Water Park for Young Dwarven Children

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Death Hand was defeated by Weed’s moonlight sculpture!

The reward was just a Statue of Death, but he was not disappointed.

“If I sell this off, it’s going to be worth a lot!”

All goods were connected to money. Even if they weren’t weapons, armours, or jewels, he was satisfied as long as he could get a high price for them.

By looking at the precision and the black jade material it was shaped out of, he could tell that it was a unique item.

The statue of this horse-resembling a magical beast, brought up the image of death not only because of its name but by its sheer atmosphere.

“Anyway, this isn’t what’s urgent.”

Late at night when Dwarfs were unlikely to wander about, Weed went to the place where he had sculpted the Wings of Light.

The elegant wings, whose mysterious and enrapturing brilliance fluttered whenever the wind blew. It was a work created by a Moonlight Sculptor.

This caused even the 5 Great Dwarven Blacksmiths to be fired up and motivated. This was the artwork that made the name Art Hand become famous in the Dwarven Kingdom.

Weed extended his hands and lightly touched the Wings of Light. The light covered his hands with a mystical glow, and an amazing sight unfolded before him.

“If I showed this to my little sister, she would have praised its beauty… In any case, I suppose I should collect it. O, my precious sculpture, the work I created with my artful spirit… I have shared my life with you. Now, awaken from the long slumber and join me. Sculpture Life Bestowal!”

He couldn’t leave the light sculpture to rot as a decoration for Kuruso. He was going to pour out his life to make it completely his own.

– This sculpture does not have the optimal shape to bestow life. It is unable to act by itself due to its unstable shape, but it is able to parasite off other life forms. Would you like to grant this sculpture life?

“Sculpture Life Bestowal”

– You have granted life to the sculpture.

The power of the sculpture is based on the level of the art stat.
The art stat is currently 1,196, so the sculpture’s base level will be 406.

Because this is a Masterpiece, 20% of the level will be added. Level is increased to 487.

However, due to the sculpture being a flying-type, a 10% level handicap will be applied.

The sculpture’s life is low, but it has very fast speed.

There are three attributes attached to this lifeform.

The quality and ability of the attributes will differ according to the shape and level of the sculpture.

Light Attribute (100%), Fire Attribute (100%), Holy Attribute (100%).

The fire does not give in to anything. It has an extremely powerful fighting spirit as well as high defense and high magic defense.

It can burn enemies using the power of fire.

It has immunity to all cursed magic. A strong resistance to black magic has been formed. It can use a little bit of Divine Magic.

Because this was once a light sculpture, a special ability is added.

Cursed individuals will be released from the magic, and monsters with evil intentions will have their power weakened.

5,000 mana has been used.

Increases skill efficiency of life-restoring magic by the 20% of the level and stats.

The Art stat has permanently decreased by 6.
The decreased stat can be recovered by creating sculptures or other artistic activities.

The level has dropped by 1.

Due to the decrease of level, the most recently raised stats will decrease by 5. Decreased stat can be raised again when level rises again.

Please care for the sculpture’s life. When it loses its life, it can be revived again.

When destroyed completely, it cannot be revived.

The Wings of Light hopped onto Weed’s back and attached itself there. Because it lacked a body, it had to rely on someone else like a parasite.

The wings, which were made out of tens of meters of grand light, rested on Weed’s back. Silently, radiant light beamed as the wings spread.

Weed looked like he’d turned into a Warrior of Light with his magnificent wings.

Weed’s body suddenly floated in the air.

“Let me down already.”

With one word, he broke the mood.

The Wings of Light spread themselves even more. The silvery blue light vastly spread, covering the road in an exquisite glow.

The effort of its will and own strength to make its owner happy!

Weed scrunched his forehead and frowned.

“Turn the light off.”

“Just go down. I’ve already flown a lot.”

The Wings of Light became 15 times smaller and lightly let Weed back onto the ground.

“Owner, please choose my name.”

The Wings of Light politely said to Weed.

Different from the chilly voice of Bingryong and the Wyvernes, with their bad personalities, the voice of the Wings of Light was pure and angelic.

“Your name is…”
“Let’s go with Light Wing.”

If the Wyverns, Geumini, and Bingryong were there, they would have shared its pain and suffering.

* * *

Weed decided to leave the Statue of Death alone for now.

“I think there’s some kind of a secret hidden behind this sculpture…”

He could effortlessly feel this was the case.

The created quest item linked to Death Hand! There was no doubt that an unimaginable quest was waiting.

“I should put all troublesome things on hold.”

Weed decided to just wait for now.

