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Liola’s Confusion

“Your abilities are truly amazing. I didn’t know Sky Overlook had such hidden talents.”

As everyone was eating simple dried food, Auyan Dri asked Void curiously while occasionally glancing at Daylight.

Void’s knowledge of Martial Arts was indeed impressive, but Auyan Dri had already heard of Void and knew he was a Taoist from the Overlook. However, Auyan Dri had never heard of Daylight and, as much as he was unwilling to admit, Daylight was indeed stronger than him, despite they were about the same age. When has this young prodigy appeared in the Martial Arts world?

Void explained with embarrassment, “In fact, I am the only one who is truly from the Overlook. Daylight and others are Taoists from afar, but in order to exchange studies with us, they had stayed at the Overlook for a year. So, in a sense, they are related to the Sky Overlook.”

Void patiently explained the details.

As for the idea Daylight and others stayed to exchange studies, it was at least half true… at least Kaiser often let Master Lee observe his fireballs, and they often taught Kaiser and Daylight how to use the wooden sword. So… it was kind of an exchange.

The reason why Void explained as such was because of Master Lee’s orders to explain Daylight’s Taoist identity so they wouldn’t be mistaken as people from wicked factions.

“I understand.” Auyan Dri nodded with relief. He had originally been suspicious of Daylight’s Taoist’s identity.

‘How could someone with such incredible Kung Fu be a Taoist?’

But after Void’s explanation, Auyan Dri believed Daylight’s identity. At the same time, he glanced over at Daylight who chatting with Long Yulie, and Auyan Dri seemed to be a bit upset.

At this time, Daylight felt helpless because of Long Yulie. He was bombarded by her questions, and since he didn’t know how to lie, he could only grunt in reply.

“Are you really a Taoist?”

Long Yulie widened her eyes as she examined Daylight. No matter how she looked, the person in front of her didn’t look like a Taoist. Out of ten people looking at him, 9.9 of them would say he looked like a young hero.

Daylight couldn’t even answer the first question, and he said with a frown, “Well… technically I don’t count as one…”

“You’re not?” Long Yulie widened her eyes.

“W-wait, I… am… uh…” He really didn’t want to lie, but he couldn’t possibly tell the truth, Daylight’s face was extremely bitter, and kept throwing looks at Kaiser.

“So are you or are you not?!” Long Yulie was beginning to be a bit angry.


Kaiser was originally having fun watching Daylight’s awkwardness, but he saw Daylight was about to spill the truth, so he went and intervened,

“We are technically not Taoists because ‘Taoist’ is a word you use. For us, however, it’s something different. Other than the name, we also learn different things than Taoists. For example, our Kung Fu is much better than Taoists.”

“Is that so, then why do you call it?” Long Yulie asked curiously.

“Knight.” Kaiser used his native language to speak the word, and then switched back to the language of this world, “That is what we are.”

“Knight.” Long Yulie tried to imitate Kaiser’s pronunciation, and then happily pointed at Daylight, “Knight?”

This time, Daylight firmly nodded. He was indeed a Knight. He also understood why Kaiser didn’t say Sorcerer instead, because then Daylight wouldn’t have to violate his principle of not lying.

Daylight threw a thankful look at Kaiser.

“This demon is so beautiful. You sure I can’t touch it?” Long Yulie finally said her real purpose in getting to know Daylight.

Daylight looked at Flames uneasily, whom seemed a bit happy. Long Yulie said it was beautiful, did indeed make him feel quite happy, but touching it? It was out of the question!

“No, he’s not willing.” Daylight laughed apologetically.

Long Yulie seemed deeply disappointed, but she soon seemed to forget, then asked curiously again,

“The man with black hair has a really special eye color! It’s silver. Is he also a Knight?”

Daylight felt uneasy again, since Liola technically wasn’t a Knight… Fortunately, Liola had already noticed Daylight’s expression and nodded at Long Yulie.

“And the cute little child, what’s his relationship with you?”

