Elemental Creation

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Daymond and the Predators of the Land guild classified the gathered Demonic Spirits.

There were approximately 50 giga-sized Demonic Spirits! The force also included over a thousand medium-sized Demonic Spirits, and tens of thousands of smaller Demonic Spirits.

“For now, let’s do an experiment.”

Daymond was in favour of Nardo’s opinion.

“We have to find out how much power we have.”

At first glance, the Demonic Spirits appeared to be incredible, but they needed to verify this in a real fight.

They led all the Demonic Spirits, left the Resurrection Church, and conducted an experiment in the wasteland.

An unlucky passing herd of Manticores became their opponents.

The Manticores, bearing resemblance to large lions, were extremely fast and powerful. Even the Predators of the Land guild had to fight to the death. In the past, they could have won while taking damage, but they were weakened while doing the quest and could not perform spectacularly.

“Attack those bastards.”

At Daymond’s command, the giga-sized Demonic Spirits marched across the wasteland with thundering footsteps.

Every time they went forward, they dug cavities into the ground. The Demonic Spirits used their incredible weight to charge at the Manticores, completely trampling and crushing them.

Several Manticores kicked by the Demonic Spirits’ front feet were suddenly tossed into the air, and the other Demonic Spirits used their horns to strike or impale them from below.

It was quite a sight: the biting and clawing Manticores could hardly do any damage to the Demonic Spirits.

Every time a Manticore died, Daymond and the guild could sense their Resurrection Energy rising.

– By taking the energy of another’s life, 35 Resurrection Energy has been acquired.

– Your loyalty to the Embinyu Church has grown.
Your contribution to the Embinyu Church has increased.
You have earned the status of a Junior Follower.

They were able to receive resurrection energy each time the Demonic Spirits succeeded in hunting. Their loyalty towards the Embinyu Church also increased.

Daymond’s army grew each time the resurrection power was used!

Nardo applauded.

“If it’s this much power, we should be able to destroy a castle wall.”

There were no comparable siege weapons.

However, if they let the giga-sized Demonic Spirits go first, with their incredible strength, there was nothing they couldn’t do.

When they appraised the strength of the Resurrected Army, Daymond and the Predators of the Land guild shuddered.

The abilities of the medium and small-sized Demonic Spirits were outstanding as well.

By using the Power of Resurrection, dead Soldiers and Knights could be revived again. Those who were revived lost their rationality, and fought against their foes atrociously and viciously.

* * *

“It’s time to decide where we should head to next.”

Daymond spoke while equipping his bone cane and helmet.

The prized items they earned while hunting in the wastelands with the Resurrected Army!

“Let’s get out of this place first.”
Suban disclosed his opinion.

“I think it’s now time for us to conquer the Kingdoms occupied by Humans or Elves.”

The Resurrection Army was growing in numbers, and it was difficult to find a decent hunting site in the wasteland.

Even if they mobilized just the medium-sized Demonic Spirits, the situation was resolved in mere moments, so finding swarms of monsters proved to be difficult.

The Predators of the Land guild originally possessed the battling, plundering, and aggressive nature. The wastelands, where it lacked people, they were bursting with unbearable impatience.

“It is indeed time to make our move.”

Marvin was in agreement.

He thought it would be a crime to not use the strength they possessed.

They possessed a strength greater than that of the Kingdoms in the Versailles Continent.

Although they didn’t know if they were going to turn the world into chaos, all those involved couldn’t worry or wait because of that.

Nardo asked.
“Where’s the closest village?”

“Even in this wasteland, there were a few small frontier villages.”

As they dragged the resurrected army around, they had passed by small-time hunters and small villages that survived off of subsistence agriculture.

“But they’re so small that we don’t need to look for them ourselves. We can overtake ‘em as we pass by. For starters, don’t you think Morata is good place? A lot of people have gathered there.”

Marvin recommended Morata.

It was the closest yet most densely packed town! But Suban had a different idea.

“Morata has a Church of Freya. Also, the adventurers there are of high levels, and if we attack a place like that from the start, we’ll probably acquire a considerable amount of damage.”

“We have to expect some damage. Even if the Demonic Spirits die, we can always revive ‘em.”

“Well, that’s right, but aren’t there many decent Kingdoms or other villages in the area surrounding Morata?”

“That may be so but….”

“After we take over Morata and busy ourselves slicing away in small Northern towns, the Kingdoms in the Central Continent could be preparing for our attack. We must strike the Central Continent when people are yet aware of us and quickly expand our strength.”

