yezekael was already blood-soaked, and he could not afford to lose focus, or else he would definitely die. He was the team’s main tank, so if he were to lose his focus, their entire formation would break, and it would create chaos.

‘The hell, are you guys trying to lure more monsters over and get surrounded?’

Looking at the situation in front of him, Rui’s face became dark. He quickly rushed over, and with 5 continuous stabs, he took down the Evil Ghost Miners.

“Take this armor, it should be of use to you.”

Rui passed the Gray Wolf Leather Armor to Yezekael. The 20 points in Defense it provided should be better than the stat boost provided by the armor he was currently wearing.

“Take a look at these and see which equipment you need. In this place, even if it’s by a little margin, it’s still best to be as strong as you can.

Rui took out all the equipment he didn’t use in his inventory and passed it to Yezekael.

“Bro Sly Hand, these…”

Seeing Rui take out at least ten pieces of equipment from his inventory, Yezekael could only stare at Rui in awe.

“Take this! It is to pay off that 1 gold debt!”

“Bro Sly Hand! When you brought us here to grind levels in this dungeon, it’s already worth more than 1 gold!”

“That’s only what you think. When I decided to bring you guys here, it’s to return the favor of lending me the money. I am giving these equipment to you to pay off the debt itself.”

“I will not allow it! This is this, and that is that, they are separate matters. Right now, we do not have the money to buy these equipment, if Bro Sly Hand do not mind, we can buy them off from you for 20,000 RMB (~$3,225 USD).”

“20,000 RMB? Are these tattered equipment really that expensive?”

“Tattered? Bro Sly Hand, you’re actually a well-fed person who does not know how the hungry suffers. Right now, most players are still wearing their standard beginner’s equipment, and only the rich ones are able to buy slightly better equipment.

To them, these equipment were already top-notched. These pieces of equipment, by my calculations, can be sold for at least 2 gold! In the black market, the exchange rate for 《Kismet》 from virtual currency to real currency is 1 Silver to 100 RMB (~$16 USD), and there are currently barely anyone selling in-game currency. These equipment cannot be bought at all, since most people are keeping any equipment they find for themselves. Since I do not have 2 gold on me, if bro Sly Hand insists on not selling them for RMB, then please take them back.”

After hearing Yezekael’s words, Rui was momentarily shocked. He did not know that the items in this damn 《Kismet》 game were so expensive. Hell, 1 Gold was equivalent to 10,000 RMB (~$1,615 USD). The 2 gold grade equipment he had equipped would probably be worth a couple of ten thousands at the very least. ‘What the hell, is this still a game? After playing for less than 2 days, he was already able to earn almost a hundred thousand?’

“Alright, since I have no use for these tattered equipment, if you need them, take them.” Glancing at Yezekael’s determined expression, Rui did not reject his offer. First, he did not want to show his face in public by bartering them in the village, and secondly, he needed money. Since Yezekael was willing to pay for it, he shall not reject it.

“Then it’s settled!” When Rui agreed Yezekael had a huge grin on his face, and said, “In this dungeon instance, all the dropped equipment will be yours, bro Sly Hand, since even without us, you would still be able to clear this dungeon by yourself. If there are any equipment you don’t need, then please pass them to me, haha.”

After staring deeply into Yezekael’s eyes, Rui could not help but express his respect in his heart. He could not belittle this young man. Even though he knew he was trying to buy his heart and trust, he could not resist his flattery, which made him feel at ease. This person was definitely rich. Since he’s giving money away, then Rui will gladly take it.

When playing a game, there was definitely a need to make a few friends, and getting to know a guy like Yezekael wasn’t a bad idea. At the very least, there will be someone he can go to when he has equipment he does not need.

“Let’s go, we’re still far from our true enemy!”

Waving his hands, Rui turned and rushed over to slaughter another Evil Ghost Miner.

Within an hour, with high efficiency, all the Evil Ghost Miners in the supposedly large mine were cleared out. After killing about 300 monsters, the EXP gained was enough to bring Rui to level 9 and 43%, and the rest gained a level, bringing them to level 7.

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