Long Yulie widened her eyes again. Her master had plenty of apprentices younger than her so she was interested in Flames more than children, but nevertheless she still liked cute children.

Seeing Daylight’s frozen face, Kaiser gave him a snappy look, then began to talk to grab Long Yulie’s attention, “Let me tell you, this child’s story is very tragic…”

Of course, what followed was the ridiculous story he had been telling people in the Overlook, except this time it was even more tragic and pitiful.

Baolilong became the child who saw demons abuse its parents’ body to death, and the village where it lived had everybody eaten alive by demons. The only reason Baolilong lived was because it hid in a rice sack, etc.

The story was so moving even Daylight almost jumped up and swore on his honor to kill those despicable demons.

While Kaiser was telling the tear-jerking story of Baolilong, Liola actually got telepathic messages from Baolilong,

“Baolilong is hungry. Baolilong doesn’t want to eat this dry food. Baolilong wants to eat expensive steaks. Baolilong wants to sleep on soft beds, not these wooden beds…”

“Such a poor kid. How can this child’s life be so tragic, wooo~”

Long Yulie start bawling. She stood up and ran towards Baolilong. Luckily Liola responded quickly and grabbed Baolilong back and into his arms.

Baolilong’s temper was much worse than Flames. If Long Yulie had really grabbed it, the result would have been disastrous.

“He’s shy, and he doesn’t like anyone else touching him.” Liola explained calmly.

Long Yulie probably understood the reason after hearing Kaiser’s heartbreaking story, so she didn’t plan on scaring him. She immediately went back to her seat, and frequently looked towards Baolilong with sympathy.

At this time, a Sun Faction servant walked towards Auyan Dri and reported respectfully,

“Young Master, we have the statistics of our casualties. Sixteen of our people had lost their lives, and they had been buried together as per your instructions. Additionally, there are ten people with severe injuries, and about three dozen with minor injuries.”

“Tell everyone to find materials to make ten carts. No matter what, we must be back on our way by tomorrow morning at the latest.” Auyan Dri commanded with a frown.

It was best for them to get out of these Bandit Mountains as soon as possible. Had it not been for the support of Daylight and others, Auyan Dri might have even considered leaving these ten people behind and take anyone he could to get out of these mountains.

“Understood.” The person who reported seemed to sigh in relief. He thought the strict young master would’ve chosen to go back on the road immediately.

“Could I ask you to help me guard through the night? My servants are fairly weak, and I’m afraid they cannot possibly take up such an important responsibility. Out of everyone on my side, I may be the only one who could do it.” Auyan Dri said with embarrassment.

Although it was impolite of him to say only one person from his side could do it, but at the very least, he thought he shouldn’t let a woman like Long Yulie guard for the night.

“We don’t need to keep watch at night.” Kaiser said with a wave of his arm, “My second brother is so strong no one could get close without him knowing.”

Hearing what Kaiser said, Auyan Dri’s attention had completely moved to Liola.

Auyan Dri did not pay much attention the quiet man before, until Kaiser had said something about him. But after a short while of observation, Auyan Dri did not sense anything special about this man.

He smiled courteously, “Your second brother is very dashing, but lives are at stake, and it would be safer to have night watchers.”

“If you’re happy to do it, then do it, but count me out.”

Kaiser was quite familiar with Liola’s abilities. Even if Kaiser was awake and prop his eyes wide open to examine the surrounding, he wouldn’t notice the enemies sooner than a sleeping Liola, so why would he do something as pointless as night watching?

This left Auyan Dri absolutely no choice, and his face seemed to immediately change, while Void was also sweating on the side.

Void was well aware of how Kaiser was. At first, he would get so angry at Kaiser until his face turned red, but after spending time with Kaiser, Void had often laughed so much his face would still turn red.

Unfortunately, Auyan Dri wasn’t just a Taoist from a small monastery. As the young master of the Sun Faction, being submissive in the face of humiliation was not something he could do.

