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Chapter 1 : The Black Robe of the Second Team

Location: Atlantis
Time: 10:15 am

A few days had passed. Before I realized it, I have already spent one month in this school. This shock made me deeply aware of the idiom, “passing through a day felt like a year.” Every day felt like a year!

Senior’s period as a guide was also already over, and I haven’t seen him for a few days. According to Andy from the same dorm, lately, senior was either busy with work or he was busy with the Great Sports Competition.

“Yang~” As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I heard this voice, and without much consideration, I immediately turned back.

“Why is it that every time you see me, you run away?” The five-colored rooster head was one step faster as he grabbed onto my collar. I think this had already turned into a habit.

“Why is it that I would keep running into you recently?” This was my biggest question, because I’ve already been trying my best to avoid this malefic. Even when I go to the toilet, I would go to the furthest one. In the end, the chances of meeting him was still so damn high.

“Because we are friends, meh.” He laughed really evilly.

I found out that ever since I got acquainted with the five-colored rooster head, my fist had always been aching to visit his steel head, although it already did once.

“You don’t have class this period either?” Regardless of whether I’m willing or not, the five-colored rooster head had already dragged me to his table without my approval. The entire table was fully stacked with fine cakes and similar sweet food. It was very obvious he brought these here, “That’s great, I was just thinking of it being so boring, and wanted to find you to skip lessons.”

God bless me, fortunately I currently didn’t have classes. Otherwise, I don’t know how this damn five-colored rooster head in front of me would cause trouble in the class.

I noticed the strange sights surrounding us. After several people saw me sitting together with the five-colored rooster head, they started pointing at us.

… After a few days, I would probably be blacklisted, too, and would probably be called as the assassin’s accomplice and the like.

“Later, Ryan and the others would come. They asked me to wait here first, and I’ve already waited for a super long time.” The five-colored rooster head picked up a strange green cake and stuffed it in his mouth, “Go on and eat, no need to be polite.”

I wasn’t trying to be polite, but I just didn’t have the appetite to eat.

“Why is Ryan coming?” I thought Ryan was similar to Chifuyu in regards to the dislike towards the five-colored rooster head.

“Because he is one of the backups, and also, your senior is the Black Robe representative from the other team.” Biting onto the cake base, the five-colored rooster head counted with his finger, “I heard it was to arrange the whatchamacallit before the sports competition. When he sent me the paper note, I was feeding my pet, so I was only able to see the place and time of where to meet up. Then, the note was eaten by my pet, so I don’t know about the rest.”

“… You are rearing a goat?”

“Nope, I’m rearing a small black fur.” The five-colored rooster head gestured a size, about the size of a basketball, “Its body is completely covered with fur, and it eats everything.”

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine what kind of thing it was. A dog or a rabbit, I guess.

Then, I stood up.

“What are you doing?” The five-colored rooster head also lifted his head and looked at me, grabbing onto my clothes.

“Didn’t you say you were going to have a small meeting? I’m not a candidate of the sports competition, so it would be really weird if I’m listening over here.” Makes me feel like I’m a passerby who was in the way!

“No it wouldn’t, it’s not like this is such a big matter.” The five-colored rooster head said coolly.

This is fundamentally a big matter, alright!?

Just as I was being pulled and was planning to struggle to get away, an advanced magical array, so familiar, that I couldn’t possibly be more familiar with it, appeared beside my feet.

And then I saw the red eyes.

I suddenly felt there were times when senior’s eyes were like a rabbit’s eyes, the fierce and evil version of a killer rabbit.

“Chu, are you craving for a spanking as soon as we meet?” Senior started cracking his knuckles.

“Ahahaha, pretend you didn’t hear what I thought.” I brushed off the five-colored rooster head’s rooster claw.

Beside Senior were Ryan and someone whom I’ve never met before. It was a person wearing a black robe, and the last one was also someone whom I’ve never met before, but he was wearing a white robe.

Ryan was probably the most gregarious person in the group, because he wasn’t wearing his robe.

As soon as Senior and the others entered the restaurant, all the people in the restaurant turned to look at our table.

Later, Miao Miao and the others told me that seeing two Black Robes and two White Robes appearing at the same time was a very rare occurrence, because it was usually very difficult to even see a Black Robe in the school.

“Uh, you guys slowly have a talk.” I’ll quickly escape! The table was for important people, it’d be better if I escape quickly.

“Ah~~~” The five-colored rooster head issued an unknown sound.

The unknown Black Robe opened his mouth and said, “It’s fine even if you don’t leave, since it’s not something that can’t be heard.”

To be honest, the feeling he gave off was cold, extremely cold, and his face seemed to have been set by glue. He also had a foreigner’s facial features, but his skin was very white, so white that it could be compared with senior. However, his face was the face of a guy, the type many girls will like, the cool type. He looked like he was a few years older than us, short blonde hair with a pair of blue-violet slender eyes.

Why do I feel like this person is rather familiar?

“Count Misias D. Randall.” Senior introduced the Black Robe I wasn’t acquainted with, “The team leader of the other group in the sports competition. He is currently a first year of Class A in the university department.”

“On the other hand, this is Ziray, you already know him. And this, is Chu Ming Yang, currently a first year student in Class C, the human I brought into the dorm.” senior gave Randall an introduction.

Randall stared at me for a long time. Honestly, when he was staring at me, I felt my scalp tingling, because the color of his eyes was rather weird.

The gold hair’s eyes was also rather weird, it was golden in color, but it’s not as strange as Randall’s.

“Hello.” Unexpectedly, Randall actually extended his hand showing good intentions towards me.

I felt a little flattered.

“Uh… hello Count.” I also extended a hand to him. Holy crap, why was his hand as cold as a corpse?

And what was with his fingernails!? It was three times longer than mine, and it was black!

“Randall is an aristocrat of the Night Traveler clan. There aren’t many Night Travelers in our school, they’re extremely rare.” Senior said to me.

Why do I feel like the term Night Traveler seems so familiar?

“Which has the same meaning as a Vampire.” He noted.

In that second, I saw Randall smiling. Two fangs appeared from inside his mouth, sparkling, and were well maintained.

…Now I really want to escape.

* * *

I don’t know why, but our table turned from a conspicuous table into an extremely conspicuous table.

After getting permission from the two seniors, I was then forced back into my seat by the five-colored rooster head.

Randall, whom I’ve heard was a Vampire, was sitting right in front of me, smiling like a pervert. I suddenly felt that earlier, when he wasn’t smiling, he was much cooler.

Our table was a combination of two tables, turning into a super large table.

In fact, one table was enough to fit all six of us, but because of all the food which the rice ball obsessed maniac and the five-colored rooster head had brought, there was not enough space to fit it in one table. Thus, the white robe whom I still don’t know, moved another table and placed the drinks there.

“This is Lin, second year high school student from Class A.” Senior finally introduced the White Robe whom I didn’t know to everyone present.

I saw that the five-colored rooster head did not seemed to know him either, since he stared at him for a moment.

The White Robe, Lin, was similar to me. Eastern facial features, black hair and black eyes. He has a baby face, and I felt he looks much younger than he actually is. Looking at his appearance, I think he might even be from the same world as me, and a human.

Oh yeah~ my same kind!

“Lin is in charge of the preliminaries of the sports competition. He is our school’s contact person for the other rival school.” Tilting his head to think for awhile, senior looked at me, “He should be from the same place as you. He is a student who comes from China, both of you should be able to mix together.

Uh… basically, that’s one sea away.

However, I have always felt the landscape in China is very beautiful. I’ve seen many times in the travel magazine and television. When I’m free, I must find Lin to bring me there for a vacation.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Lin was very polite, and nodded at me.

“Hello, nice to meet you, too.”

Randall was still staring at me. I had the same feeling of a frog being stared at by a snake, making my scalp tingle.

“So much nonsense. Why did you call me for?” The five-colored rooster head rudely interrupted us, I saw that on his table, only the cake bases were left.

Ghost! He is a ghost!

The food that filled the table just moments ago had already been eaten by him!

“You’re right. Then, let us get to the main point.” Finally recovering his line of sight, Randall elegantly picked up the coffee cup from the time, and his ghastly smile vanished, returning to the super-glued fixed icy face.

Ryan covered up his rice ball box, and sat upright.

“Although you are the backup members, today, the main reason why I asked of you to come here is to understand the weapons both of you usually use.” Blue-violet eyes were looking at Ryan and the five-colored rooster head, “Ryan, the illusionary weapon expert, and Ziray of the Rogeria clan. Both are famous in our high school department. Basically, I wanted to see your weapons and fighting style, to plan our strategies.”

The things he said were very profound, and it was none of my business.

In fact, I wanted to sneak away. However, in this type of scene, I couldn’t leave no matter what, since it’ll be very awkward.

“Sure.” First, Ryan stood up, and took out a black rubber band-like item from his pocket and tied up his hair. The originally lazy looking tramp instantly tuned murderous, “Creature who formed a contract with me, please allow the apprehender to witness your form.”

With a clang and a bang, a pair of black knives was directly lodged in the table.

So to say, was it alright for you guys keep vandalizing the public property…?

From the day I entered the school, this group of people has been destroying public buildings at every turn. A normal school would have collapsed long ago.

“Otherworldly Knives, not bad.” Randall nodded, “Your choice of weapon is very unique.”

“If I have the chance to go on the stage, you won’t only be seeing Otherworldly Knives.” Ryan curved up the corner of his lips with a slight provocation.

I suddenly remembered Ryan still had a whole bunch of illusionary soybeans.

“Alright, I’ll note it down.” The Vampire took a sip of coffee. Looks like he wasn’t mad by the offensive sentence, “What about you?” He put down the cup, and looked at the five-colored rooster head who looked completely frivolous.

“I don’t have any illusionary weapons.” The five-colored rooster head said quickly. He then stood up, “Rogeria clan members don’t use illusionary weapons.” He held out his hand, the muscles in his right hand twisting and swelling, suddenly turning into the huge beast claw I had witnessed a few times.

“Nn, I understand.”

Looking at the dual knives and the beast claw, Randall propped up his chin and thought for a while, “Then in order to test your strength, I would like to trouble the both of you to use your own weapons to fight for one round.”

I was stunned for a moment.

“Fight here?” Completely opposite from me, the five-colored rooster head looked very, very excited. This made me think of the fact that he had always wanted to fight with Ryan since a very long time ago.

“Of course not.” The Vampire shook his head.

“I’ve already booked the seventh Martial Art stage, fight over there.” Senior stood up first, then Lin, who was beside him, followed suit, “Let’s go.” Suddenly, in front of his feet, a huge teleportation array appeared.

Uh… I also need tag along?

Although watching Ryan and the five-colored rooster head fight should be very interesting, Randall’s gaze caused me to feel rather reluctant to go.

“Yang Yang, help me to take care of this and don’t let anyone steal them.” Ryan placed the whole box of rice balls in my hands, “This is a limited edition product.”

Nevertheless, I don’t think there will be anyone who would be so bored to want to steal your rice balls.

Wait a moment! This means I have to tag along?

“Are you guys coming or not? What nonsense are you babbling about over there!” Senior, who was already standing in the teleportation array, waiting for us, said with an extremely impatient voice.

Ryan and I quickly ran over.

* * *

The place we were teleported to was different arena used the last time.

When I watched Leido and the others fighting, the perimeter of the arena was filled with water. This time, it was not an arena, it was like… uh, stakes. Many vertical platforms each with various heights, just like the things prepared during a film take of a Shaolin Temple in the television. And under those stakes was an abyss.


“Falling down leads straight to hell.” Senior said as he stood beside me.

From the audience seats, I lowered my head and looked down. From inside the black abyss that looked like a bottomless pit, an unknown wail could be heard.

What was that, what was that, what was that! What was that dark silhouette of someone writhing!? I saw a human model in squirming in the darkness!

“Falling down there would be really painful.” Senior said while revealing an evil smile, causing me to retreat away from the railing.

Are you sleep deprived again today?!

“They’re up.” Randall was like a big master as he comfortably sat on the audience seat with his legs crossed.

Is this what an aristocratic Vampire is supposed to do!?

Lin was on the high platform on the other side. I think that place was the referee’s or announcer’s seat. He was holding onto a book of something and was writing on it.

On top of the stakes connected directly to hell, the five-colored rooster head and Ryan was standing on each side.

This was a showdown of a fierce eyed tramp against a juvenile delinquent!

The five-colored rooster head stretched out his other hand, twisted it, and turned into another similar beast claw.

This was the first time I discovered his other hand can transform, too, because since I’ve known him, he only used one hand!

“Come on!” He smiled, and looked at Ryan who was across from him.

Not planning to attack first, Ryan stabbed his two knives into the stakes and stood on the knives’ handle. He looked like a special effect with a dangerous feel.

The first to take action was the five-colored rooster head. He kicked the stake on his original spot, and his entire body bounced forward. The strength of his legs was enormous; the entire stake issued a sound, and it started shaking and vibrating.

This time, I could barely see their movements. The last time when I was watching senior, I couldn’t see anything at all. It was just like watching some kind of supernatural chasing, chasing, and more chasing type of program. Only a few ghost-like shadows could be seen.

Just as the beast claw was about to crash down on top of Ryan’s head, I saw the two black knives flying both left and right like a UFO. Almost being sliced open, the five-colored rooster head abruptly twisted and did a backflip in his position. Before he could firmly stand on another stake, Ryan had already appeared in front of him.

The same time the knife sliced down, the five-colored rooster head held up one of his beast claw. I saw the knife directly hacking on top of the beast claw, but the beast claw wasn’t damaged at all, and in between the two of them, sparks could be seen.

What the hell was with the theory of his beast claw being tougher than a knife!?

Ryan’s other knife was tilted towards the five-colored rooster head’s neck in a horizontal slash, but the knife was only halfway there. Suddenly, Ryan retrieved his knife and jumped back.

The second he left the stake, the whole stake crumbled into dust. The culprit was the five-colored rooster head’s other claw.

“Looking at them as a White Robe and a no-robe, but with their strength, they can already be promoted to a higher level.” Randall said after observing the battle. I didn’t know when a goblet had appeared in his hand, but he looked extremely comfortable and was actually enjoying wine! A person had appeared beside him, dressed as a butler, holding onto a top quality grape wine of an unknown age.

Dude! Do you think you are currently watching a big screen theater at home!?

“Unfortunately, Ryan doesn’t dabble much in Magic, so he has yet to be promoted.” Senior seemed to be used to this already, for turned a blind eye towards the butler.

