Continent’s Dreams

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It may seem like a name of a monster or a mythical beast, but when most people hear the word, they recall Unicorn Corporation.

The sole company who developed and managed Royal Road!

It was not an overstatement to say they were raking in all the money in the world with the new world they created. The company owned enormous industrial clusters based on capsules and mini computers. Even after the operating cost for Royal Road was deducted, their monthly profit was astronomical.

Apart from these, Unicorn’s influence spread to cutting edge communication networks, cartoon character business, image and video culture, tourism, leisure industries and much more.

The company who developed the new world created a rippled effect throughout the world, quickly expanding Unicorn Corporation.

The ever important Royal Road. Royal Road, which almost all of Unicorn’s business were based on, focused mostly on maintenance and getting new players.

There was currently an important meeting between the core leaders in Unicorn’s meeting room.

Jang Yoon-soo, the head of the long-term marketing strategy division, was conducting the meeting.

“Department Head Kim, if you want a smooth meeting, we need you to give us some information. What is the growth rate of our current players?”

Department Head Kim Han-seo flipped through the data, produced a handkerchief, and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. With a sharp gaze, he stared at all of the members of the meeting.

“Yes, I am the director in charge of Goddess Versailles.”

Goddess Versailles, the AI that manages the Versailles Continent.

Kim Han-seo had gathered 17 brilliant scientists who worked together with him to develop it, the AI who handled the creation of the Versailles Continent and everything else in it. The real creator of Royal Road and its absolute ruler! Now it could run fine on its own and it was simply a matter of taking a break and watching the AI run the continent. The player reports by Goddess of Versailles could only be seen via Kim Han-seo’s system management department.

“You probably already know this but… What I am about to reveal to you all is highly confidential company data, and in under no circumstances to be leaked to the general public. Family members included. Therefore you can’t speak of this even to coworkers and subordinates. From this point on, you must keep quiet.”

The members of the meeting had already sworn to to secrecy as they came in. Everyone who was present in the meeting lightly nodded their heads. The topics to be discussed were so important, they could radically change the Versailles Continent. These people were not foolish to be unable to recognize the chaos such information would cause if it were to be leaked.

“Then I will begin. The majority of the top players are slightly below level 430. There are exactly 890 players. It is more or less below our expectations.”

The game, Royal Road, was targeted towards players worldwide, not just Korea. The growth the game was favourable; however, the majority of players were from Korea.

In every game, there were players who played to see the end. Because of the involvement of such players, the history of the Versailles Continent had been altered several times. The Public Relations department and Operations department could not afford to not consider the tendencies of such players.

The deputy of Foreign policy, Soo In-hae, who was in attendance, raised her hand.

“I have a question. What level have players reached in countries outside of Korea, namely Japan, America, and China?”

“They are still relatively low. When Royal Road was in its infant stage, they didn’t have much access to the game, and they are growing around the edges of the islands and in the cities.”

America and China were furious about Royal Road. They just could not believe Unicorn Corporation had managed to create a virtual reality.

Even though Unicorn’s theory was meticulous and they had proven the reality of virtual reality, the American and Chinese press focused only on the negative aspects.

– The First Virtual Reality, Still Too Early

– A Korean Enterprise, Found Technologically Impossible

– National Scientists Appraised It Not Worth Attention

– Science Is Not a Fraud

Anyone in the world could play Royal Road, but players from other countries joined late, giving Koreans a good head start.

There were many players from other countries, but because they joined much later, they were quite far behind. These players were often in smaller countries and islands in the middle of the continent, but because of the automatic translation program, their respective countries were often not revealed.

Everyone spoke the same language in Royal Road, so a player’s country of origin had no real meaning.

The Executive Director of Management, Son Il-gang chuckled.

“That’s a relief. There is not even the slightest chance an Emperor will rise from a player in a foreign country.”

“However you look at it, it seems to be the case.”

A smile played on Jang Yoon-soo’s lips.

Royal Road.

The Emperor of the Versailles continent would receive 10% of a month’s profit as a prize.

