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Party Wipe

– 5,000

A huge damage number appeared over the Spider Queen Elise’s head, stunning everyone present.


A shrill scream escaped from Elise’s mouth. However, after receiving such a damaging attack, not only did Elise not flinch or retreat, instead became more brutal, savage and relentless. She immediately abandoned her attack on Rui, and swiftly charged towards Kris instead. No matter whether it was the threat level from the damage received, or her own wisdom, she had already judged that Kris was her greatest threat.

“Kris, be careful!”

Seeing Elise’s movements, Ronnie and Halief shouted out. They were just as shocked by Kris’ sudden burst, and had been knocked back by the sudden fierce rush of Elise. As such, they did not have time to recover and chase forward before Elise would hit Kris.

Furthermore, because Kris had unleashed such a high level attack, she was currently drained of energy and could no longer maintain her winged appearance, and had dropped back to the ground. As such, she was currently weak and unable to run or dodge, and could only watch Elise charge forth towards her with killing intent.

“Die now, you disgusting Priest of the Light!”

Elise’s bloodshot eyes were dripping with malice, as her disgusting spider legs stamped down towards Kris. If the legs hit, then Kris would suffer the same fate as Elise earlier, having her body pierced through.


Rui, Halief, Ronnie, all widened their eyes, unable to rush over in time. Even with Rui’s speed, he could only watch Elise’s ugly spider legs stab down fiercely at Kris.


Like a razor sound from tearing rags, her ugly spider legs stabbed fiercely into the body, piercing right through.

Everybody froze!

Feeling the warm blood dripping on her face, Kris was shocked into stillness. She lifted her head, staring at the figure blocking in front of her.


Yezekael cried out loud in rage and sorrow. Although Everflame was one of his subordinates, they had been together for so long that he had become a close friend, a trusted brother. Looking at his brother getting slain in front of his eyes, the sheer rage overwhelmed him.

“The rest is up to you guys. I’ll head off first!”

Everflame forced a smile; Elise’s attacks were so powerful, and it was instant death for his weak, little, fragile body.

“Damn ants, you even dare to do foil this Queen’s plans.”

Not being able to finish off her target; actually being foiled by a weak pathetic little human; this just made Elise rage even more, lifting off the corpse of Everflame from her deadly, ugly spider legs, before stamping onto Kris once again.


Having his teammates get killed off right in front of him, it was an insult and disgrace to Rui. Thanks to Everflame, Rui had at least reached in time. Seeing that Elise was greedy enough to try to kill Kris again, he cursed out loud and flew towards her, holding her in her arms and whisking her to safety right before Elise’ spider legs slammed down.

“Damn monster, go to hell!”

Seeing their loved one almost getting killed brutally, and having a brave warrior sacrifice his own life to save her, Halief and Ronnie were enraged, charging forth in a berserked rage towards Elise.

Yezekael and Sasha was also equally enraged, and even Sweet Little Girl; and all of them did the same and charged towards Elise. For them, who had spent the most time with Everflame, that scene earlier of his death had sparked a seething fire in their hearts.

“Kris, you take a break first, leave that bitch to us!”

Rui left Kris at a safer place which was further from the fray and gave her a reassuring smile, before lifted up his dagger and rushing back again. He was after all the main attacker against the spider queen.

Although Ronnie and Halief were strong, they were tough and more focused on defense, and their attack power was not very outstanding and their attack speed was also rather low.

Under the power of their grief, Elise fell into a disadvantageous position. However, it was nearly impossible to defeat Elise in one burst of power; she was after all the Spider Queen that was feared since the ancient times, even if she was currently still considered in her growth stage, and she perhaps had not comprehended all of her secret heritage skills.

When Rui’s Nimble Wind ended, there would not be anyone left to be able to contain her speed, and the fight would just get tougher and tougher. If not for Ronnie and Halief doing their best to defend them, their party might have already fallen.

The arduous fighting continued; after being hit hard by Kris and the rest of their slow grinding, Elise’ health finally dropped down to a fifth remaining, leaving her with only a little more than two thousand HP.

“A damn group of ants, die for this Queen!”

According to 《Kismet》 rules, all monsters, whether ordinary, enhanced, elite monsters, or even Bosses, when their health has dropped down to 20%, there will be chance for them to Enrage, and this chance was especially higher for Bosses.

What this Enrage entitled was a random chance, it could mean an additional skill, an outburst of strength, or even an evolving of the monster itself. Alas, now, this Spider Queen Elise who was aggrieved that she was losing, was Enraged.


Elise suddenly opened her mouth wide, and a green liquid spewed forth like an open water faucet, following the shaking of her head and shooting out in a continuous spray.

Ronnie, Halief, Yezekael, Sasha, Sweet Little Girl, all five of them were covered in the green liquid. As Kris was quite far away, she was spared, and Rui who was behind Elise also did not get hit.



The damage numbers started floating above their heads, causing Rui to be shocked by its sheer power.

“Damn, it turned out to be such a powerful poison. Sly Hand Bro, I’m afraid that we can only accompany you to this point. From here on, it is all up to you!”

Yezekael said to Rui in the party channel. Taking 100 damage per second, to the current players, it was an impossible disaster. Even if Rui spammed health potions, he would still die if he was affected by the poison, let alone Yezekael and the rest.

“Do not lose to such an ugly monster!” Sasha said valiantly.

“Hey, you must definitely win! Kill that stinky spider!” Sweet Little Child’s saccharine voice rang out.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three consecutive white lights shone forth as Yezekael, Sasha and Sweet Little Girl all died one after the other.

At this moment, Rui’s entire party who had entered the Lost Mines together had been wiped out entirely.

Ignoring Elise who was cackling furiously from destroying her enemies, Rui went to the place where the three had perished in order to pick up their dropped equipment. The unlucky Yezekael had dropped the Gold Sword that he had just gotten.

After placing their equipment in his backpack, Rui grasped the Dim Blue Dagger in his hands once again, raising his head and staring at the Spider Queen Elise, an unprecedented amount of killing intent in his eyes!

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