There was no need to mention the five-colored rooster head. The last time, he actually could have gotten an exception and got promoted, but everyone already knew what the problem was.

“Ah, being young is good.” The Vampire slightly lifted his empty glass, and the butler beside him elegantly poured liquid that looked like blood from the bottle into the glass.

I’d rather believe the liquid was grape wine!

I secretly peeked at the butler. He was very good looking; long golden hair and blue eyes, wearing white formal wear. However, his face was very white, too.

It can’t be that the butler is also a vampire, right?

“Nile is not a vampire.” Senior whispered to me, “He’s a werewolf.”

…Was there a difference!?

A loud sound interrupted our conversation and distracted us. I immediately turned back to look at the arena—

Ryan was standing on a stake, and the five-colored rooster head was also standing on a stake.

The difference from before now was, the stakes in between the two of them had already been completely destroyed. I wasn’t sure who it was who broke them since I was talking to senior, so I didn’t get to see it.

In short, in the entire arena, there probably was only two to three stakes left where one could stand on.

However, what caught my attention was not the fact that the stakes were broken, but the things under the stage. The large open area where the many stakes had been smashed, echoed a strange moaning sound. Suddenly, a bunch of black humanoids creature started overlapping one another and climbed up.

What the hell are those!

Without warning, the black humanoid creatures increased in numbers like a flooding river.

Even the bottom of Ryan’s and the five-colored rooster head’s stakes had already been covered with those things, and they were also shaking. The two stakes had been shaken until they started swaying.

“Nn… the wronged souls below have been attracted by both their powers?” Senior looked at the small hill made by the overlapping black humanoid creatures, and concluded.

What wronged souls!?

Something fell with a popping sound beside my feet, and I held onto the railing and looked down, “Whoa!” I immediately jumped back about a dozen steps.

At the edge of the audience seat, there was a black humanoid creature climbing up. It’s hand holding onto the railing, revealing a face.

In fact, it was actually not a face. It looked like mud put together, and also it felt like it kept on dripping. The eyes and the nose were nothing but two holes. When it opened its mouth wide, there was no tongue or teeth inside. I could only see the mud and some exposed bones.

What kind of soul is this! Why is it so different from the ones I’ve seen before!?

I suddenly felt the ferocious ghost I’ve encountered during my travels in the past was a hundredfold cuter compared to this.

“Get lost!” Randall, who was on his seat, issued a disgusted and heavy roar. The black humanoid creature was stunned, opened its mouth, wailed, and slowly retracted.

I quickly looked back at the arena.

“Ah, let’s settle this first before we continue our fight, alright?” The five-colored rooster head squatted on top of the stake, and slapped the a black mud person who was climbing upwards, and it fell back into the underground abyss.

Ryan nodded.

At the same time he nodded, the five-colored rooster head suddenly kicked the stake. I originally thought he would directly fall down, but he was actually floating in midair, and his legs no longer looked like human legs. I don’t know when, but his legs transformed into something like a huge bird claw of a raptor’s. His claws was grabbing onto a mud person’s head, and he threw it back.

I saw a pair of huge wings appearing behind the five-colored rooster head’s back

He’s a rooster! He really turned into a rooster!! He grew rooster’s claws and rooster’s wings!

I was expecting him to grow a rooster’s beak on his face, but after a period of time, it still didn’t change.

Ryan also jumped up from his original spot, one hand grabbing onto the five-colored rooster head’s rooster feet, hanging in midair.

At that moment, both the top of the stakes had been completely covered by the mud people.

The five-colored rooster head suddenly turned around and looked at me, “Yang~ Look at our combined special attack.”

Combined, as if!

Ryan obviously had the same thoughts as me, because I saw black lines and veins appearing on his face.

Then, Ryan put his two black knives together, and the black knives suddenly turned into a huge knife twice as large. Ryan held the knife with its tip pointing down. He then bit his finger and wrote an incantation I couldn’t read on the flat side of the knife with blood. The five-colored rooster head also followed suit and wrote an incantation on the other side of the knife, and pressed his hand at the end of the knife’s handle.

“Knife of the Otherworldly, pierce through space, and return those beings that shouldn’t exist back into the ground.” Ryan said softly, and both sides of the knife started emitting a cold light.

Again, the situation was rather difficult to describe. I suggest one to find an old movie called ID4 and watch it, especially the part when the aliens used a UFO to blast several buildings on Earth.

The cold light started to slowly move down, gathering at the tip of the knife.

A line of black light suddenly shot straight through the underground abyss, then I saw a ghostly claw slowly pulling the black light open. The light seemed to have a space inside and was pulled open, and an eye could be seen inside.

The eye looked below, then it closed, and the black lights disappeared just like that.

The moaning sounds suddenly stopped; all the mud people disappeared at the same moment, and only the bottomless huge hole was left.

Where did those mud people disappeared to? I suddenly felt my scalp tingling.

“So this is the unique power of the Otherworldly knife.” A voice drifted over from my side. I lifted my head and took a look, and senior’s red eyes were shining bright as though he saw some interesting toy.

Ryan let go of the rooster’s claw and jumped back onto his previous stake. The five-colored rooster head also followed suit. His rooster claws and rooster wings disappeared, leaving only one pair of beast claws.

“That’s enough.”

Randall suddenly clapped his hand, and the two people in the arena turned their head to look at him, “Looking at both your presence, strength, mobility, and impromptu cooperation, they are all above my expected level.” He said revealed a strange smile, similar to the one he had earlier.

“You are both fully qualified.”

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Chapter 2 : One Day Tour in Alis Academy

Location: Atlantis
Time: 9:23 am

Three days after the fight between the five-colored rooster head and Ryan, I received an invitation.

“Little Yang, are you awake yet?”

Knock, knock I heard someone knocking on my door. However, senior hasn’t been around for the past few days, and the person knocking on my door didn’t seem to have the sound of senior’s voice.

Still feeling sleepy, with misty eyes, I crawled out of bed, dragging my legs into the living room. After I opened the door, I saw Andy standing outside.

Seems like he didn’t have work today, since he was wearing casual clothing, but an extremely formal kind… I don’t know how to describe it, it looks like a modified version of a clerical clothing. He looked really orthodox, with his golden hair tied up into a ponytail at the back of his head; he looked very refreshing.

Compared to his refreshing look, my face was full of wanting-to-sleep due to staying up late playing on the computer. With dark eye circles, I looked just like a living corpse.

Andy looked at me, he could probably guess what I was doing, because all of us do the same thing during holidays.

“Little Yang, this is bad for your health.” He then blew a breath at me, and I felt as though my face was being hit by ice. I was completely woken by that chill, “When you just wake up, the first thing you must do is wash your face. Allow the water affinity Elf to wash and calm your body and mind, and allow the filthy spirits to be washed away cleanly.”

You’re here to advocate…?

“Is there anything I can do for you?” I rubbed my face, afraid it would turn into ice.

“Oh right. Just now, a messenger came here to deliver this.” It was only then that Andy remembered his purpose of coming to my room. He took out a white Western styled envelope and passed it to me, “This came from Alis Academy, are you acquainted with someone over there?”

Alis? I wrinkled my forehead. Very familiar, but it felt like I’ve never heard of it before.

“From one of the representative of Alis Academy, Yido. His messenger sent this.” Andy saw me tilting my head and thinking for quite some time, so he said a few more words to explain.

Ah! Right, it’s the school of the three brothers from the last time. No wonder I felt it was rather familiar. But why was he looking for me? We’ve only met once, and we didn’t talk much either.

“There was probably something they wanted to show you.”

“Something?” My right eyelid suddenly started twitching.

“Don’t worry, Yido looking for someone won’t be anything bad.” Andy seemed to have sensed my hesitation, “Yido, Yado, and Leido. The three of them are aristocrats of the Water Fairy, and also the guardians of the Foretelling Mirror. They are important people in the Water Fairy clan. The most probably they saw something regarding you through the Foretelling Mirror, so they wanted to see you.”

Foretelling Mirror? A very general and simple name.

“They are also like Chifuyu who has foreknowledge?” Why are all the people around me, these kinds of people.

“Not exactly the same, you’ll know after you see it.”

Again it’s you’ll know after you see it!

I’ve decided that I should go and make a catalog. Next time, if there is a similar victim who didn’t know what it was like to die and entered this school the same way I did, I can sell it to them.

“I’ve already passed the thing to you, so don’t let others wait for you too long.” Andy patted my shoulder, and went back to his room.

To be honest, Andy is actually a good person, as long as he doesn’t get to encounter the five-colored rooster head.

I stood in front of the door and opened the envelope, inside was a card, a white and very refined card. The cover of the card actually had a flower printed with gold powder, but my knowledge about plants is very poor, so I couldn’t make out what kind of flower it was. Anyway, it gave off a really noble feeling.

When I opened the card, the first thing I saw was an emblem. It was somewhat like a Japanese family crest or the like, and the bottom was filled with words.

Worm words.

F——! I can’t read the words of foreign languages in their world! I think I better go find someone to help me translate…

* * *


As soon as I left the dorm and heard the voice, I immediately turned around and headed back inside.

“Hey, hey! I was actually being kind enough to bring someone to see you!” This time, the five-colored rooster head didn’t grab my collar. Instead, he said this sentence, causing me to stop.

Bring someone? I turned around, but I was so shocked that my soul almost left my body! Standing slightly behind the five-colored rooster head was actually Chifuyu!

Dear mother of mine, can it be that I accidentally fell asleep when I went back to change clothes in my room?! In fact, I am almost most certain I am dreaming right now!

I took two steps back, and then took another two steps back. The thing in front of me was definitely an illusion. Everything is an illusion, you can’t scare me to death!

“What do you mean bringing someone!” Chifuyu said with an extremely disgusted tone, as though he was spitting at the cockroach in the drain ¡X that kind of feeling, “Yang Yang, Miao Miao and I wanted to look for you to go for a movie at the right shopping mall.”

“You guys can go ahead and meet up by yourself, Yang wants to go to the left shopping street with me.”

Wait a moment, when did I make an appointment with you to go to the left shopping street!?

“When did he make an appointment with you!” Chifuyu’s eyes flashed brightly.

“I didn’t make an appointment with him.” That damn five-colored rooster head, are you trying to kill me! You obviously knew Chifuyu hates you to the same degree that if he saw a cockroach, he would use a slipper to smash it to death out of hatred. Yet, you still purposely spewed a bunch of rubbish at him!

“Yang~ You obviously said we can go out and have fun whenever you’re free!” The five-colored rooster head looked like he was in shock. Holding onto his chest, he took two steps back, “You, lied, to, me…”

I wanted to hit his head, to get him to sober up.

“I didn’t say that.” To be honest, I’m already used to the five-colored rooster head’s style of acting crazy, so most of the time, I can just ignore him.

Chifuyu showed an expression as though he was looking at an idiot to look at the five-colored rooster head, and he quickly shifted his sight away, ignoring him.

“Chifuyu, I’m sorry I have something on today.” I passed the card to Chifuyu.

Chifuyu took the envelope and looked at it for a moment, “Alis Academy?” On top of it was the school’s badge, “You know people from over there?” He looked rather shocked.

“Something like that, but I can’t read what’s written on it.” I can only see a bunch of worms crawling on the card.

“Alright, I’ll help you read it.” He took out the card, “This is an invitation. Generally, it’s about someone called Yido inviting you to go sightseeing in Alis Academy. They have prepared some snacks and stuff, and would be waiting for your visit at eleven in the morning.” Chifuyu substantially and briefly told me.

“You are not acquainted with Yido?” I thought their job was rather similar so they would know one another. However, it looks like Chifuyu doesn’t know this person.

Chifuyu looked at me with an expression as though there were question marks all over his face and shook his head.

“I heard he is the whatchamacallit guardian of the Foretelling Mirror from the Water Fairy clan.” I took back the card, and started to think if it was possible to arrive at Alis Academy with a teleportation charm.

Then, it dawned on Chifuyu, “Yang Yang, I also came from the same world as you, so I’m not really clear about the foretelling clans of this world. However, I’ve read about the Foretelling Mirror in books. I also heard it’s one of the ten treasures of the Fairy clan, if it’s possible I wanted to follow you there to have a look, but he only invited you in that invitation, so it would be better if I don’t go.” He said and smiled.

“Oh, I understand, thank you.” I actually wanted to ask Chifuyu if he wanted to go with me, because I’ve never been there before, I’m afraid it’ll be the same as our school, so before I even entered, I would have died outside.

“Then I’ll go to the movies with Miao Miao. Such a pity, today is the last day of showing for ‘The Temple of the King of Hell’.” Chifuyu said pitifully, “You can see lots of incantations and the killer Ghost King’s soul skills.”

… What kind of movie is that!

“Oh right, behind the card there is an array, but it only can be used to go to and from once. You can use it to go to Alis Academy.” As soon as he said that, I immediately flipped the card around, and sure enough, there’s a gold incantation.

“Alright.” I guess the method of using it should be similar to a teleportation charm.

Chifuyu, who was in a rush to go to the movies, once again glared at the five-colored rooster head, who was chewing on gum at one side, and only then did he leave.

As I was about to throw the card on the floor, I noticed there was one person, who was supposed to leave, but was still there.

“Why are you still here?” The five-colored rooster head looked at me from one side. He didn’t look like he had any plans on leaving.

“Why can’t I stay here.” He answered in a matter of factly way.

“Because I’m about to go to Alis Academy. If you are beside me, you’ll be sent there together with me.” I approximately knew of the size of arrays, and no matter how small the array, there would still be a range.

“I want to go, too.” The five-colored rooster head said in an even more matter of factly way.


Then the rooster claw draped over my shoulder, “Yang~ we are friends, right.”

Who is your friend! You are a troublemaking king! Every time I encounter you, I would die horribly!

“If we are friends, then we should travel the world together, battle in the world of masters, and conquer the four seas!” The five-colored rooster head tightened his fist, and hot-bloodedly roared at the sky.

Which light novel or manhua did you see this from! Me conquering the four seas!? What nonsense!

“Since it’s already decided, if you don’t let me follow you, will we still be considered as friends?” The five-colored rooster head curved up a strange smile, materialized his beast claws, and draped it over my shoulder as he laughed.

“You even took out your claw, do you think I could say no?” I looked at the beast claw hanging on my shoulder, and I was speechless.

“Of course not!”

The five-colored rooster head really was a juvenile delinquent!