It was the ultimate goal of the entire game, and the person who achieve the dream of becoming Emperor would receive incredible privileges.

The press focused solely on this immense prize money.

However, there was another unique reward besides the money.

5% of Unicorn’s shares.

Scientists and researchers worked on the project, along with existing shareholders opposed to the idea. The Systems and Operations strategy department, however, pushed the issue and succeeded in making it the reward.

The one who becomes Emperor was bound to wield incredible power. He would be able to destroy or create anything at will.

Even the company who created an innovative economic system based on Versailles, Unicorn, would not be safe from the Emperor’s hands.

Even the Goddess of Versailles would be unable to lawfully lay hands on the ruler.

The emperor of the virtual reality world in which a multitude of players lived.

It was a secret prize which was immeasurably larger than the reward the public knew of.

* * *

A conference was held in the early morning concerning Royal Road’s new Public Relations strategy, support for new technologies, and business partners.

Nevertheless, the members of the meeting did not discussed Bardray, other high leveled players, or guild leaders. Instead, they focused earnestly on various other important topics.

“Strategist Yoon Young-sil will elaborate. Recently, NPCs from the Kingdom of the Horde have been popular for their cute appearances. I’ve sent documents about character analysis. Did you get a chance to look at them?”

“Yes. We are rushing the production of popular NPCs.”

“More and more players are utilizing the trochet carriage for their vacations. They’re becoming increasingly renowned and well-regarded because of its price, speed, and safety. What do you all think about installing them on resorts?”

“Transportation in the resorts? Whether for mountain climbing, skiing, or golfing, I think it would work out pretty well. I will consider it.”

It was a meeting with light ideas.

The heads of each department ate sandwiches whilst conversing amongst themselves.

As soon as breakfast ended, the atmosphere around supervisor Jang Yoon-soo changed.

“Well…. the external balance of power on Royal Road needs to be examined.”

Department Head Son Il-gang stood up and turned on the screen in the middle of the room.

The territory of each Guild, castle and town were displayed on the map.

“The power in Versailles is split up something like this: Central has 66%, the East 10%, West 8%, South 13%, and North 3%.”

Jang Yoon-soo pointed at flags on the screen which were placed in various places.

“The East is unexpectedly big. There’s a guild occupying the village whose members are impressively high in level.”

“Based on the new players, the kingdoms beyond the plains of despair are blooming, but the Orcs are responsible for the noticeable growth.”

It was a grand sight—races merging together with the emergence of the Orcs, changing the balance of power.

“From the traditional kingdom in the South, there are those who enjoy adventuring using their own strength; in the West, there are only a few players, but, due to the escalating conflicts stemmed from the scarce resources, strong warriors are being born. At this time, the place needs to be focused is the center of the continent.”

Department Head Son Il-gang gestured toward the center of the Versailles continent.

The Kallamore Kingdom and Haven Kingdom were traditionally the powerhouse nations concentrated in the central continent.

“Based on their political economy, the area was perceived to be capable of development. However, the area accumulated overwhelming growth, incomparable with other regions. We must watch out for approximately 149 players.”

Jang Yoon-soo asked in a light tone.

“Yes, how did you decide on those players needed attention?”
“It was determined by the players’ influence and player levels.”
“Then that group must contain a lot of Guild leaders, Nobles and Lords.”

Even supervisor Jang Yoon-soo did not receive materials prior to the conference. Of course, when leaving the conference room research materials could not be taken out. So materials would be distributed at the meeting upon request.

“That’s how it is. Although there are some players who stand out even while playing solo, but in general, their influence is limited. First, take a look at the players in the most prestigious guilds of the continent.”

The members of the meeting took a look at the data of the 149 aforementioned players. Only the rustling of paper could be heard in the silent meeting room.

This information is different from the info spread by the game network. It’s been gathered by the Strategy and Systems operation departments, so it’s highly reliable.

If one was to take a look at the documents, he would see the diversity in both nationalities and genders.