Kuruso had lots of other sculptures, but the most urgent matter was to find the clues about Kendellev!

– Find the Dwarf sibling who became lost while he was young. For clues, use the statue of his younger appearance.

It was a quest to find a fully grown Dwarf by looking at a statue of his younger appearance. Dwarves never retain their younger appearance, so this was impossibly difficult commission to complete.

Weed found the Dwarf’s younger sibling within Kuruso’s cave.

“That’s right. My name is Norman. How were you able to recognize me?”

“There aren’t many Dwarves that look as stupid as you, you see. You’re no different now than when you were young.”


The Dwarf Norman who burst into tears like a baby!

– It is difficult to identify the minerals used to make this sculpture.

It was a quest to analyse the material of the sculpture and to find the cave where that material could be extracted.

The commission was completed with the mobilization of the Dwarven Blacksmiths and Miners.

Thanks to the development of mines by a Dwarf named Twitter, Weed was able to register his name as the owner. If the ruby mine was developed well, it would yield a lot of revenue in the future!

Although Weed completed 10 quests, he wasn’t able to discover a trail leading to Kendellev. Because not all sculptures possessed a unique memory, there were times when he met a dead end. Even after examining every sculpture in Kuruso, Kendellev’s trail was nowhere to be found.

“This is not an easy quest after all.”

The Dwarves who had accepted the Sculptor Instructor Jorbid’s quest wondered if they had all been idiots.

“There’s really nothing I can do properly…”

However, it was too shameful to go to back to Iron Hand village and give up on the quest, so he decided to linger in Kuruso for ten more days.

* * *

“Art Hand, it’s clear you’ve worked really hard.”

Herman was next to Weed.

Herman, along with Pin, had decided to come and watch Weed sculpt from morning to night. Besides Herman and Pin, there were at least 50 other Dwarves watching him.

They were the Dwarves who had grown close to Weed after many quests. And there were Dwarves who waited in the hopes of watching Weed carve another light sculpture.

However, Weed did not make another light sculpture.

‘My sculpting skills aren’t perfect yet.’

The Wings of Light had miraculously emerged, but his skills were far too underdeveloped to judge himself.

A historical work of art!

The artistic value of works that were extremely unique was massive. However, such incredible works didn’t show up often. Although he always tried to make something great, not everything turned out as fantastic!

While making the Wings of Light, he made countless of small mistakes, and he had the will to do it again..

‘I’m attaching the light, making it out of light, using the properties of light. It won’t do if I don’t understand the character of light well.’

A sculptor’s inherent skill was to identify the material they were using.

Weed used his Moonlight Sculpting skill and played with the light. Whenever his mana ran out, he would take an ordinary piece of wood and carve it while restoring his mana.

He ate bread crumbs in between projects and made all kinds of sculptures.


Weed did not respond to Herman.

Even Weed knew it was customary to honor his elders and be polite, but there was a limit to that. He grew tired of Herman’s countless of questions and chatter while sticking right next to him.

Not bothered by the fact Weed wasn’t replying back to them, Herman and Pin talked among themselves.

“A man with such determination will succeed regardless of what he does. Pin, be sure to meet a steady, hard-working man.”

“Of course. But where can I meet a man as steadfast as he?”

“Is there a reason to search for one far away when there is one so close?”

“Oh my, grandpa, you’re too much.”

The stress they were putting on Weed together was building up. Even when Herman left his spot, there were always other Dwarves to take his place and attempt to start a conversation.

The Dwarves from the quest and those in the same professions talked amongst themselves. They gave Weed the weapons and armour they made so could he engrave them.

As a result, Weed looked through almost all the wares the Dwarves of Kuruso had made. There wasn’t anyone else who knew about the fierce competition between the Dwarven Blacksmiths over the completion of Blacksmithing Skills better than Weed.

‘The armour Fabio makes has admirable functionality. The other properties of his works aren’t unique and aren’t quite there yet, but his armours have some great defense stats.’

Fabio’s skills were so outstanding, even Weed was jealous.

‘The quality of the materials and reputedly assured skills. He creates works with almost no mistakes.’

He wasn’t conservative with his materials and used no petty tricks; he smithed with skill alone.

‘If it’s this level… I’ve think he has Advanced Blacksmithing skills.’

After Weed saw Fabio’s greatest work, Rainbow Coloured Armour, he was absolutely sure.


– Rainbow Coloured Amour: Durability: 150/150. Defense: 159

The work of the Dwarf who monsters hate the most.

Seven rare materials were combined to make this.

Full plate armour that covers the whole body, (it is at the climax of beauty), so knights of a lower level will be unable to wear it.