* * *

I guess this was the first time I left the school area. Other than the left shopping mall and the Ghost King tomb, this was the first time I saw another special ability school. Nn… how do I describe this. After seeing our school’s extravagant buildings, and now that I look at this, made me feel like it was very… poor.

My previous school was like a school in the forest. The first second I laid my eyes on it, it made me think of loving-the-nature kind of local program. Appearing in front of my eyes, was an entire mountain. The five-colored rooster head and I was standing on the hilltop, and in front of us there was a building creeping with vines.

It was a castle in the mountains, considerably huge, surrounded by creeping green vines. Half of the castle was buried in the forest, and compared to our school, it was considered as very, very small. However, it was several times bigger compared to my previous junior high school.

There was already someone waiting at the entrance of the castle.

“I thought Yido only invited one guest.” The one standing and waiting was Yado. I knew it was him simply by looking at his gloomy face devoid of any smile. He glanced at the five-colored rooster head, walked right in front of me, slightly bent his body, and nodded.

I hastened to return the formality.

“I’m sorry. Because I don’t know how to come here, I found someone to help me.” Damn it, why am I helping the five-colored rooster head to lie!

Beside me, the bastard naturally draped his hand over my shoulder, and smiled. Fortunately, Yado didn’t probe further.

“Please come, today there are no classes. Yido and Leido are waiting in the observation room.” He turned around and headed into the castle with almost the exact same steps, very rhythmic.

I hurriedly followed up, while the five-colored rooster head moved slowly behind us, strolling here and there as though he was inspecting the school.

“Alis Academy also has students from every grade?” The castle didn’t look like it could fit that many people.

“Nope, we only have students enrolled for high school and university, with only two classes for each grade, and a maximum of twenty-five people in each class.”

Wasn’t that like a super small school?

“Due to our college’s personal problems, over the years, not a lot of students were admitted.” Yado said while walking, “Maybe you might think it’s very strange, but Alis Academy has indeed declined over the years. Even for the representatives, we could only send arrogant people like last time.”

“I think that it’s good that you guys took over!” I blurted out. Yado stopped and turned around to look at me. I immediately thought he must think I was being rude, since aristocrats were usually like that!

“I meant, you guys have an elegant demeanor, and are also very powerful. You guys should have been chosen as representatives from the start.”

Yado didn’t answer, and he continued to lead us forward.

The castle’s corridors were very beautiful, and there were paintings on each side of the walls. Although I couldn’t understand the inner meaning, it was very pleasing just looking at them. Most of them were similar to mythical figures, combined with the high-ceiling of the corridors, each and every one of them were very huge. At one side, the walkway outside was very green and lush, surrounded by trees, flowers, etcetera.

“So far away.” The five-colored rooster head issued a sound.

“We’re here.” Yado suddenly stopped his steps.

We stopped in front of a huge heavy door, and there were carvings on it. They looked like Elves, Angels, or the like. There was one on top, a reverse carving below, and in the middle was a flower.

“Open the door.”

He didn’t speak in Mandarin, but I actually understood it.

I felt like I was getting more and more strange. In our school, I could still use the mysterious forces to explain strange happenings, but why was the same things happening in someone else’s school? Could they also have the same miraculous and natural translation power?

The door seemed to have understood his words, with a “squeak” sound, the door slowly opened. The same sound effect could be heard in horror movies, and listening to it caused me to have goosebumps.

However, the thing behind the door was not scary at all.

It was a classroom, but inside, there were no tables and chairs. The classroom was very empty, but there was a telescope facing towards the sky. It seems like it was something used to look at the stars. With one look, I could tell it was very expensive. Because it was so expensive, it was not something a civilian like me would normally see.

On the walls surrounding the classroom, were astronomical drawings. Even the ceiling was entirely transparent. The huge telescope was inserted through a circular hole in the ceiling, quietly resting there.

Yido and Leido were inside the classroom.

“Thanks for coming here.” Yido immediately smiled as soon as he saw me. I don’t need to mention Leido, for he was still smiling like a crazy person as soon as he saw the five-colored rooster head… I mean his steel brush head, both his eyes immediately started shining.

“Uh, thanks for your invitation.” I didn’t know what I should say, so I replied in accordance to his words.

“You must find it very boring. Alis Academy is a school majoring in Astronomy, very different compared to Atlantis Academy which is very huge and interesting.” He snapped his fingers, and the astronomical picture on the wall nearest to me suddenly moved. A very bright star on the wall fell down with a “snapping” sound, and it opened up, turning into a white chair.

The identical thing happened on the five-colored rooster head’s side.

“Please sit, both of you.” Yido said politely, then a star chair appeared behind him, too. After that, several stars rolled out onto the floor, and with more snapping sounds, a table appeared in between us.

Such a convenient storage method!

At one side, Yado suddenly took out a tea set. With neat actions, he made some red tea or the like, and poured a cup of tea for each of us.

“Can I stroll around the area?” The five-colored rooster head, who obviously felt very bored while sitting quietly, suddenly said, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t demolish someone else’s school.”

Yido turned to face him, and smiled slightly, “Of course, please do have a look around.”

The five-colored rooster head jumped up, and rushed out of the door, just like a wild pheasant set free.

He actually left me stranded alone in an unfamiliar place!

Yado also followed suit and went out, and with a bang sound, the door slammed shut.

“Before we enter the main topic, I wonder if it would be convenient for student Chu to answer a question?”

His speech was rather stiff and very strange, making me feel rather nervous, “Sure.”

“I would like to ask how you entered Atlantis Academy?”

* * *

I was stunned for a moment.

How did I enter the school… To be honest, I would like to know the answer to that myself. These matters, from the beginning to the end was a puzzle.

And so, I told Yido about the error in my school distribution, once in a while he would be frowning and then would suddenly be thinking of something, not knowing if it was serious or not. Leido, however, would keep smiling like a ghost, causing me to feel the extreme contrast between the two.

After I finished talking, Yido didn’t speak for a long time. I felt embarrassed, so I drank my tea quietly.

The tea was quite nice to drink. Sweet, but also very refreshing.

“Actually, there are many types of enrollments for each special ability school. So for you to be able to enter Atlantis Academy, it means you must have been eligible for one of the enrollments.”

About five minutes later, I listened to him making a rotten and useless conclusion.

“Amongst the special ability schools, they are differentiated into many types, just like Alis Academy, a school that naturally specializes in astronomy. There are also schools that specializes in Mechanical Engineering, and spells. Amongst these schools, Atlantis Academy has the majority on unique special abilities and talents, and among upright special ability schools, Atlantis Academy undoubtedly has the highest quota.” Yido explained. It was only then that I realized I seemed to have entered some top school, but what’s with it being an upright?

“For you to be able to enter Atlantis Academy, there must have been something you wanted to escape from. It borrowed your thoughts and energy, and responded.”

“What do you mean?” I don’t quite understand.

“Everyone has their own different abilities, but there were many people who have not been able to confirm their abilities, so they were suppressed. Only those who are seriously searching and agreed without a shred of doubt in their hearts were able to reach the real answer.” Yido didn’t seem like he wanted to explain, he only told me these very rap-like words.

While listening, there were only question marks, more question marks, and even more question marks in my head.

Fine, I should memorize it first, and when I go back, I could ask Chifuyu or senior. They definitely would know what it meant.

“After getting acquainted with you that day in Atlantis Academy, all our treasures placed in the water of our hometown started a commotion. Yesterday, we went back to our hometown and awoke the mirror under the water, and from the Foretelling Mirror, we found out something related to you.

Sure enough, it was almost identical to what Andy had said.

“The Foretelling Mirror is…?”

Yido smiled slightly, not at all surprised that I would ask this question, “It’s one of the top ten treasures of the Fairy clan, and the Water Fairy clan has the ownership of it. The Foretelling Mirror is made by the God of Time. He can view the past and the future, and see through things that couldn’t be seen by our naked eyes.”

“Oh.” In any case, it was one of those treasures that could look into the future. I’m very familiar with this, since this has already appeared in the TV and manhua more than a hundred times. I’ve seen until I was bored of it.

“In the near future, something is going to happen to you, something extremely personal to you.”

But since the day I’ve entered the school, many things have been happening to me on a daily basis, and it was not only the personal things, so I have gotten very used to it already.

“These things will be related to your safety.”

I immediately stretched my ears and concentrated on listening.

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Chapter 3 : Things that Shouldn’t have been Heard

Location: Alis
Time: 11:50 am

The starry pictures around the observation room seemed to be glowing. From the time I entered until now, I still had the same feeling.

However, it was definitely better than our school’s, because last time I heard Ryan and the others saying our school’s starry pictures would really have meteors falling down, last week there were three second year students who were hit and were sent to be resurrected. By comparison, the stars that only glows up above were so much better.

“You will be involved in an unavoidable conspiracy.” Yido sat beneath one of the meteor, and he told me about the problem regarding my personal matter in a heavy tone.

If Leido, who was beside him, didn’t keep smiling, I would be so scared and wouldn’t know what I should do.

The foolishly smiling crazy person sitting quietly on the side destroyed the whole atmosphere.

“Oh, what conspiracy?” I actually could ask him so calmly! This is bad, maybe the next time I return to the human world, I won’t be an earthling anymore! Was this supposed to be my natural reaction?! I wasn’t supposed to first scream and then ask him while being frightened!? There must really be a problem with my head.

Yido shook his head, “We noticed a shadow interfering with the Foretelling Mirror, so I couldn’t really tell you about the conspiracy. However, it’s going to happen very soon, in the near future.”

So you’re telling me to be prepared for the worse…

Why does all the manhua, light novel, movies, and animes all have this type of damn setting! Every time, we will be first given the ‘how’ but we won’t be given the ‘why’ — that kind of crow prophecy!

I know! The next thing that will happen is me becoming really unlucky, and at a certain day, a certain date, a certain second, after I encounter some unique misfortune, I would suddenly think: Ah, isn’t this Yido’s crow prophecy! And it actually came true!

It always played out that way on TV.

“Please don’t worry, we are already trying our best to disperse that shadow, and I will definitely notify you if there is any news.”

Yido’s rhetorical sentence caused me to think back to my previous part time job interview during summer break.

We will first go through your resume, if there is any news we will definitely notify you. It was probably an altered version of this.

Leido, who kept on smiling while listening to our conversation, suddenly froze for a moment, started looking around, turned around, and spoke to his older brother. Leido and Yido talked to each other for a short while, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

After Yido ended the dialog, he turned around, “I’m sorry, I have something to take care of and have leave for a while. You should also be hungry already, so please do allow Leido to entertain you at our Alis Academy’s restaurant and have a break, alright?”

After he said that, only then did I find out I was actually feeling hungry. Since I rushed out this morning, I didn’t get a chance to eat anything.


Leido walked right beside me with that same smiling expression. I suspected his other expressions were left with his brother, and his brother’s smile was left with him, cutting the two of them into halves and swapping the halves would balance them nicely.

“Let’s go, please come this way.”

* * *

I had no idea the five-colored rooster head had gone to. I felt like I was really just bringing an animal here to be set free. As soon as he saw the mountains, he ran until no traces of him could be seen.

“What do you like to eat?” Leido suddenly opened his mouth and explained, “Although the meals in our school is not as plentiful as your school’s, they are nutritious and natural food.”

The current popular environmentally friendly type of food?

“Is Yido the same age as you guys?” I don’t know why, but I felt Leido was actually the easiest to communicate with amongst the three brothers. It probably had something to do with him always smiling.

Yido gives people a sense of estrangement, and there’s no need to even mention Yado. Just going over to talk to him felt like I could get killed.

“Nope, Yido is one year older than us.” Leido responded very naturally.

“But I remember him mentioning he was a first year in university?” I remembered, during the first time he introduced himself that “all” three of them were first years in university.

Leido laughed, “Because Yido started studying one year later, to wait for us.”

Wait for them? Doesn’t this family of brothers have too good of a relationship!?

“Because the elders in our clan said that if Yado and I were to attend school, we definitely will cause trouble to go out of hand, so Yido started one year later, specifically just to suppress us.”

I was wrong, I take back my previous words.

But just looking at them asking senior for a battle, I know it was not a good thing to mess with this pair of twins.

Leido tilted his head and looked at me, “You are not someone from this world, so you don’t know about certain taboos and the like. Yado and I are the clan’s taboo; we were born inside a corpse. As soon as we were born, we were exposed to blood. Thus, the both of us are very good at fighting, making the people in the clan afraid of us.”

I froze for a moment.

So it means, walking beside him would be like walking beside a killer devil, right?

“Yido said that there was a war with the Ghost tribe that year, and they wanted to grab the ten treasures of the Fairy clan. Many people had been killed, including our parents. Out mother had her belly sliced open by them, and then threw her body into the Abyss of Blackwater, but we survived.” Leido remembered the memories of his past, and his smile became rather stiff, “We were born inside a corpse, so everyone branded us ‘the blood taboo children’.”

“Uh… I don’t quite understand these stuff.”

Children born from a mother who was killed. In my world, the story would be nothing but a very beautiful and fortunate tale. In fact, they should actually be called ‘lucky children,’ right?

“Haha, just pretend you’re letting me complain for awhile. But normally, Yado and I won’t talk about these things.” He winked at me, looking like a kid younger than me.

I could see he had been holding it all back for a long time. Coincidentally, I was the don’t-know-anything person who could become his audience.

“In order not to waste the title of ‘blood taboo,’ Yado and I worked very hard to reach that image in their hearts. In the end, with a headache, Yido dragged the both of us to make a contract with Illusionary Weapons, and kept our weapons with him. Thus, the two of us can only use our Illusionary Weapons with him present.”

Leido only explained up to this part. I also didn’t any further questions, because I felt some things are better left unasked, and just listening to what was said would be enough.

Leido stopped walking right in front of an opened door, and an aroma drifted from inside, “This is our restaurant. Our dorm doesn’t serve food, so even during holidays we come here to eat.”

I took a look around; their dining room were rather big, too. It could probably fit about one or two hundred people. Inside, there was also a very forest-like atmosphere, with wooden tables, wooden chairs, green decorations and the like.

Probably because it was a holiday, there weren’t many people. Inside the restaurant, in groups of twos and threes, only a few tables had people sitting on them.

When Leido brought me to a table nearby a window, I suddenly thought of a question regarding Illusionary Weapons, “Normally one person can use more than one illusionary weapon, right?” So why did he say they would only be able to use Illusion Weapons when Yido is present? Could it be that the body possessing types were different?

Leido turned around, revealing an I don’t know if it’s considered as a strange smile, “We made a contract with royal weapons, and the blood contract is inside Yido, so if we were to use another weapon, Yido will die.”

