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Battle between Dragon and Snake

White Snake? Liola was a little shocked when he saw the giant creature in the air. It looked like a simple snake, but infinitely larger than an ordinary one.

Despite the fact it didn’t have a muscular body like Baolilong, it was far longer. Also, the back of the White Snake had a pair of giant wings, and they actually looked identical to Dragon wings. This made Baolilong really unhappy, and it let out a provoking Dragon roar.

The Dragon and Snake confronted each other in the air. The three people who summoned the White Snake had moved quite a distance away, to avoid becoming collateral damage of the fight between the Dragon and Snake.

* * *

Moments ago, Kaiser had plans to continue sleeping in the tent, considering no Bandit could ever stand up to Liola and Daylight. But as the fight raged on outside, Kaiser suddenly sensed a magical fluctuation. If he was still inside Aklan Academy, it wouldn’t be strange at all, since even a Holy Knight’s heal would emit a magical wave. However, this was an alien world devoid of magic!

“Damn! What the hell?” Kaiser fumbled his way out of the tent. He looked at the figure of the White Snake as it was forming. He was certain of what he saw: a summoning magic circle!

No matter what Kaiser’s analysis was, Liola felt a headache coming. He didn’t expect these people could possibly summon such a large monster, and he would’ve stopped them if he knew sooner. Unfortunately, even for Liola, turning back time was impossible. He ordered Baolilong to fly lower, so he could jump onto its back.

Having jumped up onto Baolilong, Liola realized the White Snake was on its tail, trying to bite Baolilong’s tail.

With a few leaps, Liola went towards Baolilong’s tail. Originally he planned on jumping onto the Snake to fight it, but he changed his mind. He thought about it a moment, then used telepathy to tell Baolilong the Snake was trying to bite its tail.

Baolilong swung its tail. Not only did the White Snake miss, it was hit by Baolilong’s flailing tail, which resulted in it having difficulty flying.

Baolilong used the opportunity to give chase. It threw out a giant ball of lightning. The snake could not move much, so most of its body was hit by lightning. Despite it spent a short while convulsing, the White Snake suddenly bit back. The complacent Baolilong got bitten, then shook its body in pain.

Liola frowned, but he didn’t plan on helping Baolilong. Instead, he continued to command Baolilong, much like how Daylight commanded Flames.

“You can fly better than it. Circle it, and attack when you have the chance.”

Liola gave the orders to Baolilong. The little guy thought it strange papa didn’t attack, but warmonger Baolilong didn’t really care, because it had the chance to play.

Baolilong followed Liola’s orders, and flew quickly around the giant White Snake. Although the Snake tried its best to match Baolilong’s speed, its elongated body prevented it from doing so, to the point where it sometimes ran into its own tail.

Baolilong was having fun. Seeing the Snake could not catch up, and it would often collide with itself. Baolilong was so happy, it was laughing. It completely forgot everything papa said about attacking when the time was right.

The White Snake seemed very angry. Its mouth suddenly opened, and a blue light began to shine.

Liola was shocked, and immediately reminded the playful Baolilong. Baolilong opened its pink eyes and looked at it; it too was stunned. It did not expect the White Snake could use the same type of magical attack as Flames. It wasn’t until after another call from Liola did Baolilong actually wake up from this daze.

A blue stream of light shot out of the White Snake’s mouth. It was so fast that, despite being prepared for it, Baolilong barely avoided it. The White Snake didn’t seem to give up, and shot a few more rays of light at Baolilong, who again barely managed to avoid it.

‘Baolilong, Your Highness, please be careful. Those are water magical attacks.‘ Flames reminded from afar, knowing water attacks were the most devastating attacks against the fire-attributed Dragon; Flames.

“Baolilong is really angry this time!”

Baolilong, who had been awkwardly dodging the light attacks, opened its eyes, which turned from pink to a deep wine-red color. It opened its mouth, and a wide stream of electricity shot towards the White Snake.

The snake responded by shooting out a wider stream of water than before. Baolilong’s blue and white electricity collided with the White Snake’s deep blue water attack, exploding with a giant sound. For a moment, the night sky had been lit up, as if it were still day time.

