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Moving to the Royal Capital

I came to know of a shocking truth.

Grandpa and grandma were formerly a married couple.

Wait, I thought both of them had a relationship that didn’t have any restraint towards each other. But to think they were really a couple…

In addition, it was ‘formerly,’ I wonder what happened. I wanted to ask about it, but I couldn’t, and I felt somewhat depressed.

Well, when the time comes, they will tell me, so I’ll wait until then.

While I was thinking of this and that, we were doing relocation work. But because there’s something called ‘extra-dimensional storage space,’ packing was super easy. In this world, the moving industry is probably monopolized by Magicians.

The packing of things finished in the blink of an eye, and soon it was time to depart for the royal capital. I looked forward to the life that awaits in the capital.

But since I have lived in this house for more than 10 years ever since the day grandpa picked me up, I felt a little attached to it.

By the way, it seems like this house will be left as it is. Because a barrier preventing intruders and maintains its condition was put up, it seems like it won’t even deteriorate. Hurray for magic.

Incidentally, this magic tool was prepared by grandma Melinda.

The grandma who always took care of us one way or another.

Because of that, I tried to suggest this proposal.

“Grandpa, how big is the house in the royal capital?”

“Now that I think about it, since it was bestowed by the country, it’s quite big. However, I don’t quite remember how many rooms it has.”


“Haa, this grandpa… The number of rooms is 20, and there’s a hall that can accommodate a small evening party, in addition to a huge reception room. There are a big fireplace and a living room that has a sofa where 10 people can sit. There’s also the dining room for 20 people, and a bath. After that, there’s a galley instead of a kitchen.”

Seriously, that big!?

“Grandma knows about it quite well, huh.”

“Of course, since I was together with this grandpa for a while. We got that mansion when we were together, so I also lived there, too.”

“Is that so? Um, well, grandma?”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Won’t you also live together with us, grandma?”

“Buffon!!” [Choking sound.]

“Wha! Wha-wha-what are you saying!”

Grandpa spluttered the tea he was drinking and shouted out a certain goalkeeper’s name*, while grandma also shouted and turned bright red.

[T/N: Please refer to Gianluigi Buffon.]

“After all, since grandma already know so much about the mansion’s layout, it means that when you guys were living together, the one who managed things at home was grandma, wasn’t it? It would help if grandma, who knows about the details of the mansion, to be there.”


“I’m just a bit uneasy about living together with grandpa in such a big house.”


“I just want grandma to help us.”


“Ah~ah, fine! This child, it can’t be helped. I understand already, I’ll live together with you both.”

“Really!? I did it!!”

“Shin… are you really that worried about being together with me…”

Sorry grandpa. It’s not really like that, but I just wanted grandma to also live together with us, after all.

So far, I was being thoughtful towards grandpa and didn’t say anything, but now that I know what the situation was, it was probably okay. It wasn’t as though I wanted it to go back to how it used to be, but it was because I thought of grandpa and grandma as my real grandparents. I only wanted to live together with both of them.

Because of that, since grandma was also going to live together with us, all three of us headed towards the royal capital.

* * *

Since I can only use ‘gate’ to go to places I recognized, we traveled there by using a horse-drawn carriage. This carriage was prepared by Uncle Tom. The carriage had a canopy* installed, and we could rest under it.

[T/N: Please use google image to search for “Oregon Trail Wagon.”]

Well, since it only takes a day to reach the royal capital, we probably won’t need it.

Or rather, since the King of a whole nation frequently came to our house, it shouldn’t take that many days to get there. Or perhaps, should I say that it seems when grandpa retired, he was asked ‘not to go somewhere far away.’

Uncle Dis…

Well then, I’ll be omitting the journey to the royal capital.

After all, nothing in particular happened.

The only hard part of the trip was me trying to hold back my sleepiness due to the nice sunlight and the rocking of the carriage.

Finally, the royal capital came into view.

After lining up at the end of a long line that started from the gate, it was finally our turn.

“Do you have your identification papers?”

The soldier, who was managing the entrance admission to the capital, asked.

Identification papers?

“Hoho, I wonder if this will do?”

“Here you go.”

When grandpa and grandma said those words, they took out their identification papers. Ooi! What about mine?


The soldier, who saw grandpa and grandma’s identification papers, opened his eyes wide and froze. Or rather, is it all right that I don’t have any identification papers?