If one particular guild was notably more powerful than the rest, the 5 or 6 guilds which ranked right below the guild will form an alliance against it. In some cases, 10 or more similar sized guilds fought in a single country.

Because of the large number of players in the Versailles continent, this was only natural.

Whenever the balance gets disrupted, the weaker gets absorbed as the winner becomes a little stronger, but when it happens, the stronger side makes more enemies.

There were great wars which would upset such a tenuous balance, but there has yet to be a war so large, the continent itself would be forever changed.

The chief of the company’s development department, Ha Yun-ji, looked doubtful as she read the file and spoke.

“The power of Bardray and the Hermes guild seems to be far higher than I expected. What are you basing this on?”

“You’ve asked a very good question.”

All eyes slowly concentrated towards Son Il-gang.

The meeting, itself, had to be treated with the utmost secrecy. Until now, comprehensive ranking reports of all of the players’ activities, like brass trading or quest progression, was shared publicly, even with Unicorn Corporation. However, this special report was only available for a few important, special people to review.

In the report, it is a fact the military, financial, and the productive prowess of the Hermes Guild, as well as their territory and skills, were an overwhelming 5 times greater than the other prestigious guilds of the Haven Kingdom was revealed.

“Bardray is an amazing player. Ever since the beginning of the launch of Royal Road, he has been the best, and has established the Hermes Guild. There was a time he fell behind while founding and managing the guild, but he quickly ascended back to the top position. This is probably the first time all of you have been aware of Bardray’s level being 447.”

Everyone in the conference room dejectedly nodded their heads.

Bardray’s level was a matter of course. But they did not know there were this many 400 level players.

The broadcasting stations and players estimated Bardray’s level to be around 410.

However, the truth was he had passed his estimated level, and so had his competitors. While they were not at Bardray’s level, it was a disparity which normal players would anguish.

Even the people in the conference room were currently quite shocked at what they saw in the report.

“The players at the apex are quite amazing. Their individual power, not just their levels, but their usage of skills, actual battle senses and their practical ability were way above the grasp of the average player.

The reason the videos of the so-called rankers gained popularity was because they were special. The reason why, during the Joseon era, the warriors emulated those of the Goryeo era was due to their fast and efficient battle system.

In anticipation of the difference in individual skills, they used a new method of hunting monsters.

The sight of them dungeoning or storming a monster fortress was akin to watching a really well-made fantasy action movie.

There was an assassin player who stormed an infamous monster fortress in the Baimar Kingdom alone, and took more than ten lives every night.

After making the monsters feel fear, the player destroyed the castle, and raised his own flag from the highest point in the castle. It was the birth of a new castellan, and, through the video footage, created a large force.

It was not a randomly occurred event, but it was not evident from the video, but it took a lot of preparation beforehand in order to conquer it in one go.

“However their true fears lie elsewhere. While there are players who enjoy going adventuring and fighting alone, most people usually made a guild or occupied a village, and ruled over it. Afterwards, they did not stop at political conspiracies and weakening alliances in order to raise their own influence. Especially in the case of the Hermes Guild, they were open about their methods and means of expanding their power. The Hermes Guild represents half of the competition in the struggle to control the Haven Kingdom. While we learned of this fact due to the inquiry, there are 3~4 guilds who have deep ties with the Hermes Guild among the competitors.”


It was a guild not based on friendship, but supremacy.

Because of the tremendous value of virtual Versailles Continent, many players were after similar authority.

The directors held their heads in their hands.

“There are a lot of amazing people.”

“It’s enough to give me goosebumps; how were they able to do so much like this?”

Director Kim Han-seo said.

“There is nothing to be too surprised at. We expected this much progress ever since we launched Royal Road.”


“Didn’t everyone already speculate a virtual reality would create a world which would be reigned with supremacy?”

While they anticipated some of this, the players had bewildered them with their unorthodox behaviors.

On the screen was a battle of the higher tier of players, but it was jaw-dropping. It was so action-packed which seemed as though they were fighting against monsters in a real fantasy world. It was daring, keen as a blade, and showed unparalleled skills and usage of their respective abilities.