At first, the electricity and water seemed to be evenly matched. But seconds later, the White Snake looked like it was in pain, and at the same time, its snow-white head started becoming charred.

Liola looked closely, realizing the snake’s column of water had bolts of electricity intertwined within, and those lightning bolts were what injured the Snake.

Baolilong narrowed its eyes, and the power of its lightning attack suddenly exploded. The White Snake’s water stream was then immediately dispersed, and it was hit by the lightning.

After a painful struggle in midair, the White Snake fell out of the sky. Its loud landing sound shocked everyone, especially the three Bandits who had been staying far away. They almost couldn’t believe their White Snake would lose!

After the loud sound, Baolilong let out a happy roar. At the same time, a few sparks of electricity exploded around it. Under the starry night sky, Baolilong’s sacred figure had been deeply imprinted into everyone’s minds. People who originally thought of it as a demon felt weak in their knees, and knelt without saying a single word.

Liola realized the three Bandits began to move; they were trying to run for their lives, with disappointment on their faces.

Liola thought briefly, and decided not to pursue. After all, they were in the Bandit Mountains. They were the ones who trespassed, so could he really blame them for trying to rob him and his group?

The Bandits saw their leaders had escaped, so they all followed straining every bit of strength they had left. In an instant, most of them had disappeared.

“Liola, I don’t think we should chase them?”

Daylight came over with Flames, and suggested uneasily to Liola, not knowing Liola’s plan. Liola nodded, and told Baolilong to land where they were. Daylight also followed with Flames. As soon as Flames turned back into a smaller Dragon, they heard a loud yell.

“W-wait!” Kaiser had ran to where they were while gasping. It wasn’t until he caught Liola and Daylight’s attention did he have a chance to catch his breath. He even hit patted his chest and said, “Damn, I-I’ve never ran so fast in my life.”

Seeing Kaiser’s lethargic look, Daylight smiled and asked, “Kaiser, why did you run here?”

“The way the White Snake appeared, don’t you think it was a bit strange?” Kaiser widened his eyes and said to the Assassin, “Especially you, you don’t think your world has something like that, do you?”

“No.” Liola shook his head naturally, since he was already confused by it.

Kaiser suddenly yelled, “Of course you’ve never seen it. The circular shape just now was a Sorcerer’s summoning circle! I f—ing swear, if those magic fluctuations were fake, I’ll eat Baolilong whole and kill myself in the process!”

Liola and Daylight were in shock. ‘There’s Sorcerer’s summoning circle in this world?’

“Okay, hurry and let me get up. We have to chase after those people, and find out what’s going on… Wait! I don’t mean you, Liola. I’m never riding your stupid Dragon. Its ability to kill its allies is far better than its ability to kill enemies!”

With Kaiser’s serious statement and Baolilong’s puffed cheeks, Kaiser got on Flame’s back. Kaiser sensed the weak magic fluctuation in the area and pointed it out to Daylight.

Daylight looked back and asked with hesitation, “What about others? We should at least take Void with us, right?”

“We can go back for Void, but forget about the others. After this battle, I don’t believe anyone else would dare to come mess with Auyan Dri and others.” Kaiser said impatiently.

Daylight agreed and did as Kaiser asked. He flew back over the crowd, grabbed Void, who looked like he was about to turn and run. Daylight thought about it briefly, and thought he should still tell Auyan Dri and Yulie what they were about to do.

“Dri, Yulie, we will be pursuing the Bandits. You guys should leave first. I don’t think Bandits will come after you again, but it would be safer for you to leave now.”

Auyan Dri seemed frozen, as if he still hadn’t recovered from seeing the fight before. He blankly nodded at Daylight, hoping he would take ‘Red Demon’ away.

“Hurry, the magic is getting further and further away, and I almost can’t feel it.” Kaiser urged.

Daylight nodded and immediately commanded Flames to fly towards the direction Kaiser pointed, but a girly yell made Daylight turn his head.

