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Last Stand – Ultimate Instant Kill

“Wolf Summon!”

Looking at the 2 DoT (damage over time) effects which had activated simultaneously, the lowered resistance was a huge chance for Rui! With a shudder, the Wolf Armor on his body instantly glowed in a pale golden light, and the wolf head embroidered on the chest of the armor seemed to come to life, its eyes bloodshot and filled with rage.

Yezekael and the rest of the party’s jaws dropped as two ghostly wolves shot out of the armor. Following Rui’s orders, they charged like crazy towards the Exploding Magic Spider Empress and started biting away without any care of defence.

“Dimmed Glowing Stab!”

Seizing the opportunity as the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ attention was drawn by the summoned wolves, Rui took a few steps back before running at top speed towards it. At around half a metre before the Empress, he leapt up and flew towards it and a shining light simultaneous emitted from his hands. By the time Yezekael and the rest of the party had reacted, Rui had already landed on top of the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ body. With the Dim Blue Dagger in his hands, he savagely stabbed into one of its eyes.


A loud screech came out from the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ mouth, and spat out a mouthful of sticky liquid, hitting Rui’s body. Instantly, a damage of ‘-50’ appeared above his head.


You have been affected by the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ Soul Corrosive Poison.

You will take 50 points of damage per second, for 10 seconds.


Upon hearing the system notification, Rui’s face turned green, and without hesitation he gulped down a medium health potion.

He couldn’t sit around and wait for death!

Looking at the heavily wounded Exploding Magic Spider Empress, Rui gathered himself and charged forward once again.

Under the effect of the Dimmed Glowing Stab, not only did the Exploding Magic Spider Empress take an immense 342 points of damage instantly, it also received another poisoned effect. This special effect was according to where the damage had been inflicted, thus Rui took the risk in stabbing its eye to get extra damage. It seemed to have worked well, since the Empress was now taking 50 additional points of poison damage per second.

While he’s sick, kill him!*

[T/N: Literal Translation of Chinese Proverb — When someone is injured or down, seize the opportunity to end him.]

As the Exploding Magic Spider Empress was writhing in pain and was distracted, Rui redoubled his efforts and relentlessly beat the dog in the water*, wanting to ensure its death before it could recover.

[T/N: Same meaning as before.]

“Brutal Blow!” In the hot blooded, crazed fight, Rui found that he was becoming as bloodthirsty as a wolf, wanting to see the prey in front of him torn to shreds.

Having reached this previously unprecedented berserk mode, Rui’s focus and willpower was fully concentrated. He seemed to have morphed into a bloodthirsty wolf, the prey in front of him was about to be torn into pieces!

With a swipe of his dagger, the dim light blurred across the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ throat.

-532 !

Another huge number appeared above the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ head, and its remaining health bar dropped drastically.



Your incessant attacks on the Exploding Magic Spider Empress has caused its throat to be heavily wounded. It will take 50 damage per second, enter a weakened state, and all its resistances will drop by 20%!

Another system notification almost brought tears of joy to Rui’s eyes. This was truly an “Offering Fuel in Snowy Weather*!” At this rate, the DoTs applied on the Exploding Magic Spider Empress added up to a total of 125 damage per second. In 10 seconds, that would be 1,250 hp, almost a third of its life!

[T/N: Literal Translation of Chinese Proverb — Meaning given timely assistance.]


The familiar green light flashed again, and the Exploding Magic Spider Empress regained another 1,000 HP.

Hmph! Go ahead and recover all you want. I’ll see how you can escape the next minute!

Rui revealed a cold smile. His dagger still flashing around crazily as he assaulted the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ body, while his strong attacks constantly let the weakened Empress feel the pain. His own life was restored to full by the life leech effect on his necklace.

The extreme limit of the race against time caused Rui to exceed the limit of his speed. He seemed to be in a deep trance; his dagger was literally invisible, with only flashes of dim blue light verifying its existence.

Under such a frenzied onslaught, how could the weakened Exploding Magic Spider Empress last? After 48 seconds, its hp had dropped to a mere 127.

Rui finally stopped his attack, and yelled to Yezekael and the rest: “Quick! Run away now!”

Yezekael and the rest had also been furiously assaulting the Exploding Magic Spider Empress. Due to the various weakening effects, they had finally been able to break through its defence and they had been taking their revenge during that last minute. Upon hearing Rui’s shout, they realized the situation and took to their heels.

51 seconds. Yezekael and the rest ran 2 metres.

56 seconds, Yezekael and the rest had distanced above 10 metres!

57 seconds, Rui stood 5 metres from the Exploding Magic Spider Empress!

58 seconds, Rui whipped out his old Wolf Fang Dagger!

59 seconds!

“Last Stand!”

The Wolf Fang Dagger was thrown savagely towards the Exploding Magic Spider Empress with all of Rui’s Might. His strongest skill — its sheer strength caused the dagger to bury itself deep into the flesh of the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ forehead.

60 seconds!

– 937

At the last second, the Exploding Magic Spider Empress did not manage to outlast its sixty second recharge self-recovery skill. It had been slain in a split of a second by Rui’s dagger.

That 200% strong attack, plus critical strike and attacking its weak point, induced the brutal blow effect, causing additional damage. With the multiplying effect hitting on the severely weakened Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ head, caused a tremendous damage of nearly a thousand points.

Yezekael and the rest were awestruck, staring at Rui with shock in their eyes, as if he was God descended upon the earth.

As for Rui, he had no idea what happened to the Exploding Magic Spider Empress yet. As soon as the dagger left his hand, he spun around and ran for his life like a mad dog.

1 second, 5 metres. Without Nimble Wind available, it seemed impossible even for Rui.

Luckily, the time the dagger took to reach the Empress gave him a few extra milliseconds to escape.


An ear piercing cry of despair arose from the Exploding Magic Spider Empress’ mouth. Just as Rui dashed to about 10 meters, an explosion resounded from behind him, and the massive shockwave knocked him forward onto the ground, causing him to take 20 damage.

Ignoring the disgusting floor, Rui panted as he finally relaxed. Damned, they had fought this disgusting boss for so long. Finally it was over!

After resting for a minute, Rui stood up.

Looking at his status window, his experience had went up by 30%; it was certainly worthy of called a Boss! From that boss alone, Little Sweet Girl had reached level 9, and the rest had also gotten quite a bit of experience.

Looking in the distance, the huge, 2 metre tall Exploding Magic Spider Empress was no longer there. All that remained was a pool of disgusting looking sticky liquid, as well as a floor scattered with equipment!

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