Originally, they thought it would only be a few particularly powerful or focused players, but in reality, there were quite a number of extremely talented ambitious players!

They were lost for words at Royal Road; the world that they created.

“It is a new world. This is how we must now look upon Royal Road. And no matter what the ruler of Versailles is like, or whatever he does, he is invariably interconnected with us, and thus, we must keep a close eye out. This is the goal for our meeting.”

The members of the meeting nodded their heads while listening to Kim Han-seo.

Son Il-gang repeated.

“Bardray and other top level players do not release all the information they have to the broadcasters and media stations. If you look at the publicly released data, they’ve limited it so that players will not feel too unnerved about seemingly unreachable heights.”

Director Jang Yoon-soo groaned.

“I really want to recruit them into Department of Advertisements.”

The public appraisal of Bardray, he was a player who easily the supporting foundation of the guild.

To think, even truths such as these were easily manipulated.

The throats of the people who were gathered in the conference room suddenly went dry.

“I think this has to be brought up: there are about 149 people who control over 10,000 players through their individual strengths. However, among those 149, there are about 13 players who shine above the rest. Like a giant, fiery wave, they are the strongest and most cunning players. In the future, there will be more difficulties and changes, but in the present, out of the 149, we can expect a 70% chance of one of them prevailing as the Emperor.”

* * *

The meeting lasted until late at night

The discussion about the dynamics of the power of guild influence in Versailles continent was endless

Some players’ activities were so shocking, the people who participated in the meeting became uneasy.

The meeting completely ended, and Team Director Jang Yoon-soo and Son Il-gang and Kim Han-seo remained

“Whew! It’s all over. Good work, Section Chief Son.”

“Speak nothing of it. You must have worked hard to keep progressing like this, Team Leader Jang.”

While exchanging pleasantries, they blithely drank some coffee.

During this time, Jang Yoon-soo suddenly recalled something and asked.

“Director Son, a word if I may.”

“I’m asking this because there is a player whom I have a personal interest in, however, I saw his personal files were not included.”

“There’s no reason for such situation to happen. We have completed all the reports on the players who could become Emperor… What is the player’s name?”

“It’s Weed.”

“If you’re talking about Weed, he’s the player who seized victory in the war against the Immortal Legion.”

Section Chief Son Il-gang had watched the movie with Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo.

There was a time when the story of the Undead’s movements and similar things were spread.

“Weed… Based on his personal level and influence, he was not included as a target of this investigation.”

“As I expected.”

Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo was regretful. However, Director Kim Han-seo laughed and said.

“Even if Weed was to be included in the 149, he would have been the least powerful and influential.”

“Really? How so?”

Kim Han-seo answered with a calm but sharp tone

“Because he has no goal.”

Supervisor Jang Yoon-soo, who just couldn’t understand, continued to question Kim Han-seo.

“No goal you say. Weed is doing quests which astounds the whole world. Do you realize the short amount of time he’s been playing Royal Road?”

However, Even Son Il-gang was on the same side as Kim Han-seo.

“I as well, do not hold high expectations of Weed.”


“The truth is, even we, at the tactical management room, are watching extremely closely. Through investigation, we found he participated in the recent historic Palrangka battle, and it seems as though he’s been to Vampire Kingdom and back.”

Kim Han-seo nodded his head.

“I am also interested. I was once a player of the Continent of Magick.”

Every engineer in the Systems Department saw Weed’s quest.

Director Son Il-gang continued saying.

“However, there is more. I don’t know if he would do more quests which would impact the world… That is all. If you see the quests he has accomplished, his behavior, skill, and combat abilities at his core, he is similar to Morata’s Lord.”

“Excuse me? Are you saying the Wargod Weed is Morata’s Lord, no, a Sculptor?”

“This is data is over 99% trustworthy.”

Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo had received the shock of his life.

Never in his wildest dreams did he ever muse Weed was truly a Sculptor.

