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Dragon’s Contract

“Lanski’s life is not in danger. However, she probably won’t be able to use her aura for a few months.”

Barbalis observed the results from the healing Maxun. He sighed in relief. The result of using 66 Dragon Kis was being unable to use her aura for a couple of months. It was a low price she had to pay, if any.

“Barbalis, are there any better healing Maxun?” Mizerui was angry, and began to swear:

“This damn Maxun dared to tell me there was nothing it could do, and that I should start planning Liola’s funeral.”

Barbalis returned Mizerui’s anger with a look of disappointment and defeat:

“The one Liola is using is the best healing Maxun on the continent of Aklan. I bought it specifically to prevent casualties when problems arise among students. It’s not possible to get a better one, at least not on Aklan Continent. Perhaps the Commerce Alliance has a better one.”

“By the time I arrive at the Commerce Alliance, Liola’s head would be in seven separate pieces.”

Mizerui worriedly paced back and forth, but couldn’t find any way. He finally asked: “Are there any good healers?”

“Unless the miraculous Priest from two hundred years ago, who had already gone to heaven, suddenly appears again, there are no healers better than this healing Maxun.”

Barbalis snapped: “In fact, there are so many holes on Liola’s body, I’m surprised he wasn’t dead on impact.”

“I’m afraid if he dies, there will be two deaths to account for.” Mizerui’s face sank:

“Lanski has always been opinionated, and has always followed the Knight’s Code to the letter. If she knew she lost control of her emotions, and used Dragon Dance to kill Silver Mask, I’m afraid she will commit suicide to repay her mistake.”

These two people, who would never be seen in despair, even in the face of a rank-X mecha or the Dragon Empire, were completely at loss on what they should do. Besides staring at each other, they couldn’t find anything that could help the current situation.

At this time, the healing room’s fortified glass was shattered. A loud sound and pieces of broken glass flew everywhere, which grabbed Mizerui’s and Barbalis’ attention.

A little White Dragon was anxiously looking for its master, and soon after, it found Liola completely submerged inside a transparent Maxun in a shape of a cylinder. He immediately ran up to the cylinder, and tail-whipped the glass on the healing Maxun.

This was yet another thing that surprised Mizerui and Barbalis. They thought, with a Dragon’s intellect, it should definitely understand the Maxun’s function was to heal. But this little Dragon unexpectedly broke his master’s healing Maxun.

They thought: ‘What kind of times are these, if even Dragons would kill their own masters?’

The little White Dragon pushed his forehead against his master’s, and started chanting a strange incantation, “Bey nien efu siou gien? Cari elai fu.”

“What is this Dragon doing?” Barbalis asked, puzzled.

Mizerui was skeptical. After a short pause, he said: “Rumor has it, a Dragon can share its own lifespan with its master, but this magic must be initiated by the Dragon willingly.”

Barbalis wondered. “Really? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

Mizerui said awkwardly: “It’s only a rumor, and I’ve never seen any Dragon that had done so.”

Perhaps the heavens thought what Liola had done was enough to repent for his sins, or perhaps it was Anise who kicked Liola back…

The White Dragon’s body started glowing a light gold color, and the magical energy slowly concentrated on its forehead. Finally, through where their foreheads touched, the golden shine appeared on Liola’s body, and it quickly healed Liola’s damaged body.

“It really is that magic!” Mizerui jumped up. By God, he actually witnessed the incredible magic Dragons use to share their lifespans with their masters.

“What the heck does Liola have that others don’t? He obviously doesn’t care about this Dragon, but why does the Dragon like this guy so much?” Barbalis said with confusion.

There was something they didn’t know, something very, very small, but it was something that would convince the Sacred White Dragon to willingly share its life.

* * *

When Purity was about to bring Baolilong to motel with her, he didn’t want to leave his dad no matter what. After all, Baolilong had once lost his father, and now that he found a Master with the same temperament as his father, he wouldn’t leave under any circumstances.

Even when Purity nicely explained to Baolilong, she was going to buy him some clothes, Baolilong was more willing to be naked, than leave with Purity.

Liola didn’t say anything, but instead just took off the cross he had around his neck, and put it on Baolilong. Baolilong looked at his dad in confusion.

“This is the most important thing to me. You have to give it back to me tomorrow.” Liola said surprisingly.

Baolilong touched the cross necklace. Knowing his dad gave him his most important possession, he would definitely not run off with it. And with the necklace, Baolilong was finally willing to go with Purity.

* * *

This necklace was still around Baolilong’s neck, who desperately begged the golden light to heal Liola. He still hadn’t returned father’s necklace. How could father die now!?

The golden light slowly faded, and Liola’s originally severed body looked like it was mostly healed.

Mizerui, Barbalis, and a Dragon anxiously looked at Liola, hoping the Sacred White Dragon hadn’t wasted half of its life! Mizerui and Barbalis both prayed, hoping to see a real miracle.

Finally, under everyone’s collective gaze, Liola’s body moved slightly.

His eyelids shook slightly, and finally, a pair of unique silver eyes opened once again. Liola, who had a strange expression, and said,

“I think I saw Anise, she kicked me, and said… Not to see her until I’ve found myself a wife and had a dozen of kids.”

“Good… You’re still alive.” Said in an extremely weak voice. When everyone turned towards the source of the voice, they found Lanski soaked in the healing Maxun’s fluid, and standing beside the Maxun with a pale face.

“Why did you call off your protective energy?” Lanski asked the question that she wanted to know, even if it costs her her life to get out of the healing Maxun.

“You look a lot like… An old friend, to whom I owe far too much.” Liola lightly explained.

“Oh.” Lanski got the answer she wanted, and pushed her weakened body out of the room. But before she closed the door, she asked: “So… Am I prettier, or was she?”

After a moment of silence, Mizerui whistled: “Looks like Lanski has taken fancy on you. Liola, you lucky guy.”

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