Nardo seemed to agree with Suban.

“By going for the small battles that we are sure to win and dragging on the time, we will be in a disadvantage later on. Wouldn’t it be better to go for somewhere that has lots of fighting opportunities, the Central Continent?”

There was a disagreement. There were those who wanted to start working their way up by attacking the surrounding villages, and those that wanted to immediately strike out for Morata.

“We will go to the Central Continent. Getting revenge on the bastards who took our land and slayed our brothers comes first. We have enough strength, so there is no reason to bide our time. We will throw away the name of the Predators of the Land Guild in this place. We will march onwards as the Resurrection Church.”

The Priests of the Resurrection Church chose to follow Daymond’s decision.

Because they were a fighting guild, if a decision was discarded, no other murmurs could be heard.

Together, the Resurrection Church and the Demonic Spirits moved southwards.

* * *

“The Demonic Spirits are attacking!”

“There’s a gruesome number of monsters advancing.”

The users who were out hunting, dropped everything and hurried towards the North gate of Isoru Kingdom.

“What’s going on?”

“You say that monsters are attacking?”

In order to find out about the situation, users gathered near the castle wall.

Most monsters were not capable of penetrating thick castle walls and became easy prey for arrows and magic.

“Doesn’t it seem like the hunting party just grazed the monster swarm and ran back to the castle?”

“What kind of monsters would make them so scared that they ran away?”

While people were leisurely chatting and watching, the users who came in through the Northern gates were in a state of panic.

“Everyone, prepare to evacuate!”
“You’ll only survive if you leave Isoru Kingdom, hurry!”
“The Monster Army is advancing!”

After feeling the sense of urgency in their screaming voices, the Warriors who were chatting with Merchants who were doing business and the people chattering in the plaza, stood up.

Rather than running away, in order to find out what was going on, they moved towards the city wall.

“It’s none of my business if you regret it!”
“We definitely warned you to evacuate.”

The users that had come in through the Northern gates immediately left through the Southern gates.

Their friends, as well as some doubtful users, followed them out.

The Knights and Soldiers of Isoru Kingdom assembled and lined up on the castle walls, above the Northern gates. Even the Magicians, who usually didn’t venture out, came with their wands and prepared for battle.

Only then did the users realize how severe the situation was.

While they were agonizing over whether they should flee or not, the horde of Demonic Spirits from the North drew near.

There were giga-sized Demonic Spirits, comparable to the size of a citadel.

The Resurrection Church appeared along with tens of thousands of Demonic Spirit Legions.

After they assembled the Demonic Spirits in an orderly line, beyond the gates, Daymond came forward riding a horse.

“My name is Daymond!”
Daymond yelled loudly towards the castle wall.

He was scores of meters away, but the users could hear him clearly.

“If it’s Daymond, is he a user?”
“I think he’s the famous user who hunted boss monsters in the North…”

“For him to be accompanied by a monster army and appear here, just what kind of quest did he do?”

Doubtful, they waited for Daymond’s next words.

They were expecting him to demand for large fortunes from Isoru Kingdom, suggest they surrender; especially when he brought a Monster Army with him.

But they couldn’t help but be astonished by Daymond’s next words.

“I declare war on your Isoru Kingdom. For those who don’t want to fight, I will give you 10 minutes of respite. Come out of the castle walls and flee South. Those who do not heed our warning will die.”

It was a drastic, incomparable ultimatum!

When they saw the Monster Army Daymond commanded, the users quietly left Isoru Kingdom. However, they did not leave area, instead, they went atop a nearby hill and watched the battle over Isoru Kingdom. Daymond and the Resurrection Church decided to leave the bystanders alone.

“10 minutes have passed. Everyone left in the castle is our enemy.”

Daymond and the Resurrection Priests Demonic Spirits began to use their magic, and gray smoke soon enveloped the castle.

As the plague spread rapidly, the faces of Soldiers and Knights were dyed in green.

They became so infirm that they could no longer bear the weight of their armour and collapsed atop the wall.

“Earth Dragons. Charge!”

The enormous Demonic Spirits Nardo called forth detached themselves from the Army with heavy steps.

The giga-sized Demonic Spirits awkwardly waddled step by step. They rapidly accelerated and crashed into the castle walls with a terrifying, unmatched speed.


Part of the castle walls crumbled.