Is it really that serious!? I remembered I also have a royal soybean weapon. Does that mean if I were to use another weapon, the soybean would murder me? Regarding this issue, I think I have the need to look for Ryan to have a chat with him.

* * *

Not long after, the table was filled with green vegetable-based meal. It was really very environmentally friendly. My face followed suit and turned green. Looking around, all the dishes consists of vegetables, and they felt very unappetizing. I’m a modernized kid! I’ve already been badly raised by unhealthy fast food!

“Yang Yang, do you like barbeque? I just ordered it, but they’ll only start cooking it after it’s been ordered, so it’ll take some time before it’s ready.” Unknown to where he learned this nickname, Leido said as he brought the last plate of salad.

“Yes.” I nodded firmly. Give me meat, give me meat, even if it’s minced meat fried with veggie. I found out that I was incapable of becoming a vegetarian.

In the blink of an eye, someone dressed like a waiter brought a big plate of barbeque, on top was covered with some golden sauce — should be honey sauce. As soon as it was served on top of the table, the fragrance overflowed, causing my saliva to almost flow out of my mouth.

I took a vegetable leaf and copied what the Koreans I’ve seen in the television; wrapping the meat inside the vegetable.

Leido kept staring at me, and then he laughed, “Interesting, I didn’t know Koo chicken’s meat could be eaten this way.”

Koo chicken? Was it some kind of Cuckoo chicken?

Leido, who was sitting opposite of me, copied my action. He wrapped the meat inside the vegetables, and swallowed it in one gulp, “It tastes nice eating this way. The eating method in your world is really interesting, I’ll tell Yado about it when I go back.” He seemed to be very satisfied with the Korean way of eating.

“Just now you said this is chicken meat?” I asked suspiciously, although I’m wasn’t good at distinguishing the different types of meat, but no matter how I looked at it, I had a feeling the plate of meat was actually… pork?

“This is Koo chicken’s meat, you’ve never seen it before?” Leido tilted his head and looked at me, but I could only honestly shake my head.

I’ve seen cuckoo chicken’s meat before, but if you remove the cuc from koo, I don’t know what it was anymore.

“I’ll show you.” He stood up and dragged me towards the kitchen.

This type of action felt very similar to someone!

He didn’t go into the kitchen, but went out through the side door, “Koo chickens are mostly reared in a courtyard beside the kitchen. Because they’re normally very small, and very convenient to raise, your school should have them, too.”

Our school has them, too?

A small distance away from the small gate, I saw a little building that looked like a chicken coop, but it was a little larger than the normal chicken coop, and there were also no smell of feces normal chicken coop has.

“This is the place where we raise the koo chickens.” Leido opened the tiny door of the chicken coop.

Although there was no lighting, the inside was bright thanks to the low ceiling being transparent. I had no idea if it was made of glass or whatnot, but the whole thing allowed light to shine through.

I looked carefully: inside were small fences, probably about two to three of them, it was rather spacious. Then inside… Oh, my, God!

I saw something that looked like mountain rats scurrying around.

Leido bent his body and picked up one of them to let me have a better look.

The animal had the same body structure as a mountain rat; about the size of two opened palms, a rabbit’s face, with a rat’s body and tail.

“It’s so small!” How many of them were killed for that plate of barbeque!?

I suddenly lost my appetite for the barbeque.

“It can enlarge, look.” Leido picked up the rabbit-like ears, and shouted at that ear, “Whoa—!”

Then, I saw a very supernatural scene.

The bunny-rat’s eyes became very big and round, and it revealed a very frightened expression, as though it just met a ghost. Then, the fur on its body, including its ears, tail, and whatnot were standing on its ends. Finally, it… enlarged.

The animal Leido was holding transformed into something three times its original size.

Leido threw the rabbit rat back inside the enclosure of the fence. The big fat shocked rabbit-rat, bolted, rammed into the wall, and died.

“If you left it for five minutes, it’ll probably grow ten times its original size, and when its meat is fully enlarged, it’ll be very sweet. The amount is also very adequate.” Leido stared at the rabbit-rat and started drooling.

I looked at the chubby koo chicken speechlessly.

Was it specially born just to be treated as food and eaten? It was even convenient to be carried around. Specially designed for restaurant use, right?

Within the fences were straws, and inside the straws, there were lots of rabbit rats scurrying around. I saw that their food was just a clump of vegetable, making them extremely easy to raise.

“Since we’ve finished looking at the koo chickens, let us go back and eat.” Leido and as he pulled me.

“Alright.” But I probably won’t have the appetite to eat. After I saw the inflatable koo chicken, my desire for meat had plummeted.

In this world, it was sometimes better not to look at the food ingredients.

Just as I was about to start moving, Leido suddenly stopped.


“Hush, someone’s coming.”

He immediately pushed me inside the chicken coop, stepped across the fence, and pulled me to hide inside the tall straw.

“Who’s coming?” Why do we need to hide? At most, we can go out and walk pass the person, right?

“I don’t know, but there is a hateful smell coming from that person.” Leido forced me into the haystack, suddenly stopped his action, and frowned, “That’s weird, why is Yado freaking out… forget it, we’ll discuss this later.” Then, he also squeezed into the straw.

A flock of koo chickens surrounded us, and copied our movements; they also squeezed in, chaotically nudging at us.

I also sensed there were two people closing in. Weird, why was I so sure there were two people?

“We’re not here, air and water, turn into reflection.” Leido recited something and his fingers drew across the air. I saw a rather whitish transparent fog covering the both of us.

The koo chickens suddenly dispersed. I saw Leido placing a finger on his lips.


* * *

There was a smell.

It was very hard to describe it, but just as what Leido said, I smelt a bad odor.

Footsteps were gradually approached us, someone entered the chicken coop, and it really was two people.

“How could the Alis Academy’s representatives be substituted!”

A very low deep voice, sounding extremely angry. As he became more agitated, the smell became stronger.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but this wasn’t something we could have expected. Because some problems had occurred with the people you’ve arranged, even his robe level had been stripped off. Now the representative are the aristocrats of the Water Fairy clan; it might become troublesome.” The other person spoke timidly, as though he was very afraid of the other person.

“What’s so troublesome about it!? Since it’s not one of our pawns, just follow according to the other schools. One by one, set up some plans, and dispose of them!”

Leido almost rushed out to start a fight, but I immediately grabbed at him.

We didn’t even know who the people outside were. If we rushed out now and there wasn’t a chance for us to win, what will we do?

“This year’s three treasures must come into our grasp. This is for our master.”

“I understand, I’ll immediately go and take care of it.”

The person took two steps, which was just outside the fence we were hiding behind in.

I carefully shifted the straw a little to peek, but I couldn’t see anything. However, through the gaps between the fence, I saw the clothing of the chefs in the kitchen we passed by earlier.

Leido also copied my action, and saw the same clothing.

“Please rest assure, Sir. In these past few years, Alis Academy had never entered the finals. We can easily drag them down during the preliminaries. The substitutes are only three White Robe Fairies, they’re no big deal.” The person wearing the chef clothing continued, “Compared to the team we’ve selected, they are much more inferior.”

I noticed that even though Leido was still smiling, but his smile was extremely frightening, just like a killer devil. I was afraid he would rush out at any moment and kill the two people who were talking.

Their conversation vaguely made people feel something was not right, as though they were doing something in the dark. In addition, I instinctively knew they were talking about the sports competition. I’ve heard that for every sport competition, there will be three treasures each prepared by the previous three winning schools as a reward for the top three schools of the upcoming year. The three treasures they mentioned must be referring to those.

Then, a horrifying thing happened; the other person suddenly crouched down.

I saw a ghost mask, revealing two turbid yellow eyes. There was a second when our eyesight seemed to have crossed, but he immediately shifted his sight.

“Sir, is there any problem?” The chef clothing asked.

“Nothing, I just felt like there was someone here just now.”

As soon as the person said that, Leido immediately pressed the back of his hand onto my mouth.

In fact, from up until earlier, the one who was being impulsive was him, so it was pointless for him to cover my mouth.

“This is a place to rear the koo chickens, it’s not possible for the students to even come in.” The person in chef clothing panicked, and turned his body around a few times. I guess he was looking around.

I suddenly realised Leido must have used some kind of spell or the like to allow us to hide ourselves. Otherwise, why would they not be able to detect us?

“Hmph… whether they’re here or not, we’ll just have to search and find out.” As though he didn’t believe him, the ghost mask stepped over the fence, and the surrounding koo chickens turned frightened until they started scurrying around. A few of them were progressively turning into large round bodies, and rammed into us a few times.

Drops of cold sweat started dripping from my head.

The closer the person was, the more I could smell the suffocating odor. It was similar to the odor I smelt when I was at the Ghost King tomb the other day. It made me want to vomit.

Leido was restraining me, and both of us didn’t dare to move even an inch.

“Strange, there is a human’s scent.” He said, and my heart almost skipped a beat.

Just when I thought Leido was about to rush out and fight with them, a huge sound came from afar. It was the sound of an explosion, and sounded like a explosive charm.

“Someone’s coming, I’ll leave first. You’d better not forget the job given to you.” The ghost mask immediately stepped out of the fence, and disappeared in just moments.

Then, the chef also headed out. But before he left the chicken coop, another sound of explosion could be heard, and all the straw in the chicken coop was blown, chaotically flying around in the chicken coop. The koo chickens became frightened, and all of them started enlarging.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Leido dragged me, ran out from the back door of the chicken coop, and we ran around to the front door. He wanted to pretend we just arrived to the scene.

When we were at the front door, I saw the origin of the explosion, and I was dumbfounded.

Holding onto a black sword explosive charm was none other than Leido’s twin brother, Yado, and some distance in front of him was the five-colored rooster head with one of his beast claw, standing right in front of the chicken coop.

In the middle of the two of them, was someone so frightened that he was sitting down on the ground — the chef.

Yado glared at the five-colored rooster head with his hazel eyes full of murderous intent. Using the black sword, he pointed at the five-colored rooster head, “If today is not the day of your death, then it’s mine.”

The five-colored rooster head snorted twice, completely unafraid of him, “Come on. Let’s see, when you finally lose, you would be the one to commit suicide.”

I’m speechless, extremely speechless. Oh God! Why was it that no matter where we go, you can casually cause someone to freak out?

I regretted allowing the five-colored rooster head to come here with me.

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Chapter 4 : The Shadow before the Competition

Location: Alis
Time: 12:45 am

Yado’s face had always been very gloomy, but now, his face was more like the face of King Yama sealing someone’s fate.

“How did you know that Yado freaked out?” I curiously asked Leido, who was beside me as though he was watching a show. When we were hiding, he said Yado had freaked out.

Leido smiled at me, “I’m able to feel Yado’s state of mind, and Yado is also able to feel my state of mind.”

Oh, oh! The legendary mystical power of a pair of twins, right!? My eyes immediately brightened up. Every time I saw this on TV it felt like a lie, but now there was a real life example in front of me, for me to determine it myself, great!

“So if one of us gets poisoned, we will be poisoned together. When we are injured, we would get injured at the same place. Very powerful, right.” Leido added, causing my curiosity to increase even further.

The atmosphere on the other side had already reached the height of the critical point of exploding.

The five-colored rooster head and Yado were mutually glaring at each other, it was as though they wanted to dig out the other person’s eyes.

“We should stop them, right?” I looked at Yado and the five-colored rooster head’s momentum, very afraid that once they start fighting, they would demolish someone else’s school. However, I really didn’t want to be the one to rush in and stop them, or else, I would break the record of being in the middle of a pincer attack for the third time. And the person who caused this, would always be that damn five-colored rooster head.

“Yes, or else we will get scolded by Yido when we go back.” Leido, who was obviously afraid of his older brother, forcefully clapped his hands. Yado, who was nearby, turned around. I saw that the black sword he was holding in his hand had already disappeared, and reverted to his normal gloomy face. And regardless of the five-colored rooster head’s clamoring, he walked over to our side.

“Sheesh!” Dissatisfied, with his beast claws already gone, the five-colored rooster head walked over as well, and said, “Why are you suddenly not willing to fight anymore?!” His expectation was not rewarded, making him feel very restless.

I noticed that chef panicked as he stood up, wanting to escape, “Leido, that person…”

Leido made a don’t-need-to-care-about-him gesture, “I remembered his face, so it doesn’t matter.” He was still smiling, but his smile made my scalp tingle.

“Yang~ Are you guys doing something fun behind my back again?” The five-colored rooster head draped his arm over my shoulder. As soon as Yado ignored him, he lost his interest in him, and was currently looking at me and Leido, very interested in our conversation.

I immediately shook my head, “We are not.”

You must be joking! I can predict that if we were to tell him now, he most definitely would immediately go and capture the chef. First, he would beat up the victim so that his head would resemble a pig’s, and then using a method no one else could think of to extort the truth from him.

“Let’s talk about this at the pavilion. Don’t let Yido know about this.” Leido said to his brother.

Yado nodded without uttering a word.

Including me, with the five-colored rooster head stuck to us, the four of us left, with Yado leading the way. A direct trip towards nature, I meant towards the school’s back garden. The back garden looked much wider compared to when we saw it in the beginning. There were huge old trees and vines everywhere, giving off a completely forest-like feel. I could occasionally see white rabbits, squirrels, and the like, running by in front of us.

Yado took us to a place where there were three huge trees intertwined, and underneath them was a white pavilion seat. It looked very elegant, especially the sculpture on top of the pavilion, it was extremely beautiful.

“How did you get Yado angry?” I quietly asked the five-colored rooster head who was beside me, feeling a little sorry towards Yido who kindly invited us here.

The five-colored rooster head shrugged, “Almost the same as Andy. I just dislike his face being so stiff and tight, as if I owed him money and didn’t return it.”

… Although I was also very afraid of his corpse-like face, there was no reason to provoke him to such extreme, right?

“Come in first.” Leido was already inside the pavilion, beckoning for us to join him.

I quickly ran inside, but the five-colored rooster head was moving slowly without any care, sauntering in afterwards.

I could see Yado, who was already inside, was treating the five-colored rooster head as air, not giving him a single glance.

Perhaps this would be relatively better? At the very least, I didn’t want to be chopped up by two people later on, who suddenly turned crazy halfway through the secret meeting.

* * *

“Someone is planning to use dirty tricks in the dark!?

As soon as he finished listening to Leido describing what had happened just moments ago, the five-colored rooster head’s expression became rather mysterious. I don’t know how to describe it, but I felt liked he seemed to be eagerly anticipating it.

