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Shameless Self-Recovery Boss II

Looking at Rui’s hands and attacks, Yezekael and the rest realized that their eyes could only keep up with the movement of his right hand. Within a blink of an eye, another clean slice across the throat was completed. His arms seemed to blur into many after-images. Dancing endlessly, as the dim light of the Dim Blue Dagger seemed to leave a trail of light in its path like a green rainbow; this was a strange and almost ghostly looking phenomenon.

The Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ attack was only a measly 50 points, and compared to Rui’s 142 points of defense, it barely gave him any trouble at all. Although every single repeatedly spawned Exploding Magic Spider minions kept targeting him under the Spider Empress’ orders, the Wolf Fang Necklace’ life leech effect was sufficient to maintain his HP even without using HP potions.

However, this intense storm of attacks lasted for almost a minute and even Rui, an assassin with extremely strong willpower and focus, could barely take it anymore. Every slice of the dagger had to target the weak spot on the throat and in a way that would guarantee a critical strike. This required an unbelievable amount of focus that was near impossible to maintain for long. Luckily, his effort paid off. The 3,300 HP the Exploding Magic Spider Empress had originally have dropped by nearly 1,500 points, and now it only had 1,800 HP remaining.


The disgusting green light appeared once again, and Rui was so pissed that the veins on his forehead popped out, and he couldn’t help but curse wildly.

Damn this system, this is way too deceptive!

A self-restoration skill that has a cool-down of one minute; how can one fight like this? Is this even possible?

Looking at the health of the Exploding Magic Spider Empress which had recovered back to 2,800, Rui nearly went berserk.

Yezekael and the rest had also been going crazy chopping away at the sides of the Empress, and even their hands were sore already. But looking at the result, they were on the verge of giving up.

“Brother Sly Hand, this is too outrageously shameless. I think we better go back and buy a bunch of Metal Chip Bombs before returning.” Yezekael lowered his weapon dismally, saying with a bitter disheartened smile: “My game time is almost up anyway! Although this is a game, when events that are extremely stressful to the brain occur, our brainwaves will be detected as ‘exhausted’ by the system and it will shorten our game time.”

Ignoring Yezekael’s words, Rui shouted out “Tch, I refuse to believe that the great me will not be able to kill this damned beast!” His eyes were reddened in anger and glared at the Exploding Magic Spider Empress.

Seeing Rui who had clearly gone into berserk mode, Yezekael and the rest were speechless. They did not expect Rui, who always seemed so calm, cold and collected, to have this side to him. Well, the Exploding Magic Spider Empress was really too shameless with its HP, defense and self-restoration and they truly had no tricks left in their bags.

When you are facing an enemy that is impossible to beat, giving up is not necessarily a cowardly thing to do.

Yezekael and the rest strongly believed in that. Although they already had a huge head start on most of the players, they knew that they had their limits. In this world, there will always be people stronger than you. Sometimes, knowing when to give up is almost as important as knowing when to fight. If a person always just rushes brainlessly into fights he cannot win, he’s just a fool.

However, as they looked at Rui, there was no hint that he wanted to give up. The bloodshot eyes filled with a tenacious willpower that shouted out his will to not lose, and they were truly overwhelmed by the sight. From young they had been educated that should they choose to do something, they need to do it properly and beautifully. However if they think they are unable to do so, they should give up instead. What they lacked was not talent or ability, but tenacious willpower; a “Never say die” attitude.

In life, nobody can guarantee that things will always go their way; there will always be obstacles ahead. However, does that mean if you can’t pass that obstacle then you will stay stagnant forever? If you give up on a particular event without trying, will you always give up when you meet something similar?

If you are unable to pass the obstacle now, it does not mean that you will not be able to do so in the future after putting in effort. Maybe you might still fail after putting in the effort to try, but does that really mean you gained nothing? No, on the other hand, you have gained much more. At the very least, you have put in your own effort and hard work in trying. In many cases, the result is the most important thing, but sometimes the journey itself could be a lot more important than you realize.

Looking at Rui, they did not believe he was someone who was overconfident or arrogantly stupid. On the other hand, his actions gave them a truly deep shock. This was a true man, a man who was full of enigma and charisma. Other men would be affected by his infectious hot-bloodedness. Women would be touched, and even attracted by his actions. The world was full of calculated coldness and humans were increasingly numb towards many things. At times, some hot-blooded action was a good thing, showing you are still human! Sometimes emotions were a good thing, showing that you still have a “heart!” Sometimes, acting emotionally than rationally could be a good thing. The world is already full of rationality. At times emotions and rational thinking aren’t mutually exclusive, not something that the weak use to escape reality.


The sound of a longsword striking viciously on the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ body resounded.

Rui, who was in the midst of a furious attacking blitz, was startled and looked up momentarily at Yezekael. He thought Yezekael and the rest had given up already.

“Haha! Maybe you’re right! Even if we can’t beat this beast, I want to at least try. Even if I’m called a fool, I won’t mind. I want to try some hot-bloodedness as least once in my life!” Looking into Rui’s surprised eyes, Yezekael said with a bright smile.

“Exactly! Giving up is not in my nature!” Sasha joined in!

“Hmph, such an ugly thing, see how I, Sweet Little Girl, will beat it to death!” Sweet Little Girl joined in!

“Guess it’s good to let loose and go crazy once in a while!” Everflame also joined in!

“Hahaha! Very good! Then let us go crazy for once!” Rui shouted with a hearty laugh, the dagger in his hands resuming its fast paced, deadly strikes.



You have activated the Poison Effect. Exploding Magic Spider Empress has been inflicted with poison, and all its resistances have dropped!

A system notification suddenly surprised Rui. Normally, with his stats, monsters were instantly killed, or at most died in 2 to 3 hits. As such, he never usually got a chance to activate his equipment’s passive effects. The boss’ resistance were also usually extremely high and it was very difficult to activate the passive effects on them. After attacking for so long, it had FINALLY activated the poison effect, and it not only was a DOT (damage over time) damage effect, but also lowered the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ various resistances.



You have activated the Corrosion Effect. Exploding Magic Spider Empress has been affected by Corrosion Hex!

With its resistances down, soon after, the Ring of Corrosion[1] ‘s corrosion effect was activated on the Empress as well.





Two different DOT damages started to appear over the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ head. Although it was only 10 and 15 damage respectively, it was a total of 25 damage per second, which was already very good — Yezekael and the rest only had around that much damage.

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