“Daylight! Wait, will we see each other again?” Seeing Daylight was about to leave, Yulie suddenly snapped from her daydream and yelled anxiously.

Daylight looked at Yulie, and said with a smile, “Yes, at the Martial Arts Symposium!”

“You have to be there!” Yulie yelled on top of her lungs, but seeing Daylight was already far away, she wasn’t sure whether he had heard her or not. She felt a bit disappointed.

“I will!”

Daylight’s answer came from afar. Yulie raised her head once again, gazing in the direction where Daylight went. A smile slowly surfaced on her face.

Auyan Dri’s mind was in a mess. Memories kept flashing across his mind: Daylight’s amiable personality, strong power, and those two terrible demons; finally, Yulie’s smile…

* * *

“Second brother, who were those people? Those two demons…” said Chen Yong, a buff man — one of the three Bandits. The earlier fight was far beyond their imaginations.

Being the advisor in the group, Wong Shujun said with a pale face, “How would I know?”

“Second brother, didn’t you say you knew everything?” Chen Yong rebuked.

“I know everything about astronomy and geography.” Wong Shujun said lividly. He thought nobody would know about those two demons, not even in Many Ears Hall — a place specializing in selling information and intelligence — did not know how those demons came about, let alone him.

“Alright! You two stop fighting.” The thin, tall man, Lin Jiyun, interrupted the two in anger.

Hearing the eldest brother’s complaint, Wong Shujun and Chen Yong both stopped awkwardly, and quietly awaited Lin Jiyun to say something.

Lin Jiyun sat down with a headache. Earlier, when his subordinates reported a failure in robbery, and the intended victims had a sun icon on their attires. His second brother Wong Shujun had informed him of it belonging to the Sun Faction, and therefore he inferred the person commanding must have been the young master, Auyan Dri, of the Sun Faction.

He had originally thought if he could send more people and go there themselves, he could abduct Auyan Dri, and use him to extort money from the Sun Faction. Who knew two strangers would show up with two demons, forcing him to use the White Snake.

And in the end, they still lost. Lin Jiyun’s face was as depressed as it could be. The White Snake had cost him a lot of money, and he was going to use it to seek revenge, but now it had been squandered.

“Eldest brother?” Wong Shujun nervously looked at Lin Jiyun’s sunken face, and knew what he was thinking. He immediately begin saying words of comfort,

“Don’t worry, eldest brother, we’ll just have to make a few more business deals, and buy a few more monsters from that person. Your quest for revenge will be fulfilled one day.”

Lin Jiyun’s expression suddenly changed, and he held up his hand to stop Wong Shujun from talking. A moment of silence later, Lin Jiyun couldn’t sense anything, then withdrew his hand. It was strange for him to feel someone was near.

“Eldest brother, you’re being too nervous. This is our cottage. Even the Bandits around here wouldn’t know how to find it. Those demons didn’t follow us immediately, so how could they have possibly find us?” Chen Yong had absolutely confidence in the location of the cottage.


Chen Yong turned towards Wong Shujun, and yelled loudly, “What? Second brother, you were the one who set up this place. If you’re afraid someone could find it, then you’re looking down on yourself.”

Wong Shujun’s eyes were held wide, and terror crept onto his face. Lin Jiyun also stood up, and asked with a trembling voice, “Second brother, was it you who grunted just now…”

Wong Shujun rigidly shook his head, and Chen Yong started to get scared. He yelled loudly, “It wasn’t you, second brother? You’re just kidding me, right? Stop it, second brother!”


Now all of them were panicking, trying to look around to find the source of the voice, while trying to pray in their own strange ways: “I’m hoping it’s a ghost!”, “Better a ghost than those demons.”, and “God! Though I don’t believe in ghosts, I will start to now; give me ghosts!”

“What are you guys looking left and right for? Look up.”

A voice said to the three below. The voice didn’t sound like a ghost. It was neither dark nor horrific. If they had to describe the voice, they would say it sounded like someone who deserved a beatdown.

They were shocked, then slowly raised their heads. The first thing they saw was a boy with green hair sitting on the beam of the house.