As this work was made not too long ago and has not yet been used, it is in a perfect state.

Knights, Warriors only
Level 350

Physical Resistance (30%).
Magic Resistance (20%).
Agility -50.
Satiety +80. Charisma +60.
Leadership skills are strengthened.

There is a strong probability that weak attacks will be deflected.

This huge, respectable defence!

Because the blacksmith lacked Weed’s deftness, the durability was low, but there shouldn’t be too much of a problem if this had an above average level of durability because one could use it while repairing it every now and then.

“It’d be really good to know what materials were used to make this.”

Because Weed’s blacksmithing skill was lower than Fabio’s, he could not determine the materials used. He knew there was mithril and black iron used, but besides them he didn’t know.

Fabio gathered all kinds of luxurious materials and efficiently used them to make armour.

‘After Fabio, Exper and Herman are the main competition.’

They were the two blacksmiths who made spears and swords. Their skills were not too far below Fabio’s.

Because there was so much pride and competition between the blacksmiths, no one disclosed their skill level. However, by looking at their works, it was likely that these two were also at advanced blacksmithing.

‘If these three have raised their blacksmithing level to Advanced, then including those two blacksmiths I haven’t met, there’s a high possibility that there are 5 blacksmiths with Advanced skill.’

Weed had seen Exper as he worked on the finishing touches of his sickle spears and Herman had let Weed take look at one of his swords.

It wasn’t completed yet, but Weed could see the abundant passion invested in the sword. In order to complete one product, the good steel had been forged and reforged again.

Herman had become a blacksmith because he liked swords and wanted to make them.

If Fabio or Exper were competing for the mastery of Blacksmithing Skills, Herman was working towards creating even better swords.

Even amongst the blacksmiths, there was a large difference in terms of their personalities.

‘I think the first blacksmith master… will most likely be Fabio.’

As one of the greatest Blacksmiths in Versailles Continent, he held considerable power. Looking at the armour he supplied, they were on par as the equipments used by the top rankers and he seemed to have connections to them. By befriending high ranking users, he used the materials they gathered and created amors or improvements for them.

Seeing Fabio’s ambition, he would most likely the first to reach Master stage.

‘The other Dwarves, especially Herman, have impressive skill.’

Weed perceived all the Dwarves of Kuruso like this.

Having registered the Warriors, Fighters, and Sculptors, who participated on the quests as friends, they asked many questions as they had nothing to do. The Dwarven Blacksmiths tried to become close with Weed because of his sculpting expertise.

Occasionally, there were Dwarves who brought Weed some rice balls, so he didn’t starve in Kuruso.

* * *

Weed spent a lot of time familiarizing himself with Moonlight Sculpting.

His sculpting skill was almost at the next level, and he was getting better at handling the light. As there were a lot of sculptures that he wanted to create and give life to, he immersed himself into sculpting.

If his level and Art stat wouldn’t get decreased, he couldn’t stop sculpting.

On his last day of creating sculptures, a lot of Dwarves came again as usual.

“I suppose I should make some swords if the sculptor is working hard.”

Motivated by Weed, the other Blacksmith Dwarves started to work hard to increase their Blacksmithing skills.

“It’s beautiful.”

Today as well, Pin and Herman were right beside Weed, watching as he sculpted.

Fundamentally, making sculptures took skill.

If you created sculptures for hundreds of days, you’d be lying if there was nothing in your hands.

Due to his skill level in Sculpting and Handicraft, Weed was able to make wooden sculptures without much effort. Wood, his most familiar material, came alive in Weed’s hands.


“What do you think of art?”

Weed answered Herman’s question frankly.

“It’s a useless skill that brings no money.”

“But there are cases of extremely rich artists. Watch the news and you’ll see paintings 100 thousand dollar’s worth.”

“Well, ordinarily those drawings are sold after their makers are dead. Works that are worth hundreds, maybe thousands—why does it matter if they’re sold? You’ll already be dead.”

Weed spoke bluntly.

“While drawing the picture, the level of hunger he suffered is only known to the artist. If his family starved along with him, it would really be his fault.”

“But isn’t it thanks to those famished experiences that the greatest masterpieces of the world were made?”

“Whether it be paintings or sculptures, neither would be able to fill the table with food to eat.”

As he was thinking his point wasn’t getting across, Herman smacked his lips.

“Everyone has their own way of thinking… but, there is value to doing something no one else has done before while living your life.”

“I don’t really know.”