“In fact, it’s normal for the sports competition, since it’s a grand-scale competition that concerns fame and fortune, there’s bound to have people who plans on using dirty tricks. The previous school competition seemed to have quite a lot of them, too. However, it was taken care of by the maintenance team.” Leido said, not a bit surprised there were people planning on using dirty tricks, “I never thought our small school, which loses every year, would also be targeted.”

I couldn’t describe Leido’s expression either, but for some unknown reason, I also felt like he was looking forward to it.

“Don’t want to tell Yido?” Obviously more of a goody two shoes, Yado frowned, “This is not a trivial matter.”

He then looked at me, “The both of you smelt that odor, which means there is someone from the Ghost Tribe who is planning this thing, it’s not a simple matter.” After pausing for awhile, he continued, “Since Alis Academy was already disturbed, it means Atlantis Academy will also be targeted. Please do notify Prince Icy Flame of this matter, so others can be warned and be aware of someone playing dirty tricks during the game.”

I nodded. However, the five-colored rooster head was still being completely carefree. I had a feeling I knew exactly what he was thinking. He must be thinking it would be best if he could win the lottery of having someone plotting against him, since this is the only way he would have a future. I’ve had enough!

“But we still don’t have any evidence, so it would be difficult for Yido to apprehend the offenders. Let’s take a look at the situation first before we tell him.” Leido, who was insisting on not telling Yido, said to his brother.

Yado hesitated for a moment, but he still nodded to show he agreed with Leido’s opinion.

“What’s there to be nervous about? If someone appears, just kill the person and be done with it.” From the point of view of a professional Assassin, the five-colored rooster head gave such recommendation, and was ignored by everyone present.

To be honest, I suddenly felt like my destiny seemed to have been intertwined with ghosts. Ever since the beginning when I entered school, I was chased by the Ghost King’s underlings, followed by the Evil Ghost King tomb, and now it was another conspiracy of the Ghost Tribe… There really wasn’t any place without any ghosts around here. So to say, when it came to Ghost Kings, I would it was another matter.

“Do you guys know what Dark Cult is?” As soon as I asked, everyone quieted down. Three people, six eyes, were all staring at me. Uh, did I ask something I wasn’t supposed to ask again?

“How did you know of this term?” The five-colored rooster head was the first to question me, his expression was serious, which was rare for him.

Leido was still smiling, but his expression was also very serious.

“I… I borrowed a book from the library and read it.” I had no idea why I lied either, but it was something I said instinctively.

Yado and Leido exchanged a look, and seemed to have believed my explanation. However, the five-colored rooster head looked like he doubted me, but he didn’t say anything.

“Dark Cult… it has already been a long time since anyone mentioned this word.” Yado was the first to speak, very, very lightly, it seems like he didn’t want to talk about it, “The last generation of Dark Cult, I remembered he died about two hundred years ago, and it’s currently not possible to find the presence of a Dark Cult’s successor.”

Ah? Already extinct?

“Dark Cult is a pretty horrifying existence. For us, he is a weapon that’s not supposed to exist in this world.”

To put it simply, it is a live biological weapon? I started to get rather curious.

“Why are you asking about this, it’s not like it has any use to you.” The five-colored rooster head used a very annoyed expression and looked at me. He seems to dislike Dark Cult, too.

“If you’re not comfortable with this topic, there’s no need to keep talking about it, just pretend I didn’t say anything…” I had a feeling I might be stepping on some landmines. It’ll be better if I simple don’t ask.

“It’s not because it’s not convenient for us to talk about it, but if we were to explain it to you, you might not be able to understand it clearly. Perhaps you could wait until I find some relevant books and pass them to you. We can discuss it afterwards, so you’ll be able to have a better understanding.” The one who said this was the expressionless Yado.

It turns out he really was a kind person with an evil face.

“Alright, thank you.” To be honest, I was touched. All I know of the Dark Cult were only the two words. I didn’t even dare to go to the library to research because the library was too horrifying.

“You’re welcome.”

I knew Yado meant well, but he didn’t even let up a smile.

Leido was once again staring at the five-colored rooster head’s steel brush head.

This time, the five-colored rooster head couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he smacked the table, (but because it was a stone table and he couldn’t flip it,) and stood up, “Are you picking a fight with me!? Very well, just now I didn’t get to finish the fight, so this time it’s your turn.”

“I really don’t want to fight, I will be nagged by Yido.” Leido, who obviously had no intention of fighting, shrugged.

“From the start, you were looking at my head, what is it you want?! You have any complaints against it!”

I also found it awkward. From the time we got acquainted with Leido, he had always been expressing strong interest in the five-colored rooster head’s steel brush hair. To me, it was nothing more than a colorful steel brush.

“Because it looks really fun, so colorful.” Leido naturally replied, without any bad intention.

“You like it, right?” The five-colored rooster head started cracking his knuckles, “I can help you dye it, see if you prefer it to be colorful or not.”

Leido’s eyes started sparkling, not realizing those words were actually threats.

“Not allowed to dye.” Yado issued a warning, “I don’t want to see poisonous mushrooms on top of my head.”

You thought the five-colored rooster head’s hair looked like a colorful poisonous mushroom chicken, right…

“You have something to say about the hair I’m so proud of!?” This time the five-colored rooster head smacked the table opposite of where Yado was, “You’d better look properly, this is art, an art!”

I began to doubt his artistic sense.

“That’s right, Yado, it’s an art.” Unexpectedly, Leido actually agreed with the five-colored rooster head and even nodded. “Look at his head, there’s the green of a bud in spring, there’s the bright colors of flowers blooming, and there’s also the dark beauty of a dark thunderous sky. Don’t you think integrating these together is a wonderful work of art?” He said with passion, his hazel eyes were shining, and also took a peek at the five-colored rooster head’s a few times.

To be honest, no matter how I looked at it, I still don’t feel that the five-colored rooster head’s hair was a work of art.

“I absolutely don’t feel that way.” Sure enough, Yado agreed with me.

“Yado, to think you’re someone from the Fairy clan, and you don’t actually know how to appreciate this type of wonderful color distribution!” The younger twin brother pointed at the older twin brother and they started fighting with each other.

So to say, people from the Fairy clan should know how to appreciate strange heads?

“Sorry, but I really can’t.” The older twin brother didn’t even feel there was anything worth appreciating about the five-colored steel brush head.

Leido took two steps back, with a startled look in his eyes, “You really don’t know how to appreciate it. Are you even my real brother?”

“Even if I’m your brother, I don’t think there’s anything worth appreciating about colorful poisonous mushrooms.”

“You’re not allowed to call my head colorful poisonous mushrooms!”

Then came the great sound of a stone table being flipped.

They are all crazy.

I walked out of the pavilion. I wanted to go back already.

* * *

I later learned that Fairies were a race who absolutely loves arts and crafts, and has a unique sense towards everything. In particular, they like handmade goods with thickly concentrated style.

I only found out after both Yado and Leido had a big fight in the pavilion together with the five-colored rooster head. The fight was then suppressed by Yido who, hurriedly rushed over, and explained it to me.

The pavilion was smashed. The three of them could, with their bare hands, smash a pavilion.

Very good, extremely good.

I was glad I had left the pavilion before the fight got out of hand, and I even took a stroll to the restaurant to get a beverage to drink. I came back exactly at the right time to see the scene of the pavilion historically collapsing.

Although it was unknown as to when Yido had rushed to the pavilion, he was standing in front of the fallen pavilion with his arms crossed. The twin brothers, who were fighting with each other, stood before him with the same exact posture, but one was facing left and the other was facing right. They both faced the other way, and were unwilling to look at each other. Both their faces magically had a black circle on their right eye, at the same exact place with the same exact size.

“Yang~” When he saw I had returned, the five-colored rooster head magically appeared beside me, and draped his arm over my shoulder, “Let me say this first, I only hit the short small crazy one, but in the end, a black eye appeared on the other one.”

…The magical telepathy of the twins?

I suddenly remember the conversation I had with Leido. He mentioned that when one of the gets injured, the other one would also receive the same injury.

It doesn’t make any sense for them to fight amongst themselves. After all, they would be simply hitting themselves.

Unsure of what Yido said to them, since I couldn’t understand their language, but in the end, Leido and Yado seemed to have reconciled, and both their tempers seemed to have subsided.

“I’m so sorry, this is embarrassing.” Yido came over and said to me, “Fairies are rather dedicated towards the things they take interest in.” Then he looked at the five-colored rooster head, his expression was most probably due to not understanding why Leido would like the five-colored steel brush, since he turned away after just a moment.

“It’s fine.” I’m very used to it already.

Two people fighting… I meant, three people. Three people fighting each other had nothing to do with me. However, it was much better compared to the last time when I was mysteriously caught in the middle between Andy’s and the five-colored rooster head’s fight.

Both Yado and Leido seemed to have applied some medicine or the like, since their black eye was suddenly gone.

“Allow Leido to send you guys back to Atlantis Academy. I just heard the news, there’s been something going on these past two days, and incidentally Leido could bring the news to Prince Icy Flame.” Yido said as he took out an envelope and passed it to Leido.

The enveloped looked similar to the invitation I had received, there was something like a family crest printed on top.

“Oh.” Leido took that letter, he stared at the five-colored rooster head again, and said, “Let’s go.”

He then opened his hand, I realized his action was similar to senior’s action. With his palm facing the floor, a magical array spread out in a circle, however the array wasn’t as large as senior’s, and wasn’t exactly the same.

The five-colored rooster head snorted twice, and he sauntered into the magical array.

“Student Chu.” Yido suddenly stopped me.

I stopped, turned around, puzzled. I forgot to bid him goodbye? I’ve heard that aristocrats were rather particular about some things.

“I sensed that you seem to be holding onto a talisman?”

He asked, and I nodded. I did indeed have one, and it was turned into a red and strange one eyed talisman due to senior’s additional work. Chifuyu still didn’t know about this yet.

“Please do not ever let the talisman leave your side, it’s very powerful, powerful enough to protect you.” Yido smiled, and took out a small white box from his pocket, somewhat similar to the size of the box that holds a wedding ring, “This is a little something from us. It’s our gratitude for coming to Alis Academy as our guest today, please do accept it.”

Gratitude? Does it mean I also need to give him something in return? However, I brought nothing with me.

Yido was still smiling, so I could only accept the box.

The small box was different from how it looked, it was rather heavy. I wondered what was inside the box.

“Safe journey.”

* * *

In the end, we only took two seconds to return to Atlantis’s gate entrance.

“Leido, am I allowed to open this and take a look inside?”

I shook the white box in my hand, but not even the slightest sound could be heard, really had no idea what was inside.

The five-colored rooster head had also been staring at the box.


I opened the box, and inside was a small wooden carving. It looked like some sort of religious carving, resembling of delicate woman, two pythons were wrapped around her body, and on the woman’s body, were a lot of carved patterns, the handiwork was extremely delicate.

“This is a Pomerania statue, the legendary snake goddess who protects the Fairy clan.” Leido knew I had no idea what it was, so he kindly explained to me, “It’s a type of talisman used by Fairies. Sometimes, we would give this away to a friend we like, which represents ‘Please bless our friend to be safe and sound’.”

Turning the carving to take a look, I felt rather happy. For some reason, in this world, it was rather easy to make friends. This was something I had never experienced in the past.

Since everyone believed I was very unlucky, not many people wanted to be friends with me. They were afraid I would pass my bad luck to them. So even until I had graduated from Junior High, I only had a few real friends.

However, the people over here really treat me very well. So much better.

“Why was one given to Yang but not me?” The five-colored rooster head protested due to the unfairness.

“You still need the protection of a Protector God?” Leido asked in return.

“Ha! The great me doesn’t need that damn thing!”

“There you have it.”


I put the wooden carving back into the box.

“Yang~ You want to go to the right shopping street in the afternoon?” The five-colored rooster head still wasn’t planning on giving up, draping his arm over my shoulder, he once again asked the same question he did this morning.

“Not going.” Rebuffed in half a second.

“Then I’ll go and look for Prince Icy Flame, I’ll come and find you guys next time.” Leido smiled, and looked at the five-colored rooster head’s hair again, with a very nostalgic expression.

“Get lost!” The five-colored rooster head issued a warning.

“Alright.” Leido lowered his pointy ears and suddenly lifted his head, “What time is it now…”


“Don’t look at the clock!”

I was too late.

A huge sound, and my nightmare, fell from the building’s clock frame and was partly inserted into the ground.

Leido was stunned.

A very familiar black numbers started wriggling.

Then, using less than ten seconds, the clock stuck in the ground bounced up, and started rotating in one direction.

“What is this?” Leido took two steps back.

I saw a very familiar scene. It was similar to the one when I first arrived in school. However, at that time, I was the only one running, but now, the ones running were Leido and the five-colored rooster head (because the rooster head was standing right next to him).

The killer clock released loud “clang, clang, clang” sounds of rolling, and chasing people.

I suddenly understood why senior asked me to run that day, and only after running one lap did he deal with the clock. Because as long as you were not the one being chased, standing on the spot looking at someone being chased by the clock was rather funny.

Oops, I became evil.

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Chapter 5 : The First Preliminary Field

Location: Atlantis
Time: 9:55 am

On the twelfth of October the school officially stopped classes.

It was said that it was because the school was hosting the first preliminary section, so they had to rearrange the school from the twelfth to the fifteenth.

Thanks to having no classes, the majority of the students started arranging a three-day trip. Everyone planned their own vacation, so the school was suddenly very empty.

During those three days, I was at Andy’s place learning basic charm incantations, either that or be dragged by the five-colored rooster head to the left shopping street to buy something.

Since Miao Miao was a member of the medical team, she was sent to the competition grounds for early preparation and training.

Ryan and the five-colored rooster head were the backup members, and Chifuyu had completely disappeared for quite a while. In the three days, not even half a person came looking for me.

Then, the fifteenth of October had arrived.

* * *


It was past nine in the morning, and as I left the black dorm, I was stopped by someone.

I heard our school will be providing facilities for a total of eight schools on the first day, which is to say, there will be four preliminaries to be witnessed, and one of them included people from our school. The preliminary starts at two in the afternoon.

I turned around. Although the only person who would call me by that name was senior, it was not his voice. Then, I saw a plaster face… no, I mean a pale mask.

“Uh, senior Gasai?” He was wearing a purple robe and a wearing a mask, waving at me from a short distance away. Truthfully, if I didn’t know he was a robe representative, I would think he was some like some pervert, wearing a cheap plastic cartoon mask, the type of character who would suddenly tear off his own clothes.