As a Sculptor, he rose to Hall of Fame in less than a year’s time, and the fact he completed the Undead Legion quest went against logic and was disputed.

“It is very accurate. The basic defense and magic-related skills he displayed are too feeble to claim he had a battle-related profession. He’s making up for it through his battle senses and battle-related abilities.”

Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo could not believe it at all. However, Director Kim Han-seo, told him the truth while nodding his head. There was no other way, but to accept it.

Because Director Kim Han-seo was a notable figure who had access to all of the information within Unicorn Corporation.

“I see; it’s because his profession is a Sculptor, you don’t expect much from him.”

“You’ve got it wrong.”

Unexpectedly, Director Kim Han-seo denied that it was because of his profession.

“Even within the Systems Department, there are lots of coworkers who like him. The Wargod Weed, while being a legendary Dark Gamer, took part in impactful quests, as you saw, and also flaunted of his abilities. While I am also looking over him with interest, I am disappointed right now.”

“Why is it so?”

“He’s… Well, one could say he lived a very sheltered life in some aspects.”


“He’s only hunting and questing with a few people he knows, and hasn’t been a public figure. While eating fruits he could have easily grown in a warm greenhouse, he’s living a life devoid of greed. It’s one of the mistakes that most Dark Gamers make. Why did we give them the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do in the Versailles Continent in the first place?”

Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo answered while recollecting the initial planning stages.

“Is it because the players are residents of the Versailles Continent? Also, because they had to self-impose law and order…”

“That’s correct. We don’t think of our players as a number to represent our gross income. No matter how they go about it, as long as they have ambition, we won’t obstruct people with the drive to rule.”

Royal Road had paved a way for people to become rulers, emperors of a united empire. It gave them the freedom to try the impossible, to really actualize their dreams.

However, many Dark Gamers had a lucrative business of selling items or doing mercenary work to participate in requests. They were happy with their situation and did not look for more.

“He’s probably making money through broadcasts and the Hall of Fame, not just through selling items. He’s probably bringing in quite an amount. You could say he’s quite successful as a Dark Gamer.”

Director Kim Han-seo spoke as if he was familiar with the type.

If all one looked at were records of his hunts, quests, and reputation, then one would be able to estimate he was making more than the average section head of a large company.

“However, this is a secret… I won’t be able to observe him forever. There’s the fact I wouldn’t be the first one to make him public, and, while the truth is, I want to protect his secret, if the tactical management room managed to find out about this, other people will be able to find out as well.”

In other words, while Weed had hidden himself in a safe house, eventually his identity would be exposed in a not-so-distant future.

Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo spoke defensively.

“Even so, isn’t it surprising he could go this far as a Sculptor?”

Director Kim Han-seo showed his harsh reactions.

“He’s amazing, for a Sculptor. I don’t know if there’s some other meaning behind the question. Do we have to hold sympathies to his enemies?”

“It’s not exactly it, but…”

“I know Morata is currently growing at a tremendous rate. Am I correct?”

“Yes. It is becoming the capital of the North. It is leading the adventures in the North, and lately there have been enormous investment funds made.”

“When the Church of Freya’s protection ends, and, if the player traffic increases in the North, there will be greedy people gathering there. The enemies who will invade Morata, will they have any interest in whether he’s a Sculptor or not?”


“His widespread reputation of being the ‘Wargod’. In order to protect a reputation like his, he will have to put in a lot of effort. If he simply basks in the glory of his reputation, then the day will come with he succumbs to it.”

Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo could not say anything in defense; Director Kim Han-seo had hit the nail on the head.

“They see it as ‘while travelling up to the North, I can have my wish granted.’ If they only try to protect the city and challenge him, then they won’t be able to obtain anything. If you don’t have dreams, you will be die while being trampled. If not, you’ll end up as an average player…the Versailles Continent won’t open the way for the incompetent.”

It was the first time he had seen Director Kim Han-seo so impassioned.

It was enough to intimidate Team Leader Jang Yoon-soo.