Fortunately, Auyan Dri knew he could not possibly leave the Bandit Mountains without the people in front of them, and he didn’t dare hoped these few needed his help to get out.

Four people and a child getting into the Bandit Mountains could only mean one thing: they were one hundred percent certain they could get out.

If he were to anger them, and they leave, Auyan Dri wasn’t confident he could hold out for the next Bandit attack. Therefore, despite Kaiser’s rudeness, Auyan Dri swallowed his pride, though his face clearly showed this fact.

“Well then, Auyan Dri will be the night watcher.”

Daylight saw Auyan Dri saying this forcefully, he hurriedly said, “I’ll be on the lookout with you. Liola, could you join us?”

Liola nodded. Though what Kaiser said was correct, but since Daylight had asked, Liola didn’t really care much about being on the lookout for one night.

* * *

Under the starlight, Liola stood still quietly. Other than the wind brushing through the leaves and the sound of some animals, it was completely quiet. Liola willingly accepted the worst shift of the night watch: the one in the middle.

Normally speaking, it was the worst shift to have. As soon as you fall asleep, you have to wake up to be on the lookout, and then after your shift was off, you wouldn’t have much time to sleep before you have to wake up again.

But this didn’t really affect Liola. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact it may bring Auyan Dri’s attention to himself, he’d rather just be on watch duty for the entire night.

Liola did indeed need time to think himself. He had been here before, Liola was very sure, but he could not remember why or when he was here.

Even if he didn’t care much for the place he went as an Assassin, he wouldn’t have forgotten the names of the places where he undertook a mission. This whole day Liola had been trying to recall the places he had been to throughout his missions, but he still could not remember after having gone through all of them.

This problem had bugged Liola for the whole day, which made him even more quiet than usual. Liola observed around him, trying to figure out why he felt familiarity with this place, but no matter how much he stared at the trees or the ground, Liola couldn’t find the slightest of clues.

“Say, this caterpillar is pink and it looks rather peculiar, but that’s not the reason why you’re staring at it, is it?”

Kaiser crouched next to Liola, and used a tree branch to poke at the pink caterpillar. Even though he was asking Liola a question, his eyes were fixed on the caterpillar.

Liola, on the other hand, didn’t move at all. He knew of Kaiser’s turning in bed and finally getting up, but he was curious as to why Kaiser would give up sleep. What was he doing up? It couldn’t possibly be playing with the caterpillar.

But Liola wouldn’t open his mouth first; he just quietly waited for Kaiser to tell him first.

After Kaiser had finally gotten bored with the caterpillar, he lay on the grass with his hands on his head. He stared into the night sky and said,

“There are so many stars here, and it’s much prettier than my world.”

Hearing Kaiser’s words, Liola reflexively raised his head to look into the sky. When the images of the stars projected into Liola’s silver eyes, a familiar feeling rushed into Liola’s heart.

“Say, after coming to this world, we are actually considered quite strong! Tsk, a Gold Knight could’ve made our lives miserable, and we even had quite a few run-ins with rank X people like Lancelot. It’s a miracle that we’re still alive!”

Having heard Kaiser, Liola lowered his head and looked towards Kaiser, and then said with gravity, “Sorry.”

As soon as Liola apologized, Kaiser immediately jumped up, and his blue eyes were wide open. He screamed beyond belief, “Why are you apologizing?”

Liola paused briefly then said, “Aren’t you blaming me for drawing Gold Knights and Lancelot to you?”

“Who’s blaming you? Listen to what I’m saying!” Kaiser yelled with a bad mood, “I’m comforting you, okay?!”

‘Comforting me?’

Liola frowned as he remembered what Kaiser said, but it didn’t seem like those were words of comfort. Liola’s eyes were filled with confusion.

After glaring at him a few times, Kaiser reluctantly explained,

“I’m saying, since we’re living just fine, perhaps even better than in my world, you don’t have to mind dragging us to an alien world. You pulling a long face all day is putting me in a bad mood.”