In succession, the giga-sized Demonic Spirits hit and destroyed the castle walls, while the medium-sized Demonic Spirits attacked the castle; they either jumped up and climbed up the castle walls, or they gained entry by using the giga-sized Demonic Spirits.

The Soldiers of Isoru Kingdom shot arrows and sprinkled magic, but even when the Demonic Spirits were hit squarely, they soon rose again.

The Resurrection Priests were continuously replenishing their lives.

Thanks to the supersized Demonic Spirits, the castle wall was completely crushed; even the interior of the castle were getting demolished.

It was a terrifying and unforgettable sight to users, who watched the whole castle slanted to one side, cracked, and then fell apart.

Daymond and the Resurrection Church went all out. They did not spare single soul inside the castle.

Isoru Kingdom was swiftly crushed, and the Resurrection Army became increasingly powerful.

The Demonic Spirits were growing through the fighting experience.

Intoxicated with life, ordinary Soldiers and Knights were all resurrected.

This was how Daymond and the Resurrection Army overtook Isoru Kingdom.

An incredible wind of change was brewing in the Versailles Continent.

* * *

The Dwarves of Kuruso were in a commotion because of the water park.


“The beer we drink while playing in the water is the best.”

Dwarves were enjoying the water park regardless of their age or gender. Before long, it became the trend to drink beer while going down the waterslide.

Herman and Pin addressed Weed.

“Kendellev’s sculpture! Isn’t that the racial quest the Dwarf Sculptor’s guild Instructor gives? To think that someone I know discovered this… It’s truly surprising news.”

“Congratulations. You cracked a request that couldn’t be solved for a long time.”

To the Dwarves, discovering the trail of the enigmatic, legendary Kendellev was an impressive task.

There was also a change in Weed’s quest window—if he went to see the Sculptor’s guild Instructor Jorbid, he could receive his reward.

It was not strange for Dwarves, including Herman, to be jealous.

Weed spoke his own thoughts under the cover of humility.

“Oh, please. I just happened to find it by chance.”


“Since I looked all over in Kuruso, wasn’t that the only place where it could be?”


“There’s nothing special or spectacular about what I did, it’s just that the efforts of other Dwarves fell short.”

His way of speaking that greatly lowered their affection towards him!

It was awkward for Weed to take the compliments of others, so he’d done the best he could to pass it off as a joke.

‘It’s definitely no good to receive compliments!’

In those days when he was working as a minor, when he couldn’t do the work well he was always sworn at. Those were the days when he got more curses than food.

But with effort, he was able to overcome his insufficiencies. He mastered the techniques and did as much work as other people.

He lifted and carried more flats of bricks, attached more eyes to dolls, and delivered the newspapers well.

“So you had some talent in this field.”

“You’re an outstanding individual we absolutely need.”

As the compliments from the President increased, the amount of work he had to do also accumulated.

It became worse was when he worked part-time at a pub.

“You’re really outstanding! This perfect taste matches well! From now on I’ll have Hyun Lee do this kind of work.”

With each compliment, his ears were joyful, but Weed knew that soon enough, his whole body would be exhausted.

Even though in this case, that wasn’t Herman intent, Weed had instinctively counteracted.

And he wasn’t deceiving them on purpose either.

By law, all discoveries made after great lengths of effort were seen to be obvious in the end.

“As a Sculptor, it wouldn’t do to just look for the complete works. No matter what sculpture it is, if you understand the materials used to make it, the place, and its characteristics, what I did is possible.”

“Understand the materials and characteristics… It’s not just about completing the sword, but really immersing yourself in the process?”

They were ordinary words, but Herman thought about them for a long time, as if he’d gotten some kind of hint from them.

Pin hesitated for a long time before carefully asking.

“Now that you’ve succeeded in completing the quest, will you leave Kuruso?”

She, too, was aware he had completed almost all of the Sculptor quests, and he’d even discovered Kendellev’s trail. In reality, Weed had completed many different kinds of commissions.

Requests that had to do with adventures or fighting, sewing and blacksmithing production requests, requests that had to do with creating sculptures off of impressions… He’d done them all!

As a jack of all trades, the requests he could receive expanded.

Usually, when Dwarves saw Weed, they immediately gave him a request.

“The Eastern coal mine is overflowing with lead worms. Won’t you take care of them?”

Lead worms were monsters with levels in the high 300s.

It wasn’t impossible for Weed to hunt them with his level, but because they burrowed through the earth, they were hard monsters to catch without magic. Additionally, if they felt any danger, they spewed a poison that was hard to detoxify.

