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Little Fei’s Thank You Gift

“Big Sis Qin, why are there so many customers this early?”

Rui came over, greeted with a smile, and looked at the busy scene.

“Little Rui, why are you still coming here? Hurry up and leave. Brother Kun might even be waiting to ambush you. He’s the type that will definitely seek revenge, and after suffering such humiliation yesterday, he will definitely bring a couple more men. Hurry and leave before they see you!”

After seeing Rui, Qin Yue was a little out of sorts. She did not expect that this young man would still have the gall to appear here. Unless he was really seeking death? Since the situation had progressed to this point, and Rui offended Brother Kun because of her daughter and herself, she did not want anything to happen to him.

“Brother Kun?” Rui was stunned for a moment, and then revealed a smile. “Don’t worry, Big Sis Qin! That bastard will no longer cause any trouble.”

The fact that Brother Kun and the entirety of his gang were killed off was not reported in the news, and Rui was not surprised. This was one of the Chinese’s good points. For what they call a harmonious society, there were many things that were kept hidden from the public.

Freedom of press and freedom of speech, were all simply empty promises. If an official were to say something, would anyone dare to report something else? In a large country like this, there are countless number of dark secrets and injustice hidden behind the public, so as to ensure social harmony. Sometimes, there are even cruel things happening one wouldn’t even believe it happened right in front of them.


After hearing Rui’s words, Qin Yue was a little stunned.

‘What did he mean by “he will no longer cause any trouble?”‘

Looking at the young man whose face was full of smiles, in Qin Yue’s mind, a strong sense of curiosity arose. This young man, is simply a mystery.

A few days ago, he suddenly appeared in front of her. On the first day, he helped out her daughter, and only just yesterday, he saved her and her daughter from being humiliated. And in the process, he unhesitatingly offended a very infamous gang in this district.

If she could, she would have already abandoned everything here and find somewhere else to start anew. Just when she was worrying about how to deal with Brother Kun’s revenge, this young man actually told her that he would no longer cause any problems.

Even though she looked twenty, Qin Yue’s actual age was already more thirty years old. She had already worked in this society for several years, and had seen many different kinds of people. However, this was the first time she had seen someone with temperament like Rui.

‘He’s probably a son of a very rich family or something!’

In her mind, Qin Yue could only come up with this explanation. After all, to be able to deal with the triad backing Brother Kun, it could not be done so simply.

Even if this young man was well-trained in martial arts, she would not believe he could eliminate the entire triad alone. In her mind, the only thing she could think of was that the organization backing Rui was suppressing the triad, and thus, Brother Kun could not cause anymore problems here.

However, such things are no longer important! The most important thing right now was that she would no longer be harassed, and she could safely manage her stall. She could also ensure her daughter would have a safe school life, find a good job, find a good man to marry, and Qin Yue would then be able to enjoy her years of old age peacefully.

She knew who she was indebted to for being able to be standing here on this day. To common folks, many things are still kept simple. If you were to help someone, that person will never forget the favor. At your critical moment, he will definitely lend you a hand as well!

Even if they were poor, and had to work from the early morning till late in the night, however, their mind will not be corrupted by money and benefits like those capitalists and entrepreneurs, and that’s their biggest merit.

It’s always only about competition in the upper levels of society, and other than themselves, they could not afford to believe anyone else. However, it’s not that complicated for common folks. As long as they work together, they will be able to live a better life.

“Hey, Big Sis Qin, what are you thinking about? The dish in the wok are all burnt!”

Looking at the absentminded Qin Yue, Rui waved his hands in front of her, and called out.

“Ah… Whoa!”

The dazed Qin Yue glanced at Rui, and smelled something was burning. For an instant, she was surprised, and she immediately used her spatula to flip and push the ingredients about, and she somehow managed to save the dish. Even though the dish was a little burnt, it was still edible.

She placed that dish aside, poured a spoon of oil onto the wok, and began frying once again. She was making a living off this cooking business, so she could not let the customers eat a burnt dish.

“Big Sis Qin, let’s not waste this dish, let me have it!” Rui stretched out and took the dish. After having a bite, and enjoying its after-taste, he chuckled, “It’s a little burnt, but it still quite tasty.”

“Hehe!” Looking at Rui’s expression, Qin Yue smiled. Her exquisite charm as a working matured woman displayed before the unprepared Rui, and he was entranced.

With an amazing willpower, Rui quickly controlled his feelings. He gave a slight embarrassed smile, and headed to an empty table.

“Umm… Uhh, Bro… Brother Rui, what… do you want to eat today?”

After sitting down, Little Fei immediately walked over. She held onto a notepad, and her hands and body were slightly trembling as she stuttered.

Brother Rui? Hehe!

After hearing Little Fei’s greeting, Rui could not help but reveal a wide grin.

“Give me a plate of quick-fried diced beef in soya sauce, spiced chicken, braised haggis, and any two other dishes. Give me 2 bottles of beer as well.”

Rui happily picked out some dishes. Even though it was a hot day, he still liked spicy food. He liked the spiciness that would stimulate his taste buds, and with the addition of the cold beer, the taste would be so good he could explode!

Probably because he was treated as a VIP, his dishes were served pretty quickly.

Looking at the plates overflowing with extra meat, Rui could not help but tremble with excitement at their colorful flavor. He ruthlessly gulped down his saliva, fiercely picked up his chopsticks, and began to chow down his food. He had to fill his belly now, because later at midnight, he promised to meet up with Yezekael and the rest, to clear the dungeon as early as possible. They were preparing to stay up for a bloody battle.

“Um… Uh, Brother Rui, this, this is for you. Thank… Thank you for saving me and my mother yesterday!”

Just when Rui was chowing down a large piece of meat, Little Fei’s timid voice rang in his ears.

Rui, who had a piece of beef in his mouth, looked over to Little Fei who was beside him. Probably because she was startled by Rui’s sharp gaze, Little Fei’s face immediately turned red. She flusteredly placed a nicely wrapped box on his table, and fled.

Looking blankly at Little Fei’s figure slowly walking away, he ruthlessly stuffed the piece of beef in his mouth and chewed it down. He looked at the box on the table. It was covered in a pink wrapping with a Doraemon character printings, and the golden ribbon around the box was tied into a beautiful butterfly.

The box was not big, and it was probably only a small token. However, this was the first time in several years that Rui received a present, and it was actually given by a girl. He became extremely happy, to the point where it even affected his eating.

He was already gulping down his food before, but now, he was sweeping his plates. That crazy eating speed, was as if a strong wind itself had swept across the plates. Eating so quickly, as though the dishes were immediately poured into his stomach itself!

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