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Angel in Lost Mines

“Who are you, and why are you here?”

In a dark damp place filled with monsters, if a mysterious voice suddenly appeared without warning, even an idiot would know it’s not a normal person. Rui reacted instantly, leaping away from his current spot, his Dim Blue Dagger at the ready as he looked around for the source of the voice.

“Eh… Isn’t that Uncle Howell’s Dim Blue Dagger? Why is it in your hands?”

Looking at Rui’s actions, the mysterious voice couldn’t help but laugh. But when she saw the dagger in Rui’s hands, she cried out in alarm.

“Uncle? Then, you are…?”

Although the voice was mysterious and unknown, it was very gentle and did not have any hint of anger or aggression. However, her words gave Rui a shock. The dagger had been kept by the Village Chief, and since she called him uncle, then she should have some sort of connection with him!

Rui had not forgotten the true reason they were here. Although killing monsters for experience and loot was one of the reasons, but the original and most important reason was to complete the Village Elder and Blacksmith’s quest, and help them fulfil their wishes.

“I am called Kris. My father is the village blacksmith, and Uncle Howell is the Village Chief.”

The mysterious female voice’s words stunned Rui for a while. He had originally wanted to ask the mysterious voice about the Blacksmith’s daughter and the Village Chief’s son’s whereabouts. He did not expect the mysterious voice was actually one of his targets.


You have been online for 8 hours.

For health reasons, please leave the game within 10 minutes or you will be forcefully logged off.

Just as Rui was excitedly preparing to speak, the system notification almost made him choke to death on his own saliva.

‘Damn the system!’

Furiously gulping down, Rui couldn’t help but curse the circumstance in his heart.

Since there was no time, he had to cut his explanation short!

“Miss Kris? Could you show yourself? I have been asked to come here by your father and the Village Chief, to not just clear the area filled with demons, but to also to look for you and the Village Elder’s son.”

Rui said with a hint of excitement.

“Shhh… Lower your voice, or you might wake him up and it would be bad!”

Just as Rui had finished speaking, a bright, holy white light appeared, causing the dark damp cave to be lit up brightly. The light seemed to take away the cold, bringing warmth.

Right in front of the rather confused Rui, a white shadow appeared out of thin air; a headful of golden hair that drew much attention, a face with a bright and warm smile, and two cute dimples on her cheeks. This girl should be Kris!

Extending a finger and placing it on Rui’s mouth in a silencing gesture, Kris’s beautiful big eyes looked around worriedly into the depths. When there was no other disturbances, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Rui was a little dumbfounded as he looked at the girl in front of him. From her lips, a hint of warmth evident, and it caused him to fall into a dazed stupor.

He had never felt anything like this before. He was an Assassin who walked the path of darkness, abandoned his faith, and killed to make a living. People like him were all abandoned, and they made darkness their partner.

Hence, he had never believed in the existence of Gods. Though he believed in the existence of good people, he would never believe that in this world, there are angels who could save hundreds and thousands of lives.

But, at this particular moment, he could actually see a large pair of pure white wings on Kris’ back. The atmosphere around her could give people warmth, allowing them to feel comfortable and relax both their bodies and minds.

Kris brought her face close to Rui’s, and softly asked, “Are you a Warrior sent by my father and Uncle Howell to resolve our problems?”

When her warm breath with a unique scent fluttered on his face, Rui suddenly felt his cheeks had gotten slightly hot, and there was some disturbance in his heart. Although he didn’t know why, he was tongue-tied and he stammered, “Ye-yes. I… I’m Sly Hand. I came here at the Village Chief’s and the Blacksmith’s request.”

“Is that so! That’s wonderful!” After hearing Rui’s confirmation, Kris happily smiled. “Father and Uncle Howell finally sent someone over.”

Rui explained, “Uhh, umm, to tell you the truth, the Village Chief and the rest have asked people to come here several times. However, they lost their lives outside, and they did not manage to reach this place.”

“Is that so…” After hearing that people have died to save them, Kris evidently became a little depressed.

“They must have all turned into demons!” Kris wore a dejected expression, and her pair of bright pupils were covered with a layer of grey.

“…” Rui, who was an Assassin, did not know how to comfort someone else. His face reddened from suppressing himself, before he managed to utter a single sentence. “They’ll be fine. By my hands, they managed to obtain salvation. They will no longer be tortured.”

“Pfft…” After seeing Rui’s distressed expression, Kris could not help but smile. She sincerely looked at him in the eye, and said, “Thank you, I feel a lot better!”

“Umm, that’s good to hear.” Rui scratched his head, and said. “That will be all for today. I need to leave, but I will definitely resolve everything tomorrow.”

“Yes, I believe in you!” From Rui’s assuring look, Kris revealed a brilliant smile.

“Then, I will see you tomorrow.”

After waving goodbye to her, with the system counting down the last 10 seconds, he disconnected.

* * *

He took off his gaming headgear, opened his eyes, and stared at the ceiling above. It has been a while since he last got up. Although he did not know why, he was constantly thinking of the moment when Kris first appeared in his mind. She shockingly fell from the sky; she was emitting a powerful aura and was surrounded by a holy atmosphere. It allowed someone like him, who recently returned from the darkness for the first time, to feel an unusual warmth.

After lying down quietly for a long while, Rui touched his sticky body and felt unbearable. He then got out of his bed and went for a shower. He could not afford to get a heat stroke from this hot and sunny day.

After bathing in the ruthlessly cold water for a long while, Rui finally emerged out of the bathroom feeling refreshed.

He threw his dirty clothes into the washing machine and turned it on. He then changed into a set of new clothes before heading out to eat.

After eating Big Sis Qin’s specialty dishes, he decided to eat dinner there every night, and it was something like a habit he was trying to cultivate.

When he arrived at Big Sis Qin’s food stall, it was already opened, and there were even several people there.

Even though Big Sis Qin was busy, her brow revealed an indelible sadness. She was very sure that with Brother Kun’s personality, after being humiliated the day before, he would definitely hold a grudge.

However, she could not simply abandon this place. If she did, how would she make a living for both her daughter and herself? The only thing she could do was to pray that damn trash would leave this place for good after such a harsh lesson and never come back!

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