“A sword that can even pulverize cast iron, and can’t even be blocked by amour, there’s a rumor of a legendary sword that’s hiding somewhere in our Kingdom, can you believe it? I’ll be happy if you can find it.”

A legendary sword quest.

With a difficulty of rank A, it was a specialty quest that no one in Kuruso had been able to solve.

There weren’t very many clues, but there was a strong chance he could only do it by raising his intimacy with the Dwarven residents to the max.

Weed, who could flatter any day, thought it was a worthwhile to challenge quest. However, he had no choice but to give up on it. He lacked the Advanced Blacksmithing skills that were needed in the middle of the quest.

“They say there’s a fruit that can extend the lives of Dwarves which can be found in Kuruso’s Southern swamp, but no one has succeeded in finding it. Would you try it once?”

It was a rank B quest.

If you partied with a Cleric, you could struggle to find the fruit in the dungeon within the swamp.

These kinds of rank A and rank B quests poured out continuously.

It was literally a flood of quests.

Weed answered Pin’s question simply.

“I suppose I’ll have to leave.”
“I thought so…”

“But it’s not time yet. The reason I came here—I think I can achieve it.”

* * *

He couldn’t be certain, but it didn’t seem like Kendellev had master level sculpturing.

‘Since I found his trail, if he’d been a Master Sculptor, he would’ve left a secret about sculptures.’

However, thanks to him, Weed was able to figure out what he had to sculpt.

He guessed Kendellev had been a sculptor with an impressive affinity towards sculptures. To be able to create a sculpture out of water meant that he must have completely learned the characteristics of water, enough to be able to control it like his own body.

The Sculptor’s secret!

If you raised your affinity with the inanimate matter to the highest degree, it was possible to sculpt anything.

Weed, who was a Moonlight Sculptor, learned to control light. There were special sculptors everywhere. There were those who sculpted because they wanted to. Their love of sculpting became their driving force and motivation.

Now, he gained the confidence to sculpt the mysterious existences that begged him to sculpt them.

– You incompetent sculptor, use your dull head and hands to sculpt me.

– What is the reason why you won’t sculpt me. I’ll listen to everything so make me!

‘I have to understand them. I have to make them with the feelings they exude.’

The reason why a water droplet shimmered so beautifully was because it brought all the best characteristics to life. Wind expressed freedom, and rainbows were fantastical.

The faintly visible characteristics of a rainbow you see as if you’re in a dream were alive in Kendellev’s sculpture. The ample emotion that forced adults to fall back into childhood innocence!

Weed held the sculpting knives in both of his hands.

‘I will become them. I will absorb the feelings they are giving me. I will sculpt them as my heart leads me.’

– Sculptor, will you make me?

The cordial and dignified voice, the warmly encouraging yet not impolite voice—Weed decided
to preserve that sensation inside his being.

Human, monster, or however it looked, putting a name on it was difficult. To classify it, he must focus on the voice.

The voice held a lot of information.

Its current emotions and personality, the matching body, and the overall inclination that remained intact, could be felt.

‘Eyes that are alight with warmth, hands that are at least average in size, wide and healthy shoulders and body. I can’t omit the gallant feeling and the warmth.’

Instead of agonizing on what to make beforehand, he created the sculpture by following the flow of emotion.

The legs were long, as were the arms. Everything was a little longer than they were on humans. But it was not hideous like a monster, and was a sculpture that gave off the feeling of a tenderly benevolent gentleman.

“This is the sculpture I have made for you.”


– You have learned the art of Elemental Spirit Sculpture Creation.
– Elemental Sculpture Creation: A Sculpture which can now create bodies for new Elemental Spirits.
There are innumerable Spirits existing on the Versailles Continent. However, out of those, only a few have corporeal bodies or have been named.

If you make bodies for Spirits, those Spirits will then be able to wander around Versailles Continent with that body.

If you can give it a name, you will become the Spirit’s father and will be able to mobilize it during battles.

If the amount of mana consumed of the Spirit is small, you can summon Intermediate level Spirits from the beginning.

The spirit’s completed body must be satisfactory in order to summon prized Spirits or the King of Spirits.

The quality of the Spirits you can summon in the future are determined by the level of the sculpturing skill and intimacy.

If you master the sculpting skill, you can learn the skill of ‘Race Creation’.

Restriction: Can only be used with Advanced Sculpting.