Unicorn’s core executive, who was as capable as an engineer, had a superior brain.

Since he was Director Kim Han-seo, whose scholarly voice was heard throughout the entire field, one could trust whatever he said would come to be.

Department head Son Il-gang was careless, and threw a question out to lighten the mood.

“What if… Weed really aimed for the Versailles Continent; what do you think would happen?”

Thoughtlessly, he asked without having any intent behind it.

Director Kim Han-seo closed his eyes and kept silent for awhile.

Due to him staying in the same position for awhile, they began to suspect he has fallen asleep, but he opened his eyes and spoke.

“Then the entire Versailles Continent might fall into his hands…”


“If he starts to actually dream big, then the situation will be reversed. Bringing his hidden talent to light, and his large reputation spreads, then Wargod Weed’s dreams…the Versailles Continent could be reborn.”

* * *

While Daymond was hunting the northern boss monsters, he also collected the map pieces which lead them to the Church of Death.

In the process of collecting pieces of the map, Predators of the Land guild took a lot of damage.

“It’s okay if we die. Our last hope is hanging on this quest… Even if we have to spend the last of our saved money, we must succeed!”

Everyone laughed at them for challenging the impossible.

The reason why boss monsters were so dangerous wasn’t only because of their power, but because of the attack patterns were impossible to predict.

Lack of information resulted in massive damage!

For the monsters they failed to hunt over and over again, some guild members died as often as 10 times.

However, the northern players who were driven by the sacrificed members were able to succeed by combining their strength.

“Hooray for Predators of the Land guild!”
“The best hunting guild has been born.”

“A guild of warriors who specializes in hunting boss monsters.”

After defeating 12 boss monsters, the voices of the admirers of the Predators of the Land guild grew louder.

However, without second thoughts or regrets, Daymond and his guild hid themselves.

The seven map pieces they had striven to acquire were assembled.

Although the guild was honored to be the first to slay a boss monster of the North, they were not able to feel any emotion. Because they had lost their lives so many times, they did not regard this act as a great achievement.

Daymond and the Predators of the Land guild went into the guild’s dismal and dark basement.


“Why, of all times, are we going to the basement now?”

Daymond answered Nardo’s question with a relaxed attitude.

“Because it’s fitting for us who are planning something sinister.”

“Che! I keep telling you, you go with the flow too much.”

Daymond only grinned and laughed at Nardo’s rebuke. Then, he pulled out the map fragments from his chest.

“Then I’ll try to fit them together now,” he said in a voice clearly filled with tension.

Daymond took the 7 pieces of the guiding fragments, and started to adjust their placement, as if he was solving a puzzle.


The map suddenly caught on fire.


And then Daymond’s and his guildmates’ bodies stiffened.

A video composed of a set of pictures was formed in the fire.

After passing a sunken land, and you pass a place where many monsters’ bones lie; climbing mountain and field, and you go through a cliff with barely any foothold, you will cross a Forest of Fog. The dried and dead trees will be a landmark.

Once you cross the forest, a Church of the Death will appear.The place was closed for several hundred years. After seeing a set of heavy doors at the place, the pictures ended.

Only burned-up ashes remained of the map, and the rest disappeared.

Daymond raised his flaming eyes at his guildmates.

“Everyone remember what they saw?”
“Yes, we memorized it perfectly.”
“We’re going to go to this place right now.”

Daymond and the Predators of the Land guild immediately set forth. It wasn’t a place too far from Morata.

They rode on fast horses and they went 3 days south and then went west, across the wastelands.

Since the wastelands is mostly composed of dungeons, it was a place rarely visited by adventurers.

“Deriam Desert; to think we would have to pass this place.”

“This is the place where the boss monster we hunted resides.”

“I do seem to recall a memory of going through a lot of trouble to find the place the bastard was hiding in.”

The Northern expeditions and the adventurers had already searched a considerable amount of places. However, usually they only scratched about in places like the wasteland or the Forest of Fogs.

Because the Versailles continent was so wide, if one did not know their exact location, they could even pass over dungeons.

