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Shameless Self-Recovery Boss I

What a headache!

This system was too freaking ridiculous. The boss was just like a hedgehog. If you dare hit it, you will suffer injuries from doing so! It would simply be a waste to kill the boss if he had to die in the process. Even if Rui was to obtain all the EXP from killing it, it would not be enough to cover the loss of an entire level. Since he had already leveled up to 10, he did not want to go back to being a LV 9. However, if he did not kill this boss, he would not be able to progress further. This was a real headache.

However, the system probably wouldn’t come up with an irresolvable problem. This big guy’s explosion has a wide radius of 10*10, and it will take a mere second to activate. So, as long as he runs 10 metres away in a second, after defeating it, there will not be any problems. However, who would have such crazy speed? If he could activate his Nimble Wind, Rui would be able to give it a try. Unfortunately, the skill was currently on cooldown. As for other options like mages, the current furthest casting distance for mages was only 3 meters, so it was not possible for Everflame to deal the last strike, as he would definitely not be able to run 7 meters in a second. No matter which plan he thought of, all of them required one person to be sacrificed.

“How about letting me deal the last hit!”

Looking at Rui’s frustrated expression, Everflame walked over and suggested.


Indeed, Everflame could solve this problem, and the amount of losses for himself would be kept to a minimum if he were to die instead of Rui. However, Rui would definitely not allow his comrade to sacrifice their own life to protect him. This was already Rui’s bottom line.


Everflame wanted to say something, but Rui mercilessly shot him down.

“Let’s think for a little more! There must be another way!”

Rui wrinkled his brows as he looked at the Exploding Magic Spider Empress that kept giving birth to small spiders at a rate of one every 5 seconds. He felt somewhat helpless. If he just had one more Metal Chip Bomb left, he would be able to settle everything with a single throw!

While Rui was mulling through their options, Yezekael and company were not resting either. Through rotations, each one of them kept approaching the Exploding Magic Spider Empress to eliminate every little spiders it gave birth to, so as to prevent them from forming a horde.

As Rui played with the dagger in his hands, the glow his Dim Blue Dagger was emitting caught his eye. Suddenly, he knocked his head with his fist as inspiration struck.

Open Skill Window!

Last Stand: Active Skill

30MP per use.

Throws the dagger in your hand, and deal 200% damage, including the damage from the base attack of the thrown dagger.

Critical Rate: 50% (Fixed rate, not affected by effects of other equipment.)
Note of Caution: Thrown dagger is unretrievable.

Cooldown: 30 Minutes

Looking at this skill, Rui smirked in glee! He had finally found the way to deal with the Exploding Magic Spider Empress without any sacrifices!

To deal with the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’s self destruct passive effect, it was actually very simple — he just had to escape the 10 metre blast radius within 1 second of its death. However, this simple solution was virtually impossible to set up for most players, even the ranged ones.

The easiest compromise would be to sacrifice one party member to deal the final blow. But with the skill called ‘Last Stand’, it wasn’t necessary any longer.

Although Rui would have to sacrifice a dagger, that did not make his heart ache. After all it was merely a piece of gear, that could be farmed again. In his heart, sacrificing his party member instead was something he could not bring himself to do.

“Okay people, it’s time to launch our final attack!”

With a smile, Rui shouted out to Yezekael and the rest, who were still dealing with the incessant spawn. The Exploding Magic Spider Empress was slow in almost everything, except from spawning her progeny.

All of them headed towards the Empress, and since its damage was low enough, they decided to all join in beating it down for more efficiency.

The Exploding Magic Spider Empress was like a sandbag, accepting a seemingly unlimited amount of punches. Its own weak attacks seemed to jibe with its status as a Bronze Boss, and its attack speed was also as slow as a snail. It was literally being surrounded and beaten by Rui and party.

The only real damage it inflicted to the party was coming from the Exploding Magic Spider minions it spawned every 5 seconds to self destruct. However, since the Empress’ body was so huge, Rui and the rest could spread themselves out properly so that only one of them was damaged by the spider minion at a time.

Easily dodging the fluid attack of the Exploding Magic Spider, Rui spun his hand, the Dim Blue Dagger flashed and seemed to disappear for a second. Before anyone could see clearly, it had already sliced cleanly across the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ throat.


Critical hit added on to a strike on a weak point, gave the Exploding Magic Spider Empress more than a hundred damage. Even though Rui’s base damage was already more than a hundred, the Exploding Magic Spider Empress had a disgusting 300 defense, and was an exasperating hard nut to crack.

Rui was the only one who managed to deal decent damages to the boss, Yezekael and the rest were literally unable to break through its defense. Looking at the mass of -1 damage numbers floating in the air made those usually self-proclaimed elite players feel extremely embarrassed and angry.

Shasha was especially irritated as she usually felt that she could do better than most men. Yet the vast disparity between these 3 digit damage numbers and her own 1 damage seemed to mock her, making her flush in shame.


Having been beaten up like crazy, the Exploding Magic Spider Empress gave a loud screech, and suddenly its amount of HP which had finally dropped below 2300 rose in a green burst of energy, as it recovered back to nearly its full 3500 HP.

What the F**k!

Looking at the freshly revived Exploding Magic Spider Empress, Rui and the rest who had been fiercely attacking for so long were flabbergasted. Damnit, not only was this Boss a crazy tank, but it had also such a shameless self recovery skill! The 5 of them had been hitting it for half a day, but it just took 1 second to revive to nearly full life! It might actually win by just exhausting the hell out of us!

Now Rui finally understood why a Bronze Boss had such a weak attack and literally no movement. With its defense, health and that shameless self recovery skill, even if it laid down and let them hit, they would probably not be able to kill it!

Looking at their remaining game time which was ticking away relentlessly, they realized that they did not have much time left to spare. The one with the least time left, Yezekael, was almost on the verge of being kicked offline.

We can’t waste any more time!

Feeling the stress of the situation, Rui gritted his teeth, and started to totally focus on dishing out the damage, maxing out his DPS and totally ignoring defence.

Looking at the crazed Rui, as well as the damage numbers jumping above the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ head, the rest of the party was once again blown away.

Geez, what kind of Thief is this? Feels more like a Knight than a real Knight itself, just tanking a boss and going berserk mode on it!

Was this a joke? Dammit!

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