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Mysterious Voice

Looking at the floor full of loot, Rui couldn’t help but reveal an excited smile. This was the fruit of his labour. After using every single trick in his book and putting in so much effort, these spoils of war were important to him whether or not they were great equipment or useless junk! The satisfaction that he had pulled it off was almost more than enough!

Ignoring the sticky green liquid around the loot, Rui collected them all. To him, this sort of scene was ordinary. As an Assassin, what sort of carnage had he not witnessed in person? This sort of sticky liquid was nothing compared to the disgusting sight of torn limbs and broken remains of humans.

The system was still extremely efficient. As soon as he had collected the equipment from the ground, all the gross liquid disappeared.

“Haha! Bro Sly Hand, I’m about to get kicked offline by the system! Quick, let’s have a look at the loot! Is there anything that I can use?”

Looking at Rui moving slowly, Yezekael was extremely anxious. The system notification was already sounding off and if he did not log off soon, he would be kicked offline forcefully in a while.

Ignoring Yezekael, Rui started displaying the loot!

2 pieces of Silver gear, 3 pieces of Blue gear, 5 pieces of Green gear, a high level Magic Spider Poison sac, 2 gold and 17 silver coins!

What an amazing haul!

Looking through all the gear, Rui selected one of the silver equipment, which was called Explosive Ring, as well as a green dagger and the Magic Spider Poison sac. The rest of it was shoved to Yezekael. As for the coins, he originally wanted to split them equally, but Yezekael refused staunchly, insisting that they would definitely not take it. As such, Rui did not insist — as Yezekael said, he was indeed in need of the coins at the moment.

“Oh yes, Bro Sly Hand, let me know your bank account number! I cannot accept so much gear without any recompense, that would be too thick-skinned of me.”

Just before he logged off, Yezekael asked Rui for his bank account number.

“Bro Sly Hand, aren’t you going to ask about the price? So many pieces of equipment is sure to be worth a lot.”

Upon getting Rui’s account number, seeing that Rui had no further actions, Yezekael couldn’t help but ask.

“No need! I trust that you will give me a satisfactory price.”

Rui shook his head, giving a knowing smile. Yezekael also smiled in return.

They were all clever people, and there was no need to beat around the bush. Although it had only been 2 days, but they were all very clear regarding Kismet’s value. This game was no longer merely a game, and its future value was a fresh, untouched gold mine waiting to be harvested. A long term cooperative relationship was king now.

To Rui, it didn’t matter who he cooperated with; even if he did not have a constant partner, he could always resort to auctioning. However, it was different for Yezekael. To find another strong partner like Rui would be nearly impossible. Ignoring Rui’s previous massacre of the Greedy Wolf guild, just his performance in the Lost Mines showed his strength and worthiness, and Yezekael would be a fool to antagonize him.

To Yezekael, RMB (Renminbi, Yuan) is nothing. No matter what he did in life, an up-front investment was always necessary, even if it was a loss at the start. Not to mention, by working with Rui, he was able to be a few steps ahead of most people in the game.

‘Chance favors the prepared mind,’ this saying is definitely true. However, at the same time, chances, are given to those who grab them first. If someone else were to grab it before you, you have no choice but to stare helplessly at them.

RMB was not important. What was more important was the large amount of equipment in Yezekael’s inventory. With them, his followers could also be ahead of his competitors. Once he got a head start, he would be able to continue extending his lead. This was a saying he understood fully!

Rui’s character meant he would definitely never be a guild master, nor a leader of some large alliance. He’s a solo player at heart, and this might never change. However, this did not conflict with Yezekael’s interests. Such an ideal partner like Rui, unless Yezekael’s brain was rotten, he would never give up on him.

Of course, Yezekael also knew a person like Rui has a very large pride in his heart. He will never accept gifts or charity, in fact such actions would cause their relationship to worsen. Hence, he never had the intention of bribing him with thousands of dollars. Equivalent exchange, that is the king’s way. Of course, it’s still appropriate to offer a little bit more. After all, good equipment was very popular right now. By his estimations, other than Rui, no one else could afford to sell such good equipment.

Looking at the Silver Equipment that required appraisal, this made Rui feel quite helpless. Even though they brought along that exorbitantly expensive City Return Scroll from the grocery store in the village, they could not leave just like that because they had no idea whether they could enter the mine again after leaving it.

If possible, the mobs will definitely respawn. Unless they wanted to clear them all again the next day? If that is so, with 8 hours of gameplay, it would definitely be impossible to ever clear this entire dungeon. The most important fact was that it was already quite difficult to progress this far. Leaving the Evil Ghost Miners aside, how would they be able to deal with the Exploding Magic Spiders? Where would they find more Metal Chip Bombs?

‘I have no choice but to temporarily keep it in my inventory! After completing the dungeon, I will return to the Novice Village and take out a bunch of equipment for appraisal, then I will have a massive change in power!’

A ray of light flashed past. Yezekael finally reached the limit of his 8 hours of gameplay, and was forcefully disconnected from the game.

On the other hand, Rui and the rest still had a little bit of time left. Since Sasha and Sweet Little Girl were both girls, even though they did not provide as much firepower in the battle, they were still quite tired. Thus, they followed after Yezekael and logged out. As for Everflame, as he was the right-hand man of Yezekael, since his boss was no longer around, he obviously did not stay either.

A few minutes later, Rui was left all alone. And in this dark and cold mine, it felt even more lonely. However, this did not affect Rui much. To be an Assassin, he had to get used to, and even love being alone. Only when an Assassin is alone will he be able to unleash their true strength, and reveal their true self.

When he looked at the time, he realized he still had a few more minutes. After thinking for a while, Rui could not resist the curiosity for the unknown in his heart, and he wielded his Dim Blue Dagger as he looked over to his back.

After taking a glance at the mountain of Exploding Magic Spider corpses, he turned back and progressed further ahead.

If we were to compare the whole Lost Mines to a full course meal, the area where the Evil Ghost Miners were situated was the outer part of the mine, and could be likened to the appetizers.

The Exploding Magic Spider area would be the starting dishes; they were low-classed monsters. Then, the place he was heading to would be the main dish. Maybe it was because he had lived as an Assassin for a long time, Rui had an unparalleled sense of perception. He immediately realized the dark aura in this place was much denser than the places he were at before.

“Who are you, and why are you here?”

After walking for quite a while, he finally reached the end of the long and unchanging passage. Before Rui could heave a sigh of relief, a mysterious voice suddenly rang out, and Rui’s body instantly stiffened.

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