Although the Wastelands encouraged exploration in the beginning, there were only a few visible dungeons because there was no feasible way to go over the whole thing. In order to find the place shown in the picture, the Predator of the Land guild passed through the Wastelands and the cliffs. They were barely able to find the dried-up, withered trees at the Forest of Fog, and they were able to take a guess at the path.

After passing all the difficulties, they finally reached the shrine of the Church of Death. They had arrived at a shrine exuding a mysteriously evil aura, just as the fragment had depicted.

It was a discovery that would go down in the history of the Versailles Continent.

Daymond had spent long hours and finally saw the thickly dust-coated, unspoiled-magnificence of the shrine.

“What does it say on the door?”

The guild magician interpreted in their stead.

“It says ‘Door of Hell’ in ancient language.”
“It means the door is not meant to be opened.”

For a split second, Daymond struggled immensely.

They did not know what would happen if they opened to door to the stone shrine; they did not know what pure terrors lay ahead.

Even though they did not want to stare at a door which perfectly fit the frame and left no cracks, they had a feeling it should not be opened.

“However we cannot just give up after getting this far.”

Daymond gritted his clenched teeth.

The quest did not end simply by finding the Church of Death.

“No matter what is at the end of this road, I want to see it.”

Daymond opened the iron door widely.

He was then greeted by a fearful number of malignant demons. They were gruesome monsters looking like they came straight out from imaginations.

The boss-level monsters they had hunted in order to arrive there were also there.

“D-Daymond! Be careful.”

Their head warrior, who was known to show no fear, said in a shaky voice.

Nardo observed the malignant demons. “It seems they aren’t attacking.”

“They’re just watching us calmly.”

Whenever Nardo moved, the eyes of the thousands of demons moved and followed him. They didn’t take an aggressive stance, but silently guarded their places. The demons were lined up on either side, and there was a passage where a person could fit in between them. They felt they could get eaten as soon as they were a toe out of place, but Nardo did not even hesitate.

“Let’s try this path.”
“Yeah, seems like we should go through this path.”

Daymond and the Predators of the Land Guild walked with heavy steps.

They were unaware of anything when they were trying to gather all of the map pieces for the S-rank difficulty quest. They began to suspect more as they got closer to the Church of Death, but they were overwhelmed by the pressure now.

Daymond squared up his shoulders and walked forward.

‘This life… I’ve already intended to throw it away.’

If there were enough demons, then one’s will to resist would actually rise.

The demons were gathered at the Church of Death. They would be no more than a single meal to these monsters, who were nameless and were shaped in every way possible, draining their courage.

‘Since we’re here now, is there anything left, but to die?’

A realistic sculpture of a village, which was in the spitting image of the village they saw at the entrance, was there, and on the altar were incomprehensible symbols and words written down in ancient times.

– I long for a place where those who died with regrets can live on.The power of resurrection is the eleventh authority of the Embinyu Church.The more dead there are, the greater the number of brethren of the Embinyu Church.

This is your duty: to kill many people; to save many people.

The written phrases were hard to understand.

Daymond did not think about the written phrases in depth.

“Embinyu Church? This is the first I’ve heard of it, but if it’s a passage we have to know, then we’ll figure it out eventually.”

Since they were at the Embinyu Church, there were many things they wondered about.

The shut rooms, ornaments, and packed items.

As if to say their suffering was at an end, there were many places they could explore. However, Daymond and his guildmates did not get reckless.

“Since we found the Church of Death, it’s the time to learn more about the priest. Let’s go to the rectory first.”

Therefore Daymond and his guild moved in preparation to fight.

– Resurrection Priest’s Rectory

While they came knowing it was the Church of Death, there was the word “resurrection,” completely contrary to their belief.

“Are you sure there aren’t any other rectories?”

“There isn’t. I can’t see any; this is the only place which says ‘Rectory.’”

“Then let’s go into this rectory. Everyone, be on your guard.”

They pushed the door into the cobweb, dust-filled rectory and entered.