“We are going to Giya Academy to take part in the first preliminary, do you want to come along?”

“Ah?” Senior Gasai suddenly asked me that question, which caused me to feel very surprised.

Nevertheless, I don’t recall ever having any interaction with senior Gasai before? So why did he ask me if I want to tag along with them? Did his nerves suddenly got tied into knot together, and caused sparks to appear?

Wait a moment, this means the ones taking part in the first preliminary would be Randall’s team?

To be honest, I didn’t have much interest regarding the Vampire’s match. However, Ryan was their back-up member, and since Miao Miao and the other would also be there, it would be weird if I didn’t go.

“Today there will be two preliminaries in Giya Academy, one would be us against Giya Academy’s representatives, and the other one is Alis Academy against Evil Spirit Academy’s representatives. This year, Alis Academy had an impromptu change of team’s members, so we wanted to ask if you wanted to come along?” Senior Gasai added some more details, “The people of Alis Academy seemed to be acquainted with you, yesterday when we met, they were asking about you.”

Impromptu change of team members? Weren’t they Yido’s team? But why was the name of the school they are facing so strange?

“Evil Spirit Academy is…?” As soon as I heard it, I felt it wasn’t a good school.

“It’s a disgusting school.” He seemed to have guessed my thoughts, and used the simplest way explain it to me.

The name of the school coincide with what kind of school it was, a very easy and old-fashion way to define them.

“I’ve made an appointment with Ziray, and he said he would go there by himself. What about you?”

That’s right, I had completely forgotten the five-colored rooster head was also a backup. I’m very hesitant, extremely hesitant. I really wanted to go and watch senior’s match, but I also felt I should be at Miao Miao’s side and find Ryan.

A colorful book was suddenly placed in front of me.

“What’s this?” I looked at the book cover, but I couldn’t determine what it was by the texture. Just looking at it allowed me to discern that it was a very expensive. It was shining with a very high class feel, and printed on top were worm-like words I couldn’t read.

“That’s the stage record of this preliminary. Inside are introductions of all the team members, up until the current cut-off. There’s a total of thirty-six schools, sixty seven teams, contending for victory.”

I flipped the rather thick book open. The inside was fully covered with golden worm of words, black background, and a significantly large picture. On each page, there was the detailed information of a team. Then a supernatural thing occurred, the picture would actually change. Every few seconds, it will change to another picture, and there were approximately five to six pictures per team.

“Normally, one would need to reach the place for the preliminaries before they can get this limited-edition stage record, but before the competition, our teams already received them. This book is an extra, for you.”

In fact, even if you got it for me, it was useless to me. Because I, totally, could not, understand, it!

Nevertheless, there were quite a number of Black Robes, Purple Robes, and White Robes in the pictures. It looked like every school seemed to have sent out their elites.

Senior Gasai was very considerate…

He knew I was not someone who would be able to grab limited-edition products.

I turned to a page with “Giya” written on it, and then was deeply attracted by the picture on top.

Such nostalgia.

Its surface refracted shining bright lights, which was similar to something my Grandpa would often take down from the television cabinet to let me see. He would then say that when he was around my age, for this thing, he had to throw his younger brother into the ditch before he could get his hands on it.

This, this is the legendary Mazinger, right? Giya’s contestants were Mazingers!?

“I want to go to Giya.”

After I saw the pictures of Mazingers, I immediately became determined. Grandpa, your grandson is going to help you clear that year’s resentment for not being able to witness Mazingers.

“Alright, let’s go.”

* * *

Senior Gasai didn’t use a teleportation charm to travel to the other school.

Due to the preliminaries, the security in all the school became stricter, since they were afraid groups with bad intentions would take advantage to create chaos. Thus, it was agreed beforehand that everyone would travel to another school through a fixed connection point, and there would also be guards guarding those connection points.

The connection point was a large round light, and in the middle there’s a magical array, but it was too complicated so I couldn’t discern it. In any case, it was the type that would be able to send us to our destination.

The purpose of the light was the same as a teleportation charm. After two seconds the scene before my eyes changed. Then, I was stunned.

The guard who was standing at one side had changed, changed into… a Motorized Armored Warrior?

“We’re here.” Gasai walked out of the light, not taking into account that my eyes were staring at the two Motorized Armored Warrior on either side, and quickly walked towards the door.

“Wait for me!” What kind of weird place is this!?

As soon as I left the transportation building, I was completely dumbfounded. Was this place really a school?

What I saw was an area completely made of iron, iron classrooms, iron trees (trees made out of iron), and iron paths. In addition, the road was filled with people who were walking around, people who were wearing armor.

If the sun shone, my eyes would probably have been blinded by the ensuing flashs, right? I regretted it because I should have brought a sunglasses along.

The steel armor on all of their bodies were polished to a high gloss, and could be used as a mirror.

There was this kind of weird special ability school?

Senior Gasai didn’t mind me, he was still walking in front, and had already walked for quite some distance. Then, I saw him entering a classroom, on top were worm-like words I couldn’t read, but they were actually very considerate since the words were translated into Mandarin and English below it.

“Atlantis Academy’s lounge.” Looks like it’s here. But, was it alright for a member of the general audience to enter? If I entered, I wouldn’t be driven out? Or would it be better for me to wait in the spectator’s seats? But where are the Giya’s arena spectators seats?

No matter where I looked, it was all iron. It really is hard for me to tell the difference.

“Since just now, you’re alone outside muttering to yourself, just what the hell are you trying to mutter to yourself about!?” The lounge’s door was kicked opened with a “bang” sound, and a White Evil Ghost appeared in front of my eyes.

“Uh!” I forgot he could listen to my thoughts! Since it has been too long since I last encountered him, I had completely forgotten about it.

“Tell me, who’s an Evil Ghost?” Senior slightly curved up a smile, as though he was urging a poor soul to come to him. He cracked his knuckles issuing “clack, clack” sounds, “Chu.”

“Please pretend my brain malfunctioned and had the wrong thoughts.” I took one step back, getting ready to run away.

“You want to run away, right? Giya is a school who researches steel technology, so beware of their powerful alarm system. If you simply ran around and was later dismembered, I won’t care. However, in this place there’s no way to fix yourself by resurrection unlike Atlantis Academy.” Senior leaned next to the door, and yawned.

…Which is to say, if I were to die here, I’ll definitely stay dead, right? I withdrew my leg that was about to step out, and started dripping in cold sweat.

“Yang~” Another person emerged from behind the door, “You really came.”

I turned back, saw the five-colored rooster head, and was dumbfounded. I saw an enhanced version of a Taiwan tourist.

“What’s with those clothes?” I pointed at the shirt the he was wearing, he was currently dressed up even more like a Taiwan tourist compared to last time. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt as well as the beach shorts, looking completely bright from top to bottom, just like a ghost. And he was still wearing flip-flops on his feet, though they were new.

But that’s not the main point! Boss! This is an official game, right!?

“This is something I bought a few days ago. Very cool, right?” The five-colored rooster head grinned, extremely pleased with himself.

I discovered that our definitions of cool were rather different, just like Leido and Yado’s definition of aesthetic sense were different.

“Yes, yes, very cool.” I already didn’t have the energy to refute him, “That’s right, did you…” tell senior about the matter of someone wanting to resort to dirty tricks? Before I even finished what I was about to say, I was cut off by senior’s sharp killer eyes.

“Come in and talk, we’ve already made a barrier in the lounge.” Senior slightly lifted his chin, and urged all of us inside.

There were tables and beds in the lounge, looking just like a small dormitory, even a computer and whatnot were prepared. There was even a bookshelf and small refrigerator, very complete.

In the end, senior didn’t mention anything about someone plotting dirty tricks, and I didn’t say anything either.

“Our competition is scheduled to start at eleven, and Alis Academy’s is scheduled to start at one in the afternoon.” Senior told me, “The conference, chose a lounge specially for our school. You can directly watch from over there. You don’t have to watch from the audience seats, the view there is good.”

According to my experience, the degree of danger is high, too, right?

Senior exposed a cold smile.

“Then isn’t it going to start soon?” I looked at my watch, it was already after ten.

“Nn, so we are heading there now.”

* * *

Giya was a steel academy.

According to what I had put together from senior and the five-colored rooster head’s information, Giya was relatively more of a high-tech special ability school. Unlike Atlantis which specializes in supernatural abilities, Giya’s special abilities are based on the combination of high-technology and supernatural abilities.

The so called special abilities…

I thought only people like senior and the others were called people with special abilities, but seems like there are other completely different explanations.

Looks like the amount of things I needed to learn was getting bigger and bigger that I’d die learning them.

“You are Atlantis Academy’s representatives?” As soon as we stepped out of the lounge, a pool of silvery liquid immediately emerged from the surface of the floor, and the whole thing became taller, turning into a silver girl, the silver liquid then slowly faded and turned back into a normal human’s color. This made me recall the movie I’ve seen before. There was also a liquid metal man, “I’m developed by Giya Academy, Cyborg #3, nice to meet you.”

A very generic name…

Isn’t the term Cyborg very outdated? And it was really is uncreative!

“My name is Jieer, I’m your guide, so if you have any questions I’ll gladly answer them.” Jieer exposed a pretty smile, and as she stretched out her left hand, a palm-sized transparent ball emerged on top of her left hand. On top was a ball of information, rotating in circles, “The three representatives of Atlantis Academy are already confirmed, may I ask who this extra person is…?”

I knew she was referring to me. She didn’t know who the extra person was; me.

“For running errands.” Senior said to her.

Hey! What do you mean by for running errands!?

Red eyes narrowed as they looked at me, “Are you implying I was mistaken?” Senior’s tone had changed into a higher pitch.

Alright, if you say so, then so be it. I’ve already lost count of how many times I had been defeated by this evil force.

“I understand, so this means there is one more of your school’s support member.” Jieer smiled at me, then the ball sunk into her palms and disappeared, “Then I’ll lead you to the competition site, please stand firmly.”

Before I got to understand the meaning of the words please stand firmly, I felt the bottom of my feet moving, and then it floated.


I didn’t fall down thanks to the five-colored rooster head pulling my collar.

With the five of us as the heart of the circle, a big circle was drawn on the floor, a thin, silver, circular plate was cut out from the floor and floated in the air. Although the speed wasn’t fast but it kept rising.

… There were no safety railings around us, yeah… I was rather scared I would fall off.

The circular plate rose to the height where we were able to view the entire Giya Academy.

It was only then when I realized what I had seen before was too shallow. The school was not actually completely covered with silver rails and silver steel. It was built by a variety of materials, each buildings were made using methods that couldn’t be imitated in my world, formed and built into one body. From high above I could see the school was very well organized. It was a super modern and futuristic building.

“Giya Academy is made out of essence extracted from round iron, in which the campus was coordinately built with various elements and the latest technologies — able to communicate worldwide, enable arrays, etcetera at the same time.” Jieer briefly told us, “In our school, we are the most abundant in shape and design books. We welcome you to visit our school to exchange knowledge and friendship whenever you have free time, and we will do our utmost as the host to entertain you.”

After the circular plate went roughly one round, allowing us to have a better look at the whole school, it flew towards an open space which should be somewhere at the back of the school.

A stage had already been built at that place. The whole thing was very tall, probably about a dozen stories high. The strange thing was, the audience seats were actually floating in the air, one connected to another. Huge iron balls that can fly as how they were orderly scattered around, and were filled with people inside.

The stage prepared only for the preliminary was huge. It had a flat surface, and was also floating in the air On the side, there was something that was most probably a referee station with a few weird people sitting over there.

“Giya’s representatives had also arrived.” After the five-colored rooster head said that, I also noticed that at the other end of the preliminary stage, a similar circular plate appeared.

The surrounding was very quiet, extremely quiet.

From the circular plate we were standing on, one by one, silver strings of liquid started to silently appear from the edge. They then interweaved upwards, turning into an arc shaped roof. On the side facing the competition stage, the silver liquid flowed down and slowly, and a staircase connected with the competition stage appeared. The same went for the opposite circular plate.

So this was actually our resting room… This was really frugal and convenient.

At the opponent’s side, there was also a girl who looked exactly the same as Jieer. And then their players… Oh, my God!

I saw a brave robot and a steel saint gladiator.

And inside, there was something not human, it was something completely silver in the shape of a scorpion, with several protruding sharp spikes on top. It looked like something where you’d die just by touching it.

Beeping, my watch issued a sound to signal the start of a new hour.

At that second, the hall that was originally deathly quiet suddenly had a huge burst of applause. Just like the sudden appearance of thunder, with a loud boom, making my ears hurt.

“This marks the official start of the preliminary of Giya Academy versus Atlantis Academy!”

In the middle of the preliminary arena, silvery liquid started to rise from the ground, and suddenly sprout up, turning into a girl. However, but on her back was a pair of silver iron wings, looking rather unusual, yet very beautiful, “I’m Sandra, your broadcaster for today.”

Her voice was very loud, when it went through a microphone, the entire area was filled with her voice.

“The first round of the large-scale joint competition, our competition is, guessing competition!”


Was my ears hearing things, and heard the wrong thing? What kind of thing is that!?

* * *

Our surrounding exploded with enthusiastic applause.

Forgive me for not being able to understand. I thought sports competition would be something like the competitors going up to the stage, and they they would start fighting with a either you die or I die kind of resolution with blood spraying all over. Then, they would beat each other to death, and get dragged out of the stage.

Now what? What’s with this peaceful and cute sports competition!?

“Both parties please send in your player for the first round.”

The opposite side, someone wearing an iron Knight armor immediately walked down, and on his back was a decorative circle of fencing swords, and it looked incredibly heavy.

“Sai, I’ll leave this to you.” Senior was very bored as he yawned.

Gasai nodded, and walked down.

Honestly, I also began to feel very bored. And it was a guessing competition!

Then wouldn’t it be better if I just go back and looked at Lantern Festival riddles!

[T/N: Riddles written on the lanterns displayed during the Chinese Lantern Festival or Chinese Mid-autumn festival, and so on.]

What a rotten sports event.

Several papers about the size of playing cards appeared around Sandra, rotating in a circle around her. Then, a piece of paper left the circle and floated up, and then she smiled as she took it.

“Our first topic: After the banana falls from the stairs, what would it turn into?”

The audience suddenly quieted down.

… F——!!! What kind of rotten topic is this———!!!

“Eggplant.” Gasai raised his hand in less than half a second, and accurately said the answer.