Liola went silent again. He thought about it for a long while before he understood what Kaiser meant.

He asked tentatively, “You thought I had a long face all day because I dragged you into this?”

Kaiser replied suspiciously, “Yes! You don’t talk much usually, but you’ve gone a little too far today. You were practically a statue! You don’t have to talk but at least you don’t have to look at rock.”

Liola didn’t think Kaiser would misunderstand him. He shook his head and explained, “That’s not why. I have been thinking, so I’ve been quiet.”

“Thinking? You actually think? Isn’t your head filled with stones?” Kaiser yelled, making a big deal out of it.

“…” Liola decided not to respond, and went straight to the explanation,

“This place seems very familiar, as if I’ve been here before. But I’m sure I’ve never been here on a mission, so I’ve been thinking why this place feels familiar.”

“That’s it? You should’ve told me sooner so I wouldn’t sacrifice my precious sleep time to comfort you!”

Kaiser felt pained thinking about his lost sleep, but since he was already up, and to stop Liola’s stone-like face, Kaiser forced himself to think of a few possibilities for Liola.

“If it’s not a place you’ve been on a mission, then perhaps it was a place you and Anise had passed by while running away?”

Liola immediately shook his head. Those experiences were something Liola would never forget in his lifetime, no matter how small each detail was.

Every tree Anise had leaned against, every rock that had made her trip, or the clothes of their ambushers, Liola could never forget any of it. Liola was absolutely certain he and Anise had not been here while running away.

“No…?” Kaiser scratched his head, and asked, “So other than being on a mission or running away, when did you ever leave the organization?”

“Never.” Liola answered without thinking. This question was too simple: other than missions, the Leader had never allowed him to leave.

Hearing this, Kaiser immediately frowned. It was a long while before he clapped and said,

“I know! You must’ve dreamt of it while sleeping!”

Having hoped Kaiser could help him find the truth, Liola was deeply disappointed. He pouted and then ignored Kaiser.

Seeing Liola unhappy, Kaiser scratched his face, and murmured to explain, “Well, according to what you said, other than in a dream, how else could you have been here?!”

After saying this, Kaiser shut his mouth and lay down, and started counting the stars.

Hearing Kaiser’s murmur, Liola sighed. He, too, knew what Kaiser said was right, but Kaiser’s attitude made him a little angry, but it subsided shortly. He thought it pointless to have an argument with his companion over a place he felt familiar.

Imitating Kaiser, Liola, too, lay down. He looked up at the star-filled sky and the surrounding trees with circular leaves. Liola had originally decided to forget about the familiarity with this place, but this gesture made him feel even more strikingly familiar.

Liola said, “It was this angle. I had seen this place at this exact angle.”

Kaiser suddenly sat up, and examined Liola. He frowned and spun his brain quickly.

‘Lying down?’

Kaiser didn’t think Liola was the type to leisurely lie down to look at the stars. Could it be possible he was beaten down to the ground? But for someone as strong as Liola the Assassin, being bested was something he would never be able to forget, so there was no reason for Liola not to remember.

Kaiser was thinking so much his head was about to explode. And while Liola was waiting for Kaiser’s answer with anticipation, the tent where Kaiser slept suddenly opened, and something small fumbled its way out of the tent and headed towards them. As it walked, it rubbed its eyes while yawning.

Liola frowned, hugged the little guy and asked, “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Baolilong wants to sleep with papa.” Having said so, Baolilong twisted around in Liola’s arms, and then fell asleep again.

Liola didn’t mind, and then continued to wait for Kaiser’s answer.

Kaiser, on the other hand, held his eyes wide open and stared at Baolilong in Liola’s arms. After a long while, he asked,

“Liola, how old were you when the Leader found you?”

“Around five.” Liola answered a bit strangely.

“What was the situation when he found you? Do you remember?” Kaiser asked anxiously.

Liola frowned, “Not sure. Leader told me I was lying on a rock alone at the time.”