“Having lived to this age, I think I can finally understand. Life isn’t simply about eating and living, it’s about pursuing at least one thing you truly want to do, and if you do it, you’ll have succeeded in life…”

And although Herman’s words had depth to them, Weed was not moved.

Weed could not be moved because just ten minutes ago, Herman had brought fish paste and had annoyingly asked him to make a tasty stew.

Even if there was something meaningful in Herman’s words, Weed couldn’t take him seriously because Herman and Pin were both lazing about while contentedly eating fish paste kebabs (odeng). [T/N: It’s sold by street vendors]

‘If the ingredients for fish paste were good, then obviously the kebabs would taste good.’

At that moment,Weed’s carving tool suddenly came to a halt.

“Sculpting Master Jorbid’s Quest, Information Check.”

– Sculpting Master Jorbid’s Request

The story that has been passed on for a long time through the Sculpting Guild.

There was once a single Dwarf who could sculpt fire and water, light and dark. However, the Humans did not believe the story.

“We admit the Dwarves are able to make outstanding weapons. But to say they have high skill in the arts, is extremely childish. How can those short Dwarves understand anything there is to know about sculpting? Hahaha!”

The insults of the Elves echoed throughout the forest.

“The Dwarves need to learn about the mysteries and beauty of nature.”

Those were words which humiliated all the Dwarves, but they were unable to retaliate.

In order to save the pride of the Dwarves, find a trace of the Dwarven sculptor Kendellev.

Difficulty: Dwarven race Sculpture quest.

Reward: Honour from Dwarves.

Quest Restrictions: One Dwarven Sculptor.

If you fail, all the Dwarves in the village will regard you in the same way they regard Elves and Humans.

Kendellev, the Sculptor of fire and water, light and darkness!

The answer was hidden in the quest’s explanation.

‘Basic sculpting materials. If so, what materials do you need to sculpt with fire and water?’

Of course, fire and water were needed. To sculpt light and darkness, a material must exist.

Weed suddenly stood up and ran to the lakeside.

His short legs and butt twitched as he hurriedly ran. Herman and Pin ran after him without knowing the reason why.

“What’s wrong?”
“I guess we’ll find out if we go as well”

The Dwarves, who thought they might see an interesting sight, dropped whatever they were doing and followed Weed to the lake.

“What happened to him all of a sudden?”
“Did he get tired of making sculptures and become like that?”

At the sight of fish swimming in the lake, Weed looked around and took a deep breath.

‘I don’t know if my guess is right. However, Kendellev was a sculptor. A sculptor who doesn’t make sculptures is preposterous. The sculptures he made are hidden somewhere in Kuruso, yet no one has been able to find them.’

Weed threw himself into the lake.


As he caused splashes of water, he dived deep into the lake.

It was an unthinkable act that other Dwarves could not fathom.

“There’s a Dwarf who knows how to swim?”
“How can a Dwarf swim?”

As a result of their body type, the Dwarves sank like stones.

Weed dived all the way to the bottom of the lake and fumbled around himself with his hands.

The bystanding Dwarves could only conclude that Weed, who stood firmly in the clear and transparent lake, was doing something peculiar.

“He doesn’t seem like a Dwarf who is drowning in water.”
“It seems like he’s struggling to find something.”

Every time Weed tried to grope something in the water, an eel or a gray mullet fish would narrowly escape his hands.

If he tried a little harder, he would be able to catch a fish, but he set the thought aside and kept scrabbling around in the lake water.

‘It must be here somewhere. If it’s in Kuruso, I’ll be able to find it.’

He was getting short on breath, but Weed spread out his arms and wildly walked on the floor of the lake. There wasn’t a moment that he didn’t regret that Dwarves had such short arms and legs.

‘I can’t breathe.’

Although he had high endurance, he was gradually reaching his limits.


Suddenly something was shot into the lake.

An Elf’s arrow was imbued with the spirit of air.

The Elf, Edel, who had received advice from Weed when she was trying to buy a new bow, had shot the arrow.

Weed walked towards the arrow and breathed in the air.

“Please hurry and come out!”

Edel yelled out from above the water, but Weed could not hear her. Although he understood what she was trying to say, he shook his head and continued on the bottom of the lake.

Edel shot numerous arrows in order to relay more air.

However, as Weed went deeper and deeper into the lake, the arrows were soon not strong enough to reach him.

‘If this is the place where the sculpture is, it’s probably in the deepest part of the lake.’

Weed did not slow down his diving pace.

Even if there wasn’t a way to go back and get out, with the Power to Deny Death, he’d be reborn underwater as an undead.

If it was truly in Kuruso, and it was a sculpture, he was certain that this was the right place!

