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The Angel’s Tragedy I

Rui was struggling with Qin Yue, until finally, under the stern eyes of the stubborn woman, he bitterly took back the RMB he used to pay for his meal.

Originally, he just wanted to help this kind pair of mother and daughter, but he never thought he would accidently find a long-term ticket for free food. Using Big Sis Qin’s words to explain, ‘You eating here every day in no way costs more than the amount that bastard Kun took. You relieved us of such a huge burden, so if I still take your money, doesn’t it make me shameful? And if you don’t come here anymore, I’ll just sent Little Fei to your place!’

With Big Sis Qin speaking like that, what else can Rui say?

After a word of thanks and a wave of hand to Little Fei, who hiding but still revealed half of her face, Rui took her thank-you gift and slowly went home.

Arriving home, Rui took another cold shower, washing away the sweat from the chilly. Taking out the washed clothes from the washing machine, he hung them out in the balcony to dry and went back inside.

Looking at the gift on the table, Rui curiously took it and quickly ripped the wrapper.

Opening the box, Rui was shocked to see that inside it was a very refined purse, red with a faint rich fragrant. The front of the purse has the character ‘Rui’ sewed on with a red thread. At the back corner of the purse, a small character ‘Blessing/Good Fortune’ was sewed on. After opening it, he saw that the purse was filled with dried lavender. A faint aroma, so refreshing, it makes one feel cool-headed.

This must be that kid’s handiwork!

Playing with the exceptionally refined purse, Rui happily chuckled. To him, such a small purse is more important than any gift. This kindness, this feeling, for a killer who walks in the shadows, is very precious.

After deeply inhaling the lavender aroma coming from the purse, Rui placed it on the table. He then walked out of the bedroom with a refreshed feeling into another room, a place where he laid out several fitness equipment.

He exercised a bit, digesting the food in his stomach. Then, Rui once again took a shower. Returning to the bedroom and looking at the time, it was almost ten, leaving two hours just before the day changes.

Two hours, then I don’t need to sleep, I’ll just wait it out!

Rui fell onto the bed, hands crossed behind his head, eyes on the ceiling while thinking, but then gradually lost attention.

Thinking back on the Kismet journey within the last two days, there were many abnormal moments. Especially the feeling when he massacred the six Greedy Wolf members in front of audiences for the first time, and the time when he fought the Spider Empress.

During these two moments, he felt like an extraordinary force was controlling his body. During both battles, his mentality, his attention, and his mind were abnormally clear and focused, yet during the panic, he was wide awake.

What’s more, what’s with the burst of power during the critical moments? Although, such incident was not unfamiliar to Rui, si9nce during his three year career of an Assassin, such incident happened a lot.

That’s right. Ever since he was young, Rui’s body contained an extraordinary special force. Although usually, it was nothing much. However, during critical moments, that force would burst out. At those critical moments, not only his mind, but even his body was greatly strengthened. His endurance, agility and strength were all boosted incredibly.

When people speak of the Crimson Shadow Ghost, they would first be reminded of his sly hand and ghostly figure. The speed he displayed was beyond human capabilities, and he was impossible to catch. Rui was constantly exploring that mysterious force of his, and have been gradually stimulating it.

Although he have not found any other effects, he could feel his body getting stronger, to the point where one could say he was becoming overpowered. The current him, who has strong endurance, flexibility, large strength, and explosive speed, was near the level of a demon. And that was why he, who was once an orphan, was able to become the King of Assassins, who everyone tremble in fear at the sight.

An abnormal body, that’s a given. However, why would such a state happen in-game? With only the electro-signals from the brain going into the game, the body should be unrelated.

What is going on?

Rui didn’t precisely understand!

《Kismet》 was said to be simply a game, but people who thought deeply about it, would not see 《Kismet》 as such. There’s a minority of people, like Rui, who believe that 《Kismet》 held a very mysterious and extraordinary secret. However, most people did understand that the impact the reality of the game provided was nothing less than extraordinary.

The true face of this game, is still currently unknown. Could something, created jointly by the world’s greatest powers, be nothing more than just a game? Obviously not! As for digging the secrets and the hidden truths behind 《Kismet》, it could only depend on oneself. After all, those governments would definitely not reveal such information.

It’s impossible to force the government to reveal their intentions in reality, hence, there’s no other choice but to seek the answer inside the virtual world. Rui believed there were definitely clues in 《Kismet》.

The heavily burdened Rui was oblivious to the passing of time, so when the alarm rang, he was even a little confused why the time went by so quickly!

Glancing at the alarm and confirming it was 0 o’clock, he temporarily put all those troubling things in the back of his mind, put on the helmet, connect the power, and entered the game world.


Welcome to the world of 《Kismet》.

Happy playing!

A white light flashes, Rui appears inside the dark and damp mine.


Player Yezekael wants to chat with you, would you like to accept?”


“Sly Hand Bro, where are you? How come I didn’t see your figure when I logged on?”

Yezekael’s voice came from the other end of the communicator.

“I’m right ahead. After you logged off yesterday, I explored the next path. You guys come here. There’s only one path, and no monsters, so it’s very safe.”

Rui quickly spoke to Yezekael then cut the connection, because, Kris came!

“You came!” Kris smiled brightly while looking at Rui.

“I came!” Rui replied with a smile. Such a plain reply, yet it gave him a sense of warmth.

While chatting with Kris, Yezekael and the rest arrived in a flash.

Seeing Kris floating in mid air, Yezekael and the rest instantly became stupefied. After all, Kris’s figure was just too magnificent. Her whole body was covered with a holy white radiance like a person shaped by light. A heart-warming smile on her face, with an ever-so-beautiful golden hair. If there were a pair of white wings on her back, then she would undoubtedly be a beautiful angel.

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