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Connecting Quests

After adding the Warrior; Sasha, as a friend, Rui immediately left and arrived at the Novice Village’s tailor store.

“Welcome, do you need anything?” The shopkeeper smiled and asked Rui in a affinitive manner.

“Sorry to trouble you, could you please make this piece of fur into a piece of leather armor?” Rui took out the wolf fur and placed it in front of the shop keeper.

“Oh, a Gray Wolf’s fur. You have stored it well, not bad, not bad. May I ask what kind of leather equipment you want this to be crafted into?”

The shopkeeper raised the Gray Wolf’s fur, appraised it, and smiled.

“What kind?”

Looking at Rui’s confused expression, the shopkeeper began to explain, “If you only need me to briefly work on this, I can make a piece of beginner’s equipment. If you want to employ me, it is possible to make a fine piece of equipment. For a beginner leather equipment, I will charge one silver. But for a fine leather equipment, I will have to supply some materials myself, and therefore I will charge 5 silver coins. So which one will it be, warrior?

Beginner and fine equipment?

Rui was slightly startled, and he immediately opened his backpack and looked inside. He currently had 8 silvers and 79 coppers. Thinking back to the incredibly strong looking Wolf King boss monster, and the three Elite Gray Wolves, suddenly Rui gritted his teeth.

“I want a fine one.”

“Ok, please wait a moment.’

After receiving 5 silver coins, the shopkeeper’s smile grew. She took the Gray Wolf’s fur together with some of her own materials, and without stopping, she used a needle and sewed continuously. The fast motion lasted for about 30 seconds. Suddenly, in the shopkeeper’s hands, a bright white light appeared and enveloped the completed leather equipment within.

Waiting until the light dissipated, a fine piece of leather armor appeared in the shopkeeper’s hands.

“Thank you customer, here is your leather!”

After giving the leather to Rui, the shopkeeper smiled, and her eyes narrowed into an almost straight line.

Upon receiving the leather, Rui did not wait and immediately checked it’s stats. It would’ve been a tragedy if he had just spent the material and five silver coins, and got nothing but garbage.

Gray Wolf Leather Armor

Green Equipment



Level Req




Looking at the extremely high value of 20 points in defense, Rui could not help but to let out a sigh of relief. Spending the five silver coins was worth it.

Wearing the wolf leather, Rui then gave the pair of Wolf Boots to the shopkeeper lady to repair to its full durability.

Before leaving, Rui suddenly opened his mouth to ask. “Um, auntie, can I learn the Art of Tailoring from you?”

“If warrior wants to learn the Art of Tailoring, it is not impossible! However, you are unworthy to learn it right now. It would be best if you start with a harvesting technique. When you are able to obtain 5 pieces of Gray Wolf’s fur and Slime coating, then I will teach you the technique! As for the Art of Tailoring, you have to master the harvesting technique first!”


Would you like to accept the shopkeeper’s trial?

The cold voice of the alert system rang inside Rui’s ears, suddenly scaring him.

‘A quest!’


Rui accepted it without a thought. ‘LOL, only a retard would decline this kind of quest.’


Congratulations in accepting a normal quest: Tailoring Auntie’s Trial.

Opening the quest window, a quest suddenly appeared — Tailoring Auntie’s Trial!

Quest name: Tailoring Auntie’s Trial quest

Quest difficulty: Normal

Quest Requirement: Give tailoring auntie 5 pieces of Gray Wolf fur, and 5 pieces of Slime coating.

Upon completion: Rewarded with a life skill — the Art of Gathering!


After inspecting the quest details, Rui politely bid the tailoring lady goodbye, and went to the blacksmith shop to repair his Wolf Fang Dagger. He then went to the Alchemist shop to purchase 10 health potions.

Since he had finished resupplying, Rui thought it was best to go out of the village. ‘Right now, although it was impossible to fight the Wolf King, that area should be easy. After taking a rest and relogging, I will fight the Wolf King.’

“…Recently the wolves have started rampaging, but there aren’t enough hunters from the village. A lot of residents have been killed off by those despicable wolves. The villagers’ ploughing tools have been destroyed by the damned Slimes. At this rate how will the villagers feed themselves…!”

After stepping out of the village exit, Rui suddenly heard a helpless voice.

Turning around, he saw a player, but his expression looked calm and normal, and thought nothing has happened. However, Rui saw the nearby Village Chief’s expression suddenly turning from an apathetic expression to an anxious one.

Rui thought about it for a little, and walked beside the Village Chief.

“Chief, are you alright?”

“Nothing you can help with… Oh wait! In your hands, are those Wolf Fang Daggers? Yes! Those are definitely leather armor made from those despicable Gray Wolves. You also have gauntlets made out from the coating of those disgusting Slime. We’re saved! Noble warrior, please help our village!”

The Chief was prepared to drive away any rookies who wanted to approach him for his quest, however, seeing the items Rui was wearing, his attitude made a 180 degree turn. He was practically now on his knees, begging.

And so, looking at his nearby surroundings, Rui noticed that the players around him didn’t have an unusual expression, and they weren’t making any sudden movements. The gaming manual clearly said it would protect a player’s privacy and gaming ID, so unless there was some kind of special conditions, it was invisible to all other players. Thus, Rui made it so no one could see him talking to any NPC. Right now, only he could hear what the Village Chief was saying. His exaggerated expressions and speech, no one else could see it. To eyes of the other players, the Village Chief was still smiling, and happily going about his business.

“Village Chief, speak, what is it you want me to do?”

With a magnanimous expression, Rui earnestly asked the Village Chief. Although Rui’s expression was not revealing what he actually felt, he was extremely happy inside! He did not think ‘Kismet’ would design something so humane! As long as you are a player, there are many ways to trigger quests, and it was possible to get any quest.

The Village Chief who ignored him before, after seeing his Wolf Fang Dagger, could not help but give him a quest. However, if a player did not recognize it as a quest trigger, it’s their own fault.

“Those damned wolves killed and ate our livestocks. And recently, they also ate a large amount of pigs in the village. I hope you could help me exterminate them!”


Congratulations on receiving a normal quest: Wolf Extermination.

Would you like to accept?

‘Enough bulls—, of course I accept!’

“Ah, yes, before I forget… Recently, I don’t know why but Slimes have been multiplying more often, and the village’s farming equipments have been severely damaged, could you also please help me exterminate these damned slimes?”


Congratulations, you have received a normal quest: Slime Extermination.

Would you like to accept?

“I accept!”

Rui happily accepted the quests. Just recently, he had received a quest from the tailoring auntie, and now two quest suddenly popped up, how lucky!

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