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Strolling in the Royal Capital

When we arrived at the house in the royal capital, there were gatekeepers, maids, and butlers.

Grandpa said Uncle Dis dispatched these people but were the servants in this world temporary workers? Or rather, since I’ve planned for only grandpa, grandma, and I, the three of us, to live together, I was surprised.

“You didn’t expect for only the three of us to live in this huge mansion, did you? About half of the rooms in this mansion are servants’ rooms, you know?”

Is that so? Or rather, if you already knew about this, you should have told me sooner.

“Hohho, since I thought this matter was too obvious, I forgot to tell you.”

Is that so? This is also common sense, huh.

“Instead of this or that being common sense, if you think about it for a bit, you will understand.”

I was amazed by grandma. Well, it was only natural, though. In addition, in my previous world, only special houses were fit to employ servants and such, so rather than having no familiarity with it, it was hard for me to even imagine them.

While we were doing this and that, a slightly elderly woman walked forward from where the maids were.

“Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Merlin-sama, Melinda-sama, and Shin-sama. I am tasked as the head maid in this Walford residence, and I am called Marika. Although I may not be up to your standard, I will work to the best of my ability. I look forward to working with you.”

” ” ” ” ” “We look forward to working with you.” ” ” ” ” ”

All the maids lowered their heads simultaneously. The maids’ uniform was a black maid dress that reaches one’s ankles, together with a white apron. The skirt was not short at all, and there were also no frills attached to it. Certainly, it has a feeling of being a work clothing.

Of course, it is, huh. In this place, a maid is not a fashion style, but a legitimate occupation. There was no need to dress up.

While I was watching the maids while thinking of such things, this time, a middle-aged butler came forward.

“It is an honor to see you for the first time. I am tasked as the head butler of this mansion. I am called Steve. Since I will be tasked upon the management of this mansion’s affairs completely, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

” “We look forward to working with you.” ”

Although their numbers were not as much as the maids, there were also butlers here. Or rather, I wonder, what does a butler do?

“I am tasked as the head chef. I am called Correll. I will try my best to work to everyone’s satisfaction. I also look forward to working with you.”

We even have chefs here? What’s up with this VIP treatment? What about me? What the heck would be okay for me to do?

“It is fine for Shin-sama to do nothing. For cleaning, washing, and cooking, please leave everything to us.”

“E… Even if you say that… up until now, I’ve done everything myself, or rather, I’ll feel sorry to leave everything to you.”

“Even if you say that, we have received direct orders from His Highness. Much more, since you are from the family of heroes, we cannot treat you inadequately.”

From the maids, butlers, to even the cooks; they all nodded in an exaggerated manner.

Uncle Dis! What have you done!? Moreover, everyone was looking at grandpa and grandma with yearning. The glint in everyone’s eyes when they’re looking at grandpa and grandma were so passionate.

Even though it was a story of when they were young, or even before they were born…

“Everyone, even though you say my grandpa is a hero, putting aside Steve-san and Marika-san, as for everyone else, isn’t it a story from the time you weren’t even born yet? Why is it that even now, they’re still being treated as heroes?”

“It is as a matter of course. The activities of the two of them have become stories, and for young boys and girl, everyone grew up reading these tales. Young boys yearn for Merlin-sama and dream of meeting a woman like Melinda-sama, and as for young girls, they yearn for Melinda-sama and dream of meeting a man like Merlin-sama.”

Uwah! Somehow it turned into an amazing thing.

When I secretly looked at the state of both of them… Ah, they were writhing in shame.

“In addition, there was also a play based on their tales. The first performance was about a few decades ago, and even until now, it is the number one most popular play. And for actors and actresses, it has become their objective to play the role of Merlin-sama and Melinda-sama.”

Because it was just a tale, it was probably beautified and dramatized.

“grandpa, grandma, did you guys know about it?”

“… When the book was published, I received one and read it… I still remember that while I was reading it, I thought to myself ‘Whose story is this?'”

“I once received an invitation to the play. I still remember falling into self-loathing when I realized how I was being looked at by the people in the surrounding.”

Grandpa and grandma had faces that looked like they had given up on something. Their eyes had no life in them.

Furthermore, when asked closely, it seems like everyone in this place was gathered together by public recruitment. A selection exam was held because there were too many applicants who came flooding in.

It seems extremely fierce rivalries had unfolded, and for everyone here who had won and were selected, their faces were overflowing with honor.

What’s up with the servants’ deciding battle!

After the tiring self-introduction for the three of us had ended, our life in the royal capital started.

* * *

Life in the capital was a complete change from my life until now. In the morning, although I woke up early from due to my habits, but since there was no need to hunt or make breakfast, there was nothing for me to do even when I wake up early. Since it can’t be helped, I did my morning training.

After eating breakfast made by Correll-san and the rest, I studied for the exam. Although I said that, since I already knew all of the contents, I only checked and reviewed parts covering the exam.

After eating lunch, I finally had nothing to do. I roamed around the royal capital, I went to the plain and practiced magic. At any rate, it was hard to kill time.

Out of all those things, strolling through the capital was the number one time-killing activity. While I was walking around town, it was the first time since I was born in this world that I held money.

The currency in this world only has coins, there are no paper bills. It is because there is no technology to make bills that cannot be counterfeited.

The type of coins were: Stone coin, Iron coin, Copper coin, Silver coin, Gold coin, Platinum coin.

To make it easier to understand, compare it to Yen:

Stone coin = 1 yen (Less than a 1 USD penny)
Iron coin = 100 yen (~$0.83 USD)
Copper coin = 1,000 yen (~$8.32 USD)
Silver coin = 10,000 yen (~$83.24 USD)
Gold coin = 100,000 yen (~$832.36 USD)
Platinum coin = 1,000,000 yen (~$8,323.63 USD)

When converted.