“That’s it!”

Kaiser yelled excitedly, but Liola looked confused.

Kaiser immediately explained, “You are an idiot. If you’ve never been out of the organization other than being on a mission, and you’re sure you’ve never been here on a mission.

Since you are also sure you hadn’t been here when you were running away from the organization, then the only possibility that remains is you were here before you were in the organization!

Since you can’t remember it clearly, you must’ve been very young. And because you remember this place from this angle, you were lying on a rock alone, and that’s why you remember the sky and the trees the most.”

Liola was stunned. Hearing Kaiser’s explanation, he agreed with the guess. Was this… the place where the Leader found him?

“But there are no rocks around. So perhaps the place you were found is around here, but not here.” Kaiser shrugged, then asked, “Should we go look for it?”

Liola shook his head. He just didn’t like feeling puzzled, but since he knew the answer, then he didn’t care anymore. He had no plans to look for that rock. It was just a rock he had lain on. To Liola, the rock was no different than any other rock.

“I knew you weren’t going to look.” Kaiser yawned and stretched. He then stood up with his back bent over, then said lazily, “I’m going to sleep.”

Liola nodded.

‘You’re finally going to sleep!‘ Everyone in the tent was crying, because they would finally not be awakened by sudden screams…

Unfortunately, even without Kaiser, the heavens still didn’t seem to want to let everyone sleep. Liola had already noticed, about three hundred meters away, there were many people closing in quickly.

Liola yelled without any hesitation, “Enemies incoming!”

His yell surprised everybody. Luckily they had already been awakened by Kaiser’s loud voice. They jumped up and walked out of the tents with their weapons following Liola’s yell.

Daylight, on the other hand, had gotten used to Kaiser’s loud voice and was actually sound asleep. It wasn’t until he heard Liola’s yell that he jumped up in surprise and walked out of the tent with his pike, arriving after the dozens of servants.

Daylight looked at Liola, and he knew what Liola was capable of. Daylight asked without any hesitation, “Which direction? How many?”

Liola pointed his hand towards a direction, and said to Daylight, “Over there, about seven hundred, in a fan formation.”

Hearing the number, everyone felt numb. The number of people who could fight on their side was a measly sixty or so, thirty of which carried varying degrees of injuries. How could they possibly fight against them?

At this time, Auyan Dri walked out of the tent in a panic. He heard already heard the numbers from Liola, and his face was hard to look at.

He forced a calm and asked, “Does anyone of you have any good plans?”

Hearing Auyan Dri’s question, Daylight answered directly, “We will fight them head-on.”

With Daylight’s reply, Auyan Dri’s face sank even more. He reminded Daylight, “Auyan Dri believes facing seven hundred opponents would be quite problematic, no?”

Daylight thought momentarily and answered, “If their strengths are comparable to the ones from earlier, then it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Auyan Dri’s was shocked. Although the strengths of the Bandits were quite low, and Auyan Dri wouldn’t even bother to fight with such people under ordinary circumstances.

However, they were Bandits after all, who had muscular bodies and familiarity with battles. If he were to fight against a few Bandits, he wouldn’t dare to underestimate them, especially since they were at a ratio of one to ten.

“May I dare to ask how you’re so confident, Hero Daylight?” Auyan Dri felt uneasy.

Could the man in front of him be the pinnacle Martial Arts Master who had been hiding his skills all along? He looked at Daylight’s young face, and remembered the rumor that when one reaches the peak of Martial Arts, their physical appearance regress. Could it be true?

Because Auyan Dri suddenly spoke formally, Daylight, who had only learnt the language for a year, struggled to understand him. However, he understood roughly the meaning. He frowned, and didn’t say anything, because Daylight had sensed that the enemies were near.

He said to Auyan Dri, “Please, everyone stand back. Li… My second brother apprentice and I will handle this.”

Auyan Dri heard him, he was even more surprised. ‘Two of them could take care of seven hundred Bandits?’

“That’s not possible!”