There was no living person in the rectory, and there was a dried out and withered mummified corpse. Also, in front of it was a compiled book.

«Scriptures of Resurrection».

The book was decorated with golden embroidery threads.

Daymond stretched out his hand toward the book.

Since he was undertaking the commission from the church of death, the priests would have to dig up the secrets.

While investigating the corpses, the priests were moving various items about as they should; however, they were not able to overcome their greed and laid their hands lustfully on the goods.


– Spellbook of Resurrection: Durability 58/60The scriptures of the 11th sect of Embinyu Church.Contains the basic Resurrection, Plague, and Magic of Immortality.

The Resurrection spell is considered as the most evil black magic regarded as a heresy.

If Necromancy is about raising the dead to undead, Resurrection is forcing the dead to come back from hell through a terrible sacrifice.

This is not a complete revival. This is close to an atrocious contract compels monsters from hell, the dead to arise, and controls them. This is a forbidden text which gave rise to the foundations of this field of study differs from Undead Magic!

This book is the foundation of the existence of The Order of Resurrection.

Limit: Available for Resurrection Priest job. Can use only if you are the previous profession.

Whenever you use a magic spell, you must take the life force of a living thing.

Resistance against All Magic +50
All stats+10
Mana regeneration rate will be increased by 25%
When Immortal Life is active, Health will not decrease.
Will be able to control the resurrected dead.
*Resurrect: Required Life – 20 lives. By taking other players’ lives, can resurrect the dead and use them as underlings.
*Plague: Required life- 150 lives. With the use of mana, creates a powerful plague on an area. The area of effect is limited to a certain area. The spreading speed will be determined by the medium.
*Immortal Life: Only able to use once. Unable to cancel. Grants limitless life to the player. But when the player is unable to get supplies of sacrificial lives, Immortal Life is disenchanted and the players life will be forever gone with it.

The Embinyu Church.

The unknown 11th sect of the Embinyu Church. They are the ones who endlessly kill to resurrect and rule over the dead.

In the world, they are better known as the Clan of Death.


– You can become The Resurrection Priest. Would you like to change your job right now?Even after switching the job, your skills and stats will remain constant.

You will be able to use the Spellbook of Resurrection.

The Resurrection Priest have an obligation to fill Versailles with the resurrected creatures they can make.

By the contract with Death, you will be against the provision of nature. Thus, once you die, you will meet a everlasting rest.

He could become a Resurrection Priest.

Once he get the dark monsters and its followers under his control, the Predators of the Land guild’s power would become high ranked at once.

The dark monsters promised unquestioning obedience compared to allied guilds and recruited mercenaries.

He could also use the Magic of Resurrection.

However, in return, if Daymond were to die just once, he would face eternal death.

A short-lived, but grand, road.

He was at a standing point. Whether to have all the people playing Royal Road focus their spotlight on Daymond, or to simply continue his quest to unveil the secrets of the priest.

“I would like to be the Prest of Resurrection.”

Daymond chose to change profession.

* * *

Daymond and his Predators of the Land guild took control of the property and the dark monsters. There weren’t piles of treasures, but there were several orbs and items related on curse magic.

The rest of the guild members also gave up their original professions and became Priests of Resurrection.

“This may be our final amusement,” Daymond said while smiling faintly.

The Resurrection Priest; in order to maintain power and strength, one must ceaselessly kill someone. They are able to resurrect the dead based on the sacrificial lambs they slay.

It was clear the Versailles Continent would collapse into utter chaos.

However, there was no turning back now. Suban, who had became a Resurrection Priest, laughed. “Let’s just give it all we’ve got.”

Nardo took off the witch’s robe, threw it aside, and fidgeted as if the Priest robe she was wearing was uncomfortable. “There’s no law which says we have to die early. We will live, no, we must survive and wave our flags.”

Daymond nodded and said, “That’s not a bad idea.”

The quest to unearth the secrets of the Priests of Death was canceled. Instead, a quest to spread the name of the Resurrection Church appeared.

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