With his white teeth showing, he greeted them with a big smile, “Hi!”

The three of them felt a cold shiver all the way to their hearts. They also saw a silver-eyed man and a gold-eyed man next to the boy. Although they had no idea who the green-haired little runt was, they knew other two were the people who controlled the demons they saw.


Chen Yong screamed, and with a shaking finger, he pointed at little Flames next to Daylight. Flames lazily looked back at him, as if he were making a big deal out of nothing.

Both sides held still as they looked at each other. Lin Jiyun took a deep breath, and bleakly sat back down on a chair. He tiredly waved his hand and said, “If you’re here to arrest us, go ahead. I know our powers aren’t remotely a match for you.”

Hearing Lin Jiyun’s response, Kaiser raised an eyebrow, “If you cooperate with us, nobody is here to arrest you.”

Wong Shujun heard they could bargain their way out of this, and immediately began to speak, “We will definitely cooperate. As long as heroes like you are here, we will do whatever if it’s within our powers.”

“Shut up.”

Kaiser grabbed Liola and Daylight, whom then helped him off the beam. Void also went down with them. Having the guys to back him up, Kaiser said with a condescending tone to the three Bandits, “I will cut right to the chase then. How do you guys know about summoning magic circle?”

“Summoning what?” Wong Shujun was stunned, and he didn’t know what Kaiser meant.

Kaiser explained impatiently, “The magic circle you used to summon the White Snake.”

Wong Shujun frowned, and then looked towards the eldest brother Lin Jiyun because he didn’t know how to answer.

Lin Jiyun’s face also sank. The person who sold him was not someone Lin Jiyun dared to rat on. If that person knew he did, he would die sooner or later.

“Why would you want to know?” Lin Jiyun asked carefully, thinking. If these people wanted to buy some themselves, then it would be fine.

Kaiser rolled his eyes, and said without any elaboration, “Just an exchanging information, you know, since we have two of those things.”

Lin Jiyun then asked, “Are you related to that person?”

‘We’re related to that person?‘ Kaiser immediately began to analyze the situation.

Judging from Wong Shujun’s response, they probably didn’t even know what summoning magic circles were. Perhaps it was given to them by the person whom Lin Jiyun referred to that person.

Also judging from his name for that person, it wasn’t someone he was familiar with, but instead just someone he feared. Otherwise, he wouldn’t withhold the name when his own life was in danger.

At this point, Kaiser smiled, and began to do what he did best, “That person? Is that what you call him? Well… indeed, his name can’t just be said to everyone.”

[T/N: In spoken chinese, he/she sounds the same. Author chose to use he/him here, but it may not necessarily guaranteed the person he’s referring to is a guy.]

Lin Jiyun thought Kaiser definitely knew that person. He began to worry whether the person in front of him was a partner or an enemy of that person.

“Such nostalgic times! I remember when we used to study together.” Kaiser posed as if he was remembering the past.

“You studied together with him?”

Lin Jiyun was not the only person in awe: Wong Shujun and Chen Yong both widened their gazes and examined Kaiser.

Kaiser, too, knew his lies had been a mistake, and then immediately said angrily, “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not how you imagine me to be.”

In the current situation, Kaiser, who didn’t know what went wrong, just said something ambiguous, hoping to brush it off.

Lin Jiyun was briefly stunned, but then nodded as if he understood. Perhaps it was because of the inconceivable powers of the two demons displayed has already messed with their minds. It was easier for them to believe the people in front of them had gotten so powerful in martial arts, their physical age had regressed, rather than being young.

As if he had thought of something, Lin Jiyun suddenly stood up, and bowed towards Kaiser. He apologized, “Understood. Junior Lin Jiyun had not realized you as the senior, and Jiyun hereby apologizes to senior.”

[T/N: In formal archaic speech, younger people generally speak respectfully to elder people, and refer to themselves as “late generation”; ‘junior’ here. They refer to the elder people as “front/early generation”; ‘senior’ here.]

‘Hmm… looks like this guy must be quite old,’ Kaiser was laughing in his mind.