Even though it was called a stone coin, they weren’t at all like the stones you can find on the roadside. It was made from a marble-like stone, and honestly, its value wasn’t even 1 yen. That part is very much like Japan’s 1 yen.

Well, the yen conversion was also just an approximation, and will not necessarily always be this way.

Since I cannot earn money on my own yet, the coins were pocket money from grandpa. I received a few pieces of silver and copper coins and went out for a walk in the royal capital.

Still, as expected of the royal capital, it was huge, there were a lot of people, and there were also tons of shops. Since there were lots of opened stalls in the area, I walked around town while buying and eating grilled skewers. I also tried going to the magic item shop Sieg-niichan mentioned.

Honestly, when compared to the magic items grandma made, the items there looked shabby, and above all, it was expensive as well. That’s why I immediately walked back out.

And while I was staggering around town, I deviated from the main street and stumbled into a back alley-like place. Because there were various shops in this area, as I was thinking of going window shopping there…

“Wait! Please stop!”

“You guys! Cut it out now!”

“Oo, scary, don’t get so angry. I only was asking you guys to come play with us.”

“That’s right, that’s right. It’ll be fun if you come play with us, plus you might even feel good, too.”

“Gyahaha! That’s right!”

Oo… what a template*…

[T/N: Stereotypical occurrence.]

If it’s only picking up women, I thought of overlooking them, but somehow things didn’t look good. It looked like they were going to somehow forcibly abduct the girls.

The people who were passing by the area averted their eyes and pass through without stopping. Well, the guys who were surrounding the girls were full of muscles and were wearing leather armor on their body. Since they were opponents an ordinary person would also hesitate to face against, it can’t be helped, I guess.

“Aa— That young lady over there. Are you in trouble?”

Just in case, I call out to ask a question. If this was a misunderstanding, I’d be super embarrassed.

“Yes! I’m super in trouble!”

Among the two girls who were surrounded, a light brown shoulder-length girl shouted out. I approached the guys while thinking what kind of a reply was that.

“What is it, brat! Do you have business with us!?”

“OoOo, you’re looking good, huh, pretending to be an ally of justice?”

“Hah! We hunt demons and protect these girls, you know, we’re the one who are allies of justice!”

Aa, these guys are the so-called demon hunters; is that so, is that so. Or rather…

“Oniisan-tachi, you might be an ally of justice if you hunt demons, but if you hunt girls, too, won’t you become villains?”

With those words, the complexion of those guys changed.

“What did you say!? This brat!”

“It looks like he won’t understand unless he feels some pain!”

“Die! You!”

What did they mean by ‘won’t understand?’ Did they teach me something before? While I was thinking, one guy came and aimed a punch towards me.

So slow! His movement can be seen completely. I’ve been thoroughly trained by Michel-san’s daily upgraded training. When I recall the former Knight General’s gruesome training to the point where I started to have a bit of a distant look on my face, the fist came closer to me.

While I was avoiding the right fist that came punching down, I grabbed his arm and swept his leg. As I did that, the guy turned, rotated, and fell on his head without taking any defensive posture*.

[T/N: Please refer to Ukemi.]

Crap, he didn’t die, did he?

The remaining guys who saw what happened became even more enraged, and finally, they lowered their hips and unsheathed their swords.

They’re coming to cut me down without any hesitation. It seems like they’ve cut people down before…

I dodged the falling sword, dived under his chest, and chopped his hand barehanded. And when he let go of his sword, I did a shoulder throw. This one also fell to the ground on his head and no longer moved.

The last remaining guy also came and swung his sword, but since he was probably cautious of being thrown, I couldn’t jump in front of his chest. Since it can’t be helped, I dodged and countered it by hitting the heel of my palm to his chin. When I did that, his eyes turned white and he fell down on his knees and collapsed.

After defeating the guys, I looked at the girls and saw that they were looking back at me in a dumbfounded state.

“Are you guys okay? You’re not hurt, are you?”

“Eh, Ah! Ye-yes, I’m fine! Umm, you also, are you alright? They even pulled out their swords and attacked you…”

Said the girl who asked for help earlier. She has a slightly slanted big brown eyes, and her face is small and quite cute.

“Ah, I’m fine. That kind of a slow sword swing won’t be able to hit me.”

“Eh… I thought they were quite fast, though…”

The other girl muttered. This girl has long, navy blue-ish hair… navy blue hair!? What? What’s with this hair color, it’s like picking a fight up-front down to the genes!? As I thought that while looking at her face…

A lightning bolt struck my head…

There stood a beautiful girl who has big black eyes that droop slightly, a small well-shaped nose, and glossy plump lips as though lip gloss had been applied on it.

“U-umm… Is there something wrong?”

While I was unable to keep my eyes away from the girl, she started to talk, looking confused with a red face.

“Eh? Ah! No, nothing’s wrong, un. I’m glad you’re not hurt.”

I replied flusteredly. Not good, I’m charmed by her.

“Oh you [Mo~], you surprised me there. I thought there was something wrong.”

“Ah, sorry about that. I’m fine, though. Rather than that, we should get away from here.”

I answered the brown-haired girl’s inquiry and we left the place, but since the girls just had a considerably scary experience, it looked like they were still trembling a bit and hadn’t calmed down. Because of that, we went to a nearby cafe and sat there to calm them down.

“Let me say my gratitude once again. Thank you very much for helping us back there.”

“Tha, thank you very much.”

“It’s okay, no need to thank me. They weren’t that strong of an opponent anyway.”

When I said that, the brown-haired girl muttered in frustration.

“If I used magic, I can easily beat those guys.”

Somehow she said some disturbing things.

“You can’t, Maria, it̵