Skill requirement: 200 Art stats (Permanent Consumption)

Precaution: Spirits learn the most on the first day they are born. The personality of the Spirit depends on the Sculptor who created their form.

If Elemental Spirits of opposites are summoned at the same time, they will fight each other.

If many Demonic Spirits are created, infamy may rise .

If a Spirit with a completed body loses its King of Spirits, all spirits will become weaker until a new King of Spirits is created.

If skill mastery is achieved, humanoid monsters can be created, but All stats will be decreased by 20 points.

– You have created a new spirit.
160 Art stat has been consumed.

– Your Advanced Sculpting skill has risen to level 6. Sculptures will become extraordinarily delicate and detailed.

– Your Handicraft skill has increased.
– Fame has risen by 260
– Charm has risen by 60.

Sculpting Blade, Sculpture Life Bestowal, Sculpture Transformation… And now he had acquired a new sculpting secret art.

The skill of Spirit Creation.

It was a Sculptor’s secret art, which granted existing Spirits in the world corporeality and a physical form!

The sculpture Weed had carved with wood was next to him, and the dirt on the ground rose up and became exactly the same form.

The lump of dirt respectfully parted its lips.

“Sculptor, since you have created my body, please choose my name.”

Weed replied after a brief deliberation.

“Let’s go with Dirtman.”

No matter how you looked at it, the spirit seemed to be affiliated with Earth, so the name that had come to mind was Earth-man. However, if he chose that, then it’d be too easy to see through its intentions, so he used his head and picked out Dirtman.

‘As expected, there’s no one who can top my naming sense.’

Weed asked.

“Do you like your body?”
“I think it will be uncomfortable to move, but it is to my liking.”

Since it could be a new type of sculpture, just to be sure, Weed tried to identify it.


      – Dirtman

Earth Spirit.

It was born due to the Sculptor’s talent.

It has a gentle and reliable personality. However, because it has an ill-matched body, it can only display 35% of its abilities.

Able to advance into an Intermediate spirit.

Through the Spirit summoning skill, the spirit can demonstrate their different supreme abilities.

Specialties: Earthquake, Dig, Bury, Finding Sap, Accelerate Growth of Crops.

Because this was the first attempt, the Spirit’s features could not be brought to life and was made with adequate skill.


– You filthy sculptor! How dare you make another bastard before me! I’m getting angry. I’m going to burn everything down.

Weed saw his failure reflected in the angry voice and raised his sculpting knife.

‘It’s a spirit. It doesn’t even need to be similar to a human.’

He made a blazing fire. He made the fire’s body with elongated legs and arms.

– You have created a new spirit.

160 art stats were consumed.

– Sculpture Identification skill has increased.

– Handicraft skill has improved.
– Fame has risen by 260
– Charm has risen by 60.

Weed’s sculpture caught fire. All that was left of the wood was debris, and soon everything was burned away. In its place was an identical, blazing form.

“I like it, this body. I’m very pleased with it. Sculptor, speak my name!”

The spirit of fire was enjoying itself.

“How about Fiery Pebble.”

“To say it’s Fiery Pebble! It’s a name I really like.”


– Fiery Pebble.

A blazing Fire Spirit.

Created by a Sculptor on the new frontier of a sculpting skill that’s being expanded.

Has an impatient and violent personality.

Although it lacks charm, because it has a body that suits it, it can favorably display its abilities.

It can use 62% of its strength.

Able to advance into an Advanced spirit.

Through the Spirit summoning skill, the spirit can demonstrate their different supreme abilities.

Specialties: Fire Spear, Fireproof, Incinerate.

“Summon Dirtman, summon Fiery Pebble!”

As Weed’s eyes sparkled, his mana flowed out like an ebbing tide. The earth shuddered and rose. A wild, blazing fire arose. And so, Dirtmen and Fiery Pebbles were summoned in the hundreds.

Intermediate Elemental Spirits, Advanced Elemental Spirits. This was the power shown by the Advanced Sculpting skill!

Although he didn’t summon all the common Elemental Spirits he was capable of, he wasn’t disappointed over five or six Elemental Spirits. If the number of Elemental Spirits rose, it was difficult to control them.

“Ah, to be able to come out into the world! Are you saying that this dream is really true?”

“Look here. These are our bodies. They have substance, and we can move them as we please.”

For the Elemental Spirits who had been created not long ago, that in itself was a miracle. When they saw their bodies, they exclaimed in wonder and rolled their feet on the ground.

