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Judgement of Light

Hearing the system notification caused Rui, who was fighting the Spider Queen Elise fiercely, to stop momentarily. Turning around, he saw Halief, Kris and Ronnie standing together, their hands together, looking at him with a very resolute look. Their respective will to fight and faith combining into an aura that shone forth and filled the battlefield, seemingly turning into a sharp blade directed towards Elise.

Perhaps influenced by Ronnie’s trio, Rui’s mind was burning crazily like a ball of fire, his whole body enclosed in a thick battle spirit. The battle spirit spread across his whole body, and finally into his mind, his whole body boiling up with excitement. An unprecedented feeling flooded his body, filling his mind and soul.

“Let’s fight!”

A crazed roar ensued from Rui’s mouth as he shouted out loud, and an unknown energy surged through his body instantaneously, causing the others around him to feel their blood surge up in excitement as well.


Congratulations, you have triggered the hidden conditions and developed a new talent.

Using your own strength and battle spirit, you have managed to delve into your inner potential, and used it to influence others.

You have mastered a new skill — Inspire Courage.


Congratulations for becoming the first player to create a new skill in 《Kismet》

You have received 1000 fame, 100 gold and a mysterious scroll!

At that moment Rui’s whole body, mind, and soul was burning up with fighting spirit, and he did not care about the reward, instead only wanting to know more about his new skill.

Inspire Courage: Active Skill, level 0 (0/10000)[Description] With the battle spirit of a leader, and your courage as the source, let loose a war cry which inspires yourself and your allies.

[Effects] 10% increase of all stats,
20% Attack bonus (You get 30%)
10% Crit chance (You get 20%)

[MP Consumption]: 50[Duration]: 3 minutes[Cooldown]: 1 hour

“Inspire Courage!”

Without any further thought, Rui activated the skill. Suddenly, he felt a very strange, special power rising up within his body and spreading through it rapidly, an extremely battle spirit as if the horns of war had been blown, so loud and stimulating.

It wasn’t just Rui and Ronnie’s trio; even Yezekael and the others were also affected, and suddenly everyone affected had their battle spirits raised up high.

“This… What’s going on?” Feeling the changes in all the people around, Spider Queen — Elise was dumbfounded. Perhaps her strength was extremely formidable, but when she faced Rui, she still felt a hint of fear. There was no other reason for that besides his imposing aura, it was really too scary.

“Damn, you bastard, what did you do?” Elise roared at Rui.

“What have I done?” Rui sneered: “Your Father, I, have just sounded the death knell for you!”

“Damn you ugly monster, die!” Without waiting for Elise to answer, Ronnie and Halief attacked in a crazed, pincer attack, while Kris stood at the back wielding a priest’s staff and reciting an incantation, causing a bright white light to shine forth from her, making her look very holy.

“Sweet Little Girl, stay here, even with the increased stats from the buff you will not be able to take the Spider Queen’s attacks. I will go up together with Shasha. Everflame, I do not need to tell you what to do, you have free reign to act!” Yezekael put out his hand to stop the excited Sweet Little Girl, gave the rest instructions, before nodding to Sasha and charging forth together with Ronnie and Halief, with their weapons brandished forth.

“Hahaha … you ugly spider, today will be your death!” Looking at how everyone was spirited and attacking in unison, Rui raised his head and laughed. Previously, he was still worried about how he would cope with Elise after his Nimble Wind duration ended.

Now, it seemed like he did not need to worry anymore. With so many people surrounding her and beating upon her, it would be impossible for them to fail in killing her!

Although faith did not represent strength, but it would definitely tap upon their potential and change it into strength, perhaps allowing a miracle to happen. Now, their faith, their will, was about to create a miracle. Killing this formidable Spider Queen, and to complete this Legendary quest

“A group of ants, just die!” Having Halief and Ronnie charge her was still alright, but when she saw the weaklings (in her perspective) like Yezekael and Sasha charging towards her as well, she was furious. Her eight legs moved swiftly and flexibly like weapons of war, each slicing around savagely and in crafty angles.

Rui was relying on his speed, constantly dancing around her and attacking her weak points using her blind spots. Ronnie and Halief were fighting bravely and fearlessly head on with Elise, while creating a relatively safe environment for Yezekael and Sasha to attack from the back.

“Great Knight Spirits, please grant me courage. May your benevolence and strength allow me to defeat evil, and sweep away the devils! …Radiant Inspiration!”

“Great God of Light, please grant me your endless benevolence and gentle power, help my injured comrade! …Angel’s Light!”

Ronnie and Kris used their buffing skills again, two beams of light falling upon everyone in the battle. Instantly, massive buffs were applied increasing their stats.

With such an increase in stats, Sweet little Girl could no longer stay still, ignoring the protests of Everflame, who was just about to cast an Elemental Ball. She charged forth wielding a short sword. Since she had not gotten her class yet, she was not able to use any archery skills and could only use melee combat.

“The Great God of Light, please, with your boundless compassion, have mercy upon the people of the world, use your power to give us signs from heaven, and punish those that have violated the light, the dark and ugly demons associating with the Darkness! …”

Kris, who was covering the rear, suddenly released another powerful white light, causing her to float up in the air, as a pair of shimmering white wings appeared behind her body.

Angel, she was truly an angel!

Everyone stopped for a split second, staring with a dumbfounded look on their faces as they looked at Kris, who seemed like an angel descended from heaven, a serene look on her face.

The strong bright light emitting from her let Rui and the rest feel incomparably warm and comfortable, but to the Spider Queen, Elise, it was a great destructive power. Under the influence of the holy light, her body started twitching uncontrollably, and shrill screams emitted from her mouth, as she started taking 100 points of damage per second.

“Light — Judgement!”

A mighty and majestic voice issued forth from Kris’s mouth, the Angel’s Heart hanging around her chest shining with a soft white light, and on Elise’ head, it formed into an immense White Holy Sword. As soon as she uttered the words ‘Judgement’, the sword slashed down, savagely running through Elise’ body.

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