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Power of the Deliverer

When Weed finished the bloody fight on Salmere Hill, he only had 150 Health left.

While riding Yellowy, Weed broke through the enemy’s line several times. Fully immersed in the battle, Weed threw himself into the dangerous battlefield. Faced with a life or death crisis, he barely survived thanks to Bingryong and the Phoenixes fighting desperately. Yellowy was also busy leaping within the flames to shake off the pursuing Soldiers.


It was regrettable when he made the sculptures first and granted them life, but it was definitely worth it.

Even so, Weed didn’t acknowledge them.

“Useless bastards.”
“It’s all because you guys are weak and foolish. Can’t you do it right?”

The never-ending criticism of subordinates!

Nagging and criticism. He would usually say a few words when they won a battle.

“They can’t go up against me after all. Daring to fight me, they were really reckless.”

If they won, it was because of him. If the situation was unfavorable, it was because of his underlings.

Although it was said that great commanders do not blame their subordinates for their failures, Weed ruled over the sculptures with grumbles, complaints, and nagging.


The kind Yellowy submissively rubbed his head against Weed, showing the affection of Korean cattle. He was one of those Korean cows who didn’t resent people even up till the moment it was dragged to the slaughterhouse, simply showing sorrowful eyes.

However, every night when Weed briefly rested or slept, the subordinates held a meeting.

Bingryong, the Phoenixes, and Yellowy were crouching in a corner.

It looked like they were scheming a treacherous conspiracy!

Afraid that someone might hear him, Bingryong whispered cautiously, “Be patient and eventually an opportunity will come.”

“Will an opportunity truly come?”
“Senior, I think the opportunity you speak of will never come.”

Bingryong flexed his neck and spread his wings wide for a moment. “No. Look at me. It was only for short while, but I was able to earn freedom.”


Yellowy’s eyes were filled with desire.

Free grazing.
What beautiful words they were.

“Freedom is truly an unspeakable joy. You can roam the wide continent while hunting monsters and spending time happily.”

The Phoenixes silently nodded their heads.

They were accepting the advice of their heavenly senior as the gospel truth.

“Do you know how picturesque rainy days are? You can travel to the lake, and pass through the clouds as you go by a mountain range. The Versailles Continent is truly beautiful.”

“We want to go to the Versailles Continent as well.”

Yellowy and the Phoenixes had been born near the edge of hell, so they had never gone to the Versailles Continent before. They had only heard of it through Bingryong’s words.

“There are many varieties of soft grasses on the Versailles Continent. Savory and refreshing grasses are sown in great abundance. The river water is clear and cool.”

“Oh, grasses!”

“Phoenixes, do you know about sweet potatoes?”
“Sweet potatoes?”

“Eat it grilled and it’s sweet like candy. It melts gently in your mouth.”
“What is candy?”
“You don’t even know about candy?! Candy is a snack Humans eat.”

Bingryong had hunted to buy and eat many snacks with the money he earned.

When Weed hunted in the North, Alveron and Seoyoon had been with him. Alveron had taken a portion of his meal and shared it with him. This was how Bingryong was able to taste sweet potato. And the candy Seoyoon had thrown to him!

“Candy is a snack worth sacrificing your life for.”
“Is it really worth that much?”

“The greatness of candy… You little ones still do not know. When you roll your tongue as you slowly melt it…” Bingryong licked his lips.

“There was a lady as pretty as a Goddess who went around with the Master… If you happen to see her, act cutesy. She’s weak against cutesiness. If you do well, you might be able to earn a candy.”

“Is she the Master’s friend? Or his lover?” Yellowy cried out loudly with a strong look of disbelief.

“I can’t believe the fact that Master actually has friends.”

A nature which seemed like he wouldn’t even have any friends!

Bingryong shook his head. “I don’t know what their relationship is either. Human relationships are very complex. Anyway, the story strayed elsewhere for a bit, but an opportunity will definitely come. You cannot obtain freedom without sacrifice. Endure, and one day…”

“Some day…”

Yellowy spoke most dismally. “I definitely want to try eating candy.”

* * *

After disposing of all the pursuers, Weed reached Salmere Village. The Salmere tribe’s village was the biggest out of the three tribes and also had a wide territory.

The great Chieftain of the Salmere was a hunchbacked elder. He slowly raised his cane.

“The alliance with the Matallost Church? Our Hunters are not afraid of death. We will keep the promise regarding the alliance.”

Against his expectations, the Salmere tribe readily agreed to stand by the alliance.

“There will be glory for the great Chieftain and the Salmere tribe.”

Weed followed the actions of the tribe’s Hunters as examples. He assumed the ambiguous posture of a wide open mouth and glaring eyes.

There were often eagles sitting on the shoulders of the Hunters. You could easily see people grasping prey in their hands or dragging prey around by a rope anywhere in the village. They had a lot of food compared to the other villages. The fact that they had abundant prey meant the Salmere tribe was strong.

The Hunters had many weapons hanging from their backs or shoulders, such as bows, spears, axes, hammers, and various other weapons.

“However, among our villagers, there are many who have not yet even left a name for themselves.”


“Leaving a name is important. In our tribe, when we go on a big hunt, we carve their appearances and set them in the village. We make sculptures of the Hunters so growing children can know the greatness of their parents.”


“The amount of Hunters who will join the alliance in the fight against the Matallost Church will depend on the number of sculptures.”

The sculptures would be the last memories of the Hunters. He needed to make sculptures to get the Salmere tribe to fight.

* * *

Weed examined the appearances of the Hunters in the village.

Savages wearing feathers and leather clothing! It wasn’t difficult to sculpt them because they carried all sorts of weapons and had very characteristic appearances.