“Um, umm! Are you perhaps ‘Magi Merlin’ and ‘Guru Melinda!?'”

Was what the soldier shouted loudly.

Or rather, to say Magi… and Guru…

When I thought of that, I looked at the two of them.

” “It was the folly of my youth.” ”

They’re in sync, they’re in sync.

While I was bewildered by both of their aliases, the people in the surrounding began making noises.

“You mean THE Magi-sama!?”

“Is that true?!”

“I heard Guru-sama is also here!!”

“Magi-sama! Guru-sama!”

Uwah! The surrounding started a commotion.

“I’m sorry but, any more than this, it will become a huge commotion. I wonder if you could please hurry and finish this up?”

“Ah! I-I’m really very sorry! Ex-excuse me… this young master is?”

Young master! It’s the first time I’ve been called that! Uwaa, somehow my butt feels itchy.

“Hoho, this child is Shin. Shin Walford. He is my grandson.”

“So he was your grandson, huh! Please, do go through!”

“Oh, thank you. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Hick! Tha-thank you very much!”

The soldier had burst into tears. It was amazing how grandpa and grandma are still considered as heroes in this country. Even though it wasn’t about me, I still felt proud.

While we were bathing in attention from the surroundings, we headed towards the house in the capital. As expected of the royal capital, the amount of people is amazing. Even if I was a former Japanese who knew of the massive crowd in Tokyo, it was the first time I’ve actually seen this large amount of people since I came into this world.

While I was glancing around restlessly at my first sight of seeing a lot of people after roughly 14 years, we went forward through the townscape.

Nevertheless, what a pretty townscape. The roads were paved in stone, and the buildings were all made from stones, too. When I look closely, I noticed that concrete was also used in construction. In my previous world, too, since it was said that concrete was used in Ancient Rome, I didn’t feel anything was out of the ordinary in particular. There also weren’t any trash lying around; it’s similar to that, huh. A European-styled townscape, so to speak. The modern one.

* * *

After 30 minutes of moving forward with the carriage…

So far away! With just this, I can see how big the royal capital was.

The royal castle can still be seen at a distance.

As if to enclose the royal castle in the center, there was an area of huge mansions lining up where the nobles or wealthy merchants reside. And furthermore, as if to enclose those as well, there was an area where the commoners lived.

As for the house we were heading to, let’s just say the area where the commoners live is the commoners’ district. And the area where the nobles live, let’s call it the nobles’ district. It seems the house was situated between the border of those two areas.

Although there was no separation between the commoners’ district and nobles’ district, in particular, the nobles who goes to the royal castle in various different occasion, set up residence close to the castle. As for the commoners who have no particular business in the castle, they set up houses at the outer side of the area, and because of that, it seems like it became this kind of townscape.

Then, we finally arrived at the mansion. As I looked up at the largeness of the mansion, I opened my mouth wide and became befuddled. This is that, right? The type of mansion you can’t live in unless you did bad things even in the previous world.

While I was thinking of such things, in front of the mansion’s gate…

“We welcome your return, Merlin-sama, Melinda-sama. And also, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Shin-sama.”

A soldier, who had a splendid armor covering his body, appeared from the side of the gate.

“Rather, to call me ‘Shin-sama’…”

“You are the grandson of the heroes we respect. It’s only natural for us to call you ‘Shin-sama.'”

Seriously? Somehow it seems like they’re going to insist on this matter.

“Hoho, this child is not accustomed to this kind of treatment. Could you please not be so formal towards him?”

“Y-yes, it will be as you wish.”

Yeah, that’s why, I say, stop being so stiff.

Then, the gatekeeper? opened the gate for us, and the carriage entered the premise of the mansion.

When I looked at the house again, it really is huge. It has 2 floors and they were symmetrically built; it probably has five rooms on the right, and five rooms on the left. With the two floors, there was a total of 20 rooms. Then, when yet another huge gate opened up…

” ” ” ” ” “Welcome back, Master.” ” ” ” ” ”

Butlers and maids, who lined up in neat rows, came and greeted us.

“Eh? What? What’s the meaning of this?”

“Hoho, it seems like Diseum has dispatched these people for us.”

“Haa~ I hated this place because of these kinds of things.”


* * *

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