In a place where it seemed there was no way of getting out, Weed found what he was looking for.

It wasn’t a solid object, but rather a different flow of water.

– You have found Kendellev’s Water’s Statue.

– You have earned 200 fame.

– Would you like to restore Kendellev’s water’s statue? 20,000 mana is required, and your Art stat must be over 500 to restore this piece.

Weed accepted.

“Glurgg. Rarrr. Blergh blergh, blerghhh.”

Although his pronunciation was hampered by the lake water rushing into his mouth every time he opened it, his meaning still got across.

At that moment, the lake’s water started moving.

Ignoring gravity, water started to rise into the air.

The star rose up.

Birds flew away as they chattered.

Butterflies spread their wings, and Dwarven children started to dance with their short legs.

The water droplets of the lake adorned Kuruso behind the sculpture.

“The lake turned into a statue!”

Where Weed stood, a new path of water was formed.

Tons of water streams exploded from below into the sky, then coalesced and roared into rapids, cascading down like a waterfall, and soon gathered again and became as gentle as a stream.

In the water path, a boat made of water was leisurely flowing along.

There was a sailor on the mast, and dolphins that soared out magnificently, and they were all made of water.

It was a majestic and beautiful sight that filled you with happiness.

The work that best expressed the beauty of water!

– While restoring the sculpture made by a Dwarf, your sculpting level has increased.

Charisma, Charm, and Luck stats have increased by 10.

Fame has increased by 50.


– You witness the water play sculpture for Kendellev’s children.

The Dwarf Sculptor Kendellev’s artwork.

The nature of the water reflects the innocence of the Sculptor’s young children.

Because of overwhelming emotion, Wisdom and Knowledge have permanently increased by 3.

One must personally use the water park Kendellev made for his young children in order to experience complete and absolute joy.

Weed did not hesitate and threw himself in the water stream.

As the water rose like a powerful geyser, his body was rapidly carried upwards; then, he slid down the stream as if he was on a slide.

After crossing a waterbed, he passed by a water hill.

The playful dolphins leapt up and nosed Weed’s face; splashing him with streams of water.

– You are enjoying the water park made for young children.

Your Health, Mana, and Stamina will recover rapidly.

Stamina will rise to maximum level.

If currently raising water magic skills, other related affinities will be enhanced.

“That looks fun!”
“Let’s go too!”

The Dwarves and even the Elves rode on the water slide.

“Wooo hooo!”
“How exciting!”

The water slide completely turned Kuruso upside down.

The Blacksmiths, giving the pretence that they were washing something, snuck over to the square space under the clock tower.

“This is so fun!”

The crazed Dwarves of all shapes and sizes shouted and yelled, and everyone had an immense amount of fun.

The refreshing water stream moistened their faces and bodies.

In the torrent, they did flips, performed acrobatic movements as if they were on water skis, and opened their mouths widely in the water as if they were competing with sharks.

The discovered work created a fairytale-like atmosphere beyond imagination.

As they enjoyed the water park, a sweep around it clearly showed a rainbow!

– You have appreciated Kendellev’s Miraculous Rainbow.

While mining materials in damp caves or forging steel, the Dwarves did not have many chances to see a rainbow.

During rainy days, it was natural for Dwarves to sit down and drink beer in a neighbourhood pub.

For the Dwarves who did not want to ride and swim in the light water stream, the rainbow was a magical gift.

– Health will increase to the maximum for one day.

– Luck has permanently increased by 6.

– On the day when rain falls, for one month Observation and Sight skills improve.

“Ah, beautiful!”

The rainbow you think your hand will touch but can’t quite reach.

They passed through the darkness where they couldn’t see nor hear, even with their eyes open.

– You have appreciated Kendellev’s Relaxing Afternoon Room.

The sleep-loving sculptor Kendellev!

Out of all the Dwarven sculptors, he was on the lazy side, so he slept in on many mornings, and if he had consumed any alcohol, he would wake up the next day in time for dinner.

For the sake of his much-desired rest, he needed to charge up.

To Kendellev, this was an inexorably honeyed-taste beyond compare.

Health, Mana, and Stamina recovery are boosted by 35% for one day.

If Relaxing Afternoon Room is appreciated for at least three consecutive days, then Recovery Speed increases by 50%.

Spellcasting by Magicians will have shorter activation time and the number of Magical Skills available by the skill Memorise will increase by 40%

The harmony of light and darkness.

The turtle and the snail quickly grazing past each other.

The refreshing sound of water flowing.

It had the form of leisurely floating clouds.

Weed had discovered Kendellev’s sculptures.

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