Yulie also appeared, just in time to hear what Daylight said, but not in time to stop Daylight.

She panicked and yelled towards Auyan Dri, “Hurry! Cousin, hurry! We have to go and help him!”

Hearing the panicked scream, Auyan Dri’s face turned pale. Countless thoughts rushed through his mind, and finally a hint of jealousy appeared on his face.

He tried to comfort Yulie, “Don’t worry. Hero Daylight has amazing strength, and his brother was able to notice the enemies from hundreds of meters away. They must be very confident they could defeat them, so they asked everyone to stand back.”

“Really? Apprentice brother.”

Yulie still seemed undecided, but she did remember that Daylight’s strength was indeed astonishing, and he even had a demon with him. His brother apprentice also seemed to have incredible strength. Perhaps they really were confident.

“Of course it’s true.” Auyan Dri smiled, and then his heavy eyes looked towards Daylight.

* * *

At this time, they could also see the shadows in the grass. They were only about fifty meters away from Daylight and Liola.

Daylight asked, “Liola, could you help? Or perhaps let Baolilong help?”

Liola thought about it and said, “I’ll just let Baolilong help.”

Liola didn’t like to fight for no reason, especially when the opponents were simply Bandits without Martial Arts background.

Daylight nodded. Seven hundred Bandits could probably be handled by two dragons. Daylight commanded the little Flames next to him, and it immediately flew into the sky, then turned into a ten-meter tall Dragon.

Flames let out a mighty Dragon roar, and the Bandits beneath it felt shivers ran through their spine. When they looked up at the sky, they felt a chill sent down to their bones, turning them into lifeless statues.

Flames flew low and passed by Daylight, whom beautifully jumped onto its back.

A Snow-White Dragon also appeared behind them: while everyone was in shock, Liola used the opportunity to ask Baolilong to transform, and then fly up to rendezvous with Flames.

Both sides were in terror as the Dragons appeared. As ambushers, the Bandits burst into screams and tears, especially when they saw Flames and Baolilong flying towards them.

The Bandits lost all will to fight, and they were fumbling as they tried to escape. Those who were in the front were now furthest in the back, and they were pushing others away as they ran. Everyone was terrified of being caught by these giant creatures.

Having its dreams disturbed by these intruders, Flames was not going to let them go easily. It threw a series of fireballs at them.

Although Flames obeyed the order to not kill, these fireballs were enough to put a few dozen of them onto the ground while moaning in pain. Despite their injuries, they desperately rolled around, trying to extinguish the fire on their clothing.

Baolilong, who followed the lower ranked Dragon Flames, wasn’t willing to let it have all the fun, so it threw out a ball of lightning.

The difference between the fireballs and the ball of lightning, was it exploded when it reached above the Bandits’ heads, and bolts of lightning shot out from it. If the people underneath were Knights, they could have stopped the bolts with a simple aura.

Unfortunately, they were ordinary Bandits, and even if some of them had basic Ki techniques, they couldn’t stop the electric bolts. A few more dozens of them fell to the ground as a result.

Although they’ve only lost a seventh of their forces, the terrifying powers of these two creatures had broken their will to fight, and they all ran for their lives.

Daylight saw the Bandits trying to escape while panicking, and his benevolence caused him to command Flames to stop. When he wanted to also stop Baolilong, it seemed to have gotten addicted to playing.

Baolilong charged forward, and threw balls of lightning in every direction, each downing a dozen Bandits. Even though they only had minor injuries, but their charred skins looked horrific.

The Bandits desperately ran away from the “white beast”, but Baolilong chased them, and dropped a dozen more with lightning.

They screamed and ran in a different direction, but the winged “beast” was much faster than them, and it caught up with more lightning bolts. Then the Bandits turned around to run the other way…

‘Baolilong, stop playing.’ Liola frowned, and said via telepathy.

Baolilong was unhappy, but nevertheless obeyed Liola’s orders, but not before it threw a few more powerful balls of lightning, and then it “shut” its mouth. It also flapped its wings a few more times, to scare the people trying to escape.