The Lin Jiyun guy looked like he was in his thirty, but he was calling Kaiser, who had just turned twenty, his senior? But on the surface, Kaiser nodded with satisfaction. He learnt his posture from the geezer Master Lee, guaranteed to look like a senior.

Void’s head was full of sweat. As soon as he saw, he knew Kaiser was imitating his own master. Void was holding back a laugh so hard, his abdominal muscles were almost torn.

“Youngster Jiyun, no need to be overly courteous. An old fellow like me is not overdramatic. Hahaha.”

Kaiser gave out a hearty laugh, which made Daylight blush on his behalf. At the same time, he felt sorry for the people whom Kaiser tricked.

Daylight immediately reminded Kaiser, “Let’s find out the truth now.”

Kaiser originally wanted to enjoy the feeling of being a senior, but since Daylight was hurrying him, Kaiser scratched his face.

“May I dare to ask, senior, these two people are…?” Lin Jiyun asked curiously.

“Oh, my eldest brother and second brother.” Kaiser answered casually.

“Lin Jiyun is grateful to meet the two seniors.” Lin Jiyun bowed twice more, which made Daylight blush. He felt uneasy and apologetic at the same time.

Liola, on the other hand, glanced at Lin Jiyun casually.

“You are really unlike a Bandit. I thought all Bandits were quite rough: they yell at everything and scream things like ‘kill it’ or ‘beat it’.”

Kaiser examined Lin Jiyun. Though he was dressed like a Bandit with his rough attire, his temperament was more like a scholar… Even Wong Shujun on the side looked more like a scholar than a Bandit, although Chen Yong did indeed look like one.

Hearing Kaiser say this, Lin Jiyun’s face changed, and both Wong Shujun and Chen Yong seemed to be infuriated.

Seeing the three were acting weird, Kaiser’s curiosity was provoked again, and he asked, “What?”

Facing Kaiser’s inquiry, Lin Jiyun shook his head and laughed bitterly. However, Chen Yong couldn’t hold back, and he broke the silence,

“That’s because eldest brother and second brother weren’t Bandits at all. They were framed by a villain and they ran into these mountains for refuge. It was then when I met them, and even fought with them. It was the best battle of my life because I got to met them and I eventually I recognized them as my brothers.”

Lin Jiyun looked distracted as he recollected what happened, and Wong Shujun coughed,

“We felt ambitious originally, and hoping to expand our powers here in the mountains, waiting for the one day where we could seek our revenge. Who knew it would be so difficult even trying to keep our comrades fed.

Most of the business people travelling through either have a large band of guards or they paid the protection fees to some Bandit ring and made them their guards. Otherwise, why would we endanger ourselves to rob people of martial artist? We really had no other choice…”

“Why can’t you rob the adjacent villages and cities?” Kaiser widened his eyes, and smelled something he had always disliked: the smell of being poor.

“Uh…” Lin Jiyun suddenly woke up from his daydream, and explained with embarrassment,

“Most people in villages are poor, and they have no money. If we were to rob them of their only food, then they may not survive the winter. And we cannot possibly plunder a city with our numbers at around seven to eight hundred.”

“Good job!” Daylight couldn’t resist yelling. Lin Jiyun not robbing the villager’s food was something Daylight could deeply agree with.

Void also nodded constantly, agreeing to what Lin Jiyun and others had done.

Lin Jiyun heard Daylight’s praise, and his face turned red. He could do nothing but stutter as he thanked Daylight for his praise.

“Good? More like, really poor.” Kaiser murmured.

Kaiser wanted to extort some money out of these people. Who knew these Bandits had no money up their sleeves… Correction! They didn’t even have sleeves to begin with.

“Fine, fine, just hurry up and tell us where that person is?!”

Kaiser began to yell, fearing Daylight and the Bandits would become too familiar with one another, and would help them seek revenge. If it so happens, then Kaiser would’ve lost his fly without catching a single trout.

Lin Jiyun nodded, and answered courteously, “Since senior was a classmate of that person, then I shouldn’t hide anything anymore. As far as Jiyun know, that person seems to be the leader of the Shalong Hall.”