Since the sculptures had to be preserved for a long time, he had to use stone rather than dirt or wood. But still, Zahab’s Sculpting Knife cut through stone as if it were nothing.

“Manly… as well as compassionate.”

Weed made sculptures of the Hunters on the open ground within the village. After making the basic Barbarian shape, he made them different with detailed expressions. His mass-production system became increasingly fast.

Advanced Sculpting level 6 and Advanced Handicrafting level 6! Based on skill proficiency, it would be a while before he reached Master level, but the skill level he’d gained from grinding was helpful for the value and artistry of the sculptures.

“External appearance is important for sculptures after all.”

The quality of the stone used to make a sculpture is as important as the finishing material for an apartment.

After having gathered so much experience, he could see an appropriate part or appearance simply by looking at the rock. He could effectively make sculptures while also completely utilizing the texture and design of the stone! Even though they were rocks from the same place, there were valuable rocks good for making sculptures.

“It’s the same logic as shank and rib eye being different prices.”

Weed used high-quality stones to quickly create sculptures!

Mass production was certainly not a virtue of an artist. Even so, if the sculptures gave happiness and were needed, so he wasn’t against making them.

Salmere Tribe sculptures — over 3,000 Hunters sculptures were made over twenty days. It would have never been possible if he had to make them life-size, but it was feasible because they were miniatures. The experience he had of shortening the sculpting time while making many sculptures on the River of Lamentation was also helpful.

3,000 was the maximum number of people who could be mobilized in the Salmere Tribe! It was everyone except for the minimum number of Hunters to protect the village, the children, and the women.

The Chief and the Hunters of the Salmere Tribe appeared once the sculptures were completed.

“We recognize you, the holder of the proof of the alliance with the Matallost Church, as the representative. We will fight in the war.”



The promised alliance of the Matallost Church has been formed.

The Vejague, Lekiye, and Salmere Tribes will call forth Hunters and Warriors for the war against the Embinyu Church.

The war to correct the displaced order of Versailles Continent has begun.

Honorary title, ‘Representative of the Matallost Church’s God’ has been acquired.

You are now able to use the relics of the Matallost Church.

*The Token of Alliance; can utilize the authority of the Deliverer vested in the wand.
*The wand’s attribute has changed.

Fame has increased by 450.
Level has increased.
Level has increased.

With the formation of the alliance, Weed’s Fame increased again. Weed’s Fame was originally one of the very highest. The great Fame he’d earned as an artist making sculptures! He also earned Fame while progressing with the quests.

In the Dark Gamer Union Guild and the program broadcasting the ‘Versailles Continent Story’, those who had higher Fame than Weed could almost be counted on one hand! There were only Merchants who had donated colossal amounts of money to a temple or people who ranked in the top 10 in Royal Road.

Since he’d gained a lot of Fame while progressing through this quest, it was enough to make him wonder what kind of changes there would be when he returned to the Versailles Continent.

Weed took out the wand in the middle of tribes’ Hunters.

A wand filled with pure-white light! The dull wand which seemed suitable for the elderly to use, changed to be as graceful as the Staff of a High Priest.


Token of the Revived Alliance, Wand

Durability 2,000/2,000
Attack 98.

This is the wand established as the token of the alliance the Matallost Church contracted with the neighboring tribes.

An item granted with a God’s Blessing.

All creatures in Versailles Continent have a duty to answer to Power of the Deliverer.

One who has received the Matallost Church’s recognition.
2,000 Faith.

+35% Magic Attack
+100% Divine Power
+1,200 Fame
Increased diplomatic negotiation ability.
Able to use Power of the Deliverer.

– Power of the Deliverer: Forcefully summons creatures of the Versailles Continent. Does not distinguish between races, monsters, and objects.

The power granted by the blessing of the Matallost God. With the current fallen state of the church, only the one who has the authority can use this power.

Can be used for a total of 3 times.

For a living summoning, it will take 15 hours after the authority’s manifestation.

If you use the Power of the Deliverer in the quest, Contribution and rewards will decrease at a set value.

*Caution : There is a high possibility for summoned monsters not cooperate. Untamed monsters will make their own judgements and act upon them.

The power to summon any living creature, even boss-grade monsters! Weed now had the ability to summon any boss-grade monster from Versailles Continent.

* * *

The Vejague Tribe! 2,000 bald Warriors, that looked like monsters, gathered.

The Lekiye Tribe! 1,500 stern Warriors and Shamans were participating in the battle against the Embinyu Church.

The Salmere Tribe! 3,000 Hunters with deep gazes and familiarity with patience and victory were mobilized.

Weed moved with them to the Emibinyu Fortress’ location for a long ten days.

“Warriors, fight!”

The group became a little more coordinated through fights with monsters during their journey. The Shamans of the Lekiye Tribe summoned ghosts to cause confusion, and the Vejague Tribe’s Warriors put their lives on the line to block the Black Wild Boars. The Salmere Tribe’s Hunters seized the opportunity to shoot arrows and throw spears.

In fact, the Salmere Tribe’s specialty was setting up traps and the like, so there weren’t many opportunity to use them in an actual monster hunt.

A combination of Shamans, Hunters, and Warriors!

However, the alliance tribes’ weapons were far too poor. Many used chipped, rusted swords, and it was at the level where they were wrapped with thick leather and no armor.

“They’re not savages for nothing.”

Due to their poor defense, they had been in critical life threatening situations several times.
Whenever he had spare time, Weed repaired their weapons or touched them up, and he also arranged for their armor. Even so, they weren’t in perfect condition because he didn’t have much time. He smelted low-quality iron and passed out basic swords, and the armor was also just a combination of metal and leather.