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Confused Sweet Little Girl

“I accept.”

After putting the fine silver sword up for trade, she also put up her green gauntlet.

After inspecting it, it was a slime gauntlet, and its stats were exactly as Sasha had described it.

Trade accepted!


Congratulations on your successful trade with player Sasha!

You have lost 1x Fine Iron Sword.
You have received 1x Slime gauntlet


Slime Gauntlet

Normal Equipment



Level Req





Crit rate increase by 1%

The item wasn’t bad, however, other players didn’t think the exchange was worth it. Nevertheless, the beginning levels in the game is the most important, and a high quality sword would allow one to raise their levels efficiently.

Although to Rui, even if he didn’t have his Wolf Fang Dagger, he would have probably still traded the Fine Iron Sword for the Slime Gauntlet. What do Rogues rely on? They rely on critical hits! That’s right, Rogues do not need any skills like Warriors have with their continuous strikes.

To kill people, Rui only needed one strike! In this virtual reality, it may be impossible. However, due to his pride as an Assassin, he would not allow himself to enter a non-favorable fight. Attacks should only be aimed at the vitals. One hit one kill is the way of the Assassin. Rogues may not be Assassins, but the two professions were quite similar.

Agility, stealth, speed, and crit rate!

To Rui, getting Agility points early on meant that his attacks would almost always hit the vitals, and so his chance of critically striking would greatly increase. Thanks to the stats of the Slime Gauntlet, when Rui one hit kills his opponent, the chances of him getting more items also increases. Perhaps in someone else’s hands, the 1% increase in probability of crit rate is very insignificant, however in Rui’s hands, this one percent can not be ignored.

Sasha, who was testing out her new sword while nodding her head, Rui turned around and prepared to leave.

“Please add me. If, in the future you want to sell or trade equips, please contact me!”

When Rui turned back, he saw Sasha smiling, and his heart skipped a beat. This female warrior was quite friendly. Since she was able to obtain a Fine Iron Sword for a Slime Gauntlet, whatever the case may be, she thought Rui was someone worthy of associating with.


Player Sasha wishes to befriend you, would you like to accept?

“… I accept.”

Although Rui thought about it for a slight moment, he agreed in the end. He often likes being solo, but he knew that in this virtual reality world, no matter how strong he was, he cannot be as strong as someone who was higher leveled than him, so he needs friends. Establishing connections was a must. One day, he might be strong enough to a degree where he would not need any friends, however during his current gaming period, having someone like Sasha as a friend might not be so bad. If an occasion arises when he gets something as a drop that he doesn’t need, he’ll have someone to trade with.

* * *

“What a strange person.”

Looking at Rui’s departing back without turning around, Sasha didn’t say anything else. This was the first time a guy has disregarded her. Before, there were those types of cheaply equipped and callous men who tried to win her over, however, she clearly saw that they were not who they seemed to be and were only after her body, disregarding who she really was. Sasha was used to seeing eyes full of lust staring at her, and thus, Rui’s attitude towards her intrigued her.

A callous personality, an apathetic attitude; these type of men, were very attractive to most women. Also, the person had a colored dagger, and was wearing wolf boots. He even pulled out a powerful sword for a trade without any hesitation. In the beginning of this virtual reality. Possessing the ability to do so, he must have amazing mental fortitude and strength.

Strangely enough, this mysterious facade only wants to make one even more interested in ripping it away to see what is really underneath! Strong-willed people will always have others chasing after them. It was impossible not to arouse a girl’s interest when it comes to a man with those qualities.

For a woman, as long as she’s interested in a guy, anything can happen. A curious mind is the budding seed to all things that will happen in the future. What this seed will turn out to be like, only God knows!*

[T/N: A metaphor comparing a seed to her budding interest, and how she is fated to meet him again but she doesn’t know when.]

“Big sis Sasha!”

A pure and sweet voice awoke Sasha from her daydream about Rui. Turning around, she saw Sweet Little Girl running towards where she was standing.

The novice armor could not contain her hot body figure, and her two large breasts were bouncing violently while the owner ran without stopping. The surrounding men all turned into animals, following her with their sight.

“Sweet Little Girl, how many times have I told you not to run around where there’s a lot of people!”

Glancing around the area, all the men were filled with lust. Sasha had no choice but to pull the girl aside, and her pure white fingers softly flicked her forehead.

“Ow, ow, ow!” The Sweet Little Girl rubbed her forehead, raised her head, and her bright star-eyes were confused. She slowly opened her small mouth, and with her right finger on her lower lip, she asked an extremely innocent question: “Why?”

Her confused yet cute expression was enough to kill! Originally, she already resembled a cute animal, enough to make all blood in Sasha’s body boil. Similar to a red-faced cattle exhaling air from its nose like steam, and red eyes burning with flames; just like a typical bull.

“You rascal!” Sasha head was covered with veins as she scolded the confused Sweet Little Girl. With envious and jealous eyes, reached out her hands, grabbed her breasts, and forcibly rubbed them. “These are so big, don’t you get tired running around with them?”

“I never wanted these!” Sweet Little Girl was grieving over her large breasts, and her eyes glittered like stars. “But they wouldn’t listen and still continued to grow bigger. It couldn’t be helped, but I really want it small like big sis Sasha’s.”

That one phrase shifted Sasha’s envious eyes to her own breasts. Although it was not as big as the other girl’s, she believed her figure and outline was enough to make up for it. But those two things were really high quality goods!

“Sweet Little Girl…”

After listening to her say “I, too, want mine to be as small as big sis Sasha’s,” Sasha felt as though she was about to explode from anger. On her forehead, a very large “#” (vein popping) had appeared.

Sweet Little Girl raised her pure white forehead. “Sister Sasha, what’s wrong? I’m scared!”

Sweet Little Girl was scared to look at Sasha in the eye, and her innocent and cute eyes dispelled all of Sasha’s killing intent.

“Damn it!”

With a pained cry, Sasha’s body strunk little by little, and disappeared from the Novice Village. Because of her mood, she suddenly logged off.

“Ayaya, why is big sis Sasha so angry?”

Opening her eyes slightly, Sweet Little Girl pouted, put her fingers on her lips, and sported a very puzzled and confused look. Her pure and cute look immediately killed off many of the males staring at her.

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