I was sure that when Gasai was bored, he would most definitely be looking at silly cold jokes online.

“Yang~ why did you suddenly freeze?” The five-colored rooster head draped his arm over my shoulder, and asked.

“I was chilled by that joke.” Very cold, very cold, extremely cold. The whole competition hall was chilly.

Sandra revealed a huge smile, “That’s correct!”

In fact, I’ve seen other answers before, one was mashed banana, another one was cucumber (because it was frightened till it turned pale), but it’s clear they decided to choose the argument of the fall causing it to be completely battered, and turning it into an eggplant.

Really it is very cold. They won’t continue asking this type of questions, right? In the end, how many topics were there?

“There’s a total of ten topics.” Senior turned around and kindly explained to me, “It ends as soon as all of them are answered.”

That’s still fine. Cold topics normally won’t take longer than ten minutes. In the end, after five seconds, I found out that I was too naive.

“Next, the punishment begins.” The girl smiled as she raised her left hand.

I saw a horrifying scene I would never ever forget in my entire life.

Numerous silver liquid strands surfaced on top of the stage, and then turned into huge knives. Hanging high up in the air, all of them were pointing at the heavy Steeled Knight.

The Steel Knight took one step back.

“The one who didn’t answer, or guessed wrongly, would be hacked by a hundred knives, completely avoiding all the knives, or surviving after getting hacked. Only then can they move on to the next question.” Senior coolly said, and the five-colored rooster head nodded to confirm his explanation.

I saw numerous black lines appearing on top of the head of the Steel Knight who was surrounded by the knives.

Mommy… This really is a punishment game!? People will die!!!!

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Chapter 6 : The Hundred Knives Punishment

Location: Giya
Time: 11:15 am

I was too naive! I really was too naive! The degree of the Steel Knight’s resistance to being chopped up was actually much higher than I had imagined!

The first knife slashed down, and broke into pieces at the same time, proving the Steel Knight was indeed a Steel Knight. There was not a crack to be seen! Too amazing! No wonder in cartoons, it was very hard for Ironman to die.

Just as the Steel Knight was slashed by the first knife, the other knives seemed to all move at almost the same time, and the Steel Knight suddenly dashed towards the place where Gasai was standing.

Wait a minute, was that allowed!?

“The competition’s rules only said there will be punishments, and didn’t say one was not allowed to attack their opponent during the punishments.” Senior was calm, as though he already knew something like this would happen.

Alright, they were experienced after all…

Gasai’s action wasn’t any slower than his. I saw him taking out a charm, and using less than half a second, lightweight western medieval short dual knives appeared in both his hands.

The dual knives were silver, and with some patterns on top.

“That is an ice charm, a similar object to an explosive charm.” Senior immediately explained to me.

“The method of using it is the same?” Question.


However, according to the items he had used before, I thought Gasai would be using a multi-section whip, since it was something I’ve seen him used a couple of times. I never thought he would actually use dual knives.

Dual-knives would make me think of Ryan, because his weapon was also a pair of dual knives, although the style wasn’t the same.

The Steel Knight took out a fencing sword from his waist, and took a stab at Gasai.

I saw dual knives instantly blocking the fencing sword. Although he was wearing a white mask, Gasai was not giving off a tense feeling, but he was actually still at ease.

In that same second, all ninety-nine knives that had chased after the Steel Knight suddenly slashed down together—

Under normal conditions, the two people should have been chopped into minced meat. But, that’s only true in normal circumstances. However, from the time I stepped into the school, everything there was abnormal. So, it would not be a big surprised if the both of them did not turn into minced meat.

In the blink of an eye, the ninety-nine knives were already gone.

A bright red array appeared beneath Gasai’s feet, drawn throughout the entire stage. At the center point of where he was standing, an eyeball appeared.

It looked like an enlarged version of my red talisman.

What I saw was, the second the red magical array appeared, the knives on the stage seemed to have exploded into pieces. All of them turned into silvery dust, and were blown away by the wind.

The Steel Knight’s armor were also broken due to the vibration, and under his armor, I saw a Purple Robe appearing. And, the him turned into a her…

A blonde beauty, looked like some kind of an action movie star.

“Thanks, the one point for Atlantis Academy.” The beauty turned her body around, pulled out another fencing sword from behind her waist, and stabbed it onto the floor. The floor where the array was flipped up.

Gasai coldly snorted once, and similarly shot out a short knife, stabbing it onto the floor.

Icy cold wind from the stage started blowing to where I was.

A layer of frost started to spread out from under the knife, and the flipped up floor was abruptly turned into ice and stopped. It stayed halfway in the air, and the pieces of the floor each looked like small pedestals.

“The second topic, during the first era, a clan of the Mountain Kingdom was destroyed. During that time, who was the first warrior who successfully formed an alliance with the major countries and proposed to resist the earth snakes that were attacking?”

Just as I thought they would continue to fight, Gasai suddenly stopped his movements, just standing in the midst of the cold air caused by the ice knife. He then clearly and loudly said the answers to the question.

The surrounding suddenly fell into silence.

“The answer is, Zolton Saificyr.”

Sandra, who was floating midair in the arena, was stunned for a period of time. She then looked at the topic card she had in her hand, the one she was supposed to read out, and looked at Gasai again, “The, the answer is correct.”

That beauty with the fencing sword was also stunned.

How could Gasai answer the topic when he hadn’t seen before?

The audience was stunned.

I believe everyone’s question was the same as mine.

“In order to save the trouble, I’ll just read out the rest of the answers, no need to actually announce the topics.” The eyes behind the thick white mask stared sharply at Sandra, “Third, normal. Fourth, Elfin King, Fifth, Fried Drumstick…”

The audience fell into complete silence until Gasai finished reciting all the answers. The stage was so quiet, that one would be able to hear the sound of a pin dropping. No one dared to utter a single word.

Sandra looked at the topic card one by one, until the last one had been flipped open. “All correct!”

There was audience was thrown into an uproar, and the sound got louder and louder.

Gasai turned around and looked at the completely pale Purple Robe beauty. She was surrounded by countless floating knives, overlapping one another, looking like a silver wall, “There are a total of nine hundred knives.”

“You’re welcome, the one from Giya Academy.”

* * *

I discovered the people from our school had a very strong sense of revenge.

Gasai walked out of the arena, back into the player room.

On the stage, Giya Academy’s player was surrounded by knives, and no one knew what happened in there. In the end, silver liquid appeared on the floor, covering the pile of stuff, and was then removed from the stage.

I was really curious as to how Gasai knew the topics and answers.

“That’s very simple, it’s just object perspective.” Senior was the first to open his mouth, and crossed his arms. His tone implied what happened was nothing but a mere trifle.

Object perspective?

To put it in simpler terms, it was the legendary high-tech assassinating equipment, that kind of stuff?

“At the elementary stage of object perspective, one could see through inanimate objects. But for advanced users, they can even use it on the complex human body.”

… Has a final abbreviation called as an X-ray, right?

“In your second year, there will be an elective that teaches this.” Senior added.

In our second year, we need to learn how to X-ray an object, right? Once again I have found a huge loophole in this school’s courses! It was actually a course teaching the students a good way to peep!

“Peep, yourself!” Senior slapped me behind my head, “Why are good things start to become so weird after you start thinking about them!”

To be honest, I also want to know the reason.

“The second preliminary is starting, both sides please send out your representatives.” After the stage was completely cleaned up, Sandra’s crisp voice drifted over.

I looked at senior. Gasai had already gone up the stage once, this time it should be senior’s turn.

A commotion could be seen at the Giya’s player room. Suddenly, a robot and a huge silver scorpion walked down.

Two players?

“There’s two stages, one is a quick answer competition, and another one is a two men sports competition. Looks like they bet their professionals on the sports competition.” Senior revealed a cold smile, a kind of smile that made me feel as though the two players down there would probably die.

Just as senior took one step forward, he suddenly stopped.

Jieer was standing behind Senior, and her beautiful face was completely flat. It was completely different from the smiling expression she had earlier. “Interrupting resident mode…” She didn’t open her mouth, but there was a voice coming from her body.

Her whole face and body was silver, and she looked rather freaky.

Jieer’s hand caused senior to stop. I didn’t know when it turned into a knife, but it stabbed senior’s left arm, and not a single drop of blood could be seen.

Not one person on our side realized.

“They’re actually using such dirty method!” The five-colored rooster head raged at the same time, and his whole hand turned into a beast claw, with desire to hack at Jieer.

In an instant, my neck felt icy cold. There was a silvery thing on my neck. Only then did I realize it was part of Jieer’s body, turning into a knife, and was at one side of my neck.

“Don’t be rash.” Senior narrowed his red eyes, stretched out his other hand, grabbed onto Jieer’s knife, and with a “clank” sound, it broke, “Let’s discuss this after the game.”

The knife was placed at the side of my neck, so I didn’t dare to move.

Could it be what we heard the other day… was referring to this!?

“Atlantis Academy’s representatives please come out.” Sandra’s voice came again.

“Gasai, go.” Senior nodded at his partner, and he turned his head to look at the other person, “Ziray, it’s your turn.”

The five-colored rooster head widened his eyes in shock.

“They probably don’t want a Black Robe to go up stage, so it’s your turn.”

Glancing at Jieer, the five-colored rooster head nodded, and walked out of the player room.

Gasai, who went out first, had declared senior couldn’t come on stage, so he be replaced by the backup player, and it had been approved.

As soon as the four players set foot on the arena, I saw silver liquid surfacing on the round stage again. This time one by one, wild beasts I couldn’t name had appeared, each of them were about two to three times bigger than a human.

“You couldn’t be someone sent by Giya Academy.” Senior was standing beside me, and said coldly. I guess he was talking to ‘Jieer’, “To be able to invade Giya Academy’s system administration without us noticing, looks like you’re not just anyone.”

I saw the knife on my neck slowly retracting.

Jieer, who had already turned completely silver, suddenly became twisted, and turned into a huge lump of silver liquid. After a few seconds, she turned back into a human body.

It was a woman, a silver woman.

“You’re indeed a Black Robe level, for you to be able to see through it like nothing.” The woman stood right next to me, and did not move from her position. Her voice identical to those fake electronic voice, sounding very ear-piercing and very uncomfortable.

“You guys want to help Giya win, why?” Senior’s expression didn’t change — it was the same proud face.

Red eyes suddenly glared at me, and I quickly shifted my eyesight to the stage.

The fighting on the stage had already started. While fighting, they also had to deal with the wild beasts; really wonderful.

But to tell the truth, with a freak standing beside me, no matter how wonderful it was, it couldn’t quite attract my attention. I was so terrified she will suddenly place her knife on my neck again.

“Atlantis Academy is a stumbling block, so, of course we would want you to lose.”

Ha~, this sentence is really flattering. This means they’re not even concerned about Giya’s strength, so she wanted to deal with our school, right?

Truthfully, listening to this, I don’t know if I should feel cool or freak out. However, I knew senior was someone who would freak out first.

* * *

“You want us to lose?”

Sure enough, before I realized what happened, senior’s palm was already covering the woman’s face, and rammed it into the silver wall. The entire arc shaped wall was dented outward in the shape of a person.

“Don’t even think about it!”

I already said that Senior would freak out first.

The woman’s silver face was completely caved in, and bit by bit, silver liquid started to flow out through senior’s fingers. Slowly, senior’s palm completely sunk into her blurry liquid-state face.

She raised her right hand, opened her palm, and a mouth appeared on the palm, “I’m only borrowing Giya Academy’s artificial human’s body, so even if you destroy her, I won’t be affected.”

A huge sound could be heard from the stage. I saw the five-colored rooster head’s beast claw tore a whole wild beast into two halves. Then, the beast claw slammed on the ground. His punch actually made a huge hole in the floor, instantly! There was also smoke coming out of it.

He vented his resentment on someone else’s stage.

“What are you guys trying to do?” Senior didn’t even look back, even when his entire hand up to his wrist was completely covered by silver liquid, he didn’t let go.

The woman laughed.

This time, the mouth appeared on her knee, and the middle of her palm turned into a kind of eye. It even blinks! “Each winner would be able to obtain a treasure, right…”

“Your ambition is really too small, only wanting the treasures from the three schools.” Senior laugh coldly. His red eyes were completely icy, feeling really cold, “Only for these stuff, you guys even had to resort to using dirty tricks. You must have worked really hard.”

I saw his whole hand tightening, and there were red patterns appearing on his arm, just like the color of blood.

“Wa-wait a minute, if you make a move, this person from Giya will also be killed!” The woman’s mouth appeared on her chest, and for some reason, she started to become tense.

Huge sounds came from the stage once again, and several of the sounds could be heard consecutively. When I got distracted and took a look, the five-colored rooster head had already smashed half of the competition stage, and not even one of the wild beasts were left, only the two players of Giya were left standing.

However, their situation weren’t favorable either. One of the robot’s outer armor was completely broken, and there was someone wearing a Purple Robe, but the other silver scorpion was completely fine.

“This has nothing to do with me. In any case, for Giya to be invaded, it was their own fault, and they won’t dare to do anything to me.” Senior’s hand was completely covered by red patterns. When I saw his black collar going up, red lines appeared on his face, below the corner his right eye. He looked rather scary.

The whole player room became rather hot, as though the temperature suddenly increased by a few degrees.

“You’d better think about this first, I can immediately leave this body and you also won’t be able to do anything to me!” The woman’s mouth started talking again, and it opened even wider.

To be honest, I really doubt senior really couldn’t do anything? He gave me the feeling like he could just drag that “thing” out and flatten it, since his whole momentum was very strong.

“Chu, you are correct.” Senior turned around, and suddenly smiled at me, “Say it out, can I do it or not!”

Me? Allow me to say it?

“Say it, say it so that she can hear it.”

I looked at the silver woman. Her eye moved to her stomach; there was a huge eye on her stomach, blinking, and then it glared at me, I was glared at until I felt my scalp was tingling, “You, you can…”

Swallowing my saliva a few times, this was the first time I choked while talking to someone.

“That’s too soft, are you still not sure yet? So am I or not, able to do something to her!” Senior suddenly roared, and I was completely frightened.

“You absolutely can!” I followed suit, roared, and my head began to buzz.

In the next second, I saw senior smiling so happily for some unknown reason.

He clenched his hand and pulled out some grayish white object. His other hand turned into a fist, and without a second lapsing, he punched it.

The grayish white object let out a wail and fell to the ground.

It was a very vague human form.