Every time the Dirtmen did that, the earth shook a little, and in the case of the Fiery Pebbles, the flames blazed even more intensely.

Though they were happily preoccupied with the miracle of creation, they soon noticed Weed. They instinctually knew the owner who had created them and held a deep intimacy with him.

Weed’s charisma and leadership was triggered. And Lion’s Roar!

“Ahem! I am the owner who made you all. Since I gave you life, fulfill your duty to me.”

The original Dirtman and Fiery Pebble, who were made first, had special egos.

They were the representatives of their fellow spirits.

However, the other ordinary spirits bowed and recited.

“We will follow our owner and pull forth the power of the earth.”

“We will raze down everything that poses a threat to you.”

The pledge of loyalty from the lined up spirits!

As if he were a leader of a cult, Weed raised both his arms.

“Believe in me and follow!”
“Yes, Master!”

“Believe! Believe in me, and blessings will come your way.”

“Who am I!”
“The Almighty, the Master who created us.”

“You’re sculptor that works till the end, a heroic sculptor who turns the impossible into the possible.”

As if they were in a competition, the Dirtmen and Fiery Pebbles flattered him. Perhaps because Weed had created them, they learned bad things first.

“What about my intelligence?”

“The smartest throughout the continent.”

“You are a genius.”

“When I was one year old, I toddled 100 meters in 0.1 seconds. At two years of age, I used my wings to fly around in the air.”


From behind Weed’s mantle, the Wings of Light spread wide.

Brilliant. Such brilliant luster! Used for the purpose of lying, such was the life of a moonlight sculpture that was granted life!

Seeing the absolute loyalty of the spirits, Weed’s heart was warmed.

“My face is the most handsome in the world. There is no human who is more good looking than me in the world! When girls see my smiling face, they can’t help but tumble towards me.”


The Dirtmen looked like they had bitten into a tart grapefruit.

“T-Thats a little…”

Weed reflexively looked at the Fiery Pebble. It was burning down some perfectly healthy grass nonchalantly.

“We let him have his way and listened to him, but he really doesn’t know when to stop.”

“Yeah. Do we really have kiss his ass and suffer to get a body?”

“I don’t think it would’ve been bad to just exist as a spirit…”

The Fiery Pebbles quietly murmured amongst themselves.

Weed loudly cleared his throat.

“AHEM! This is a regrettable incident. For the Elemental Spirits I made with such difficulty to not be satisfied with this world… Should I just use my Sculpture Destruction skill to just crush everything and make it so that this never happened? ”

The Dirtmen and Fiery Pebbles felt the threat on their lives and quickly raised their arms.

“Hooray for Master Weed!”
“Long live the Master!”

Their happiness was short-lived, and while their arms were raised, the bodies of the Dirtmen and Fiery Pebbles blurred and started to disappear. Weed’s mana had been completely used up and he couldn’t sustain them any longer.

“Please call us anytime, Master!”
“Please don’t forget me.”

As the Dirtmen and Fiery Pebbles disappeared, the sounds of their exclamations were left ringing faintly in the air.

After all of the Dirtmen and Fiery Pebbles had been recalled, Weed contemplated briefly and restored his mana.

The sculpture skill of Spirit Creation.

The memories of the effort he had invested into discovering this sculpting secret flashed through his mind.

The past times when he’d been cursed for sculpting!

With his mana completely filled up, Weed stood up from his spot again.

“Summon Dirtmen. Summon Fiery Pebble!”

As the earth and fire rose, Dirtmen and Fiery Pebble were summoned again!

Weed raised his two hands straight up in the air.

“Hurray, Master Weed!”

The exhaustive brainwashing work went on all day.

The brainwashing that forced them to harbor only respect for him!

“Who am I!”

“The absolute immortal creator who took pity on our trifling selves and made our bodies.”

“What are my words?”

“They are absolute commands we must obey even if we become extinct in this land.”

“There will be no greater honour than for this trifling body to cease to exist whilst fulfilling your command.”

The next day, the place the Dirtmen were ambitiously mobilized to was Weed’s ruby mine.

“Mine them carefully. Don’t get even a single scratch on them!”

If a Spirit Creator treats the spirits as his friends, they will respect him…

Usually, one would have adventures in the Versailles Continent while being friendly to the cute and adorable spirits.

However, it was something that didn’t apply to Weed.

Like day laborers, the spirits were being called to mine rubies.

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