“Salon? I don’t want to get my hair cut.” Kaiser murmured.

Hearing about Shalong Hall, Liola’s face suddenly froze. Fortunately, no one’s attention was on him so nobody realized something was wrong. Liola locked his eyebrows, and his mind seemed to have wandered off. An air of coldness also seemed to manifest around him.

“Did I catch a cold? Why does it feel like it’s getting colder and colder?” Kaiser frowned as he pulled his shirt, but he couldn’t shake away the coldness he felt in his heart.

Lin Jiyun casually glanced at Liola, but was suddenly turned into a human popsicle.

Wong Shuju looked strangely at his eldest brother then looked in the direction where he was looking. Who knew that as soon as he did, his teeth began to chatter and he couldn’t speak.

Chen Yong, whose resistance to harsh environments was far better, followed their gazes and, though he didn’t freeze, began to yell strangely.

Kaiser looked strangely at Chen Yong, while Daylight and Void turned to look at Liola when they realized something was wrong. Both of them gulped, then slowly stepped back, leaving Kaiser the only one to stand where he was.

Kaiser shook again, trying to rub his arms and feet for warmth, and he yelled, “What now? Is there a ghost or something?”

Daylight and Void struggled as they tried to communicate with their eyes, to the point where their eyelids were almost having a seizure. It wasn’t until then that Kaiser scratched his face and slowly turned…

“Hey! Liola, why the hell are you being a human icemaker?”

Kaiser immediately took several steps back. He hid behind Daylight and popped his head out, “What are you doing?”

Liola’s face kept getting colder, and just about when everyone couldn’t take it anymore, he slowly said, “Shalong Hall is the largest Assassin organization.”

‘Assassin organization? Leader…’

Kaiser suddenly remembered the Leader was Liola’s boss. He shook a bit to dust off the frost on his shoulder, then walked up to Liola while everyone else was in awe, and patted his shoulder,

“They’re just Assassins. What are you afraid of now?”

Liola woke up from his daze, and looked at Kaiser with hesitation.

Kaiser, on the other hand, punched Liola in the chest, and yelled impatient, “Stop being a wuss! So what of the top Assassin organization? If one comes we will kill two, if two comes we will kill their entire organization! Leader? Hmmph, I’ll cook him alive.”

[T/N: Leader, sounds similar to put something on the stove to cooking.]

Liola heard Kaiser’s spirited speech, despite knowing Kaiser’s power was actually quite low, he smiled, “I can’t kill.”

“Fine, fine. You’ll be responsible to knocking everyone unconscious and I’ll give in the effort to kill them one by one with my gun.” Kaiser had no plans to beat around the bush over the topic.

Kaiser put his hands on hips and yelled to the frozen Bandits, “Unfreeze! I have questions for you.”

Hearing the yell, Lin Jiyun was the first one to snap out of it. He took several deep breaths before he said,

“What a terrifying presence!”

“People don’t call my brother icemaker for nothing. Cut the crap.” Kaiser immediately switched the topic,

“You said that person is the leader of Shalong hall? How could the three of you see him?”

“Senior, do you really know that person?” Wong Shujun’s face suddenly changed. Judging from what Kaiser had just said, it didn’t seem like they actually knew that person.

Kaiser turned his head, and showed a terrifying laugh, then said directly, “Oh, I don’t.”

Lin Jiyun and others felt as if they had been struck by thunder, and they didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, since you already leaked his identity, it’s too late for regret. You better tell us everything now, otherwise you’ll force us to do something to make you wish he’d come here and kill you, hehe.”

A looming shadow covered Kaiser’s child-like face. In all honesty, he still wasn’t that scary, but for the Bandits who had seen two Dragons, it was enough.

Chen Yong was the first one to be enraged. He unsheathed his blade and charged at Kaiser as he yelled angrily, “You dared to trick us?!”

Kaiser saw this, and immediately drew out his giant gun.