* * *

Inside the arena, the audience’s huge clamor could be heard.

The five-colored rooster head’s beast claw was clenched, forming a fist. With a punch, the steel robot flew out of the stage, back into their player room. The powerful force made the Purple Robe robot crash into the wall of the player room, and cracked the walls.

The competition stage only had the silver scorpion left, but the scorpion didn’t move from the beginning until the end.

Gasai dropped the ice knife, and the stage was covered with a thin layer of ice. The holes that were created had been filled up, and a layer of mist was dispersed by the wind.

Held on to my breath.

The scorpion started to move, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared. When it reappeared again, it was already behind the five-colored rooster head.

Turning around at the same exact time, the five-colored rooster head blocked with his beast claw. Suddenly, there was a heavy sound, and I saw a trail of black blood appearing on his hand.

The five-colored rooster head jumped back several steps, his whole hand was covered with black blood.

According to the books, he was poisoned.

“Daemon restoration…”

After Jieer’s metal body distorted, it turned back into the original cute girl appearance.

I saw a grayish white thing rolling on the ground. It looked like a woman’s body, but very vague, and there was no clear view of that thing.

A silver knife appeared in senior’s hand, with a “cling” sound, it was nailed on the left leg of the grayish white body.

The lump of thing was painfully twisted, and let out a scream painful to the ears. However, the sound was covered by the audience’s clamor, and no one noticed it.

“If you had the courage to come, you’d better take a little gift back.” Senior stepped on the short knife, and applied pressure to force it down.

After the grayish white thing screamed for three seconds, it suddenly broke into pieces, turning into sand, and then immediately disappeared.

Not leaving a single a trace of anything.

“She escaped already?” I was rather nervous, very afraid that Jieer would suddenly stab me.

“Nn, but her original body would suffer some injuries. She got off too easily.” Senior turned his wrist, and the red lines immediately disappeared, “Damn her…”

I noticed senior’s movements were rather unnatural, and suddenly remembered he was stabbed by Jieer earlier.

“It’s just a small injury. I’ll use healing incantation to fix it later.” He said and turned to look at the stage.

Gasai didn’t attack, he was just standing at one side, watching. Currently, the five-colored rooster head was confronting the scorpion.

I could probably guess the five-colored rooster head must have asked Gasai to not attack because he wanted to deal with the damn scorpion alone or the like.

His whole beast arm had turned black, completely black all the way up to his shoulder, looking very strange. Suddenly, his other hand also turned into a beast hand.

The scorpion and the five-colored rooster head moved at the same moment. I didn’t get to see too clearly, but I did continuously hear several “cling clang” sounds. I also saw sparks appearing around the scorpion, but after they’d stopped moving, several scratches appeared on the scorpion’s silver shell and several black bloody trails also appeared on the five-colored rooster head’s body.

I wondered, was the person inside the scorpion a high robe level? For example, a Black Robe. Because it looked like it was hard to defeat him.

“He’s not a black robe.” Senior, who was standing beside me, said, “Giya Academy’s only has students with Purple Robes, no Black Robes.”

… That’s really pitiful.

I could understand why people, when they wanted to get rid of someone, they pointed their spearhead at our school first.

The five-colored rooster head’s movements seemed to have became rather slow.

This was strange, I remembered he could still materialize his rooster feet and rooster wings, so why didn’t materialize them today?

“Before the main competition starts, we told Ziray not to materialize anything other than his beast claws.” Senior said faintly.

“Huh? Why!?” No wonder he seemed like he was not using his full power, looked like he was having a hard time.

Red eyes glanced at me, “In this competition, it doesn’t only consists of audiences. There are many other opponents present here, collecting information.”

Once senior explained it, I also thought that might be the case. There would definitely be someone who came to observe… No wonder Gasai’s movements were rather minimal, too.

“Chu, you have to look carefully. In fact, that scorpion is not hard to defeat, because it’s something made out of steel.” Senior crossed his arms, and simply said, “Things made out of steel aren’t very durable. Even with magical protection, it’s the same, so when one part malfunctions, it’s as good as finished.”


A loud “thud” resounded on the stage.

The five-colored rooster head used his other hand and fiercely slammed it down on the scorpion’s face. However, a poisonous needle went through his beast claw, blackishly protruding it. Nevertheless, the scorpion’s face was completely smashed, and an extremely painful wail was echoed from within.

Then the five-colored rooster head pulled back his hand and jumped back one step, his face had a ‘I succeeded’ kind of smile.

The scorpion stopped moving, and blood were suspiciously flowing out from the smashed part of the face.

After waiting for a while, only then did Gasai slowly walked up towards it and kicked off the scorpion’s smashed face armor.

Inside, because of the smash, there was a huge swollen face, looking looked like a pig’s head. The eyes of the huge face was rolled up, the nose was crooked to one side and it kept bleeding, and his original look nowhere to be found.

It was obvious that the five-colored rooster head’s punch was extremely heavy.

“Normally, the weaker the person, the stronger the protection he would need.” Senior said as he looked at the scorpion.

Gasai slammed his palm on the scorpion’s silver armor, and the whole armor broke into pieces. Inside, was someone wearing a White Robe. He was a white robe, and had fainted completely.

“Atlantis Academy is the winner! Sandra’s voice, reverberated throughout the whole school. “In Atlantis Academy versus Giya Academy, Atlantis Academy achieved their first victory!”

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Chapter 7 : Yido who didn’t go on stage

Location: Giya
Time: 12:15 pm

Gasai supported the five-colored rooster head as they came back. At this time, I found out an extremely horrifying thing.

“Yang~ what are you looking at?” The five-colored rooster head stared back at me in puzzlement.

“You were wearing these when you went up to fight?” The situation in the room earlier was very tensed, so I didn’t realize the terrible problem. Everyone looked down and followed my line of sight.

That’s right!

The five-colored rooster head was wearing his Hawaii shirt and shorts, a Taiwan visitor-like clothing! He even wore his flip-flops and ran all over the stage!!

Oh God…

“It’s very cool this way.” The five-colored rooster head smiled, “Very conspicuous, isn’t it?”

Of course it was very conspicuous, it was a live Taiwan visitor who came on holiday with a steel brush on top of his head. All he needed was a matching equipment called a surfboard. The sun, the sandy beach, the waves on the seaside, such a perfect combination.

…Why did you dress like this on the stage!

I felt sad for the people the five-colored rooster head had defeated earlier.

Now, I had the suspicion senior didn’t go on stage because he was afraid of losing face.

“Let’s do some basic treatment.” Gasai supported the five-colored rooster head to lean on the wall and sit down, and faced his palm towards the five-colored rooster head’s forehead.

If it goes according to martial art light novels, he would slam his palm down, causing the five-colored rooster head’s soul to fly up the seven levels of heaven.

A white ball of light vaguely appeared under Gasai’s palm, and then on the five-colored rooster head’s body. The injuries that were still bleeding black blood, had slowly turned purple, then red.

“May I ask what you would like to do? Do you want to go back to the lounge, or do you stay in the player room to watch the next match?” Jieer looked at us and smiled. The crazy form from before was completely gone, leaving without any leaving anything behind, not even a shadow. “We’ve already prepared the lounge for the wounded, and you can go back at anytime.”

Senior seemed to have glanced at me, but when I noticed it, it didn’t look like he did, and spoke to Jieer, “We’ll continue to stay here and watch. Ziray, you can go back first.”

“I also want to watch.” The five-colored rooster head jumped up, and Gasai, who was treating his wounds, was shocked, “Boss Gasai’s healing skill is very effective, don’t have to waste time going back again.”

Senior nodded.

“Next we have about half an hour of performances. If there’s anything you need, please do inform us.” The information ball emerged in Jieer’s hands again, and disappeared right away.

“Chu, are you guys hungry yet?”


That’s right, now that senior mentioned it, it was only then that I realized it was already past twelve. Normally, we would already be in a restaurant eating. But where do we find food in this competition stage…

A round object flew past right in front of my eyes.

“Fast food car.” Senior said as he pointed at the few big round balls that were flying around the stage.

Fast food car! That’s basically a fast rolling ball, alright!?

“I’m very hungry.” Although still in the process of healing, the five-colored rooster head raised his hand, “I exhausted my energy just now, Yang~ help me to order a few set meals.”

Set meals? They have McDonalds?

“You guys like to eat this kind of thing?” Senior frowned, he went out and lifted his hand, and in less than half a second, a round ball did an emergency break in front of us.

There was a child inside the round ball.

“May I ask, what kind of meals you want?” The child’s voice was rather flat. It’s probably also a robot or the like.

“McDonald.” Senior directly reported what was in my mind, “Set meals.”

…I suspected senior didn’t even know what McDonald was.

“I do know!” Red eyes murderously glared at me, “Which one do you guys want to order?”

The child in the ball turned around, and his clothes actually transformed into clothes McDonald staff members usually wore; this was too weird.

“As long as I can eat, anything is fine. I want three sets.” The five-colored rooster head drawled and looked at Gasai who was still treating him, “Ah, four sets.”

Gasai lifted his head to glance at him, and continued with his job without saying anything.

“I-I’m ok with anything, I want one set.” I shouldn’t be able to eat as much as the five-colored rooster head and the others, because I didn’t do anything at all.

Senior turned back, lifted his hands, and counted for a while.

“Then please give us eight set meals, any combinations will do, with additional two combo meals.”

Ah? Did I hear wrongly!? … Can we really finish these?

* * *

In the end, the five-colored rooster head also added seven apple pies and eight sundaes. In just two minutes, the smell of fried food circulated inside our players’ room.

Compared to the other side, the players, who were messed up by the five-colored rooster head and Gasai, had left earlier for treatment. I suddenly had some sort of illusion, as though we actually came here just to have a picnic…

“Thanks for your patronage.” Said the child from the instant ball, and after receiving the payment from senior, he once again started on his flying ball journey.

Wait a moment, receiving the payment?

“This is will be reported to the public account, so even if you eat until you die, it won’t matter.” Senior explained.

I suddenly realized this was the first time I’m seeing senior eating a main meal. Was it because there won’t be any matches today, nor was he working?

“I don’t have any matches or work tomorrow either.” Picking up a cup of drink and inserting a straw, senior leisurely found a place and sat down.

Gasai also stopped healing, because the five-colored rooster head was hugging onto a bucket of chicken from the combo meal and started gobbling it down. Since he couldn’t continue treating him, he could only stop to have his lunch first.

He was eating his own companions… I looked at the five-colored rooster head eating his own companions…

Although there were spots on his body that hasn’t stopped bleeding, he already couldn’t wait to swallow his companions.

“You’re not eating?” He took out an apple and slowly bit it. It was only then when I realized senior’s drink was a probiotic drink, while the others either had cola or orange juice.

“Going to eat soon.” However, after looking at so much food, I suddenly felt I didn’t have any appetite.

“Your eating speed is too slow!” The five-colored rooster head threw the empty bucket away, and the next moment, his hands were hold hamburgers.

Actually, it’s because your eating speed was too fast! Wait a moment! Where are the bones? There were no bones in the bucket! You ate until the bones went missing!?

“Chu, if you don’t hurry up and eat, you won’t have anything to eat.” Gasai kind-heartedly reminded me, and then he took off his white mask.

…Ah? Taking it off so easily!?

According to the normal progress in a manhua, he should only be forced to take off his mask in some huge event, or when the savior was being forced into a dead end, he uses his real identity to solve the problem!?

Under the mask, was a face similar to me, Asian facial features.

In comparison, Ziray’s Western facial features looked rather odd.

He was cool looking teenage boy, very clean and rather handsome. He also had a bit of good-at-studies kind of feel. In any case, it’s just the type of scholarly guy girls would like. However, he was not frail, but was a sporty young man.

The main point was, I realized I had seen Gasai before.

Come, let’s recall back to Volume two Chapter five. It was the first time I went to second year class A to look for senior. When senior was about to leave the classroom, he reported his whereabouts to a guy who, for some reason, made me feel he was rather familiar.

Turned out he was actually senior Gasai! And here I thought he was a class A’s passer-by.

Tsk, tsk. Class A is really a place for crouching tigers and hidden dragons, but no one realized it.

That’s too powerful!

“While you are eating, can you not think of so much crap!?” From my right side, a killer Devil King said as a warning.

Turning around, I was accurately hit by the apple pie’s packaging senior just finished eating and had rolled into a ball.

In fact, I had already been thinking of this from the beginning… If you don’t like it then don’t listen to it…

“Chu, take this.” Senior Gasai took two McChickens and stuffed them into my hands, and with an extremely dignified expression, he said, “Quickly eat!”

When I snapped out of my trance, I saw an extremely horrifying thing.

Beside the five-colored rooster head was fully piled up with paper packaging and dessert’s remains. In addition, about one dozen of cokes were completely drained by him.

Just now when you ordered three sets it was fundamentally you being a little subtle, right?

Gasai and senior only got a chicken bucket. In the end, almost everything went into the five-colored rooster head’s stomach, and he apparently wasn’t even eighty percent full.

Your stomach leads to an extra dimension, right?

“I’ve heard members from Beastmaster clans eat a lot, luckily there’s more.” Senior somehow felt relieved there was still some left.

I noticed the five-colored rooster head glittering eyes were staring at the two McChicken I had in my hands.

This can’t be, right?

The pitiful me; my lunch was reduced to only a half of a McChicken and one sundae.

This deep blow told me that, next time I must finish eating everything before the five-colored rooster head finishes his meal.

* * *

Exactly one in the afternoon.

“This marks the official start of the preliminary of Alis Academy versus Evil Spirit Academy!”

The moment Sandra’s voice resounded in the stage, I saw two silver circle player room opening it’s frame at both of our sides. On one side, there were familiar faces; it was Leido and the others. And on the other side, there were three Purple Robe… girls?

Evil Spirit Academy’s representatives were all girls?

An uproar occurred on the stage.

“Alis Academy seems rather strange.” Gasai said as he narrowed his eyes.

Following his lead, I looked across only to find out why there was a sudden uproar on the stage.

Yido, who was being supported by both the twins, was covered with blood, his white robe looked terrible. Looks like something must have happened.

“Looks like they were also ambushed.” Senior glanced at the referee seat, and there were also some unrest over there. After a period of time has passed, Sandra seemed to have received a message from the referees. She then walked towards the Alis Academy’s player room to ask a few questions.

Yido, who should be the captain, shook his head, said something to Sandra, and then nodded.

It looks like the main injuries are on his palms. I noticed his palms were wrapped around with layers and layers of cloth.