At this time, a few figures quickly moved through the Bandits with a much faster speed, in the direction opposite of the escaping Bandits. It caught Liola’s attention, and Liola reminded Baolilong to be careful via telepathy, and then he rushed over.

A few figures jumped up at the same time, and landed palm strikes on Baolilong. Liola was too far away to help.

After a painful howl, Baolilong’s anger surfaced, and had completely forgotten Liola’s order to stop. A ball of lightning was shot out from its mouth, and it instantly exploded with hundreds of bolts shooting out.

These few people seemed to be shocked, but they were still able to evade the bolts of lightning.

Unfortunately, the other Bandits in the area didn’t possess such dexterity, and they fell to the ground with charred skins, with wounds far worse than the ones before.

Normally they would have been able to yell a few times and got up to run for their lives. However these people, though their lives were not at risk, were on the ground with convulsions, and could not get up.

“That motherf—ing monster!” The more muscular person in the group swore as he saw his fellow Bandits in such tragic state.

Liola also slowed down. Having his mind connected to Baolilong’s, Liola realized Baolilong was in pain but did not sustain any injuries. Even so, Liola allowed Baolilong to chase after those people, since it hadn’t been played in the form of a Dragon for quite some time.

Baolilong wanted to play a game of tag, but no matter how much it roared, the people in front of it did not move. Although they seemed scared, they did not back away; instead, they remained alert, in case the Dragon would suddenly attack.

The muscular man glared at Baolilong as he argued with the few people next to him.

“Hurry up and use White Snake!” The muscular man yelled.

The other three looked hesitant, “But… White Snake is very difficult to control. If it goes crazy, we wouldn’t be able to control it.”

“Second brother, if we don’t use it, we will be destroyed by this creature.” The muscular man seemed panicked.

Baolilong, who was ignored at this time, was very unhappy. It flew by low in the air to use its wings to swipe at these three.

Their faces sank as they dodged, and it was obvious that they were panicking. Other than the muscular man, the other two also seemed angry now, especially a quiet, thin man, who yelled angrily,

“Lowly creature! If I don’t kill you, then I’m not the Viper Gang’s leader!”

“Brother!” The muscular man seemed very happy after hearing this declaration. Failing twice in one day would be far too humiliating.

Liola became more alert. After telling Baolilong to be careful, Liola turned his head to look at Daylight’s situation. He saw Flames circling above the tents.

After knowing Liola went over to the Bandits, Daylight, who knew of his power, had no plans to come along, but instead defended the tents.

Liola nodded, because now all he had to worry about was Baolilong and nothing else. Liola’s ghostly speed allowed him to quietly walk near those three without them noticing.

The thin tall man slowly took out something from his hidden shirt pocket. Liola did not know how to react to this thing because; after all… taking out an egg wasn’t illegal, right?

Liola curiously looked at these three grown man taking out an egg with fear on their faces. The tall thin man was holding the egg as if it were something that could cause a genocide: fearful yet reliant on it.

The tall thin man seemed to have made up his mind. He bit his own finger, and put it against the egg.

It’s not that Liola didn’t have time to stop them, but he was confident, both in himself and Baolilong, believing no matter what these men did, it would not affect him nor Baolilong much. He decided to let them use their secret weapon, while letting Baolilong have all the fun it wanted.

After the man smeared blood on the eggshell, the blood formed strange circle. Blood-red light exploded from that strange shape, and became larger and larger after it had separated from the shell. Finally, the circle reached the size of a man, and the circle emitted a dim light, while a giant figure slowly emerged on top of it.

Liola was a bit stunned. He thought, was he becoming too unfamiliar with his own world? How come he never knew such a thing existed?

At this time, Kaiser suddenly walked out of his tent. His jaws were dropped and his eyes were wide open and, in complete disbelief, he stared at the shape in the air as well as the thing about to emerge from it…

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