Liola, who was standing on the side, was also paying attention to the situation. If there were any possibility of hurting Kaiser, Liola will immediately stop it. Nevertheless, despite Kaiser’s power being low, it was more than enough to handle Chen Yong.

Kaiser quickly murmured some incantations, and a giant fireball shot out of the gun at Chen Yong, whom had no idea what a fireball was.

Chen Yong panicked as he tried to dodge, but was still grazed by half of the fireball. He was pushed into a corner with his clothes burning. Chen Yong desperately rolled around, trying to extinguish the fire.

Lin Jiyun and Wong Shujun immediately went to him to help him extinguish the fire. Having finally put out the fire, Lin Jiyun gasped as he looked at his two brothers, then he seemed to have made up his mind about something. He walked in front of Kaiser, then knelt down and began to kowtow.

“Eldest brother?”

Wong Shujun and Chen Yong both yelled in surprise, and they wanted to come to get him up, but Lin Jiyun immediately yelled, “You two, don’t move!”

Wong Shujun and Chen Yong both froze, but anger filled their faces. Lin Jiyun was practically on the ground, and said with a muffled voice,

“Senior, anything you want to know, Lin Jiyun can tell you, but Lin Jiyun begs senior to let Shujun and Yong out of this. I dragged both of them into this. Also, senior, please don’t go to that person yet; please allow Jiyun to make one more deal with him, because Jiyun needs the monster to right an injustice.”

Seeing Lin Jiyun kneeling on the ground and hearing what he had said, Daylight immediately felt sympathetic.

He looked at Kaiser with blame, “Kaiser, you’ve gone too far,” as he walked over and tried to help Lin Jiyun up.

Kaiser frowned, looking as if he had done nothing wrong, “I didn’t do anything. I just tricked them, that’s all, who knew he was going to start kowtowing?”

Daylight was trying to help Lin Jiyun up, but he wouldn’t budge. He desperately struggled, while banging his forehead on the ground a few more times.

The loud sound of the collision struck awe in everyone’s heart, and fresh blood appeared on the ground. When Daylight saw it he was surprised and forcefully held Lin Jiyun so he wouldn’t injure himself any further.

“What are you doing? You think your forehead is too hard?” Kaiser widened his gaze, and looked in disbelief at Lin Jiyun with blood now dripping down his face.

Even though Lin Jiyun was held in place forcefully by Daylight, but with bloodshot eyes he continued to struggle, to the point where his bones made cracking sounds.

Daylight was shocked and, fearing he might break his bones, eased up his hold. Lin Jiyun used this opportunity to break free and ran towards Kaiser.

Liola immediately shadow-stepped in front of Kaiser to prevent any possible injury, but all Lin Jiyun did was, once again, kneeling before Kaiser while kowtowing.

His voice was even more pitiful, “Senior! I beg of you. Allow Jiyun to go find that person first because Jiyun really needs those demons! O-otherwise, my entire family’s death will be in vain; even my ten year-old baby sister did not escape the massacre.

My father, h-he also died to protect Jiyun, and my family could not even give him a proper burial because we couldn’t even obtain his corpse. The only one left who could bring them justice and allow them to rest in peace is Jiyun. I beg of you, senior!”

Kaiser was frozen. At first, he pursued this matter because it was amusing to him. As a Sorcerer, he was very curious as to why summoning magic circles would appear in this world, but he had never imagined it would end up like this.

It was then when Wong Shujun and Chen Yong both quietly walked over. Without saying a word, they followed their brother and knelt on the ground while kowtowing.

Suddenly, the only thing that could be heard in the cottage, was the terrifying sound of their heads banging against the floor. The floor was also gradually becoming stained with blood.

Kaiser looked at them quietly. When Daylight and Void were moving to help them up, Kaiser blinked, and gestured with his hand to knock them unconscious.

As soon as he had done so, Liola’s figure blinked, and Lin Jiyun and his brothers were knocked out on the floor.

“Good! Now, it’s time for us to think about what to do.”

Kaiser sported a serious face, which was rare for him to do. His blue eyes suddenly looked as deep as the blue ocean…

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